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François Richard Papers

Collection 164

Richard, François (1826-1898).  Papers, 1832-1899, n.d.

2.5 inches

Mainly documents related to the law practice of François Richard, fils, in St. Landry Parish and to legal matters involving the Richard family.  Of special interest is a contract between an former slave owner and freedmen executed on 16 August 1865.

Donated by Sandra Clayton Richard in 1989.


1-01 Documents connected with Charles Bourque and wife including some which they offered as security.
    1780 October 30: Land sale from sons of Joseph Marie Armand to Antoine L'Anglais, Plaquemine Brule region [in French]; copy dated 28 June 1832
    1811 August 28: Certificate that Jacques Deshotel held Spanish land patent; copy dated 27 June 1832
    1819 July 30: Last will and testament of Magdelaine Blanchard Mondon [in French]; copy dated 28 June 1832
    1820 December 23: Extracts from Act of Donation of Eleonore Comeau Hebert to Celeste Hebert Bourque [in French]; copy dated 18 July 1832
    1822 August 5:  Settlement of estate of Eleonore Comeau; copy dated 22 September 1864 [not on Bourque list]
    List of titles of Charles Bourque and wife offered as security
1-02 1825 - 1850s
    1825 September 7: Sheriff sale involving land of François Richard, Sr.; copy dated 20 August 1864
    1827 June 13: Sheriff sale involving property of Genevieve Lejeune in favor of Charles Bourque; copy dated 30 August 1864
    1838 October 23:   Land conveyance from widow Bonaventure Martin to Madame François Richard [in French]; copy dated 17 August 1864
    1853 February 10: Letter from Joseph M. Moore to Clerk of Court of Tuscaloose County, Alabama regarding estate of William Prude; copy
    1859 January 9: Conveyance of power of attorney from A. Legendre to François Richard   [in French]
1-03 1860s
    1860 June 2: Land sale from Antoine Hebert to Joseph L. Bourque [in French]; copy dated 22 September 1864
    1861 February 8:  Sale at public auction of lands formerly belonging to Joseph S. Bourque and heirs of Marie Hebert; copy dated 22 September 1864
    1865 August 16: Contract between widow of François Richard and former slaves
    1869 February 7: Will of François Richard appointing wife as executrix
    1869 June 9: Power of attorney from L. Broussard & fils to Valerien Dorteste (?) regarding horses and mares with given brand
1-04 1870s
    1870 April 23: Receipt for payment of 1866 taxes from Internal Revenue
    1871 September 14: Promissory note from Theodule F. Richard to François Richard
    1871 October 21: Power of attorney from Gaspard Biegas to François Richard regarding land in Texas; copy  dated 7 February 1873; 2 copies
    1871: Miscellaneous charges to estate of Martin Richard
    1873 July 4:  Letter from Theodule F. Richard to one of his children [in French]
    1876: Statement about fees and services rendered for Emile Thibodeau
    1879 May 5: Bill of sale from François Richard to Jacob F. Myers
1-05 1880s
    1880 January 6: Court judgment involving François Richard  [in French]
    1883 December 2: Statement of Charles and Eugenie Chalande regarding property of grandparents in France [in French]
    1884 February 4: Title search for land of Jacques Charlot, fils
    1884 November 6: Promissory note of Cilia Gardner regarding Civil War claims made on behalf of deceased husband, Richard McDonald
    1885 September 18: Rental agreement between François Richard and Elizabeth M. Buller
    1887 January 22: Letter regarding war claim of François Richard; draft and copy
1-06 1880s: Power of Attorney documents
    1884 March 3: Pierre Baudoin regarding family estates in France
    1885 June 11-24: Widows or veterans trying to secure land from state under 1884 law;  14 documents
    1885 August 20: Jacques Charlot, fils; copy made 22 March 1892
    1885: Pierre Richard
1-07 1890 - 1895
    1890 November 26: Bankruptcy petition of Clinton B. Andrus
    1892 April 7: Regarding land of Jacques Charlot
    1895 March 14: Theogene Lavergne granting power of attorney [Bourque heir]
    1895 March 27: Regarding power of attorney of heirs of Charles Bourque
    1895 April 22: Regarding power of attorney of heirs of Charles Bourque
    1895 August 28: List of uncollected notes of Lucius O. Dupré which François Richard had tried to collect
1-08 1896 - 1899
    1896 February 20: Letter from E. M. Richard to uncle [François Richard]
    1896: Agreement between François Richard Sr. [sic] and heirs of Pierre Richard
    1898: Information about Richard land in Acadia Parish
    1899 August 26: Letter from State Auditor's Office regarding Richard land in Acadia Parish
    1899 September 11: Letter from State Auditor’s Office regarding Richard land in Acadia Parish
    1899 November 24: Receipt for 1897 tax payment
    1899: Notes regarding attempts to regain Richard land sold at sheriff's sale
1-09 n.d.
    Documents regarding estate of Anne Martin Richard [3 items]
    Letter from Theodule F. Richard (to Francois)