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Mary A. McIntyre-Blake Papers

Collection 102

McIntyre-Blake, Mary A. (1919-2003). Papers, 1954-1995, n.d.

5 inches, paintings

Mary Adelaide McIntrye-Blake was a well-known artist whose work is found in many Catholic churches in south Louisiana. Born in Pontiac, Michigan, she graduated from Marygrove College with a degree in fine arts and studied church architecture and decoration at the University of Notre Dame. She and her ex-husband Gordon Blake move to Lafayette, LA in 1955, where she went on to produce art in many mediums including sculpture, painting, and tapestry. Her work adorns many Catholic churches in south Louisiana. She also created several slide-lecture programs for the Louisiana Department of Education on the work of artists and wrote and published poetry. Some of these materials reflect Ms. McIntryre’s strong support for the feminist movement.

This collection contains mainly photocopies of material Ms. McIntrye had in her studio in Carencro, LA, including documentation and works in churches and other locations. There are also a few original pieces of art. Portions of the collection were donated in 1979 to the Women in Louisiana Collection. Ms. McIntrye made subsequent donations in the 1980s and 1990s.


A. Biographical Materials 1-01 through 1-07
B. Art 1-08 through 2-05; Map Case 11-01
C. Poetry 2-06 through 3-04
D. Videotapes Box 3


A. Biographical Materials
1-01 Vitas and resumes, 1976 - , n.d.
includes promotional brochure [Speaker’s Bureau Information Sheet # 15], Talent Bank questionnaire
1-02 Letters, 1975 – 1994
mainly letters of recommendation for grants, etc.
1-03 Letters: Sister Cor Mariae Foley, 1987, 1995, n.d.
also photograph
1-04 Clippings: family, feminism
1-05 Other
Business card
Press release: Louisiana Department of Education, 1974
Entry forms for art shows, n.d. [2]
Insurance form, c. 1976
“To-Do” lists [2]
1-06 Photographs: originals
Mary Adelaide McIntyre; Blake family; McIntyre family
1-07 Photographs: photocopies
Mary Adelaide McIntyre; Blake family; McIntyre family
B. Art
1. General
1-08 Studio Record of Work, 1973 – 1997, n.d.
# 430 - # 667
1-09 Images of art work
some identified by location; some in studio; one description with sale invoice
most photocopies, a few original prints
1-10 Articles, clippings, etc., 1957 – 1994, n.d.
2. Specific Projects
1-11 Mary Enthroned, 1958, 1978, 1989-1990 – Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Student Center, Lafayette
correspondence; drawings; photos; artist’s description
1-12 St. Ann’s Church, Maurice: crucifix, 1958-1959
photos, articles [Red Lerille a model]
1-13 Northside High School, Viking Statue: talk given at dedication, 1965
1-14 St. Jules Church, Lafayette, 1964
scrapbook containing contracts, drawings, notes
1-15 St. Jules Church, Lafayette, 1964
1-16 St. Jules Church, Lafayette, 1964
statement by artist: draft, printed in booklet; description; correspondence; drawings
obituary of Ronald Cruickshank, d. 1969 – master tapestry weaver
1-17 Gates of Heaven Mausoleum, Albuquerque, NM, 1966-1967
brochure, description, photographs
1-18 St. Elizabeth Church, Coteau Holmes, LA, 1981
article (in French); photos including color printed card; descriptions
1-19 St. Martin de Tours Church, St. Martinville, LA, 1981 – 1983 [tapestry]
correspondence, drawings, instructions, descriptions, photographs
1-20 St. John the Evangelist Church, Mermentau and St. Margaret Church, Estherwood, 1991-1992
photographs (photocopies and printed color sheets); explanation from church bulletin, 2 Feb. 1992
1-21 Altar for Fr. Paul Metrejean, 1995
letter, photographs
3. Exhibits
1-22 Exhibits, 1969-1989
publicity; lists of items shown; articles
[for lecture given in conjunction with an exhibit see 2-02]
1-23 Women in Louisiana Collection exhibit in Dupré Library, 1978
correspondence; list of items on loan; photographs (originals)
4. Education
2-01 Art course at Newman Center, 1957
syllabus; outline for third lecture
2-02 Slide lectures on artist and her work
“The Endless Searching” for Women in the Church Ecumenical Conference, 13 April 1978
[for publicity about the exhibit see 1-22]
2-03 Louisiana Department of Education: “A Woman Artist-Sculptor Speaks of Her Work”
text [final copy and drafts]; lists of slides; slides
[See also: 2-06 for drafts of text]
2-04 Louisiana Department of Education, Arts Slide Lending Library
Borne, Richard L. “Cajun Land of Louisiana”
text for parts 1 and 2; slides [not complete]
[relationship of McIntyre with this project not clear]
5. Original Art
Box 4 green wood block
Stained glass wood block painting of a boy’s face
Transparency: Flight into Egypt
Medallion: NOW
painting of stained glass window “Christ, the Good Shepherd” for private room at Gate of Heaven Mausoleum, Albuquerque, NM, 18 May 1966
Map Case 11-01
# 4 Sketch of design for stained glass window “Wonder Wild,” 18 Dec. 1973
# 5 Sketch of “Christ the King” window over “Adoration of the Lamb” altar for Gate of Heaven Mausoleum Chapel, Albuquerque, NM, 8 Dec. 1965
# 6 Sketch of sanctuary scene, St. Jules Church, Lafayette, LA
# 7 Flyer advertising exhibition at Art Center of University of Southwestern Louisiana
# 8 Sketch for Morrisey Chapel, Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame, 13 August 1954
# 9 Sketch for “Vine and Branches,” St. Matthew’s Mausoleum, Monroe, LA
# 10 Printed book cover for 9 Sonnets To the Beloved [2]
# 11 stained glass painting “Mountain Meets the Sea and Trees Go Wading,” studio catalog No. 527
# 12 Working drawings for sculpture “Mary Mother of God” for Archbishop J. Davis; Mausoleum Chapel, Albuquerque, NM, 11 Jan. 1967. Also black and white snapshot of sculptor with finished statue
# 13 Painting “Animal, Eternity’s Eyed Intensity of Wondering, Such Are We.”
# 14 Sketch of two hands and “Epistle to Paul”
# 15 Working drawing for relief sculpture for façade of Gate of Heaven Mausoleum and Chapel, Albuquerque, NM: “May the Angels Lead You Into Paradise,” 15 June 1966
Also enlargement of Baker, Geneva Kolb. “An Artist Who Works With Love.” Baton Rouge Advocate, 4 June 1970 1-E [See also: 1-10]
Drawing of Father Sydney MacEwan, Scotland, n.d.
Shelf above:
# 16 framed stained glass painting “St. Francis,” NAMB Studio Number 516
C. Poetry
2-06 notebook
poems dated 24 Feb. 1975 to 16 July 1978, some numbered
several loose pages
text for slide lecture # 2 [see 2-02]
2-07 McIntyre, Mary Adelaide. 9 Sonnets To the Beloved. Lafayette, LA: Wing Press, 1970 42 pp. (photocopy)
drawing, “Lovely Lady,” 5 Sept. 1963 [original]
3-01 McIntyre, Mary Adelaide. Sounding My Soul Free – Soundings, Sonnets to the World. Lafayette, LA: Wing Press, 1972, poems number 10 to 71. 95 pp. [publication]
Includes Flight to Egypt transparency
3-02 McIntyre, Mary Adelaide. Risk-Full Face: A Collection Book III. Poems Number 72 to 133. Lafayette: Wing Press, 1981. 41 pp. (photocopy)
3-03 McIntyre, Mary Adelaide. Poems – Ever Searching – A Collection , Portfolio 16. Poems Number 233 to 316. Lafayette, LA: Wing Press, 1981. 107 pp. dated 14 Aug. 1978 – 10 June 1979 (photocopy)
3-04 Other
poem dated 19 Aug. 1994, 2 pp.
Sanskrit proverb, calligraphy by Mary Alice McIntyre, 1981
D. VHS Tapes
# 1 McIntyre, Mary Adelaide – TV programs
# 2 McIntyre, Mary Adelaide – artwork [no audio]