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Charles H. Reynolds Collection

Collection 199

Reynolds, Charles H. (1924-1997). Collection, 1966-1993, n.d.

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Charles Heath Reynolds was born on June 5, 1924. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Reynolds of Morgan City, Louisiana. He attended Morgan City High School and graduated in May 1941. After a year at Loyola University in New Orleans, Reynolds served in the US Army for three years, stationed mainly in Austria and Germany, during which time he organized a sixteen-piece dance band and did all their arrangements. After military discharge he finished a degree in piano performance at University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) where, as a student, he continued to arrange, compose, and play in a USL dance band. He was an active member of Phi Mu Alpha Music fraternity. He enrolled in graduate school at Juillard School of Music, the Cincinnati Conservatory, and LSU, resulting in a Master’s degree.

For thirty-five years, Reynolds was a professor of piano, composition, and arranging at the USL School of Music, retiring in the summer of 1987. For twenty years of his professorship, he accompanied the School of Music Chorus when Willis Ducrest, former department chairman, was its conductor. Reynolds also performed with the USL Wind Ensemble, the USL Concert Band, the Lake Charles Jazz Band, and the Charlie Aillet dance band. He was lauded as a musician and composer at Lafayette Public Library as part of USL and Friends Fall Music Series. The program included several of his works: “Rondo: Trombone Solo with Piano Accompaniment”, “Imprompte for Clarinet and Piano”, “French Folksongs of South Louisiana”, “Rhapsody for Horn and Piano”, and “Festival for Flute and Piano.”

As a published composer of solo instrumental works, Reynolds continued orchestral, band, and choral arranging in his retirement. Various choral groups in the Lafayette area and in France, most recently by Lafayette’s Choral Acadienne, have performed one of his more popular choral pieces, an Acadian mass. The Acadiana Symphone Orchestra premiered his last instrumental composition, Dances Acadienne.

This collection consists of programs, photographs, correspondence, new clippings, reports, and sheet music composed and arranged by Charles Reynolds.


A. Programs/Posters 1-01 through 1-55
B. Music Related Items - Non-Sheet 1-56 through 1-67
C. Photographs 1-68 through 1-70
D. Correspondence 1-71 through 1-103
E. News Clippings 1-104 through 1-120
F. Notes/Journals/Personal Items 1-121 through 1-130
G. Reports 1-131 through 1-137
H. Sheet Music 2-01 through 8-82
I. Oversize 9-01 through Box 13, No Box
J. Cassettes Box 14


Box 1
A. Programs/Posters
1-01 Evening of Musical Mysteries Program, 15 December 1990
1-02 A Symbol of Fine Sound, Acadiana Music Publication, 1975
1-03 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Recital Pamphlet, no date
1-04 Je Mendors Music and Lyrics, no date
1-05 Submitting Music for Publication Instructions, no date
1-06 Sigma Alpha Iota “Music of Louisiana” Invitation, no date
1-07 Church Poetry and Reading Recital Program, 10 November 1991
1-08 Columbian Quincentenary Program, 22 May 1992
1-09 54th Mardi Gras Ball Program, 23 February 1993
1-10 Heymann Foundation Concert Program, 3 December 1989
1-11 Acadiana Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert Program, 1988
1-12 Vivaldi Gerschwin Community Concert Program, no date
1-13 Liberty Center Stagebill Program, no date
1-14 Bi-Ling Conference Programs, 5 April 1977
1-15 Trinity Presbyterian Church Program, 5 December 1988
1-16 USL Symphony Orchestra Program, 30 November
1-17 Marie Laveau Magician Poster, 18 April 1997
1-18 Schirmers All Time Favorites Poster, no date
1-19 Evening of Music Program, 14 February 1995
1-20 USL Commencement Exercises Program, no date
1-21 55th Mardi Gras Ball Program/Invitation, 15 February 1994
1-22 51st Mardi Gras Ball Program/Invitation, 27 February 1990
1-23 52nd Mardi Gras Ball Program/Invitation, 12 February 1991
1-24 Omega: A Province Program, 1994
1-25 Evening of Music Program, 19 April 1994
1-26 Lafayette Concert Band Program, 15 December 1983
1-27 Mary’s Christmas Dream Handout, no date
1-28 Lafayette Landings Restaurant Pamphlet, no date
1-29 “The Skyliners” Band Calling Card
1-30 Symphony Orchestra Program, 9 December 1958
1-31 Alpheus Music Co. Pamphlet, no date
1-32 USL Fall Chamber Music Series Program, 1 November 1991
1-33 “A Living Legacy” Handout Booklet, 1996
1-34 Festival International Poster, 23 April 1996
1-35 2nd Community Messiah Sing All Sing, 8 December 1980
1-36 Les Clairs Matins Acadiens Programs, 24 October 1982
1-37 School of Music Student Recital, 2 December 1981
1-38 USL Festival of French Music Program, 19 February
1-39 Music in the Air Program, 2 April 1992
1-40 Evening of Musical Memories, 23 November 1999
1-41 Sigma Alpha Iota, Lafayette Composers Program, 23 April 1991
1-42 Music Teachers Association 28th Convention Program, 10 October 1979
1-43 College Music Society Program/Invitation, September 1995
1-44 Association Culturelle Program, no date
1-45 Evening in ¾ time Program, 2 May 1985
1-46 CMS Composers Program, 7 March 1986
1-47 Les Clairs Matin Program USL, 25 October 1961
1-48 Chorale Acadiene Program, 16 March 1986
1-49 Spring Recital Program, 26 May 1985
1-50 USL French Music Program, 1977
1-51 Northwoods Concert Series Program, 10 March 1966
1-52 Acadiana Symphony Orchestra Program, 7 September 1991
1-53 College Music Society Program, 6 March 1986
1-54 USL Fall Music Series Program, 6 November 1992
1-55 USL Fall Music Series Program, 12 November 1993
B. Music Related Items – Non-Sheet
1-56 Music Notes, no date
1-57 Lyrics by Robert Schumann, no date
1-58 Messe Acadiennes Description, no date
1-59 Description of Piano Pieces, no date
1-60 Lyrics By Vin Cassidy, no date
1-61 Balthazar Poupons Character Scripts, no date
1-62 Description of Danses Acadienes Parts, no date
1-63 French Music Lyrics, no date
1-64 Assorted Song/Poem Lyrics, no date
1-65 Compositions of Charles Reynolds, no date
1-66 “Great Big Doorstep Play”, by Charles Reynolds, no date
1-67 Music for Hanukkah, no date
C. Photographs
1-68 Certificate Honoring C. Reynolds and Photographs of Awards, no date
1-69 Charles Reynold Pictures, 1890-1956
1-70 Unknown Photographs, no date
D. Correspondence
1-71 Library of Congress Mail to Reynolds, no date
1-72 Letter to Unknown from Reynolds, 15 December 1987
1-73 Letter to Reynolds from Diane Triche, 16 November 1993
1-74 Letter to Reynolds from Warren Perrin, 17 December 1993
1-75 Letter to Reynolds from Americole Biasini, 30 April 1968
1-76 Letter to Reynolds from Americole Biasini, 30 April 1968
1-77 Letter to Reynolds from Don Marcoiller, 6 March 1965
1-78 Letter from Reynolds about downtown Lafayette, no date
1-79 Assorted Letter Paper, no date
1-80 Letter to Theodore from Reynolds, 22 July 1992
1-81 Letter to Reynolds from Henry Hubell, 20 May 1993
1-82 Letter to Reynolds from Frannie, 6 September 1991
1-83 Letter to Reynolds from Harald Walsh, 26 April 1991
1-84 Letter to Reynold from Elizabeth, 4 August 1994
1-85 Letter to Reynolds from Concordia Lutheran College, 20 February
1-86 Letter to Reynolds from Jean Peyronnet, 15 July 1975
1-87 Letter to Reynolds from Jim Ballard, 17 August 1994
1-88 Letter to Robert Gilmore from Albert Stoutamire, 16 April 1966
1-89 Letter to Reynolds from Revrend Glen Provost, 26 January 1988
1-90 Letter to Reynolds from Bob Conde, 11 July 1995
1-91 Letter to Robert Gilmore from Norbert Carnovale, 7 June 1966
1-92 Letter to Reynolds from Revrend Glen Provost, 26 January 1988
1-93 Letter from Festival International for Proposal to Reynolds, no date
1-94 Proposal to Festival International from Reynolds, 13 December 1988
1-95 Acadiana Music Audition Instructions Mail, 24 February 1989
1-96 Memo to Reynolds from Unknown, no date
1-97 Messe Acadiane Copyright Mail, 19 March 1987
1-98 Messe Acadiane Copyright Mail, 19 March 1987
1-99 Letter on Reynolds Health before Death, Unaddressed, no date
1-100 Letter Concerning Reynolds Health after Death, Unaddressed, no date
1-101 Danses Acadienes Copyright Mail, 9 June 1988
1-102 Flute Festival Copyright Mail, 7 March 1988
1-103 Messe Acadiennes Letter of Copyright, 19 March 1987
E. News Clippings
1-104 Acadiana Life Newspaper, 4 January 1994
1-105 Daily Advertiser Assorted, 1994
1-106 Daily Advertiser Piece, 18 September 1991
1-107 Daily Advertiser, 1 September 1991
1-108 Daily Advertiser, no date
1-109 Assorted Newspaper Fragments, no date
1-110 Unknown Newspaper Piece, “The Swing Back in Swing”, no date
1-111 Daily Advertiser, 15 April 1992
1-112 Daily Advertiser, 14 February 1990
1-113 Unknown Newspaper, “Shenaut keeps symphony in tune”, no date
1-114 Unknown Newspaper Piece, no date
1-115 Unknown Newspaper Piece, no date
1-116 USL Alumni News, August 1979
1-117 Opus Feature Reviews, September 1988
1-118 Daily Advertiser, 1 January 1995
1-119 Daily Advertiser Pieces, 21 June 1964
1-120 Gazette News Piece, December 1977
F. Notes/Journals/Personal Items
1-121 Charles Reynolds Diplomas, 2 December 1947
1-122 Quotes of Interest on Reynolds, no date
1-123 Charles H. Reynolds Résumé, no date
1-124 Charles H. Reynolds Résumé, no date
1-125 Dress Guidelines, 5 May 1945
1-126 “The Fais Do Do” Journal, no date
1-127 “Enjoyable Show”, by Anne Simpson, no date
1-128 “A Musician’s Musician Retires”, by Anne Simpson, no date
1-129 Suggested Guidelines in Programming, no date
1-130 British Isles and Ireland Journal, 21 May – 3 June 1986
G. Reports
1-131 Alpheus Music Application Form, no date
1-132 Copyright Registration Form for Music Composition, no date
1-133 Statewide Access to Historical Records, New York, August 1955
1-134 Yamaha Ps8-420 Owner’s Manual, no date
1-135 Medical Center of Southwest Louisiana Patients’ Rights
1-136 Music Course Contents
1-137 Rep Report American Association of University Women
Box 2
H. Sheet Music
2-01 Solo for Baritone Horn
2-02 Brass and Woodwind Solos
2-03 The Lafayette March
2-04 Music for Hanukah
2-05 The Lafayette March
2-06 Here Comes the Showboat
2-07 Here Comes the Showboat
2-08 Smoke Gets in Your Eye
2-09 Birth of the Blues
2-10 All the Things
2-11 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
2-12 Fascination
2-13 Roses
2-14 Cajun March
2-15 Cello Concerto
2-16 Three Songs
2-17 Fascination
2-18 Fascination
2-19 Fascination
2-20 Et Ou C’est Que Tu Es Parti
2-21 Bicentennial Original Score
2-22 No Me Toques
2-23 Danses Acadiennes
2-24 Danses Acadiennes
2-25 Music for Hanukah
2-26 Serenade
2-27 Dawns Favorite
2-28 Without a Song
2-29 Concerto For Cello
2-30 It’s Alright With Me
2-31 Adagio 1
2-32 Conductor's Score
2-33 USL Fight Song
2-34 Maria Elena
2-35 Hallelujah
2-36 Charles H. Reynolds
2-37 Cajun Tunes
2-38 Inauguration
2-39 Prelude 2
2-40 Silent Night
2-41 Andy Williams Christmas Album
2-42 Red Notebook, Various Sheet Music
2-43 Red Notebook, Various Sheet Music
2-44 Various Sheet Music Fragments
2-45 Dwaynes Music Notebook
2-46 Hear the Voice Sheet Music
2-47 Unnamed, Sheet Music
2-48 Sightation Manuscript Book, Various Sheet Music
2-49 Brigadoon, Sheet Music
2-50 Mademoiselle de Pave
2-51 Mon Bon Vieux Mari
2-52 Allons a Lafayette
2-53 Barry Pallington, Sheet Music, Homework
Box 3
3-01 Two Gershwin Songs
3-02 Red Notebook, Various Sheet Music
3-03 Red Notebook, Various Sheet Music
3-04 Cello Concerto Sheet Music, Part 1
3-05 Tont la Town du Grand Bois Sheet Music
3-06 Ballad For David, Sheet Music
3-07 Music for a Band Part 2, Sheet Music
3-08 Music for a Band Part 1, Sheet Music
3-09 Colinda
3-10 Lache Pas la Patate
3-11 Saute Crapaud Sheet Music
3-12 Solie Blonde Sheet Music
3-13 March Concert Band Sheet Music
3-14 Cajun March Sheet Music
3-15 Jambalaya Sheet Music
3-16 Acadien-American Fanfare, Sheet Music
3-17 Jai Passe Devant Ta Porte Sheet Music
3-18 Amen Sheet Music
3-19 La Fraction du Pain Sheet Music
3-20 Gloire A Dieu Part 2 Sheet Music
3-21 Gloire A Dieu Part 1 Sheet Music
3-22 Pas Loin de Chez Moi Sheet Music
3-23 Pas Loin de Chez Moi Sheet Music
3-24 Memorial Acclamation Sheet Music
3-25 Send in the Clowns Sheet Music
3-26 Send in the Clowns Sheet Music
3-27 Les Danses Rondes Sheet Music
3-28 Showpan Boogie Sheet Music
3-29 Bizet Jeux D’Enfants Sheet Music
3-30 Fritz Kreisler Liebes Freud Sheet Music
3-31 Cyril Scott Danse Negre Sheet Music
3-32 For Two Pianos Sheet Music
3-33 Braziliana Sheet Music
3-34 Aint Misbehavin’ Sheet Music
3-35 World’s Best Known Piano Duets
3-36 Bizet Children’s Suite Sheet Music
3-37 El Salon Mexico Sheet Music
3-38 España Rhapsody Sheet Music
3-39 Spanish Dance #1 Sheet Music
3-40 Piano Concerto 1 Sheet Music
3-41 Romance Sheet Music
3-42 White Notebook Various Sheet Music
3-43 16 Grands Solos de Concert Sheet Music
3-44 Waltz Sheet Music
Box 4
4-01 French Folk Songs of South Louisiana, Sheet Music
4-02 Beethoven’s Symphony, Sheet Music
4-03 12 Etudes for the Talented Student Sheet Music
4-04 Bagatelle Sheet Music
4-05 Adagio Sheet Music
4-06 Unnamed Sheet Music
4-07 Praise to the Lord Variations Sheet Music
4-08 Rumba Sheet Music
4-09 Twelve Etudes for the Young Pianist Sheet Music
4-10 Sonatina for Piano Sheet Music
4-11 Gershwin Piano Preludes Sheet Music
4-12 Suite Acadienne Sheet Music
4-13 March Piano Solo Sheet Music
4-14 Praise to the Lord Sheet Music
4-15 Suite Acadienne Sheet Music
4-16 Piano Concert 1 Sheet Music
4-17 March Piano Solo Sheet Music
4-18 Songs from an Unwritten Show Sheet Music
4-19 Songs from an Unwritten Show Sheet Music
4-20 Unnamed Sheet Music
4-21 Bagatelle Sheet Music
4-22 Teche Tunes Sheet Music
4-23 Autumn Breeze String Quartet Sheet Music
4-24 Sonatino OP. 5 No. 1 Sheet Music
4-25 For Me to Live is Jesus Sheet Music
4-26 Le Dee Sheet Music
4-27 No. 84 Creative Study Sheet Music
4-28 Thibodeaux Composition Sheet Music
4-29 Allegro Sheet Music
4-30 Rondo Sheet Music
4-31 Love Songs Sheet Music
4-32 Chanter Encore Sheet Music
4-33 Chantery a Louisiana Sheet Music
4-34 Three Ballads Sheet Music
4-35 Cajun Tunes Sheet Music
4-36 Cajun Medley Sheet Music
4-37 Acadiana Folk Songs Sheet Music
4-38 Kyrie Sheet Music
4-39 Credo Sheet Music
4-40 Credo Sheet Music
4-41 Messe Acadienne Original Manuscript
4-42 A War Requiem Sheet Music
4-43 Christmas Carols Sheet Music
4-44 Gestapo Duet Sheet Music
4-45 Kyrie Sheet Music
4-46 Tommy B Kyrie Sheet Music
4-47 Gloria Sheet Music
4-48 Seigneur Prends Pitie Sheet Music
4-49 Lafayette March Sheet Music
4-50 Joy to the World Sheet Music
4-51 Seigneur Prends Pitie Sheet Music
4-52 Le Sanctus Sheet Music
4-53 Acadian Folk Songs Sheet Music
4-54 Creed Sheet Music
4-55 Acadian Folk Songs Sheet Music
4-56 Cajun Songs Sheet Music
4-57 Messe Acadienne Sheet Music
4-58 Religious Assorted Sheet Music
4-59 Mass Sheet Music
4-60 Amen Sheet Music
4-61 Holy Holy Holy Sheet Music
4-62 Ave Maria Sheet Music
4-63 Ave Maria Sheet Music
4-64 Mass Sheet Music
Box 5
5-01 Lullaby Sheet Music
5-02 Colinda Sheet Music
5-03 Mardi Gras Sheet Music
5-04 Cajun Tunes Sheet Music
5-05 Songs of Pham Ding Sheet Music
5-06 Unnamed Sheet Music
5-07 Immaculate Mary Sheet Music
5-08 Kyrie Sheet Music
5-09 Cajun Folk Songs Sheet Music
5-10 Brigadoon Sheet Music
5-11 Creed Sheet Music
5-12 Unnamed Sheet Music
5-13 String Quartet Sheet Music
5-14 Christmas Medley Sheet Music
5-15 A Cajun Concerto Sheet Music
5-16 Unnamed Sheet Music
5-17 Impromptu Sheet Music
5-18 Lament and Dance Sheet Music
5-19 Mass Sheet Music
5-20 Alleluia Sheet Music
5-21 Four Christmas Carols Sheet Music
5-22 Understanding Through Music Sheet Music
5-23 Lafayette March Sheet Music
5-24 Holy Holy Holy Sheet Music
5-25 Four Christmas Carols Sheet Music
5-26 Medley of Christmas Carols
5-27 Religious Works Sheet Music
5-28 Romance Sheet Music
5-29 Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Sheet Music
5-30 Pastorale Sheet Music
5-31 New York, New York Sheet Music
5-32 A Quartet of Pieces Sheet Music
5-33 Contrasts Sheet Music
5-34 Cello Concerto Part 2
5-35 Cello Concerto Part 1
5-36 Tuba Four Sheet Music
5-37 Various Instrumental Solos Sheet Music
5-38 Catalina Sheet Music
5-39 Impromptu Sheet Music
5-40 Sightation Manuscript Book. Patriotic Medley
5-41 Rhapsody Sheet Music
5-42 Give Me Louisiana Sheet Music
5-43 Bassoon Sheet Music
5-44 Four Quotes Sheet Music
5-45 Sightation Manuscript Sheet Music
5-46 Cadenza Sheet Music
Box 6
6-01 Colinda, Sheet Music
6-02 Finale, Sheet Music
6-03 Red Notebook, Sheet Music
6-04 Red Notebook, Sheet Music
6-05 Music Manuscript Book, Sheet Music
6-06 Unnamed Sheet Music
6-07 Sightation Manuscript Book
6-08 Sightation Manuscript Book
6-09 Various Sheet Music
6-10 Festival for Organ, Sheet Music
6-11 Various Sheet Music
6-12 Music Notebook, Sheet Music
6-13 Bicentennial Cajun Tunes, Sheet Music
6-14 Creed, Sheet Music
6-15 White Notebook, Various Sheet Music
6-16 Acadiana Ballet, Sheet Music
6-17 Messe Acadianne Original Piece, Sheet Music
6-18 Sightation Manuscript Book, Sheet Music
6-19 Tuba Solos, Sheet Music
6-20 It’s Almost Like Being in Love, Sheet Music
6-21 Rhapsody in Blue, Sheet Music
6-22 Here’s That Rainy Day, Sheet Music
6-23 Yesterday’s, Sheet Music
6-24 It's Alright With Me, Sheet Music
6-25 What I Did for Love, Sheet Music
6-26 Range and Transportation Chart, Sheet Music
6-27 Twice 55, Community Songs, “The Brown Book”
6-28 Give Me Louisiana, Sheet Music
6-29 Piano Concerto, Sheet Music
6-30 Cello Concerto, Sheet Music
6-31 Miss Louisiana, Sheet Music
6-32 French Folk Songs, Sheet Music
6-33 Understanding Through Music, Sheet Music
6-34 Understanding Through Music, Sheet Music
6-35 Air, Sheet Music
6-36 Air, Sheet Music
6-37 Tuba Piece, Sheet Music
6-38 Let’s Take a Chance, Sheet Music
6-39 Unnamed Sheet Music
6-40 Let’s Take a Chance, Sheet Music
6-41 Unnamed Sheet Music
6-42 Music for Alto Saxophone, Sheet Music
6-43 Festival Piece for Carolyn Gibson, Sheet Music
6-44 Rhapsody for French Horn, Sheet Music
6-45 Ballad for David, Trumpet Solo, Sheet Music
6-46 Rondo for Trombone and Piano, Sheet Music
6-47 Rondo, Unrevised, Sheet Music
6-48 Alright With Me, Sheet Music
6-49 No Title, Sheet Music
6-50 Festival for Flute and Piano, Sheet Music
6-51 Christian Medley, Sheet Music
6-52 Festival, Sheet Music
6-53 U.N. Original Score, Sheet Music
6-54 Waltz for Bass and Clarinet, Sheet Music
6-55 Serenade, Sheet Music
6-56 Music for Saxophone, Sheet Music
6-57 Serenade, Sheet Music
Box 7
7-01 Assorted Unidentified Sheet Music
7-02 Rondo, Sheet Music
7-03 Allegro for Flute, Sheet Music
7-04 Solo for Trumpet, Sheet Music
7-05 Suite for Trombone
7-06 Romance Sheet Music
7-07 Air, Sheet Music
7-08 Pee Chee All Season Portfolio, Sheet Music
7-09 Divertimento for Basson and Piano, Sheet Music
7-10 Berlin Medley, Sheet Music
7-11 Acadiana, Sheet Music
7-12 Broadway, Sheet Music
7-13 Concerto #2, Part 2
7-14 Concerto #2, Part 1
7-15 Koala, Manuscript Book
7-16 Reynolds, Assorted Sheet Music, 10 December 1973
7-17 Suite Acadienne, Original Sheet Music
7-18 Unidentified, Sheet Music
7-19 Lullaby, Sheet Music
7-20 French Folk Songs of South Louisiana, Sheet Music
7-21 Music for Tuba, Sheet Music
7-22 Prelude and Fugue, Sheet Music
7-23 Concerto for Cello, Sheet Music
7-24 Love Walked In, Sheet Music
7-25 It’s Almost Like Being in Love, Sheet Music
7-26 Love Walked In, Sheet Music
7-27 Why Did I Choose You, Sheet Music
7-28 Man I Love, Sheet Music
7-29 Cupricho Catalon, Sheet Music
7-30 Allegretto, Sheet Music
7-31 Music for Strings, Sheet Music
7-32 Divertissement, Woodwind Quartet, Sheet Music
7-33 Acadiana Quartet, Sheet Music
7-34 Woodward Quartet, Sheet Music
7-35 Allegretto, Sheet Music
7-36 A Little Night Music, Sheet Music
7-37 Music Notebook, Sheet Music
7-38 Alpheus Music Corporation Catalog, Number 2, Sheet Music
7-39 Christmas Sheet Music
7-40 Rondo, Sheet Music
7-41 Sightation Manuscript Book, 102, 64 pages
7-42 Unidentified, Sheet Music
7-43 Praise to the Lord Variations, Sheet Music
7-44 Anchors Aweigh, The Song of the Navy, Sheet Music
Box 8
8-01 Finale, Sheet Music
8-02 Finale, Sheet Music
8-03 Mau de Perez, Sheet Music
8-04 Danse Acadienne, Sheet Music
8-05 Dance Acadienne, Sheet Music
8-06 Triads, Sheet Music
8-07 Concerto I, Sheet Music
8-08 Concerto II, Sheet Music
8-09 Concerto II, Sheet Music
8-10 Concerto I, Sheet Music
8-11 Divertimento for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Basson, Sheet Music
8-12 Homework, Sheet Music
8-13 Aural Skills Placement Examination, 1st Semester, Sheet Music
8-14 Triads, Sheet Music
8-15 Ed Michael, Sheet Music
8-16 Ma Comme’re, French Sheet Music
8-17 Danses Acadienne, Sheet Music
8-18 I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart, Sheet Music
8-19 Sonata Facile, Sheet Music
8-20 Cantique de Jean Racine, Sheet Music
8-21 A Icings March, Sheet Music
8-23 Fanfare, Sheet Music
8-24 Mad de Paree, Sheet Music
8-25 Mad de Paree, Sheet Music
8-26 Sword Dance, Sheet Music
8-27 Sword Dance, Sheet Music
8-28 Brigadoon, Cellos, Sheet Music
8-29 Interlude, Sheet Music
8-30 Ballad for David, Trumpet Solo with Band Accompaniment, Sheet Music
8-31 Ballad, Sheet Music
8-32 Merry-Go-Round Whirl (Carousel), Sheet Music
8-33 The Moon Lights Up (Cancion de Luna), Sheet Music
8-34 What Child is This, Sheet Music
8-35 Easy to Love, “Born to Dance”, Sheet Music
8-36 The Gershwins in Song, Sheet Music
8-37 Dawn’s Greatest Treasure (Aubade), Sheet Music
8-38 Without a Song, from the Musical Play “Great Day”, Sheet Music
8-39 Good Morning, Sheet Music
8-40 Piano, Sheet Music
8-41 All the Things You Are, Sheet Music
8-42 Early Autumn, Sheet Music
8-43 In the Still of the Night, “Rosalie”, Sheet Music
8-44 The Song is You, Sheet Music
8-45 You’ve Changed, Sheet Music
8-46 New Orleans, Sheet Music
8-47 Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man, Sheet Music
8-48 Let’s Take a Chance, Sheet Music
8-49 All I Ask of You, Sheet Music
8-50 Come Rain or Come Shine, Sheet Music
8-51 Berlin Medley, Sheet Music
8-52 Berlin Medley, Sheet Music
8-53 Let’s Take a Chance
8-54 Ballad, Sheet Music
8-55 Ballad, Sheet Music
8-56 Roses, Sheet Music
8-57 Final Arrangement, Sheet Music
8-58 Call, Sheet Music
8-59 Unidentified, Sheet Music
8-60 Evening Fantasy, Sheet Music
8-61 Blues Force, Sheet Music
8-62 Dark Ages, Sheet Music
8-63 America, Sheet Music
8-64 Theme and Variations, Sheet Music
8-65 Variation, Sheet Music
8-66 Midnight Dreams, Sheet Music
8-67 Five Blues, Sheet Music
8-68 Sonata Allegro, Sheet Music
8-69 On the Beach, Sheet Music, 1979
8-70 Glory Now to Thee Be Given, Sheet Music
8-71 Joseph Bradan, Sheet Music
8-72 Theme, Sheet Music
8-73 Beginning Composition, Sheet Music
8-74 Lady, Sheet Music, 1984
8-75 XIII, Sheet Music
8-76 Agilato, Sheet Music
8-77 Peasants’ Dance, Sheet Music
8-78 Unidentified, Sheet Music
8-79 America, Sheet Music
8-80 Divertissement, Sheet Music
8-81 Piano Concerto, #3, Sheet Music
8-82 Reynolds Set B, Sheet Music
Box 9
I. Oversize
9-01 Kings Fanfare, Sheet Music
9-02 Cajun Concerto, Sheet Music
9-03 Three Songs, Sheet Music
9-04 Music for Hanukkah, Sheet Music
9-05 Acadiana for Orchestra, based on South Louisiana Cajun Folk Songs, 1977, Sheet Music
9-06 In the Style of a March, Sheet Music
9-07 Reynolds, #3, Sheet Music
9-08 Eleanor Rigby, Sheet Music
9-09 Moderately Modere, Sheet Music
9-10 Danses Acadiennes, Sheet Music
9-11 Baudein, Sheet Music
9-12 Piano Concerto, #1, Sheet Music
9-13 Piano Concerto, Revised, Sheet Music
Box 10
10-01 Unidentified, Sheet Music
10-02 French Folk Songs of South Louisiana, Sheet Music, 1996
10-03 Unidentified Sheet Music
10-04 I’ll See You Again, Sheet Music
10-05 Four Christmas Carols, Sheet Music
10-06 Unidentified, Sheet Music
10-07 Unidentified, Sheet Music
10-08 Unidentified, Sheet Music
10-09 Amen, Sheet Music
10-10 Amen, Alleluia, Sheet Music
10-11 Messe Acadienne, Sheet Music
10-12 Gypsy, Sheet Music
10-13 Duetto Buffo Di Due Gatti, Comic Duet for Two Cats, Sheet Music
10-14 Let’s Take a Chance, Lyrics: Anne Simpson, Sheet Music
10-15 Lafayette March, Sheet Music
10-16 Bruckner Symphone, #2 in C Minor
10-17 Acadiana Suite, Sheet Music
Box 11
11-01 Cajun, Songs and Dances, Sheet Music
11-02 Irving Berlin Medley Concert Band, Sheet Music
11-03 Miscellaneous Orchestra, Sheet Music
11-04 Qesu Bambind, Sheet Music
11-05 A Quartet of Pieces, Sheet Music
11-06 Symphony, dedicated to John Gilfry and USL band, 1962
11-07 Beethoven Concerto No.2, Sheet Music
Box 12
12-01 Scrapbook: Charles H. Reynolds -Consists of photographs, letters, and mainly news clippings while serving in the military, 1941- 1943
Box 13
13-01 Plaque: Professor Charles Reynolds sincere thanks Britten’s Jubilate Deo Vaughan Williams’ Serenade to Music, Les Clairs, Fall 1981
13-02 Memorex Tape, Unidentified
13-03 Publication: Encyclopedia of Popular Music, Section D. Limited Edition
No Box
2 Briefcases (originally contained cassette tapes)
Box 14
J. Cassettes
14-01 Hanukkah Music – Three Hymns (Gina Spera, Harp Concerto)
14-02 No Title – Master Copy
14-03 Lafayette High Symphonic Band – Cajun March
14-04 “Pastorale and Marziale”, Charles H. Reynolds – Cathedral-Carmel
14-05 Columbus Concert, Sue Turner/Charles Reynolds
14-06 Messe Acadiennes, String and Bass Accom. – St. John’s Cathedral
14-07 No Title
14-08 Rhapsody for Horn and Piano – LSU
14-09 Rhapsody for French Horn and Piano, Charles H. Reynolds
14-10 Civic Cup Banquet (Side A)
Danses Acadienne, Rehearsal (Side B)
14-11 Oscar Peterson, “We Get Requests”. Features Ray Brown on bass and Ed Thigpen on drums (Side A)
Oscar Peterson, “Jazz Standards”. Features Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Ed Thigpen (Side B)
14-12 Danses Acadiennes – AOC Recording (Outdoors)
14-13 Messe Acadienne – Chorale Acadienne, featuring Garry Savoie on organ
14-14 Reynolds: French Folk Songs (duet)
14-15 The Skyliners, 31 May 1992
14-16 ASO Xmas Concert, Gershwin Medley – Reynolds Arrangement, 12 December 1990
14-17 No Title
14-18 ASO – Charlie, 14 October 1995
14-19 “Theme & Variations on ‘Praise the Lord’”, by Charles Reynolds (1991). Robert Conda, pianist. Recorded at Angelle Hall Theater, 4 March 1996
“Saxophone Quartet”, by James Hanna, The USL Saxophone Quartet (William Hochkeppel, Robin Hochkeppel, Robert Luckey, Art Reidel). Recorded at Angelle Hall Theater, 4 March 1996
14-20 Rhapsody for French Horn and Piano, Charles H. Reynolds – Studio Tape, 1st Version
14-21 Twelve Etudes for the Young Pianist – Suite Acadienne (Side I)
March – Piano Solo, C.H. Reynolds (Side II)
14-22 C.H. Reynolds: “Cello Concerto”, World Premiere Performance. Eileen Johnson on cello, USL Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Johnson as conductor, 30 November 1995
14-23 Gilmore – Speaking on Trip to Shreveport, LTA ’75 (Side A)
Continuation of Gilmore’s All-State Meeting in Shreveport, LTA ’75 (Side II)
14-24 Skyliners, Tape II (Side A)
Schmalz (Side B)
14-25 The Skyliners – Live at Oakbourne, 1991, 1995
14-26 Festival for Flute and Piano
14-27 Festival for Flute and Piano, Charles H. Reynolds
14-28 The Lafayette Concert Band, “A Concert of Patriotic Mucis in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II”, Gerald Guilbeaux, Conductor, USL Alumni Center, Lafayette, LA, 4 June 1995
14-29 March Concert, W.W. Ensemble, 28 April (Joe’s Tape)
14-30 Messe Acadienne, Charles H. Reynolds
Quartet for Strings, Charles Reynolds
14-31 Danner
14-32 “On va les embêter”, Poetic Suite by Jean Arceneaux, background music by Michael Doucet, 1982
14-33 Messe – Cath. Orch. (Side A)
Messe Stg. And Brass Accom. (Side B)
14-34 French Folk Songs – Duet, SA Program
14-35 Gilmore’s Voice (Side A)
Have Merry Xmas, Parts of Original Version Messe
14-36 Music for Hanakkah, Reynolds
14-37 Brigadoon – ’86 Mardi Gras
14-38 Marimba
14-39 Dominique and Quartet (Side 1)
14-40 Messe Acadienne – Chorale Acadienne (Side 2)
14-41 Concerto with ASO – Heymann Concert
14-42 Cathedral
14-43 New Iberia Concert
14-44 Josquin/Reynolds
14-45 Cajun Waltzes
14-46 Lake Charles Band
14-47 Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas – Trombones
14-48 Xmas Party at Hubbells, Reynolds, 24 December 1985
14-49 Ballad for David, Charles H. Reynolds (Side 1)
Ballads – Ensemble (Side 2)
14-50 Adagio, Charles H. Reynolds (Side A)
Rumba, Charles H. Reynolds (Side B)
14-51 Josquin/Chorale
14-52 Cajun Concerta
14-53 Jeanne’s French Text
14-54 Lullaby, Charles H. Reynolds
14-55 The Lafayette Concert Band, “A Concert of Patriotic Mucis in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II”, Gerald Guilbeaux, Conductor, USL Alumni Center, Lafayette, LA, 4 June 1995 (2nd Copy)
14-56 Cajun March, Charles H. Reynolds
14-57 ASO, 3 December 1989 (Side A)
“I Got Rhythm, Ballad, and Roses” (Side B)
14-58 French Chorale
14-59 Acadiana Suite
14-60 Ballad for David, Charles Reynolds (Side 1)
Ballad for David – Band Accompaniment (Side 2)
14-61 Twelve Etudes for the Young Pianist (2nd Copy)
14-62 Rhapsody for Clarinet, Waltz for Bass Clarinet, Charles H. Reynolds
14-63 Ensemble a Vents, Josquin des Pres – “Musique de la Reniassance”
14-64 Danses Acadiennes – Rehearsal
14-65 Souvenirs – Piano Solo, Charles H. Reynolds
14-66 Chorale Acadienne – Reynolds, “Four Christmas Carols”
14-67 Quartet of Pieces, Charles H. Reynolds
14-68 Quartet of Pieces, Charles H. Reynolds
14-69 Ballad for David – Trumpet Solo