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Hyder Kennedy Civil War Letters

Manuscript 295

Kennedy, Hyder (1840–1893). Civil War Letters, 1863–1867

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Colonel Hyder Kennedy was born April 14, 1940 in Alabama and died January 4 1893 in New Orleans. He is buried in the Lafayette Protestant Cemetery. Though born in Alabama, he attended school in Tennessee and was a member of the 19 la Rgt., Adams Brigade, Breckinridge’s Div. for the Army of Tennessee. He and his wife Elizabeth Richardson Kennedy had three children. Their youngest daughter, Roberta, married Crow Girard, Esq., a prominent Lafayette attorney. Girard and his mother, Maxim Anna Crow, donated 25 acres of land that comprised the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s original campus.

This collection contains letters written by Kennedy during his time serving in the Civil War. Most of them are to his mother or sister. The first letter is a typed copy but the remaining letters are originals.

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295-01 Letters from Col. Hyder Kennedy, 1863-1867