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Nineteenth Century Louisiana Collection, 1812-1899

Collection 84

Nineteenth Century Louisiana Collection, 1812–1899

2.5 inches

An artificial collection designed to hold miscellaneous items dating from the nineteenth century. Contains original documents and photocopies.


1-01 Census of Inhabitants of that quarter of the Parish of St. Landry allotted to J. M. Debaillon, 18 Dec. 1818, photocopy; no source
1-02 Dutton, John Will. 1827; in French; photocopy
1-03 Letters received, Louisiana Adjutant General Office, 1848, photocopy
1-04 Abstract for land, Section 44, Township 7 South, Range 5 East and Section 38, Township 8 South, Range 5 East (near Arnaudville), 1815- , photocopy, pp. 1-10 of material listed on index: most from American State Papers
1-05 State of Louisiana, Parish of St. Martin, Legal Documents: Depositions from white families against negro slaves, 1843-1845, 3 Items
1-06 Western District State of Louisiana abstract of land claimed by Joseph Savoy in the County of Attakapas on the East or left bank of Bayou Tech, 6 January 1816
1-07 Photostats and papers relating to wills of Sarah Anne Dorsey and Varina Ann Davis
1-08 Declaration of Sale between owner Bernard Moore Campbell and Jabez Tanner for the sale of negro slaves Martha Ann, Louisiana Campbell, Berry, Gerry. 11 April 1857, photocopy
Map Case
31-01 Naturalization papers of Pierre Francioni issued by U.S. Sixth District Court of New Orleans, 20 June 1866.
  Photostat of commission of N. W. Bateman as Captain, Lovell Rifles, Company B, 26th Louisiana Infantry, 1 March 1862
  "The War in Louisiana," New York Times, 31 January 1863, Vol. XII-No. 3543