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Paul Debaillon Collection

Collection 7

Debaillon, Paul (1890–1948). Collection, 1852–1957, n.d.

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This collection reflects Paul Debaillon's interest in genealogy, especially the family of Jean Mouton, founder of Vermilionville, now Lafayette. The collection contains extensive notes and charts compiled by the genealogist and much correspondence written in his attempt to gather information. There is also material on co-lateral families such as Debaillon, Dupré, and others. In addition, Judge Debaillon collected reminiscences compiled by Edith Garland Dupré and M. Evangeline Mouton in the early twentieth century and Amelia Thompson and her daughter, Amelia Watts, in the early mid 19th century; papers of Mary Swords Debaillon who was actively engaged in gathering, cataloging, and preserving Louisiana flowering plants; and scattered correspondence, political and judicial records of Charles Homère Mouton. (Many C.H. Mouton related items were probably placed in the regional history subsection on politics and law as they had no apparent direct connection with Mouton.) There is even a very small collection of Paul Debaillon personal papers almost all of which date from 1930s.

A secondary collecting area, which is almost an outgrowth of the genealogy, relates to regional history. Debaillon wrote brief essays on several local history topics. His work on Mouton family land ownership becomes almost inseparable from studies on the development of Vermilionville. The strong religious faith of Debaillon and his ancestors led to the collection of information on the Lafayette Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

At the same time the organization of the collection is somewhat artificial since it is very hard to distinguish the relationship of material to the Mouton Family. In such cases the items were usually placed in the regional history series, i.e., the White League reports and anti-lottery campaign material, both of which reflect the activities and interests of C.H. Mouton. Similarly, it is very difficult to distinguish between Debaillon's notes dealing with Mouton family land ownership and those designed to illuminate the early land development of Vermilionville. Therefore very similar type material will be found in two sections.

Charles Debaillon and Mrs. C.E. Hamilton donated this collection in 1956.


A. Mouton Family  
  1. Paul Debaillon Sketches and Charts 1-01 through 1-16
  2. Paul Debaillon Correspondence 1-17 through 1-27
  3. Legal Records 1-28 through 1-35
  4. Miscellaneous 1-36 through 1-39
  5. Primary Materials 2-01 through 2-06
  6. Collateral Families 2-07 through 2-19
B. Other Families 2-20 through 2-28
C. Church History 3-01 through 3-14
D. Regional History  
  1. General 3-15 through 3-30
  2. Politics and Law 3-31 through 4-17
  3. Land 4-18 through 4-29
  4. Organizations 4-30 through 4-33
  5. Description and Travel 5-01 and 5-02
E. Paul Debaillon  
  1. Correspondence, Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches 5-03 through 5-07
  2. Organizational Activities 5-08 through 5-17
F. Mary Swords Debaillon  
  1. Material on Specific Plants and Flowers 5-18 through 5-24
  2. General Writings and Correspondence 5-25 through 5-29
  3. Other  
  a. Caroline Dorman 5-30
  b. Garden Clubs 5-31 and 5-32
  c. Miscellaneous Publications and Catalogs 5-33


A. Mouton Family
  1. Paul Debaillon Sketches and Charts
1-01 Index "Family of Jean Mouton"
1-02 Jean Mouton (first) and family
1-03 "E": Louise (Lauisson) Charlotte Mouton
  "F": Andrew Herron Mouton
  "G": Information on Charles Mouton
1-04 "I": Information on Moutons in France
1-05 "L": Alexander Mouton
    also: excerpts from published works; newspaper article; copy of will
1-06 "M": Life of Charles Homer Mouton
  See also: 2-01, 2-04, 3-27; 4-01 through 4-15
1-07 "N": "Reconstruction of Mouton Family from Many Isolated Facts"
  "O": "Names Handed Down in Mouton Family"
  "P": "Matters Relating to Mouton Family Generally"
  "Q": "Lawyers in Family of Jean Mouton"
  See also: 1-15
  "R": Excerpts from Dudley J. LeBlanc, The True Story of the Acadians
1-08 "S": Information on Frederic Mouton's Family
  "U": Marie Julie Latiolais
  "Genealogy Series"
1-09 "1": "Names of [Jean Mouton's] Children and Their Wives"
1-10 "2": "Genealogy: Family of Antoine Bordat and Maguerite Martin"
  "3": "Genealogy: Family of Charles Mouton (Son of Jean)"
1-11 "4": "Family of Lizinia Mouton"
  "5": "Family of Ophelia (Pheia) Mouton"
  "6": "Family of Eraste (Coon) Mouton"
  See also: 2-05
1-12 Andrew S. Herron
  Salvadore Mouton
1-13 Sylvestre Mouton
1-14 Mouton Family
1-15 Moutons in professions
  See also: 1-07
1-16 Miscellaneous: La Tour; genealogical questions; chart
A. Mouton Family
  2. Paul Debaillon Correspondence
1-17 Europe, 1938, 1943
    re: Chateau de Baillon; Chateau Mouton-Rothschild
1-18 Canada, 1943-1944
    Institut Genealogique Drouin (Montreal)
1-19 Canada, 1942-1943
    J. Thomas LeBlanc (Moncton, New Burnswick); Rev. Rene Baudry, St. Joseph University (St. Joseph, New Brunswick); Gustave Lanctot, Public Archives of Canada (Ottawa)
1-20 Acadian Coast, 1938, 1942-1944
    re: family information on church records of New Orleans and Acadian Coast
1-21 William A. Read, 1942-1943
    re: variant spellings of Mouton; also discussed origin of place name Carencro
1-22 Father John Batiste Mouton, 1942
    correspondence about his death
1-23 Jerry Guidry, 1944
    correspondence about his death
1-24 St. Landry Church, 1938
    correspondence and transmittals of genealogical information
1-25 St. Martin Parish and St. Martin Church, 1942-1947
    correspondence and transmittals of genealogical information
1-26 Sacred Heart Church and St. Charles Church, Grand Coteau, 1938-1942
    correspondence and transmittals of genealogical information
1-27 St. John Church, Lafayette, 1942-1944
    correspondence and notes (taken from church records)
A. Mouton Family
  3. Legal Records
1-28 Index to successions
    taken from Lafayette Parish Clerk's records, 1942
1-29 Transcripts of selected Mouton family successions
    Jean Mouton (père)
Marin Mouton (père)
Marie Marthe Mouton (wife of Pierre Dugas)
Marin Mouton (fils)
Cyprien Mouton
Marie Mouton (wife of Sebastin Chargois)
1-30 Abstracts of selected Mouton family successions
    Marie Marthe Bordat
Zilia Rosseau Mouton
Cesarine Boudin Mouton
1-31 Legal transactions
    list of actions listing Moutons as vendors or vendees, 1812-1829
1-32 Legal transactions
    abstracts of transactions involving Moutons, 1823-1834; also all of "Old Series," 1-12, 1789-1814
1-33 Legal transactions
    list of "Lots Sold by Jean Mouton, Vermilionville," arranged by lot
1-34 Legal transactions
    list, abstracts and transcripts of land sales involving Jean Mouton
1-35 Legal transactions
    donations by Mouton family to St. John Church
  See 4-18 through 4-24, 4-29 for more material on Mouton family and land (especially Vermilionville)
A. Mouton Family
  4. Miscellaneous
1-36 Gardner, Alfred M. (comp.) Le Ligne des Descendants de la Famille de Jean Mouton, (Nouvelle-Orleans, 1890) 24 pages
1-37 Newspaper clippings: miscellaneous activities, 1930-1942
1-38 Newspaper clippings: obituaries, 1887, 1930s-1942
1-39 Newspaper clippings: Les Jardins de Mouton, 1936
A. Mouton Family
  5. Primary Material
2-01 Charles Homer Mouton, 1850-1903, n .d.
    scattered correspondence mainly dealing with politics
    speeches: address to grand jury, 1862, printed, in French
Attakapas Vigilantes, n.d.
Reconstruction, n.d., handwritten
resolution opposing William Pitt Kellogg, n.d.
address to jury in murder trial, 1879, handwritten in French
correspondence re 1946
last page of court ruling in case of Marie C. Dugas, n.d.
2-02 Charles Homer Mouton, 1866
    account book, 1866; list of cases in St. Landry Parish District Court; list of persons seen during trip to New Orleans, 1866; accounts of various estates, etc.
2-03 Charles Homer Mouton, 1870s
    notebook: includes: aphorisms, sayings, observations (many in French); clippings (some pasted over written entries), address of Lafayette Parish White League Clubs
  See also: 4-09
2-04 Charles Homer Mouton, 1870s
    accounts of C. H. Mouton & Company, 1870s; personal accounts; also weather observations, February-May 1938
  See 1-06; 3-19, 3-27; 4-01 through 4-15 for other material about, related to, or perhaps by Charles H. Mouton
2-05 Eraste Mouton, c. 1880s [3 items]
    letters by M. J. Louaillier, in French (rough translation by Cynthia J. Rice)
  See also: 1-11
2-06 M. Evangeline Mouton, 1944: reminiscences, "Family Traditions"
A. Mouton Family
  6. Collateral Families
2-07 Debaillon: land: trace of land owned by Conrad Debaillon in Lafayette
2-08 Debaillon: activities - newspaper clippings: Jefferson College; First National Bank of Lafayette
2-09 Debaillon: memorials and obituaries
    includes: memorial to Dan Debaillon; list of memorials received after death of Mrs. Conrad Debaillon
  See also: 5-04
2-10 Debaillon: primary material, 1889, 1903-1908
    letters to Conrad Debaillon 1889, 2 items, 1 photograph [tin type] Sacred Heart Convent
    grade reports from Jefferson College for Paul Debaillon (1903-1908) and Thomas Debaillon (1903)
    diploma: Charles Debaillon for census enumeration, 1900
    letter to Dan Debaillon from "Uncle Cent-A-Closss," 11/24/1907
2-11 Dupré Family of Opelousas
    chart by Paul Debaillon
2-12 Dupré Family
    notes by Paul Debaillon
correspondence with Gilbert J. Dupré
typescript of 1855 letter from Hon. Lucius J. Dupré
(attack on the Know-Nothing Party) and letter from Mary Jane Sweeney about item, 7/8/1937
2-13 Edith Garland Dupré
notes on the Forum (Lafayette) and The Lafayette Branch of the Women's Defense League
reminiscences: "My Life from 1885 to 1919"
2-14 Bordat Family
    notes by Paul Debaillon
letter to St. Martin Parish Clerk of Court 1944
list of transmittals from primary records
2-15 Brashear Family
    notes by Paul Debaillon
2-16 Bastarache Family; Girouard Family
    notes and clippings from Voix D'Evangeline, Moncton, 1942
2-17 Latiolais Family; McBride Family
    notes by Paul Debaillon
2-18 Martin Family
    notes by Paul Debaillon; newspaper clippings
2-19 Rousseau Family, 1942
    chart and letters from French family members
B. Other Families
2-20 Arceneaux - Crow
    notes and/or charts by Paul Debaillon
Bacqué Family of Lafayette
Bonnet Family (came from St. Landry)
Boudreaux Family
Bullard (and Garland) Family
Campbell Family of Lafayette
Carriere Family
Chargois Family
Clark Family
Clegg Family
Cornay Family
Crow Family
2-21 Daigle - Montgomery
    notes and/or charts by Paul Debaillon
    Daigle Family
DeClouet Family
Delhomme Family (of Scott)
Demanade Family
Doucet Family (of Lafayette) obituary 1944
Dupuis, (Leonard Boyd)
Eastin Family
Girard Family: Michael Girard
Guerré Family
Hebert Family
Hirsh (Hirsch) Family
Higgenbotham Family
Hopkins Family
Irwin Family
Judice Family
Kennedy Family
Lombard Family
Mills, G. M. Family
Montgomery Family
2-22 Morgan - Wilkens
    notes and/or charts by Paul Debaillon
    Morgan Family
Moss Family
Parkerson Family
Peck Family
Polonsky Family
Queen Family
Revillon Family
Salles Family
Syrian Families [ethnic designation]
Torian Families
Verot Family
Vigneaux Family
Voorhies, Bennet J., Line of Descent
Wittington Family
Wilkins Family
2-23 Bailey Family
    notes by Paul Debaillon; (account by)
2-24 Gerac Family; Greig Family; LeCoste Family
    notes and/or charts by Paul Debaillon
2-25 Roy Family, 1894, 1940
    letter from Conrad Debaillon to P. R. Roy, 5/9/1894
obituary of Joseph Arthur Roy, 1940
2-26 Gradenigo Estate, 1919, 1921-1922: clippings and correspondence
2-27 Miscellaneous, 1942, 1944
    clippings from La Voix D'Evangeline, Moncton, New Brunswick [in French] [indexed]
2-28 Miscellaneous, 1890s-1930s: obituaries [indexed]
C. Church History
3-01 St. John Cathedral, 1919, 1922, n.d.
    photograph (half-tone)
notes on founding by Paul Debaillon
documents concerned with sale of land by Cathedral 1922
program for dedication of organ, 1919
  See also: 1-35 and 4-19
3-02 Lafayette Diocese, 1936, 1942
    Catholic Action of the South, 5/21/1936 (partial): history of the church in Lafayette
    Catholic Action of the South, 10/22/1942 (St. Landry Parish Section) history of the church in St. Landry Parish
3-03 Lafayette Diocese, 1943
    clippings of Silver Jubilee of Diocese of Lafayette
3-04 Lafayette Diocese, 1943
    clippings of Silver Jubilee of Diocese of Lafayette; Catholic Action of the South, 12/9/1943
3-05 Lafayette Diocese, 1946: clippings on Mt. Carmel Centennial
3-06 Lafayette Diocese, 1942, 1945
    education: clippings on dedication of Catholic Student Center at SLI (1942) and Seminary Building Fund (1945)
  See also: 1-06, clippings of St. Charles College, Grand Coteau
3-07 Lafayette Diocese, 1939, 1942, n.d.
    organizations: Court Immaculate No. 503 - Catholic Daughters of America
Knight of Columbus, Lafayette Council, 1286: miscellaneous records: mimeo correspondence; membership list
3-08 Lafayette Diocese, 1943
    clippings: Lafayette laymen receive Papal honor
3-09 Lafayette Diocese: clergy, 1937-1938
    Father Butin: obituaries, articles, correspondence of Paul Debaillon
3-10 Lafayette Diocese: clergy, 1945
    Msgr. A. F. Isenberg: clippings re honored by
3-11 Lafayette Diocese: clergy, 1923, 1931, 1957
    Bishop Jules B. Jeanmard: typescript of statement on Ku Klux Klan, 1923
letter of F. Vavasseur Mouton, 1931
program for memorial service, 1957
  See 4-17 for more on Ku Klux Klan
3-12 Lafayette Diocese: clergy, 1944
    Msgr. William J. Teurlings: re Golden Anniversary of Ordination
correspondence, clippings, program
3-13 Lafayette Diocese: clergy, 1943, 1945: clippings: re local ordinations
3-14 Miscellaneous [1869]
    clipping: sermon of Bishop Elder at ground breaking ceremony for St. Joseph's Church, New Orleans (?)
D. Regional History
  1. General
3-15 article on Lafayette history by Moore and Sweeney (Mary Jane) [1937], 57 pp., typescript
3-16 Moore and Sweeney article: copy 2, with table of contents by Paul Debaillon
3-17 Notes on local history by Mary Jane Sweeney
3-18 Mouton, Jerome, "History by Lafayette [Parish]," ca. 1914, 9 pp, speech
3-19 Notes by Paul Debaillon
    Lafayette Parish: Origin and Development of the Parish"
"Origin and Development of the Parish of Lafayette as a Geographical and Political Unit"
comments made by C. H. Mouton upon presentation of portrait of Maxime Crow Girard to SLII, n.d., typescript
3-20 Notes by Paul Debaillon, 1936
    "Lafayette About One Hundred Years Ago." 2 copies, [correspondence related to preparation, 1936]
"Negro Faithful in Vermilionville and Early Lafayette"
3-21 Notes by Paul Debaillon
    "Origin, Development, etc. of Vermilionville-Lafayette"
3-22 Notes by Paul Debaillon
    place names of Carencro and Ossun
    See also: 1-21 for Carencro
3-23 Rayne Tribune, 4/30/1943 [special history edition]
3-24 Notes by Paul Debaillon
    "Establishments (not homes) Vermilionville and Lafayette"
"Old Homes With Which Lafayette History is Connected"
"Interesting Memos on Vermilionville and Lafayette"
3-25 Reminiscences, 19th century
    "Life of Amelia Thompson, Born Near Nashville, October 16, 1799" [through 1815], 5 pages, typescript, 3 copies
    Watts, Amelia, "Reminiscences, 1832," 6 pages, typescript, 2 copies
    Watts, Amelia, "War Experiences No. 1," 5 pages, typescript [Louisiana - Social Life & Customs - 19th Century; Plantation Life - Louisiana; Yellow Fever - Louisiana, 1832]
3-26 Newspaper article (1937) on St. Martinville wedding during 1850s
3-27 Education controversy, 1926
    State Board of Education campaign between Walter J. Burke and Fernand Mouton
    public controversy over administration of SLII between Edwin L. Stephens and Fernand Mouton [broadsides, pamphlets, clippings]
3-28 Miscellaneous
    Lafayette newspapers: Lafayette Advertiser, 5/17/1873
one of the articles includes information about Charles Homer Mouton
3-29 Miscellaneous
    St. Martinville newspapers: The Echo, 10/28/1872; 7/12/1873
St. Martin Reveille, 4/6/1889
The Weekly Messenger, 8/22/1903
3-30 Miscellaneous
    correspondence between Paul Debaillon and Montreal bookdealer involving books on Acadians and Acadiana, 1942
D. Regional History
  2. Politics and Law
  Notes by Paul Debaillon
3-31 Early Louisiana political development
3-32 Lafayette Parish office-holders
3-33 Lafayette Parish judicial history
Judicial Districts - Lafayette Parish"
3-34 Lafayette Parish judicial history
    "Celebrated Criminal Cases in Lafayette Parish"
"Law Cases - Lafayette - City and Parish"
3-35 Lafayette Parish judicial history
    photograph (copy) of Alexis and Ernest Blanc with narrative of crime
Some newspapers in folders 3-02, 3-03, 3-23, 3-28, 3-29 of this collection have been microfiched. The fiche copy can be found in Collection 190 - Miscellaneous Louisiana Newspapers and the originals are kept in this collection.
4-01 Political history: scrapbook: 1852 election
4-02 Political history: scrapbook: political articles and clippings, 1850s
4-03 Political history: scrapbook: anti Know-Nothing documents, 1855
    probably compiled by Charles Homer Mouton
4-04 Political history: newspaper, 1855
    The Semi-Weekly Union, Washington, D.C., 7/18
The Louisiana Democrat, Alexandria, La., 7/18
Ouachita Register, Monroe, La., 8/23
4-05 Political history: fragments dealing with Vigilantes, 1850s [in French]
4-06 Political history: miscellaneous, 1850s
    broadside attacking John Slidell
notes: New Orleans philanthropists
4-07 Political history: miscellaneous, 1860s
    broadside: General Assembly of Louisiana resolutions, "Relative to Our Federal Relations", 1/9/1860
    muster roll of Company B, 2nd Regiment,Louisiana Volunteers [photostat]
    broadside: "Aux Democrates de la Louisiane," by Alcibiade DeBlanc, St. Martinville, 11/30/1868
4-08 Political history: speeches on Reconstruction, n.d. (partial)
    probably by Charles Homer Mouton
4-09 Political history
    White League of Lafayette Parish resolutions and membership lists, 1874
4-10 Political history
    Lafayette Parish Democrats: minutes of mass meetings, 8/15/1874
minutes of Executive Committee meeting, 9/1/1888
4-11 Political history: miscellaneous, 1870s-1880s, broadsides
    supporting nomination of Winfield Scott Hancock
anti-Radical Reconstruction, n.d.
"Mr. J. R. Jolley's Letter of Acceptance" [Republican Party nomination for Congressman, 3rd District], 10/17/1888
4-12 Political history: anti-lottery materials
    minutes of meeting of Anti Lottery White Democrats, St. Martinville, 8/6/1890 [C. H. Mouton elected president of meeting]
    booklet: The Progressive League of Louisiana
    newspaper: The Question of the Hour The Progressive League of Louisiana]: 8/15/1890, 10/5/1890 [in French]
    partial speech, "The Latter Day Politician"
4-13 Political history: anti-lottery newspapers, 1890
    New Delta [New Orleans]: 6/6/1890; 6/30; 8/12; 8/23; 9/5; 10/1
4-14 Political history: anti-lottery newspaper, 1891
    New Iberia Democrat: 1/24; 6/6
4-15 Political history: anti-lottery newspapers: photocopies
    New Iberia Democrat: 8/23/1890; 9/6/1890
The Visitor (St. Martinville): 8/15/1891
New Delta (New Orleans): 9/1/1891
4-16 Political history: miscellaneous, 1898-1913
    broadside: campaign of Hon. R. F. Broussard for Congress
broadside: campaign of Frank R. Williams for Congress, ca 1900
broadside: Democratic candidates for Lafayette Parish offices, 1903 [in French and English]
reprinted editorial: supporting Theodore Roosevelt, New Orleans Item, 12/15/1907
broadside: "An Appeal to the People," [favors adoption of trolley-line taxes in Lafayette] 1913
4-17 Political history
    Ku Klux Klan: "Original List of Members of KKK, Lafayette Parish, From List Prepared by the Late Judge Paul Debaillon," n.d.
    See also: 3-11
D. Regional History
  3. Land
4-18 Agreements by which Vermilionville and Pinhook (Bayou Vermilion) acquired public land (copies)
4-19 Notes and maps drawn by Paul Debaillon: Vermilionville, area around St. John
4-20 Maps drawn by Paul Debaillon: Vermilionville from 1824 survey
    area from St. John to downtown Lafayette
4-21 Notes by Paul Debaillon
    "Notes on Vermilionville Lots"; list of sales of Old Brick Yard; miscellaneous list and abstracts of land records
4-22 Deed search: last residence of Jean Mouton
4-23 Deed search: last residence of Jean Mouton (different location)
4-24 Deed search: residence of Alexander Mouton
4-25 Deed search: 2nd (Convent) Street
4-26 Deed search: Lot 23, Old Corporation, 1934
4-27 Deed search: Lot 24, Old Corporation
4-28 Deed search: Lot 119, Old Corporation, 1925
4-29 Miscellaneous abstracts of deeds
    mainly land but some property including slaves, Vermilionville, including some Mouton family members
  See 1-32 through 1-35 for other information on land in Vermilionville
D. Regional History
  4. Organizations
4-30 Service clubs, 1909, 1913, 1931
    Elks: letter, 8/7/1909; flag day program, 1913; Rotary: program for "Minstrel" show by Rotary Boys' Band, 1931
4-31 Lafayette Charity Hospital, 1938
    articles from Public Welfare in Louisiana, 9/1938; 10/1938
material on dedication
4-32 Women's Club of Lafayette
    article by Anna Margaret Denbo, 1928; additional draft, 1940
addendum, 1949
    See also: 5-13
D. Regional History
  5. Description and Travel
5-01 Pixley, R. B., "The Story of the Parishes: Lafayette - A Place to Live," The Item-Tribune, 2/3/1929
    comments on article by PD
  Program for convention of Louisiana Peace Officers, 1937
5-02 Courthouse
    article from The Louisiana Bar; dedication program, 1929; copy of agreement with contractor; abstracts of laws concerning construction
    notes by PD
  See 1-39 for description of another site
  See 3-24 for descriptions or directories of other buildings in region
E. Paul Debaillon
  1. Correspondence, Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches
5-03 Correspondence with Mary Jane Sweeney, 1937, 1942-1943
5-04 Correspondence, personal, 1937-1939
    includes sympathy notes upon death of his mother
5-05 Speeches, n.d.
    acceptance of honorary membership in legal related "Order" [during World War II]
commencement address for unspecified law school
5-06 Speech, 1936
    material connected with installation of new public officials, 5/1936
includes speech by PD; clippings; correspondence
5-07 Article, 1936
    "A Tribute" for Paul Krauss, Sr.
E. Paul Debaillon
  2. Organizational Activities
5-08 Boy Scouts, 1935-1938
    Evangeline Area Council: miscellaneous records and brochures
Lafayette District: mimeos and clippings
Lafayette District Court of Honor: speech, correspondence, clippings and programs
5-09 Chamber of Commerce, 1936-1938
    Monthly Bulletin, 7/1937-3/1938 (incomplete)
letters to members (mimeos) and circulars
By-Laws, Article 8
5-10 Chamber of Commerce, 1939-1943
    letters to members (mimeos) and circulars
5-11 Mardi Gras Association, 1937-1941
    letters and financial statements
5-12 United States Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission, 1937
    miscellaneous items
5-13 Local bar associations, 1935-1937, 1943, n.d.
    Acadian Bar Association Rules and Regulations, n.d.
Louisiana State Bar Association: circulars and correspondence, 1937, 1943
State Bar of Louisiana: correspondence, 1935-1937
list of members (by initial) in Lafayette, Abbeville and Crowley: compiled by PD
5-14 Local charity and culture groups, 1937
    Home Relief Association: letter, 1/1937
Child Welfare Council: letters, 4-6/1937
Community Concert Association, 6/1937
5-15 Local financial institutions, 1936-1937, 1942
    Home Building Association statements: 12/1936; 6/1937
Home Building and Loan Association statement and cover letter, 12/1936
Louisiana Homestead and Building Loan League program for annual meeting, 1942
5-16 Miscellaneous organizations A - H
    American Legion: correspondence, 6/1938
Cathedral High School: correspondence and programs, 1937-1938
Congress of the French Language: form letter and brochure, 5/1937
Hobo Volunteer Fire Company: correspondence and form letters, 1937-1941
5-17 Miscellaneous organizations L - Y
    Lafayette Service Club: letter, 3/1939
Peace Officers' Association of Louisiana: letter and conference program, 1937
United Syrian-American Club: correspondence, 1937
Young Men's Business Club: clippings, program, form letter, 1933-1942
F. Mary Swords Debaillon
  1. Material on Specific Plants and Flowers
5-18 Camellias: manuscript article, n.d., 2 copies
5-19 Camellias: manuscript article; catalog
5-20 Camellias: speech on cutting; correspondence with nursery, 1931; excerpts from published works
5-21 Irises: speech on care of bulbous iris; Dormon, Caroline, "The Mary Swords Debaillon Iris Collection”
  See 5-30 for other Caroline Dormon material
5-22 Wildflowers: letters, 1932, 1936 ; catalog, 1931; publications (3 parts of series by C. A. Brown in Louisiana Conservation Review, 1935-1936
5-23 Various: notes and excerpts of published works on magnolias; article on dahlias; notes on peonies
5-24 Avery Island: articles, 1933, 1947
records of Mary Swords Debaillon in obtaining seeds and flowers from E. A. McIlhenny, 1936
McIlhenny catalog, n.d.
F. Mary Swords Debaillon
  2. General Writings and Correspondence
5-25 "What To Do In the Garden During Fall and Winter"
    notes by Mary Swords Debaillon on collected flowers
5-26 "Supplementing the Azalea Trail"
    speech to Mobil Garden Club
clippings, re Mobile Speech
speech on flower shows and judging
5-27 Correspondence between Mary Swords Debaillon and John K. Small of the New York Botanical Garden, 1931-1933
5-28 Debaillon - Small correspondence, 1934-1937; includes letter to Dr. George M. Reed, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 7/23/1937
5-29 Miscellaneous correspondence
    letter from Edward Gillet, 6/20/1921
postcards from Beverly R. Stephens, 1929, 2 postcards
letter from T. Kiyono, 1/5/1937
letter from Dan Debaillon to Mrs. Cordil, 1/25/1941
F. Mary Swords Debaillon
  3. Other
  a. Caroline Dormon
5-30 Articles from Louisiana Conservation News
"Camping in the Kistachie Wold"; "Cane River - Cane Lake"
Paintings of some Louisiana irises, printed, 2 copies
Review of Dormon's book Wild Flowers of Louisiana by John K. Small
F. Mary Swords Debaillon
  3. Other
  b. Garden Clubs
5-31 Newsletter of the New Orleans Garden Society, 1/1927-10/1931
[scattered], poor condition
5-32 Clippings about various garden clubs, 1934, 1941, n.d.
F. Mary Swords Debaillon
  3. Other
  c. Miscellaneous Publications and Catalogs
5-33 Miscellaneous publications on gardening and catalogs
[Records of the Louisiana Iris Society among the Mary Swords Debaillon material were removed to be added to Collection 63 - Louisiana Iris Society Records.]