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Jeanette Plauché Parker Bendel Gardens Collection

Collection 533

Parker, Jeanette Plauché (1934– ). Bendel Gardens Collection, 1799–2021, n.d.

10 inches

Jeanette Plauché Parker was born and raised in Lake Charles and moved to Lafayette in 1957. After earning her doctorate at the University of Georgia, she served 25 years on the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) faculty, developing and directing programs for gifted and creative children and their teachers. She was an endowed professor, widely published in her field; she retired in 2004 as Professor Emerita and continues to serve actively on the Board of Trustees for Ascension Episcopal School, which she founded in 1959. Dr. Parker was married for 60 years to Luther George Parker (deceased); they had three sons: Jim, Robert, and George Parker.

Dr. Parker spent several years researching and writing her latest book, Bendel Gardens: An Historic Treasure in Lafayette, Louisiana. The book, based on family and church records, legal documents, personal interviews, and other primary sources, presents an authentic history of the Bendel Gardens subdivision, in which Dr. Parker has lived since 1992.

This collection contains Dr. Parker’s research notes on Bendel Gardens. These include published articles and deeds documenting chains of title and historical events from the early Spanish land grants to the Mouton family’s Walnut Grove Plantation, the acquisitions by fashion icon Henri Bendel, and the 1950s development of Bendel Gardens subdivision.

Dr. Jeanette Plauché Parker donated the collection.


A. Biographies and Genealogy 1-01 through 1-07
B. Histories 1-08 through 1-12
C. Land Documents 1-13 through 2-06
D. Miscellaneous 2-07


Box 1
  A. Biographies and Genealogy
    1-01 Henri Bendel Information, 2016-2019, n.d.
    1-02 Mouton Letters [Transcriptions], 1828-2001, n.d.
    1-03 Excerpts from Aleck Mouton’s Handwritten Autobiography [scans], n.d.
    1-04 Sosthene-Mouton Genealogy, n.d.
    1-05 Joseph Sosthene Mouton Census Record, 5 July 1860
    1-06 Odeide Henriette Mouton, 1981
    1-07 Girard-Crow History, n.d.
  B. Histories
    1-08 Articles on Bendel Gardens, 1896-2021, n.d.
    1-09 Maps/Plats, n.d.
    1-10 Yankee Autumn, 1979, 2006
    1-11 “Freetown As It Was and As It Is”, The Freetown History Project Final Report, 30 November 2013
    1-12 River Oaks, 2014, n.d.
  C. Land Documents
    1-13 Successions (No. 13-80), 1799-1840
    1-14 Successions (No. 249-1920), 1820-1868
Box 2
    2-01 Successions (No. 2010-2987), 1812-1857
    2-02 Successions (No. 3095-10540), 1817-1949
    2-03 Successions (No. 12584-45445), 1882-1916
    2-04 Conveyances, 2019-2020
    2-05 Land Grants, Patent Information, Plats, Maps, 1802-1974
    2-06 Bendel Gardens - Half Sheets for Acts Dated 1799-1928, Recorded by Paul Manju, 2019-2020
  D. Miscellaneous
    2-07 Miscellaneous Notes, miscellaneous dates