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John L. "Jay" Dardenne Collection

Collection 411

Dardenne, John L. "Jay" (1954– ). Collection, 1914–1984

5 inches; Oversize

Jay Dardenne was born John Leigh Dardenne, Jr. on February 6, 1954 to Janet Abramson Dardenne and John L. Dardenne, Sr. Jay graduated from Baton Rouge High school and then attended Louisiana State University for both his Bachelors in Journalism and his Law degree. While at LSU Dardenne was elected the student body President. He is married to the former Catherine McDonald and they have two sons, Matthew M. and John III. From 1992 through 2006 Dardenne was Louisiana State Senator for District 16. In 2006 he became Secretary of State and held that position until 2010 when he became the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana. Dardenne held the seat of Lieutenant Governor until 2016.

This collection contains correspondence, diplomas, news clippings, and a wide array of programs such as the Lafayette Centennial celebration and a Commencement program from 1935. The collection also contains phone directories, framed photographs, a Monopoly-like game, a medal and a Southwestern Louisiana Institute hat (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). The material relates to Janet A. Dardenne and her sister Natalie Abramson Weill, or was collected by them. Janet graduated from Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the Univesrity of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1941. She was a homemaker and was active in several volunteer service organizations in Baton Rouge where she lived. Her sister, Natalie Abramson Weill also graduated from SLI/USL with degrees in home economics and institutional management.

This collection was donated by Jay Dardenne.


A. Personal 1-01 through 1-03
B. Lafayette:  
    1. General 1-04 through 1-06
    2. Centennial 1-07 through 1-12
C. University Materials 1-13 through 1-14
D. Oversize Box 2


A. Personal:
      1-01 Correspondence, McCowan, 1968
      1-02 News clipping, 1904 Marriage of Nathan Abramson & Ula Coronna, 1984
      1-03 Bachelor of Science Degree (Southwestern Louisiana Institute)- Natalie Selma Abramson, 1934
        Dietetic Internship certificate (Emory University) - Natalie A. Weill, 1968
B. Lafayette:
    1. General  
      1-04 News clippings, Vermilion Queen Riverboat; Original City Plan Was Sane, Orderly, 1983
      1-05 Brochures, n.d.
      1-06 Telephone Directory; Lafayette, LA (photo copy), 1914
    2. Centennial:  
      1-07 Name tags, Brochure, flyer, ticket, 1984
      1-08 Correspondence, 1984
      1-09 Programs- Centennial Luncheon (2 copies), Centennial (3 copies), 1984
      1-10 Programs- Hodge Lodge Centennial (3 copies), 1957
      1-11 Cookbook (2 copies), order form, 1984
      1-12 Planning; Events (3 copies), Plans, Exhibit, Reminiscing Sessions, 1983-84
C. University Material:
      1-13 News clippings celebrating 75th anniversary ( 2 copies), 1975
      1-14 Alumni Directory, 1902
        Commencement Exercises, 1935
        Dedication of buildings Constructed 1938-1940
        Southwestern Louisiana Institute Semi-Centenary Founders’ DayProgram (2 copies), 1950
        University of Southwestern Louisiana 75th Anniversary Program (2 copies), 1975
D. Oversize:
      1. Southwestern Louisiana institute red cap
      2. University of Southwestern Louisiana, Bachelor of Science degree: Natalie Weill, 1967
      3. Lafayette Centennial Album 1884-1984; The Daily Advertiser
      4. Lafayette 100th anniversary Medal (2 copies)
      5. Lafayette Centennial; The Daily Advertiser (3 copies)
      6. Lafayette Centennial Schedule of Events poster
      7. Lafayette Centennial Celebration Poster board
      8. The Times Presents: Lafayette Centennial Game
      9. University of Southwestern Louisiana Union Calendar Spring 1980 cover
      10. “If They Could Talk, Acadiana’s Buildings and Their Biographies, by Mario Mamalakis. (autographed to Natalie Weill by author), 1983.