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Edmond J. Tate and M. Vernice Savoie Collection

Collection 373

Tate, Edmond J. (1917–1990) and Savoie, M. Vernice (1919–1991). Collection, 1917–1990, n.d.

2 ½ inches

Edmond J. Tate was born on April 25, 1917, to Pierre Tate and Elia Foret Tate. Marie Vernice Savoie was born on July 21, 1919, to Alexandre Savoie and Angele Lavergne Savoie. Tate and Savoie married on July 8, 1941, in St. Landry Parish.

Tate was a retired state employee, a veteran of World War II, and a member of the American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans. The couple resided in Evangeline Parish in the community of St. Landry.

Tate passed away on February 6, 1990, while Savoie passed away on February 21, 1991. Both are buried in the St. Theresa’s Catholic Church Cemetery in the community of St. Landry.

This collection consists of certificates of baptism and marriage license, records of the War Department, receipts, photographs, and other materials.

Amanda Granger of Mamou, Louisiana donated this collection.


A. Certificates [1-01]
B. War Department [1-02]
C. Receipts [1-03]
D. Obituary [1-04]
E. Photographs [1-05]
F. Program [1-06]
G. Other [1-07]


Box 1

1-01: Certificates: Baptisms for Marie Vernice Savoie, 1919 & Edmond J. Tate, 1917; Marriage license for Tate and Savoie, July 8, 1941 (photocopies)

1-02: War Department: Discharge letter, September 5, 1945; n.d.; Registration Certificate for Edmond J. Tate (photocopies)

1-03: Receipts, taxes, purchase of goods, one deposit slip, 1940s-1950s, Re: Church Point Lumber, Oliver DeValcourt for sweet potatoes, parish taxes, etc. (originals and photocopies)

1-04: Obituary: Tate, Edmond J. (photocopy)

1-05: Photographs, Edmond and Vernice, other. (photocopies, unidentified, n.d.)

1-06: Program: Cotton Festival Program (Centennial - 1958) includes program, Certificate for Edmond J. Tate for “Les Braves Barbes”, Certificate of Membership “Les Belles Centiemes”, Mrs. Edmond J. Tate. (photocopies)

1-07: Other: Notification of change of Address, January 21, 1946; St. Landry Parish Police Jury, Rabies Vaccination Certificate, 1960 (photocopies)