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D.P. & C. Fire Company No.1 Minute Book

Collection 362

D.P. & C. Fire Company No.1. Minute Book, 1914–1916

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The D.P. & C. Fire Company No. 1, known as Delhomme Patin and Chaisson, was organized on July 9, 1914. The Citizens of the Village of Scott met on that day at the Felix Foreman Hall to organize a fire company. They held meetings to form the company, appointed officers, and created the Constitution and Bylaws of the D.P. & C. Fire Company No.1.

The officers of this company consisted of a President, Vice President, Financial and Recording Secretary, Treasurer Chief, Foreman, First Assistant, Secretary Assistant Foreman, and a Standing Committee of Three, all of whom were elected separately by ballot without nomination on the last Tuesday of July.

This collection consists of minutes of meetings from July 9, 1914 - July 27, 1916. Hope Jefcoat and Annadine Credeur, both of Scott, LA., digitized this minute book. They donated a digital copy to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection.


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CD: D.P. & C. Fire Company No.1. Minute book, 1914-1916. Scott, Louisiana