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New Orleans Botanical Garden Records

Collection 35

New Orleans Botanical Garden. Records, 1924–1967, n.d.

5 inches

The New Orleans Botanical Garden was established in City Park, New Orleans, to develop a living collection of woody plants, both native and exotic. The garden collected trees, shrubs, flowers, and other living plants.

This collection contains correspondence, minutes of the Arboretum Committee, reports, constitution and by-laws. It also contains the plans for organizing the New Orleans Botanical Garden and other miscellaneous materials.


1-01: Correspondence: 1935-1938

1-02: Correspondence: 1939

1-03: Correspondence: 1946-1953, n.d.

1-04: Proposed Constitution: New Orleans Society of Plant Sciences, n.d.; Statement of Policy for the proposed Arboretum and Botanic Garden in New Orleans, 5 March 1936

1-05: Minutes: Arboretum Committee: 3 June 1937; 25 January 1938; 7 February 1939; 2 March 1939; 25 March 1939

1-06: Reports: plans for organizing a Botanical Garden, n.d.

1-07: Annual Meeting: New Orleans Academy of Sciences: 27-29 March 1941

1-08: City Records: City Park Commissioner, 1938

1-09: Newspaper clippings

1-10: Miscellaneous: Gulf Coast Maps, 1924-1925; Tour guide - Vieux Carre, n.d.

1-11: Miscellaneous: Essay"My Iris Friends", by Mary H. Nelson (Mrs. B.S. Nelson), July 1967

1-12: Miscellaneous: Pamphlets, miscellaneous materials, etc. on different shrubs, trees, flowers, and gardens in the United States; Proceedings of the Committee on the Preservation of the National Constitution of the United States, 2 April 1945; Price List, Maps and Other Engineering Data, 1 January 1953, La. Dept. of Highways

1-13: Miscellaneous: Parks, New Orleans City Park, brief history, n.d.; Roadside Park, report of the Blue Star Memorial Highway Commission, 5 April 1952

1-14: Miscellaneous: Photograph, unidentified, n.d.