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Renaissance Cadienne Records

Collection 331

Renaissance Cadienne. Records, 1991–2007

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Renaissance Cadienne was a performance group established in 1990 for the purpose of preserving the unique culture of the Cajuns of the prairies and bayous of South Louisiana. The group used authentic Cajun/French folk songs and dances in its performances. The collection documents the activities of the group.

Michael Landry was the first director. In 1995, Dr. May Waggoner assumed directorship. She left the organization in 2007 and Natial D’Augereau became director with Harry Leonard as President of the Board of Directors. In 2007, the group obtained 501(c)(3) status and was incorporated with the Louisiana Secretary of State Office.

The collection was donated by May Waggoner.


I. Records 1-01 through 1-09
    a. Correspondence 1-10
II. Publicity 1-11 through 1-17
III. Music 1-18 through 1-22
IV. Media 1-23 through 1-27
V. Photographs 1-28 through 1-32
VI. Miscellaneous 1-33


I. Records
    1-01 Renaissance Cadienne Handbook, n.d.
    1-02 Renaissance Cadienne Board of Directors Meeting: May 3, 1997
    1-03 Autorisation de donner un concert public dans le jardin du Luxembourg, June 18, 2001
    1-04 Financial material
        Partial financial report: May 3, 1997
        Invoices: Beth Waggoner & Terry Huval, 1997
    1-05 Grant application: Decentralized Arts Funding Program Organizational Support Application, 1996-97
    1-06 FY 2007 Partnership Awards-Final
    1-07 Programs for performances, December 2, 2004, n.d.
    1-08 Les Noces Acadiennes preliminary script, January 1997
    1-09 Minuit, Cadiens: Noel dans le pays des bayous update and schedule, May 1, 2007
        Information about making audio recording
    1-10 Letters
        1997-2005 4 items
II. Publicity
    1-11 Renaissance Cadienne: Cajun Folklore Troupe Information pack, August 24, 2001, 2 copies
    1-12 Cajun Wedding: Advertisement for Renaissance Cadienne, n.d.
    1-13 Festival Mondial de Folklore, 1991
        Event publication explaining Renaissance Cadienne and the Cajuns of Louisiana
    1-14 Sacres du Folklore, 1997
        Event publication about international folklore festival in which group participated, 3 copies
        Les Jolivettes
        Scrapbook about Sacres du Folklore event with several pages featuring Renaissance Cadienne; also features other groups
    1-15 Newspaper articles, n.d., 16 items
    1-16 News Paper articles, 1991-2003, 27 items
    1-17 Renaissance Cadienne La Louisiane Pin, n.d.
        Poster avertissement for Ardeche a tout chœur Dimanche, 8 Juillet
        Flyer avertissement for Le Tran de la Louisiana Vendredi 6 Juillet 2001
III. Music
    1-18 Dodworth’s Lancers, 1859 copies
        Musical Score: Published by S.T. Gordon & Son - 7 dances
    1-19 Louisiana French Folklore Project, n.d.
        Compiled by May Waggoner: Contains a large amounts of sheet music. For copyright application see 1-20
    1-20 Copyright application, Louisiana French Folklore Project, n.d.
        For music scores see 1-19
    1-21 Choctaw Music
        Sheet music
    1-22 Sheet music for Christmas CD
IV. Media
    1-23 Renaissance Cadienne en France, 2001-VHS
        Various Dances
        Renaissance Cadienne Trinquez Galine Galop, n.d.- VHS
        Cajun Renaissance Renaissance Cadienne Waggrer ?, n.d.- VHS
    1-24 Renaissance Cadienne La Fleur de la Jeunesse, 1997-VHS
        La Fleur de la Jeunesse
        Renaissance Cadienne Music CD
    1-25 Acadiana Arts Council, n.d.-VHS
        Various Dances
    1-26 Renaissance Cadienne I-CD, 2007
        Photos, flyers, letters, schedules; grant materials; a few board minutes; recording records; financial material; etc.
        Renaissance Cadienne II-CD, 2007 (Photos, letters, sheet music, schedules, flyers [much duplicate with CD 1])
    1-27 Renaissance Cadienne: Music cassette, 1991
V. Photographs
    1-28 Group photos
        29 photos
    1-29 Dance photos
        30 photos
    1-30 Music photos
        21 photos
    1-31 Theater photos
        10 photos
    1-32 Miscellaneous photos
        64 photos
VI. Miscellaneous
    1-33 Voyage chez les enfants, l’Ubayen de Louisiane, 1995
        Storybook - Journey of Jacques Arnaud’s children; Renaissance in France 2001, 1997, and 1992 itinerary