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Sidney Mouton Papers

Collection 324

Sidney Mouton (1836–1884). Papers, 1801–1883

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Louis Alexandre Sidney Mouton was born July 19, 1836, the son of Jean Baptiste Sosthene Mouton and Marie Eugenie Latiolais and the grandson of Jean Mouton, the founder of Lafayette. He married Marie Coralie Mouton, the daughter of Joseph Mouton and Marie Cidalise Arceneau. Coralie was also a granddaughter of Jean Mouton. The couple inherited large parcels of land in the Carencro area from both sets of parents.

In 1853 Sidney purchase a plantation in St. Martin Parish on Bayou Teche from the estate of Sylvestre Broussard. There he raised sugarcane and cotton. During the Civil War Sidney served as a private in the 7th Louisiana Cavalry. Sosthene Mouton, his father, died in 1863, and Sidney was appointed administrator of the estate, which took almost twenty years to settle. Sidney Mouton died February 10, 1884, and is buried in the Cemetery of St. John’s Cathedral in Lafayette.

This collection consists of business correspondence and financial records, succession records of various Mouton ancestors, and land records dealing with the title to the plantation in St. Martin Parish.

This collection was donated by André Mouton, grandson of Sidney Mouton.


I. Correspondence 1-01 through 1-03
II. Financial Records 1-04 through 1-07
III. Successions 1-08 through 1-13
IV. Land Records 1-14 through 1-22
V. Miscellaneous 1-23


I. Correspondence
1-01 Correspondence, 1874-1883, n.d.
1-02 Adolphe Alex. Mouton, cotton and sugar factor, 1871-1883
1-03 Cotton and sugar factors, 1867-1870, 1876, 1879
II. Financial Records
1-04 Invoices, 1862, 1875, n.d.
1-05 Receipts, 1848, 1859, 1871, n.d.
1-06 School fees
    St. Charles College, 1860
    Academy of the Sacred Heart, 1864-1865
1-07 Slave purchases by Jean Mouton, Jr., 1810-1824
III. Successions
1-08 Estate of Angelique Martin, wife of Jean Mouton, Jr., 1832
1-09 Estate of Jean Mouton, Jr., 1840
1-10 Succession of Joseph Mouton (d.1835) and Cidalise Arceneau his wife (d.1842), n.d.
1-11 Succession of Sosthene Mouton and Eugenie Latiolais his wife, 1847
1-12 Succession of Jean Sosthene Mouton, 1882, n.d.
1-13 Estate of Coralie Mouton, wife of Sidney Mouton, 1883
    Includes record of land near Breaux Bridge
IV. Land Records
1-14 Transfer of land on Mermentau River from Jean Mouton, Sr. to Jean Mouton, Jr., 1828
1-15 Land sale from Jean Mouton Sr. to Jean Mouton, Jr., 1822
    4 lots in Ville St. Jean for Alexandre, Antoine and Cesaire Mouton
1-16 Lawsuit over land on Vermilion River, estate of Cidalise Arceneau
1-17 Land grant on Bayou Teche near Breaux Bridge, n.d.
1-18 Chain of title to land on Bayou Teche, 1873
1-19 Settlement between Catherine Wisse and Philippe Wisse, 1801
    Land on Bayou Teche
1-20 Sale of land on Byou Teche from Catherine Weiss to Charles Potier, 1807
1-21 Estate of Silvain Broussard, 1808
    Includes land on Bayou Teche
1-22 Estate of Sylvestre Broussard, 1853
    Includes land on Bayou Teche sold to Sidney Mouton
V. Miscellaneous
1-23 Road repair overseer, 3rd District, St. Martin Parish, 1869?