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Louis J. Michot Collection

Collection 305

Michot, Louis J. (1922–2012). Collection, 1939–2012, n.d.

6 feet, 8½ inches

Louis J. Michot was born on November 5, 1922 in Lafayette, Louisiana. He was the son of Louis J. Michot, Sr. and Adele Marie Domas Michot. He graduated from the Cathedral High School in 1939 and joined the United States Marine Corps during World War II. During his four-year marine service, he was an anti-aircraft battery gunner officer aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CV-6). On September 7, 1946 he married Patricia Ann Smith and they had 10 children.

Michot was a businessman, philanthropist, and politician. His business enterprises included the Burger Chef restaurant chain, transportation, oil drilling, insurance, banking and international trade. He served as a Democrat in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1960 to 1964 and was elected to the Louisiana State Board of Education from 1968-1972. He was then elected State Superintendent of Education and served from 1972-1976. During his term, he championed vocational-technical education and brought educational television to the state.

MIchot was always active in civic and community affairs receiving numerous awards nationally and locally. He passed away on March 6, 2012.

This collection consists of Michot’s working and personal, photographs, and several oversize certificates.

Note: Folders 9-05 and 9-10 are RESTRICTED.


A. Working Files
    1. IGNC 1-01 through 8-05
    2. Charter Jet of Lafayette 9-01 through 9-20
    3. Burger Chef 10-01
    4. State Representative 10-02
    5. Superintendent of Education 10-03 through 10-09
B. Personal Files 10-10 through 11-11
C. Photographs 11-12 through 11-21
D. Oversize Box 12 and 13
E. Scrapbook Box 14


Box 1  
A. Working Files
  1. IGNC: Acadiana Chapter
1-01 By-laws and Constitution, etc., n.d.
1-02 Resolutions, n.d.
1-03 General Records: membership information, n.d.
1-04 General Records: membership information, n.d.
1-05 General Records: membership information, n.d.
1-06 General Records: membership information, n.d.
1-07 General Records: organizational charts, n.d.
1-08 General Records: pamphlets, n.d.
1-09 General Records: mailing lists - newsletter, n.d.
1-10 Financial Records: financial statements, 1985-86
1-11 Financial Records: receipts and invoices, 1985-1989
1-12 Financial Records: financial statements, receipts, 1993-94
1-13 Financial Records: bank statements, receipts, 1993-94
Box 2  
2-01 Correspondence: general, 1980-1989
2-02 Correspondence: general, 1990-1998, n.d.
2-03 Correspondence: emails, 2001
2-04 Correspondence: emails, 2002: January - March
2-05 Correspondence: emails, 2002: April - August
2-06 Correspondence: scholarship information/students, 1983
2-07 Correspondence: dues letters, 1996-1999
2-08 Correspondence: Fernando J. Muguerza (incoming/outgoing)
2-09 Minutes of Meetings: 1986-87
2-10 Minutes of Meetings: meeting announcement, miscellaneous, 1986-87
2-11 Publicity: news clippings, 1985-87, 1990s
2-12 Publicity: Newsletter information, 1980s
2-13 Publicity: bulletins, 1990s (miscellaneous dates)
2-14 Publicity: USL Foundation, Annual Report, 1990; Cusarare Mission Church, n.d.
2-15 Miscellaneous: stationary letterhead and assorted forms of association, n.d.
2-16 Miscellaneous: humor/jokes, n.d. (mostly emails)
2-17 Miscellaneous: humor/jokes, n.d. (mostly emails)
2-18 Miscellaneous: handwritten notes, n.d. (miscellaneous)
Box 3  
A. Working Files
  1. IGNC: International
3-01 General Records: membership information, 1998-99
3-02 General Records: facts about IGNC in the 1980s, n.d.
3-03 General Records: pamphlets (international pamphlet; 1993 fall convention, etc.)
3-04 Correspondence: 1995-1997
3-05 Minutes of Meetings: 1997-98 (also includes notices of meetings)
3-06 Publicity: newsletters and miscellaneous materials, 1999
3-07 Report: Directory of International Executive Committee, Chapter Presidents and International Directors, 4/2004
3-08 Report: International President’s report; other miscellaneous reports, 1991-2000
3-09 Miscellaneous: stationary letterhead, n.d.
Box 4  
A. Working Files
  1. IGNC: Conventions
4-01 Conventions: Lafayette, LA, (October 14-17, 1989) Includes program information, correspondence, etc.
4-02 Conventions: Lafayette, LA (October 14-17, 1989) Includes program information, correspondence, etc.
4-03 Conventions: Mexician Fiesta, (May 18, 1991) Includes correspondence, news clippings, etc.
4-04 Conventions: Victoria, Mexico (April 1993) Includes correspondence,membership information, etc.
4-05 Conventions: Lafayette, LA (October 26-29, 1994) Includes correspondence, membership information, etc.
4-06 Conventions: Laredo, TX (April 27-30, 1994) Includes correspondence, membership information, etc.
4-07 Conventions: Saltillo, Mexico (Spring 1995) Includes correspondence, membership information, etc.
4-08 Conventions: Lafayette, LA (May 16, 1992) Dinner concert (Mexican Fiesta) includes flyers, news clipping, correspondence, etc.
4-09 Conventions: San Antonio, TX (October 9-12, 1996) Includes membership listings, etc.
4-10 Conventions: Branson, Missouri (December 7-16, 1996) Includes correspondence, pamphlets, etc.
Box 5  
5-01 Conventions: Conventions: Branson, Missouri (October 1997) Includes correspondence, members information, etc.
5-02 Conventions: Venezuela (November 1997) Includes program with dinner reservations and attendees
5-03 Conventions: Zacatecas, Mexico (May 1-3, 1997) Includes correspondence, hotel information, etc.
5-04 Conventions: Carlsbad, New Mexico (October 1997) Includes travel information, correspondence, etc.
5-05 Conventions: Guanajuato, Mexico (April 29-May 3, 1998) Includes program information, correspondence, etc.
5-06 Conventions: Lafayette, LA (October 21-28, 1998) Includes program information, flyer, correspondence, etc.
5-07 Conventions: Mexico (August 20-25, 1998) Includes itinerary, correspondence, flyer, news clippings, maps, etc.
5-08 Conventions: Marshall, TX (December 10-12, 1998) Includes pamphlets, financial material, hotel room information, etc.
5-09 Conventions: Las Vegas (June 8-12, 1998) Includes travel arrangements, hotel room information, pamphlet, etc.
5-10 Conventions: Tennessee (October 27-31, 1998) Includes travel information, hotel information, etc.
Box 6  
6-01 Conventions: Baton Rouge State Capitol (March 1999) Includes members attending listing, etc.
6-02 Conventions: Cruise - Western Caribbean (September 19-26, 1999) flyer, financial material, members listing, etc.
6-03 Conventions: Harlington, TX (1999) Includes correspondence, program, minutes, etc.
6-04 Conventions: Branson, Missouri (1999) Includes flyer, financial info, correspondence, etc.
6-05 Conventions: New Orleans, LA (July 29, 1999) Includes member information, etc.
6-06 Conventions: Biloxi/Mobile (December 1999) Includes flyers, correspondence, member information, etc.
6-07 Conventions: Tampico (May 12-15, 1999) Includes flyer, program information, correspondence, etc.
6-08 Conventions: Washington, D.C. (April 2000) Includes flyer, member information, etc.
6-09 Conventions: Callaway Gardens, GA (December 6-9, 2000) Includes financial information, members attending information, etc.
6-10 Conventions: Austin, TX (October 4, 2000) Includes flyers, treasurer report, correspondence, members attending information, etc.
6-11 Conventions: Queretaro, Mexico (May 2-8, 2000) Includes budget estimates of flights, members, correspondence, etc.
6-12 Conventions: Gulf of Mexico Cruise (August 27-September 1, 2000) Includes flyers, correspondence, reports, etc.
6-13 Conventions: New Orleans, LA - Harrah’s (June 22, 2000) Includes total reward sign up sheets/charters, flyer, members attending information, etc.
Box 7  
7-01 Conventions: Natchez, MS (2001) Includes members attending information, correspondence, etc.
7-02 Conventions: Nashville, TN (December 13-15, 2001) Includes Itinerary, city vacation guide, flyer, etc.
7-03 Conventions: Eureka Springs, AR (August 29-September 1, 2001) Includes program information, correspondence, etc.
7-04 Conventions: Monterrey, Mexico (May 3-6, 2001) Includes correspondence, financial information, members attending lists, etc.
7-05 Conventions: Monterrey, Mexico (May 3-6, 2001) Includes correspondence, financial information, members attending lists, etc. (Also includes correspondence, financial information, members attending lists, etc. (also includes some material from 2006)
7-06 Conventions: Biloxi (August 2001) Includes registration list, etc.
7-07 Conventions: Spain (2001) Includes pamphlets, conference information, etc.
7-07a Conventions: Black Hills (august 11-17, 2001) Includes program information, registration list, etc.
7-08 Conventions: Mission, TX (October 23-26, 2001) Includes program information, registration information, correspondence, etc.
7-09 Conventions: New Orleans, LA (September 5, 2002) Includes correspondence, itinerary, etc.
7-10 Conventions: Lafayette, LA (October 7-10, 2003) Includes registration lists, correspondence, other financial material, etc.
7-11 Conventions: Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA (September 5, 2003) Includes registration list, pamphlet, news clippings, etc.
7-12 Conventions: San Luis Potosi, Mexico (May 20-26, 2003) Includes correspondence, registration list, activities program, etc.
7-13 Conventions: Austin, TX (April 28-May 1, 2004) Includes activities program, correspondence, treasurer report, other reports, etc.
7-14 Conventions: New Orleans, LA - River boat cruise, (July 30-August 2, 2004) Includes registration list, brochures, etc.
Box 8  
8-01 Conventions: San Luis Potosi, Mexico (May 2006) Includes flyers, board meeting information, photos, etc.
8-02 Conventions: Monterrey, Mexico (October 20-23, 2004) Includes program information, correspondence, hotel information, members attending information, etc.
8-03 Conventions: Saltillo (May 1-7, 2007) Includes correspondence, program information, etc.
8-04 Conventions: Lafayette, LA (November ?) CD
8-05 Conventions: Miscellaneous: Textbook Project, 1998.
Box 9  
A. Working Files
  2. Charter Jet of Lafayette
9-01 General Records: Board of Directors, handwritten list
9-02 General Records: Certificate, Air Carrier Operating, This certifies that Charter Jet of Lafayette, Inc. has met the requirements of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958, as amended, and the rules, regulations, and standards prescribed thereunder for the issuance of this certificate, and is hereby authorized to operate as an air carrier in accordance with said Act and the rules, regulations and standards prescribed thereunder, and the terms, conditions, and limitations contained in the operations specifications. December 5, 1979, New Orleans.
9-03 General Records: Stockholders, names and addresses, n.d.
9-04 Minutes of meetings, special meetings, 1979-1980
9-05 Financial Records: income of shareholders, 1970s-1980s (RESTRICTED)
9-06 Financial Records: balance sheets, 1979-1982
9-07 Financial Records: Invoices and Receipts, 1979
9-08 Financial Records: financial notes, handwritten, n.d.
9-09 Financial Records: Revenue/Expenses, 1979-1980
9-10 Financial Records: Tax Returns, 1982-1983 (RESTRICTED)
9-11 Financial Records: Promissory Note, 1982
9-12 Correspondence: 1977
9-13 Correspondence: 1980
9-14 Correspondence: 1981
9-15 Correspondence: 1982
9-16 Correspondence: 1983, 1986, n.d.
9-17 Resolution: Resolution of Charter Jet of Lafayette, Inc., 28 November 1979 (photocopy)
9-18 Legal Documents: Lease agreement, 1979; Unanimous of shareholders agreement 9/1983; etc.
9-19 News clippings: 1988, n.d.
9-20 Advertising: newspapers, n.d.
Box 10  
A. Working Files
  3. Burger Chef
10-01 General Records: History and business, newsletter articles, news clipping, registered marker, 1972, 1978, n.d.
A. Working Files
  4. State Representative
10-02 News clipping and Newsletter: 1962-1963
A. Working Files
  5. Superintendent of Education
10-03 Publication: “The 1971 Campaign for State Superintendent of Education: A Yankee’s Inside Look at Louisiana Politics”. By Vance Michot Benguiat, 1972
10-04 Article: “Merit Pay, Merit Pay? Merit Pay!” by Everett G. Doerge, ca. 1975
10-05 News clippings, miscellaneous dates
10-06 News clippings, miscellaneous dates
10-07 News clippings, miscellaneous dates
10-08 News clippings, miscellaneous dates
10-09 Miscellaneous: stationary letterhead, “Louis J. Michot & Associates, Inc. Franchisee Burger Chef Restaurants, Louisiana & Mississippi; M & S Communications, Lafayette, LA
B. Personal Files
  1. Louis J. Michot
10-10 Military: Marine Corp, photographs, bumper sticker “Semper Fi, United States Marines”, correspondence, 22 May 1989, article in French, no other information provided, photocopy
10-11 Cathedral High School yearbook, 1939; news clipping, “Cathedral High School class of ’39 (reunion), 1999; news clipping “Cathedral-Carmel honors faculty” May 19, 2003
10-12 Awards: “Fred Henderson Memorial Award”, nomination form, n.d.
10-13 Awards: “International Achievement Award”, award winner, 1997. Includes correspondence, news clippings
Box 11  
11-01 Awards: “Civic Cup”, award winner, 1994. Includes news clippings
11-02 Awards: “Living Legends”, award winner, 2010. Includes correspondence, handwritten speech, typescript material, etc.
11-03 Awards: University of Southwestern Louisiana Outstanding Alumni, 1997. Award winner. Includes correspondence, award ceremonies itinerary, news clippings, awards announcement
11-04 Clubs and Associations: Kiwanis Club, news clippings and Divisional meeting, May 19, 1966 program honoring Michot, photograph included
11-05 Clubs and Associations: Charity Ball, news clippings announcing royalties, 1992, 1995, 2002, correspondence, 2002
11-06 Personal, biographical information, obituary, certificate, finger print, etc., 1975-2012
11-07 Personal, family material: correspondence, obituaries, funeral notices, etc., 1982, 2007, 2010, n.d.
11-08 Campaign material: Rick & Mike Michot, campaign funds, 1999, n.d., Mike Michot pamphlet for campaign, n.d.
11-09 Miscellaneous: News clippings, miscellaneous news clippings, assorted dates
11-10 Miscellaneous: articles, newsletter, miscellaneous, assorted postcards, etc.
11-11 Miscellaneous: greeting cards, certificate to family
C. Photographs
  1. Michot, family, other
11-12 Michot (professional) assorted, color and black and white (assorted sizes)
11-13 Michot (professional) assorted, color and black and white (assorted sizes)
11-14 Michot, slides
11-15 Michot, Naval Aviation, scrapbook, black and white photographs
11-16 Michot (family), assorted, color and black and white, unidentified
11-17 Michot (Living Legends), color photographs, 2010
11-18 Michot (Evangeline Council Scouts), Troop 52, William Michot, 1947
11-19 Michot (Charter Jet of Lafayette), color and black and white, n.d.
11-20 Michot (State Representative/Superintendent) black and white photographs, n.d.
11-21 Michot (Buger Chef, Marine Vets Reunion, 2008, Other), color photographs
D. Oversize
  1. Assorted items
Newspaper articles:
1. “Marine James K. Michot Now Rests in Home Soil”, March 14, 1948. News article.
2. “Krewe of Xanadu”, Mardi Gras, Krewe celebrates blondes at 12th annual ball. February 19, 2002. News article.
3. “Civic Cup ’94 going to Michot, November 13, 1994 news article, with letter to Michot, November 15, 1994.
4. “Les Freres Michot”, May 16, 1993. News article. (2 copies)
5. “LAGCOE’s lasting legacy”. October 24, 1999. News article.
6. “Determination, Laureate Louis J. Michot, Entrepreneur, Chairman of the Board of Michot Family LLC. May 7, 2003, news article, The Times. (2 copies)
7. “The Times Acadiana Business Hall of Fame”, June 4, 2003. News article
U.S. House of Representative, Congressional Record. March 7, 2012. Official letter to Speaker of the House, by Jeff Landry, member of Congress. Re: Mr. Louis Michot, Jr. passed away.
Portfolio VI.
Manor Houses on the Bayou. This is number 3264 of the numbered edition of 3500 copies.
Portfolio II
Plantation Homes Along the Bayou, by David K. Gleason.
Coat of Arms: “Enett”
1. “The Louisiana Honorair Official Memorial Book”. Volume 1 - commemorating those who served and those who can never be repaid. The Russo Group, published by EBSCO Media, 2008. Hardbound book
1. Muster Roll of Officers and Enlisted Men of the marine Detachment U.S.S. Enterprise CV-6. 1938-1945.
2. Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges. “Michael John Michot”, 1985-86.
Framed Photographs:
1. “Three Lafayette World War II” veterans recently took a cruise aboard the USS George Washington, as guests of the Navy. March 25-27, 1994
2. Michot and Capt. Bob Sprigg. Autographed, 1994
3. Charter Jet.
Framed Certificate:
1. Certificate of Appreciation to “Mike Michot” in appreciation and devoted and invaluable services rendered to EN White Rose Week on 24 March 1984.
2. Marine Corps League, Certificate of Appreciation to Louis J. Michot for distinguished service as a World War II Marine and businessman, 4 November 2011.
3. Charter, know all by these present that The Kiwanis Club, Lafayette, Louisiana, has compiled with all the rules and regulations provided by Kiwanis International…8 August 1944.
4. State of Louisiana, Executive Department in the name and by the authority of the State of Louisiana, Louis J. Michot was declared duly elected member, State Board of Education, Second public Service Commission District. 6 December 1968.
5. State of Louisiana, Executive Department in the name and by the authority of the State of Louisiana, Louis J. Michot was declared duly elected State Superintendent of Public Education, State of Louisiana, 9 May 1972.
Framed Items:
1. Poem, “To Louis, On His Birthday”.
2. The Marines, USS Enterprise, U.S.M.C. April 25, 1944. With autographs. (on back of frame, list of names and ranks).
3. Muster Roll of Officers and Enlisted Men of the Marine Detachment U.S.S. Enterprise, CV-6. (large).
4. Resolution: Sg. Louis J. Michot has volunteered at considerable sacrifice of personal time and resource to serve as the coordinating organizer for the 35th year reunion of the Marine Detachment of the U.S.S. Enterprise CV6 of those who served on the gallant ship during World War II……July 4-6, 1980.
5. USS Enterprise (CV-6). This is to certify that Louis J. Michot is a member of the USS Enterprise Association. July 15, 1983.
Miscellaneous: Other
1. Trophy: Friends of LPB, Louis J. Michot, Jr. Louisiana Legend, 2010
2. CD: Louisiana Legends, Louis J. Michot
3. Photo Album: family album (Michot), unidentified, n.d.
4. Cathedral Class of 1939, Elephant Statue
5. Cajun KI Club - patches (2)
6. “A Knight to Remember”, 2003, “The New Bishop’s Charity Gala, 2003
7. “King Xanadu, XII (gold money clip); Crown Pin; silver metal, Michot name engraved
8. Patch, “Louis J. Michot, Commissioner of Education, State of Louisiana
9. Photo of Plaque: USS Enterprise (CV-6) 12 May 1938 - 17 February 1947. Plaque is located at the Base of the “Big-E: Anchor.
1. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Monument, Saloon Office Park.
2. USS George H.W. Bush, January 10, 2009
3. Classic Literature, Lafayette (Mardi Gras Coin) 1 Purple, 1 Gold
4. Allons a Lafayette, Louisiana, 2003
5. City of Natchitoches, Louisiana, Christmas Festival, Folk Festival, Fall Tour of Homes Jazz Festival, Northwestern State University.
6. Indians of Louisiana, Tunica, Biloxi, Grand Casino, $5
1. Once a Marine, Always a Marine (red)
2. Acadiana
3. Del Rio, TX
E. Scrapbook
14-01 Letters (1 of 4), 1972-1976
14-02 Letters (2 of 4), 1972-1976
14-03 Letters (3 of 4), 1972-1976
14-04 Letters (4 of 4), 1972-1976