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M.E. Saucier Papers

Collection 250

Saucier, M.E. (1882–1930). Papers, 1908, 1930, 1984, 1991–1992, n.d.

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Dr. Merrick Edmond Saucier was born on April 9, 1882, in Marksville, Louisiana, the son of Adolphe Victor and Helena Brouillatte Saucier. His father was a prominent merchant of Avoyelles Parish for many years, and also served as sheriff for 14 years. Dr. M.E. Saucier was a prominent Lafayette physician and surgeon and a member of the State Board of Education. He attended school in Marksville, Louisiana. He attended college at Louisiana State University and Tulane University in New Orleans where he graduated from the School of Medicine in 1905. Returning to Marksville, he practiced medicine there until 1913. He came to Lafayette then and practiced medicine there until his death in 1930. In 1907, he married Florence Hasson of Gueydan. They had one daughter Mildred and one son Maxwell.

Upon taking up his practice in 1913 in Lafayette, Dr. Saucier became interested in the Lafayette Sanitarium, which had been established by others. He was elected president of the hospital corporation and was serving in that position at the time of his death. Dr. Saucier was also an active member of the community. He helped to organize the Commercial National Bank and served as chairman of its board of directors. He was also a director of the Great American Finance Company and was interested in other business and financial enterprises. He was an active member of the local Rotary Club. Because of his work with that group, he became known as the “Father of the Lafayette Rotary Boys band.” He was active in other organizations as well.

This collection consists of speeches by Dr. Saucier, photographs, newspaper clippings, and a Day Book.

This collection was donated by his daughter Mildred S. Gladney.


A. Biography 1-01
B. Speeches 1-02 through 1-09
C. Photographs 1-10
D. Newspaper clippings 1-11
E. Day Book 1-12
OVERSIZE: Photographs Box 2


Box 1
1-01 Biography: resolutions passed by Masons on death of M. E. Saucier [1930]
    Obituary of Mrs. M.E. Saucier. (2 copies)
1-02 Speech: “Chronic Prostattio”, by Dr. Saucier, typescript, 3 pages, n.d.
1-03 Speech: “Osteama”, handwritten, by Dr. Saucier, 8 pages, n.d.
1-04 Speech: “Corcinamato”, handwritten, by Dr. Saucier, 7 pages, n.d.
1-05 Speech: “Better School Hygiene”, handwritten, by Dr. Saucier, 3 pages, n.d.
1-06 Speech: no title, handwritten, by Dr. Saucier, 5 pages, n.d.
1-07 Speech: no title, handwritten, by Dr. Saucier, 12 pages, n.d.
1-08 Speech: no title, handwritten, by Dr. Saucier, 6 pages, n.d.
1-09 Speech, “The Saucier-Bares House”, by Mrs. Billy Wallis, 4 pages, 1992
    “Dedication of the historical marker placed on the house by the Rev. Obediah Holmes Chapter, National Society, Colonial Dames XVII Century, October 24, 1992)
1-10 Photographs: New Interns, Charity Hospital; Medical Class; Study Group, n.d. (3 photos)
1-11 Newspaper Clippings: 1930, 1984, 1991, n.d.
1-12 Day Book, 1908-1909
Box 2    
1. Framed photographs, 5 x 7 of Dr. M.E. Saucier
2. Framed Photograph, 8 x 10 of group of men in uniform [unidentified]
3. Photograph of the Lafayette Medical Society, Dr. M.E. Saucier included, 8 x 10 [identified]
4. Photograph of the Lafayette Rotary Boys Band, 8 x 10 [unidentified]