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Henri Louis Ducrocq Papers

Collection 23

Ducrocq, Henri Louis (1871–1919). Papers, 1858–1950s

10 inches

Henri Louis Ducrocq was from Lafourche Parish. He earned a medical degree from Tulane University in 1898. In 1899 he married Haydée Trahan. Thereafter he practiced medicine in Lafayette, Louisiana.

This collection contains correspondence (much in French), school notebooks (in French), cashbook records, family biographical information, and miscellaneous materials. The financial records include one volume from a medical association in the 1910s and several volumes from a boarding house. There is no indication who owned or ran that business.


A. Correspondence 1-01 through 1-07
B. Financial Records 1-08 through 1-10
C. Biographical material 1-11 through 1-13; Map Case 31-04
D. School notes 1-14 through 2-03
E. Scrapbooks 2-04 and 2-05
F. Miscellaneous 2-06 through 2-09


Box 1  
1-01 Correspondence: 1858 [1 item]
    Letter from Octave Huard to Louis Larribeau, Haydee Trahan Ducrocq’s grandfather
1-02 Correspondence: 1892 [1898]-1899
    mainly letters from Henri to Haydée Trahan; letter of recommendation from Rudolph Matas
1-03 Correspondence: 1902-1904
    mainly to Haydée Ducrocq
1-04 Correspondence: 1912-1919
    includes some related to Raoul Trahan, Haydée’s brother; French Consulate in New Orleans
1-05 Correspondence: 1920-1926
    mainly to Haydée; also J. D. Trahan and Raoul Trahan; also 2 cancelled checks
1-06 Correspondence: 1930-1940
    mainly to Haydée; also Raoul Trahan
1-07 Correspondence: n.d.
1-08 Financial records, cash book records, 1910-1913
    unidentified medical association; on cover “Sanitary Committee: Please register your complaint about nuisances in your neighborhood”
1-09 Financial records, cash book records: 1939-1947
    boarding house
1-10 Financial records, cash book records: 1956 - Sept., 1959; Oct., 1959 - June, 1962
    boarding house
1-11 Biographical material, family
    newspaper clippings
marriage license
death notices, 1889-1938, n.d.; includes J. D. Trahan, A. Raoul Trahan, etc.
United Daughters of the Confederacy application for Haydée Trahan Ducrocq, admitted 1 June 1914
Woodman of the World badge
1-12 Biographical material: Medical School of Tulane, 1897-1898
    for diplomas see Map Case 31-04
1-13 Photographs: unidentified; Salmon Wright (1917); R. W. Elliott, n.d.
1-14 Notes: school notes, written almost exclusively in French, n.d.
    Literature, theater
Box 2  
2-01 Notes: school notes in French, 1891, n.d.
2-02 Poetry: handwritten notes in French, n.d.
    Very similar to items in notebooks so probably removed from them
2-03 Notes: medicine: book of directions for preparing various medicine (in French), n.d.
2-04 Scrapbook, 1893-1897
    handwritten notes and aphorisms; clippings
2-05 Scrapbook, n.d.
    clippings about various topics: medicine, literature, etc., in French
2-06 Miscellaneous: European postcards, [1914-1918], n.d.
    some anti-German; semi-erotic
2-07 Miscellaneous: plays
    (1) Du Theatre Au Champ d’Honneur, 1916
(2) La Mort De Cleopatre, n.d.
(3) La Guignasse A Casimi, n.d.
2-08 Poetry: clippings
2-09 Miscellaneous: miscellaneous, greeting cards, prayer cards, pamphlets: 1903, n.d.
    includes invitation to Washington Artillery Grand Ball and Promenade Concert, 1903