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W. Roy Hebert Papers

Collection 226

W. Roy Hebert (1925–2014). Papers, 1956–1958, 1990s, n.d.

1 ft. 5 in.

W. Roy Hebert was born 27 December 1925 in Sulphur, Louisiana. His parents were Joseph Fernest “Bajoe” Hebert and Euzemie Trahan Hebert. Hebert lived and worked in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Houston. He attended Southwestern Louisiana Institute, now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Hebert, a reporter with a combination news-sports background, was well known throughout the southwest for his play-by-play coverage of football, basketball, and track events, and regular broadcasts of PGA golf tournaments in the area. He was sports editor of the SLI paper when the University of Houston played its first football game here against SLI. Hebert worked at KTRH radio station. Among other duties he broadcast University of Houston football games with Dan Rather [later on of CBS evening news].

This collection contains an unpublished reminiscence of Hebert’s broadcasting career, The Radio Ramblings of a Cajun Boy Named Roy, and tapes from programs that he did.

All the paper materials in the collection are photocopies. This collection was donated by W. Roy Hebert.


A. Unpublished reminiscences 1-01 through 1-10
B. Tapes [1/4 inch audio on 12 inch reels] Box 2


1-01 The Radio Ramblings of a Cajun Boy Named Roy or “You Never Know What You Can Do When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing so You Don’t Know You Can’t Do It” n.d. “My First Love,” 54 pp [photocopy]
1-02 reminiscences: “K-L-F-Y Once” pp 56-72
    “K-A-L-B” 4 pp.
    “W-I-B-R” 6 pp.
    “W-A-A-B” 2 pp.
    “W-J-B-O- & K-L-F-Y - Twice” 10 pp.
    “W-A-R-B” 7 pp.
    “W-A-F-B” 9 pp
1-03 reminiscences: “The University of Houston” 17 pp.
    “K-T-H-T” 25 pp.
1-04 reminiscences: “K-T-R-H” 82 pp. [some photographs]
1-05 reminiscences: “K-L-F-Y - Thrice (KpEL)” 20 pp.
    “K-P-E-L - Four” [Primetime] 7 pp.
    “K-V-O-L and George Thomas” 7 pp.
    “K-V-O-L” 5pp.
    “Ken Loeffler & Texas A&M 2 pp.
    “Jefferson Caffery” segments of 2 articles on Caffery
    “Joe Brown” 3 pp., 2 articles dated 27 Nov. 1997
    “’The Bear’ Stamps On” [Paul “Bear” Bryant] 4 pp.
1-06 excerpts of interviews, 1-42
    Ed Begley; Crosby, Harris, Demaret & Burke, Ford Frick, Bill Gore
1-07 excerpts from interviews, 43-87
    Dr. Walt Green, William Randolph Hearst, Jr.; Buster Keaton, Dr. Kurt Georg Kiesinger, J. Bracken Lee, Dr. Willard Libby
1-08 excerpts from interviews, 88-154
    New York Sportswriters Al Buck and Lester Bromberg, New York Sportswriters Jack Cuddy and Nat Fleischer, General Carlos Romulo, Eleanor Roosevelt, SMU “Doc” Kearns and Jim Krebs; Dr. Hollington K. Tong; Dr. Paul Dudley White
1-09 “News, Views, and Interviews”
    accounts of interviews with various people
1-10 University of Houston 1957 football season, pp. 53-58
  University of Houston 1958 football season, pp. 59-62
  KTHT program schedule, nd [Hebert listed as program director]
  University of Houston alumni magazine Oct., 1958: article and Hebert and Dan Rather
  Promotional publication for Texaco Sports Final with Tom Harmon [Hebert one of regional reporters]



1. #1, 17 March 1956 [University of Houston vs. Kansas]
2. #2, 17 March 1956 [University of Houston vs. Kansas]
3. #1, 16 March 1956 [University of Houston vs. SMU]
4. #2, 16 March 1956 [University of Houston vs. SMU]
5. #221, William Randolph Hearst, Jr.
    Dr. Hollington K. Tony
    Dr. Kurt George Kiesinger
    Gen. Carlos Romulo
    Walt Green of Martin Company on earth satellite
    Bing Crosby, Phil Harris, Jimmy Demaret
    Dr. Paul Dudley White
6. #248, Ed Begley, starring in Paddy Chayefsky’s “Middle of the Night”
7. #300, Tom Harmon Texaco Sports Final
    13 May 1957 - Ford Frick
    8 June 1957 - Johnny Morriss
    10 June 1957 - Roy Harris
    22 June 1957 - Dave Williams
8. #323, Delta Schools/Business Week - kill 11/13
    “This week has been proclaimed “National Education”
9. #341, Tom Harmon Texaco Sports Final (CBS Radio)
    July 23 - Joe Brown - Kenny Lane
    July 23 - Joe Brown - Kenny Lane
    July 25 - Houston Sports Coliseum
Joe Brown, Kenny Lane, “Doc” Kearns
10. #366, Henry Morgan
11. #383, Master Tape
    Dr. Paul Dudley White
    Former Utah Gov. J. Bracken Lee
    Dr. Willard F. Libby of AEC
    Commissioner Ford Frick
    Buster Keaton
    Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt
    Doc Hayes and Jim Krebs
12. #405, M. Marion; S. Hemus
    Ed Murrow
13. #408, Tom Harmon
    22 June 1957 - Dave Williams
    February 1958 - Houston Invitation
Cus D’Amato
    October 1958 - HSA
14. #494, Roy Hebert - NY Sportswriters and Tom Harmon
    (Roy Harris - August 18, 1958) recorded July 22, 1958