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Mildred and George Brown Music Collection

Collection 223

Mildred Ruth Brown (1919–1991) and George Boylston Brown (1910–1996). Music Collection, 1931, n.d.

1 ft.

Mildred Ruth Ammon Brown was born in Vicksburg, MS in 1919. She graduated from Mississippi Women’s College where she majored in French and piano. She and her husband, George Boylston Brown, moved to Lafayette in 1939 when he started teaching music at Southwestern Louisiana Institute. Mildred Ruth started a career as a private piano teacher, which lasted until her death.

George Boylston Brown was born in Pineville, LA and graduated from Louisiana College. He did graduate work at the Eastman School of Music. In 1939 he joined the Music Department faculty of Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), and continued until his retirement. He taught organ, piano, and music history.

This collection contains unpublished music. Most of the compositions and arrangements by Mildred Ruth Brown are based on French folk songs. There are arrangements for piano, voice, and string orchestra and quartet. Many of the arrangements by George B. Brown are hymn tunes for organ or keyboard. There is also some vocal material.

This collection was originally donated to the Lafayette Parish Library but was transferred to UAAMC as a more fitting repository to hold it.


A. Music Compositions 1-01 through 1-16
B. Notes 1-17


1-01 A Collection of Louisiana French Folk Songs, text and settings by Willis Ducrest and Mildred Ruth Brown, [1931]; also individual pieces by Ducrest and Brown
1-02 vocal arrangements: Mildred Ruth Brown
    “O Will You Little White Hen” arranged for 3 part women’s chorus and soprano solo
“Go Tell Aunt Gracie” (a cappella) 4 part
“A Butcher Boy Was Once My Own,” text and arrangement by Mildred Ruth Brown [several versions]
1-03 vocal music [keyboard/organ accompaniment George B. Brown]
    “Shrimp Boy,” words and melody by Laurraine Goreau, setting by George Boylston Brown
“Once a Little Man, (Un Petit Bon Homme),” arranged for mixed chorus by George B. Brown
“What Color is God’s Skin?” words and music by T. Wilkes and D. Stevenson; edited by Rev. Carey Landry; accompaniment by G. B. Brown and D. M. Hebert
“What makes Love Grow?” words and music by Rev. Carey Landry, additional accompaniment by G. B. Brown
“I Like God’s Love!” words by Sohndell Brase and Joe Duckett, music by Rev. Carey Landry, accompaniment by G. B. Brown and D. M. Hebert
“Reign, Master Jesus” by Jim Shaw [several versions: one edited by Carey Landry, accompaniment by George Brown and Dwight Hebert]
“Got to Get in Touch”, words and music by Rev. Carey Landry; accompaniment by G. B. Brown and D. M. Hebert
“Hi God”, words and music by Carey Landry; harmonization by G. B. Brown
1-04 Piano or Conductor’s Scores - arranged by Mildred Ruth Brown
    “A Funny Little Dance”
“A La Coulee de Mines - by Coulee Mine” [with strings]
“Ah, Mon Beau Château - Ah, My Pretty Castle” [with strings]
“Beau Matin Mo Contré Manette - Early One Morning” [with strings]
“C’est Pas la Bague - It’s Not the Ring” [with strings]
“Dansez Calinda, Dance, Calinda” [with strings]
“Fais Do-Do,” (A French Lullaby)
“French Blues” [with strings]
“La Poulette Blanche (Little White Hen)”
“La Violette - The Violet” [with strings]
“Les Lauriers Sont Coupés - the Willows Are Cut” [with strings]
“Raisin, Raisin - Grapes, Grapes” [with strings]
“Saute Crapaud - Jump Little Frog” [with strings]
1-05 piano arrangements
“Come Dance, Calinda”
“Jump Li’l Frog”
“Pas Prin de Chez Moi”
“Joy of the Lord” - extra accompaniment [possibly by GBB]
1-06 vocal arrangements: some with piano scores
    “Go To Sleep, My Brother Dear” “I Don’t Mind About the Ring,” “Little White Hen”
“Dans LaCour de Ma Grand’mère, In the Yard of Grand Mama,” “Fais Do-Do, Go To Sleep”
“I Sailed Away,” “I Climbed on My Horse,” “Who Is Passing”, “I Would So Like to Take a Wife”
“Go To Sleep, My Baby”; “Jump Li’l Frog”
“I’ll Sing You a Song”
“Ma Petite Bergère - O My Little Shepherdess”
“Mo L’aimé Toi, Chère”
“Jambalaya - Gâte,” [duet solo lines with no words so may be instrumental]
1-07 arrangements for piano [done for students?]
    “Jambalaya,” “Early One Morning”
“Cest Pas la Bague”
“Pretty Blond Blues”
“Staccato Waltz”
“A Monotonous Tune”
“Reuben, Reuben”
“A Funny Little Dance”
“Little Mocking Bird”
“Let Me Sing You a Little Song”
“Sleepy Time”
“A Funny Little Man”
“Waltz for an Accordian”
“Who is Passing”
“French Blues”
“You Know the Little House”
“Cow Go Moo-Moo” arranged by George B. Brown
“Oh, How Can I Marry”
“Let’s Go to Mamou”
“Not Far from My Home”
“Fiddler’s Tune”
“German Dance”
1-08 probable exercises for students or compositions by students
1-09 partial, working drafts, etc.: many untitled
1-10 Louisiana Folk Suite No.1 for Strings (4 copies)
    Arranged by Mildred Ruth Brown, dedicated to Hamilton Training School Orchestra
1-11 Louisiana Folk Suite No.2 for Strings (4 copies)
    Arranged by Mildred Ruth Brown, dedicated to Hamilton Training School Orchestra
French folk songs arranged for string quartet
1-12 Violin I
    “C’est Pas la Bague”
“Early One Morning”
“Dansez Calinda - Dance, Calinda”
“Raisin, Raisin”
“La Poulette Blanche”
“M’Orais Bien au Bal”
“Cow Go Moo Moo”
“Fais Do-Do”
“Tappe Jambes Fines”
"La Violette”
“French Blues”
“Mon Beau Chateau”
"Les Lauriers Song Coupés”
“Saute Crapaud - Jump Little Frog”
“A la Coulee de Mines - By Coulee Mine”
1-13 Violin II
    Same as 1-12 and “A Funny Dance”
    Same as 1-13
1-14 Cello
    Same as 1-12
1-16 preludes and interludes for organ based on hymn tunes by Boylston Brown
    “Hymn - Prelude on the Tune ‘Manoah’”
“Hymn - Interlude on ‘Blest Be the Tie That Binds”
“Hymn - Prelude on the Tune ‘St. Catherine’”
“St. Catherine”
“Hymn - Interlude on ‘Pleyel’s Hymn’”
‘Hymn - Interlude on ‘Near the Cross’”
“Near the Cross”
“Hymn - Prelude on ‘Have Thine Own Way’”
‘Hymn - Interlude on ‘Take Time To Be Holy’”
“Take Time To Be Holy”
“Hymn - Prelude on the ‘Crusader’s Hymn’”
“Crusader’s Hymn”
“Hymn - Interlude on the Tune ‘Dix’”
“Hymn - Meditation on ‘My Jesus, I Love Thee’”
“My Jesus, I love Thee”
“My Jesus, I love Thee [3]
‘Hymn - Postlude on the “Italian Hymn’”
“Italian Hymn”
‘Hymn - Interlude on ‘Holy God, We Praise Thy Name’”
1-17 folders and envelopes which contained collection: notes by Mildred and George Brown