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Roland M. Chiasson Iwo Jima, 5th Marine Division Collection

Collection 217

Chiasson, Roland M. (1921–2008). Iwo Jima, 5th Marine Division Collection, 1945–1995, n.d.

8 feet, 9.5 inches

Roland Chiasson fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II as part of the 5th Marine Division. The Battle of Iwo Jima, 19 February - 25 March 1945, was one of the bloodiest engagements during World War II. There were 20,000 casualties among 22,000 island defenders, and 30,000 casualties among United States forces led by the 5th Marine Division.

This collection contains books, videos, articles, and newspapers from the veterans’ war service. Much of the material relates to the 50th anniversary of the battle in 1995. The collection also includes Mr. Chiasson’s personal slides of Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Roland M. Chiasson from Larose, Louisiana donated the collection.


A. Slides Boxes 1 through 5
B. Iwo Jima Materials Boxes 6 through 9
C. Miscellaneous 7-10


Chiasson Slides: Rotary Slide Trays
Box 1  
# 1 1956 - Toyland, New Orleans City Park; Vieux Carré, New Orleans; Bay St. Louis, Mississippi; Louisiana Capital, Baton Rouge
# 2 May, 1982; Sept., 1983 Caribbean Cruise - Song of Norway
    Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
# 3 Old Plantations, Louisiana (about 1960); Bay St. Louis, Mississippi; Lake Ponchatrain, New Orleans; Palm Beach - Panama City, Florida
# 4 Wisconsin and Oklahoma Friends
# 5 Dr. and Mrs. Dozar’s mountain home, Colorado; Mr. and Mrs. McKelvey, Tulsa; Tulsa - St. Mary’s - Cascia Hall; Oklahoma City: old pioneers’ town (about 1957)
# 6 Paul Gunta’s Home
# 7 Mardi Gras, New Orleans; friends
Box 2  
# 8 Mexico - Mexico City; Tulsa; Houston; Florida
# 9 Plantation - Manresa; River Trip - Al Boudreaux; Rheems - Old Capitol and New; Cascia Hall - Tulsa
# 10 about 1965 New Orleans; Tulsa; Home; Miami Beach; Hot Springs; Bellingrath Gardens
# 11 Plantation Homes; Bellingrath Gardens
# 12 Natchez, Mississippi, Antebellum Homes; Houston, River Oaks; Louisiana, houses of friends
# 13 empty
# 14 #14 1960 Friends
Box 3  
# 15 1960 Friends
# 16 1968, 1983 Denver and capital; Colorado; Tulsa?
# 17 Old Homes; Grand Coteau; Florida - Palm Beach and Orange County; Hot Springs; Galveston, San Jose
# 18 1959 Tulsa; Okmedgee; Chicago and Lincoln Monument, Spring; Hot Springs: “Oklahoma, Arkansas”
# 20 Canyon City and mountains - Colorado; Salt Lake City and Mormon Temple, etc.; Denver; mountains from dome train; San Francisco - Fairmont Hotel: “Colorado; San Francisco”
# 21 Austin - Dallas; Lincoln Memorial - Springfield, Illinois; St. Anthony, Okmudgee,
Oklahoma; Oconomowoc; Astrodome and San Antonio; Pioneer City, Oklahoma
# 22 Miscellaneous; Houston - Austin - San Francisco; Parishes where I gave Mission: “Churches Preached At”
Box 4  
# 23 Churches where I’ve had missions: “Churches Preached At”
# 24 Churches where I’ve had missions: “Churches Preached At”
# 25 Colorado?
# 26 1949 etc.: Gulf Coast: Oblate Seminary, Pass Christian; Biloxi; Isle Jean Charles - Pierre Post - Morgan City; Parishes (missions)
# 27 1959: “Colorado; Broadmoor”: El Pomar, Colorado Springs; Red Rock Park (outside Denver); Broadmoor; Reno-Las Vegas; Hot Springs
# 28 Hot Springs, 1958; New Orleans Airport, 1958; 2 places in Colorado, 1961
# 29 1958, etc.: Churches in Louisiana and Arkansas when I gave mission
Box 5  
# 30 1968: Louisiana Homes: Mr. Schneider apartment complex, Baton Rouge; Waguespach Home, River Road; Friends home at Lake Arthur; The Hermitage (Dr. Judice home); Austerlitz (Col. Rougeou home)
# 31 1960: Florida - Miles Pratt home; Back Vacherie; Covington - Conleys and L.P. Smith
# 32 “Garden District”: New Orleans - Garden District and St. Charles Avenue; El Pomar at Broadmoor, Colorado; New Orleans Audubon Park; Plantations and Old homes; McKelvey and Philbrook
# 33 about 1959: Louisiana Cemeteries and Church Parishes; San Francisco and Dr. Dozars 1950; Denver, 1960 or 1950; Churches in Louisiana - Oklahoma, etc.; San Francisco about 1958
# 34 “Sites: Tennessee; Texas; Nevada”: Chattanooga, Tennessee; Calico and Austin; Nevada; Hot Springs, 1958 and St. Emily Nell; Judah Benjamin House; Mississippi River and Church Parishes
# 35 San Antonio - Japanese Garden; Mexico City; Gulf Coast, 1955; Florida - Miami Beach - Palm Beach; Lise children
B. Iwo Jima Material
Video A: Roland Chiasson interview at the Red Lion Hotel, Seattle, WA; excerpts were used for video “Iwo Jima: Red Blood, Black Sand.” [VHS]
Video B: Alex Henert interview, Larose, LA by Roland Chiasson [VHS]
Video C: Charles Anderson, Jr. story as told by Bill Cassady of New Orleans [VHS]
Video D: Dennis Woodall, Atlanta, GA (met him on plane to Atlanta) asked if he could tape interviews of Iwo Jima Vets at the 50th anniversary reunion at Atlanta Marriott Hotel; he did go 16-17 February 1995 in Roland Chiasson room, #172
Video: Tatum, Charles, Frank Taylor and Robert Smith. “Iwo Jima - Red Blood, Black Sand” - 19 Feb. 1995, 50th anniversary of battle. Original, 90 minutes. Spectrum Films, Inc., 1995 [VHS]
Books Berry, Henry. Semper Fi, Mac: Living Memories of the United States Marines in World War II. New York: Berkley Books, 1982 [paperback]
Ross, Bill D. Iwo Jima, Legacy of Valor. New York: Vintage Books, 1985 [paperback]
Wheeler, Richard. Iwo. New York: Zero Books, 1980 [paperback]
Sand Iwo Jima Black Sand, 6,821 were killed 19 February - 26 March 1945, WWII Pacific, about 675 miles from Japan proper
Box 7  
7-01 Chiasson, Roland M. Marine Corps University - Archives Questionnaire, n.d.
7-02 articles from VFW Magazine, 50th anniversary series, 1995 [2]
    newspaper articles - all photocopies
7-03 Chapin, Lieut. John C. The Fifth Marine Division in WWII, Historical Division
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Aug., 1945 26 pp. photocopy
7-04 Nalty, Bernard C. The U.S. Marines on Iwo Jima - the Battle and the Flag Raising. Historical Division Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corp., Washington, DC 1967
7-05 Gininger, Henry and Tony Smith. 27th Marines in Combat - A Historical Document, Iwo Jima
7-06 Iwo Jima, 19 February 1995, 50th anniversary commemoration 16
7-07 5th Marine Division - 41st Reunion, 1990 [Chiasson was National President, 5th Marine Division Association]
7-08 Valley Morning Star, Harlingen, TX 17 April 1982 “Texas Iwo Jima Memorial Edition”
    photograph pasted on front cover
7-09 Iwo Jima Stamp issued in 1945
    note about how Chiasson, a patient at St. Albans Naval Hospital, received stamp at presentation in Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
Box 8
8-01 Allen Barret, Lt. Mortar Platoon, Iwo Jima veteran wrote this article that appeared in the 1987 Fifcth Marine Association Journal, Tampa Florida; he was in B-1-26th 5th Marine Division
8-02 Allen Barrett, Lt. Mortar Platoon Researched the death of General Kuribaysahi and wrote this article, and it was published in the Marine Corps Gazette
8-03 Allen Barrett, B-1-26th Mortar Lt., of the 5th Marine Division returned to Hawaii and trained what was left of the 26th Marines plus new recruits and was preparing then for the invasion of Japan, when the war ended
8-04 “Special Booklet Containing Photos, Maps, and Other Articles about Iwo Jima and the Battle”
8-05 Best, Harold C. “My Great Adventure.” [Sunbury, PA], 1995
8-06 Lt. Allen Barrett, Baltimore, MD, was the Mortar Platoon leader for the B-1-26th Marines of the 5th Marine Division on Iwo Jima. He was wounded, sent aboard the USS Samaritan Hospital Ship, Then to Guam, then back to Iwo to fight the remainder of the battle. Those mentioned in his Iwo can attest that this is a most accurate account of the battle
8-07 Tatum, Charles W. Iwo Jima - Red Blood, Black Sand - Pacific Apocalypse. (Stockton,  CA: Charles W. Tatum Publishing, 1995 [autographed by Tatum and Chiasson]
8-08 Chiasson, Roland W., compiler. Iwo Jima 50th Anniversary Remembered 1945-1995 [mainly newspaper clippings], 121 pp
Box 9  
9-01 Iwo Jima, 1945 - Scrapbook - photographs by Joe Rosenthal, Associated Press
9-02 Sand: Iwo Jima Black Sand, 6,821 were killed 19 February - 26 March 1945, WWII Pacific, about 675 miles from Japan proper
C. Miscellaneous
7-10 programs
    The Community Concert Association presents Lubochutz and Hemenoff, 1959-1960 (Duo - pianists)
concert Committee SLI presents Katherine Bacon, Pianist, 11 December 1957
A Pedro Laurents, F.M. presents pupils from his Piano and Piano Accordion Class in Recital, 27 June 1956