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Thomas J. Arceneaux Papers

Collection 214

Arceneaux, Thomas J. (1908–1989). Papers, 1908–1979, 1982, n.d.

5 feet, 3.5 inches; oversize

Thomas Joseph Arceneaux was born 13 June 1908. He was the son of Emilien Arceneaux and Aline Martin Arceneaux. He graduated from Carencro High School in 1926. He received his B.S. from the Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1929, his M.S. from the Texas A&M University in 1931, and his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 1935. On 27 August 1936, he married Carita Anne Melchior. He died 12 December 1989.

Dr. Arceneaux was a professor of Agriculture. From 1929-1932 he taught science at Crowley High School. Afterwards, he spent two years as a research fellow at Iowa State University. He served as an assistant professor of agronomy at the Southwestern Louisiana Institute for one year, and then as an associate professor for six years at Louisiana State University. In 1941, he returned to the Southwestern Louisiana Institute as Dean of the College of Agriculture, and remained in this position until his retirement in 1973.

Dr. Arceneaux received several assignments such as Head, Louisiana Delegation, Acadian Bicentennial Celebration, Canada, 1955; President, American Delegation, Lafayette Bicentennial Celebration, France, 1957; and as Member of the Advisory Council, the United States National Arboretum Washington, D.C. He also became involved in organizations such as Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Louisiana Bankers Association, and Lafayette Rotary Club, among many others.

Honors included the Knight of St. Gregory the Great, 1949; Officier d’Academie (France), 1955; and Doctor of Science (honoris causa), Laval University, Quebec, Canada, 1955. He was listed in Who’s Who in America, American Men of Science, Who Knows - and What, French Canadian Who’s Who, Franco-American Who’s Who, and The American Catholic Who’s Who.

This collection contains his working files [genealogy], personal papers, class notes, correspondence, photographs, clippings, Acadian history information and other miscellaneous materials.

Note: See folder 2-1 for a more detailed list of his accomplishments

Note: Folder 2-04 (Grades Only), 2-05, and 2-07 - RESTRICTED


A. Genealogy 1-01 through 2-02
B. Personal 2-03 through 2-09
C. General Records 2-10 through 2-12
D. Class Notes 2-13 through 2-16
E. Correspondence 2-17
F. Photographs 2-18 through 2-19
G. By-Laws 2-20
H. Publications 3-01 through 3-03
I. Clippings 3-04
J. Acadian History 3-05 through 3-11
K. Miscellaneous 3-12 through 4-02
L. Framed Material Box 5 through 6
M. Oversize Box 7, Map Case 44-04


Box 1
A. Genealogy
1-01 Families of Arceneaux and Martin, v.1, 1971
    [from the working files of “Uncle Tom”]
1-02 Families of Arceneaux and Martin, v.1, pt. 2, 1971
    [from the working files of “Uncle Tom”]
1-03 Families of Arceneaux and Martin, v.2, 1973
    [from the working files of “Uncle Tom”]
1-04 Families of Arceneaux and Martin, v.3, pt. 1 1975
    [from the working files of “Uncle Tom”]
1-05 Families of Arceneaux and Martin, v.3, pt. 2, 1975
    [from the working files of “Uncle Tom”]
1-06 Families of Arceneaux and Martin, v.4, pt. 1, 1975
    [from the working files of “Uncle Tom”]
1-07 Families of Arceneaux and Martin, v.4, pt. 2, 1975
    [from the working files of “Uncle Tom”]
Box 2
2-01 Martin/Arceneaux families
2-02 Martin/Arceneaux families
B. Personal
2-03 Personal Documents
    Marriage license - Thomas J. Arceneaux and Carita Melchior of Lafayette Parish, 27 August 1936
    Certificate of Baptism, Thomas J. Arceneaux, 20 June 1908
    Last will and testament, Antoine F. Arceneaux [brother], 16 July 1973
    Knights of Columbus, identification card (copy) honorary life membership award
    Policy Jury of New Iberia, extract from minutes, May 8, 1973
    Mini Certificate: Most Holy Father the Carmelite Nuns, member of The Carmelite Guild, Christmas 1977
2-04 Education
    Grades: College of Texas A&M, 1930-1931; Iowa State College of Agriculture, 1933 RESTRICTED
    Application for doctorate program, 1933
    Diploma, Texas A&M, Master of Science, 1931
2-05 Retirement Papers, 1973 RESTRICTED
2-06 Property
    Real estate reports, real estate property report, 1977
    Agreement to purchase or sell, 1961
    Map of survey showing property of Thomas J. Arceneaux, n.d.
2-07 Life Insurance Policy RESTRICTED
    Thomas J. Arceneaux, Pan-American Life Insurance Company
2-08 Contract
    Orkin Exterminating Company [for home], 1974
2-09 Legal Documents
    Citation - Nolan J. Beniot and Mandelle G. Beniot vs. Lafayette Parish Police Jury and Tom Arceneaux, #793624, 1979 [1 page]
C. General Records
2-10 Address Book, 1941-1954
2-11 Address Book, 1955-1969
2-12 Directory List, n.d.
D. Class Notes
2-13 General Science, 1922-1923
2-14 Chemistry, n.d.
2-15 Cattle Material, n.d.
2-16 Sugarcane Material, n.d.
E. Correspondence
2-17 Correspondence: 1875, 1935, 1951, 1952, 1958, 1973-1974, 1976, 1978,1982, n.d.
F. Photographs
2-18 Beaubassin Photographs [ceremony] 5 photos
    Thomas J. Arceneaux (?) 1 photo
    France, 1957
2-19 Photographs, France, 1957
G. By-Laws
2-20 By-Laws: Lafayette Parish, n.d.
Box 3
H. Publications
3-01 Various Articles and Dates by T.J. Arceneaux
3-02 Various Articles and Dates by T.J. Arceneaux
3-03 Various Articles and Dates by T.J. Arceneaux
I. Clippings
3-04 Newspaper, various dates
J. Acadian History
3-05 Acadian Flag, (material on establishing flag), 1974
3-06 100e Anniversaire de Drapeau Acadien, 1984 [1 item]
3-07 Maison Acadienne Francais, (inauguration ceremony), 1955
3-08 Livestock industry; Flood of 1927, n.d.
3-09 Two Centuries of Acadian Culture in Louisiana, 1765-1965
3-10 A History of Louisiana, 1904, 1827, 1758
3-11 Various Invitations
K. Miscellaneous
3-12 State visit to the United States of General Charles de Gaulle [President of French Republic], April 1960
  List of Best Known Priests, n.d.
  Journal of Travels 1951-1952
3-13 Map showing Acadian Expansion, 1670-1710 (copy)
3-14 Miscellaneous
    Pamphlet: Diocese of Lake Charles, n.d.
    Program: The CODOFIL Consortium of Louisiana Universities and Colleges - Academic Year Program at Paul Valez University, Montpellier, France, 1978-1979
    Stationery: Acadian Bicentennial Celebration
    Programs: Présentation de “LA SAGOUINE” March 5, 1978: 20th Annual Membership Banquet and Installation of Officers, June 16, 1977: Annual Franco-American Conference March 5-7, 1978
    Newsletters: Nederland Chamber of Commerce, 1975: American Society of French Academic Palms, Inc. no. 1, 1976
    Bumper sticker: Re-elect Senator Ellender [2 copies]
    Certificate: Volunteer worker for Office of Price Administration, [White House], n.d.
3-15 Phonorecord: Mr. Arcenaux, September 14, 1957, New Orleans
3-16 Deposition, Calvin J. Roach vs. Dresser Industries, 1980
3-17 Reunion de Bureau Tenue a Quebec, 1985; 1986
Box 4
4-01 Document #12176, #12177; #12178. Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. Reapplications. Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of Acadian Television Corporation, January 1961
4-02 Document #12176, #12177; #12178. Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. Reapplications. Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of Acadian Television Corporation, January 1961
Box 5
L. Framed Material
1. Phi Eta Sigma Fraternity, USL, 15 May 1961. T.J. Arceneaux
2. Pi Delta Phi, Societe d’Honneur Francaise, 1959. T.J. Arceneaux
3. Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Bachelor of Science, 3 June 1929
4. University of Southwestern Louisiana, Golden Anniversary Diploma, Class of 1929, T.J. Arceneaux
5. Phi Kappa Phi, Iowa State College, 13 February 1934. T.J. Arceneaux
6. Palmes Academigues, Le Premier Ministre, Fevrier 9 1976. Pour services rendus a la culture francaise. T.J. Arceneaux
7. Omicron Delta Epsilon, field of Economics, 10 December 1966. Honor society of Economics. T.J. Arceneaux
8. Resolution of Thanks. Dean Thomas J. Arceneaux gaSociety for Louisiana Irises.Gave his entire working efforts as a teacher of plant and animal science and ministered the Deanship of the College of Agriculture at USL since 1941. Signed by James E. Comeaux
9. The Society for Louisiana Irises, 1973 Service Award for outstanding and unselfish service rendered. T.J. Arceneaux
10. The Society for Louisiana Irises, 1941-1966. Charter Member of SLI. T.J. Arceneaux
11. French Acadian Music Festival, 30 April 1977, certificate of appreciation. T.J. Arceneaux
12. Nicholls State College, Honor Society. Honorary Certificate of Membership. 27 April 1966. T.J. Arceneaux
13. The Marquis Who’s Who Publications Board. Who’s Who in America, 40th edition, 1978/1979. T.J. Arceneaux
14. Library of Congress, Certificate of Honor Achievement Recognition Institute, 23 April 1973. T.J. Arceneaux
15. Photograph: Group Photograph, Dr. Ray P. Authement, center sitting
16. Photographs: 14 September 1957, reception a Hotel de Ville, New Orleans. T.J. Arceneaux, center
17. Photograph: Group photograph and male on tractor. T.J. Arceneaux, 2nd from left on first row
18. Photograph, unidentified
19. Photograph, group of men, unidentified
20. Photograph: Couple with child. T.J. Arceneaux on left
21. Photograph: Group of people, unidentified
22. Photograph: Group photograph, T.J. Arceneaux, center
23. Plaque: Cajun of the Year, 1971, T.J. Arceneaux, Dean College of Agriculture, USL, Contribution toward the preservation and perpetuation of the rich Acadian heritage, 18 November 1971
Box 6
1. Maurice C. Roy, 1966. T.J. Arceneaux
2. United State of America Certificate of Award from the Office of Price Administration for meritorious service in the war effort is made to TJ Arceneaux, 11 February 1946
3. National Honor Fraternity, Blue Key, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, T.J. Arceneaux, 1962
4. New Iberia Queen City of the Tech, Appointment, TJ Arceneaux Admiral of the Bayou Teche
5. Republique Francaise, Mnistere de l’Educaiton Nationale, Le Ministre de l’Education Nationale, TJ Arceneaux, 11 Aout 1955
6. The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, presents T.J. Arceneaux, Master of Science, 29 August 1931
Box 7
M. Oversize
1. Hood - Red box engraved. A.M. Thomas J. Arceneaux, Docteur Honoris Causa, De l’Université Laval, Le 4 Juin 1955
Map Case 44-04
Map of Lafayette, Louisiana, Showing Southwestern Louisiana Institute, August 1912