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Shane K. Bernard Collection

Collection 181

Bernard, Shane K. (1967– ). Collection, 1907, 1950s–2022, n.d.

5 feet, 1 inch

Shane King Bernard is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana. He is the son of “Swamp Pop” musician Rod Bernard and Jo Ann King Bernard. Dr. Bernard received his B.A. in English in 1990 and a M.A. in History in 1992, both from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louiisana at Lafayette). He received a Ph.D. in History from Texas A&M. His thesis was on swamp pop, “Twistin’ at the Fais Do-Do: The Roots of South Louisiana’s Swamp Pop Music.” This was expanded into the book Swamp Pop: Cajun and Creole Rhythm and Blues Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1996.

Dr. Bernard is a music writer and historian who has written articles about Louisiana cultural life for many journals and liner notes for recordings. He has also published several books including The Cajuns: Americanization of a People (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2003).

This collection contains mostly material on swamp pop music gathered initially as research for his M.A. thesis. It contains correspondence, photographs, magazine and newspaper articles, flyers, promotional materials, notes, and miscellaneous materials. Also, the collection contains material on CODOFIL, Cajun music, and Louisiana history. Included are photocopies of handwritten Civil War letters from various soldiers. These were given to Dr. Bernard by fellow New Iberia resident Bill Bailey.

Shane K. Bernard donated this collection and continues to send additional items.


A. Bibliographies 1-01
B. Correspondence 1-02
C. Publications  
  1. Magazines 1-03 through 3-05
  2. Newsletters 3-06
  3. Other 3-07 through 3-08
D. Notes 3-09 through 3-10
E. Promotional Material 3-11 through 4-02; Box 10
F. Photographs 4-03 through 4-06
G. Newspaper Clippings 4-07 through 4-21
H. Magazine Articles 4-22 through 5-27
I. Theses 6-01 through 6-02
J. Miscellaneous 6-03 through 7-13
K. Swamp Pop: Cassettes Box 8
L. FBI Documents 9-01
M. Publications 9-02 through 9-03
N. Louisiana Tourism Materials 9-04 through 9-05
O. Civil War Letters 9-06
P. Bayou Teche Dispatches 9-07
Q. Oversize Box 10


Box 1
1-01 Bibliographies: 1990-1994
1-02 Correspondence: 1945-1997, 2009-2011
    15 March 2011 correspondence includes Swamp Pop reunion material - re: Sharon Fontenot, Ville Platte, La. to Rod Bernard, Lafayette, La., “Swamp Pop Reunion VI fund-raiser for the Louisiana Swamp Pop Museum in Ville Platte” [includes envelope cover and concert photographs of Rod Bernard printed on color-laser printer]; Jivin’ Gene Bourgeois 50’s and 60’s…. Johnnie Allan Quote; correspondence via email to Shane K. Bernard from John Broven - Swamp Pop term by Bill Millar (handwritten).
1-03 Publications, magazines: American Music, no. 64 (1995: June); no.65 (September 1995) - no. 68 (1996: June)- No. 72 (1997: June); no. 81 (1999: Sept.); no.85 (2000: September)
1-04 publications: The Big Bopper, no.3, n.d.
1-05 publications: Baltimore Blues Society, 1990: January; 1992: February; 1994: January, March, September [2 copies]; 1997: February
1-06 publications: Blue Gazette, #3 (1996: Summer)
1-07 publications: Blues & Rhythm, #112 (1996: September)
1-08 publications: Blue Suede News, #33 (1996: Winter) - #38 (1997: Spring)
1-09 publications: Elvis, The Man and His Music, No. 35 (June 1997) Jefferson, #112 (1996: Argang 28) - #113 (1996: Argang 29); #116 (1997: Argang 29)
1-11 publications: Blues Life Journal, v.15, #57 (1992: Jan.)
1-10 publications: Now Dig This, #135 (1994: June) - #141 (1994: December); #198 (1999: Sept.)
Box 2
2-01 publications: Now Dig This, #142 (1995: January) - #149 (1995: June)
2-02 publications: Now Dig This, #148 (1995: July) - #153 (1995: December)
2-03 publications: Now Dig This, #154 (1996: January) - #159 (1996: June)
2-04 publications: Now Dig This, #160 (1996: July) - #165 (1996: December)
2-05 publications: Now Dig This, #166 (1997: January) - #171 (1997: June)
2-06 publications: Now Dig This, #172 (1997: July) - #178 (1997: December)
2-07 publications: Now Dig This, #178 (1998: January) - #183: (1998: June)
2-08 publications: Now Dig This, #184 (1998: July) - #189 (1998:December)
Box 3
3-01 publications: Now Dig This, #190 (1999: January)
3-02 publications: Off Beat, 1996: July-August [2 items]
3-03 publications: Real Blues, 1997: April/May [1 item]
3-04 publications: Rock & Roll Memories, #4 (1989); #5 (1990)
3-05 publications: Juke Blues Magazine, no.62 , Late 2006; no.67, Spring/Summer 2009
3-06 publications; newsletters
    Boogie Kings, 1994, n.d.
    Blues Rag, v. 20, #5, September 2005; v. 21, #1, February 2006; v. 22, #1, February 2007
3-07 publications: other, The Beautiful Land of Evangeline. Nova Scotia Canada.
    16 Coloured Photochrome Views (engraved and printed by The Photogelatine Engraving Co., Ltd. Ottawa, Canada; New Harmonies, celebrating American Roots Music, Along the banks of Bayou Teche, A Collection of Acadiana Music History. A project of Jeanerette Bicentennial Park and Museum. Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, 2008
3-08 publications: Other
    Blues & Soul Records, #69, 2006: includes article and photos of Rod Bernard, pp.96-97
    Blues & Soul Records, #93, 2010: includes article/photo on Bobby Charles; Little Freddie King
    Blues & Soul Records, #139, January 2018:[Japanese-language publication featuring articles about Fats Domino and mentioning other Louisiana musicians; includes CD of vintage American music inside back cover; features article by University of Louisiana at Lafayette graduate Jiro Hatano of Japan]
3-09 notes: liner, n.d.
3-10 notes, Interviews, 1990-1993, 2012, n.d.
3-11 promotional materials: catalogs, flyers, business cards, etc., 1990s, 2005, 2007, 2014
Box 4
4-01 promotional material: catalogs, flyers, business cards, etc., 1990s
4-02 promotional material: flyer, concert poster, bumper sticker “I Love Louisiana Swamp Pop Music”, 2011
4-03 photographs: scanned, 1956-1960, 1998, 1999, n.d.
4-04 photographs: original, 1954-1995, n.d. [includes photos from Cajun & Creole musicians performing in Rhode Island, 1995]
4-05 photographs: 1950s and 1960, n.d.
4-06 photographs: negatives, n.d.
4-07 newspaper clippings: swamp pop, 1960s
4-08 newspaper clippings, 1970s
4-09 newspaper clippings, 1980s
4-10 newspaper clippings, 1990
4-11 newspaper clippings, 1991
4-12 newspaper clippings, 1992 [1 item]
4-13 newspaper clippings, 1993
4-14 newspaper clippings, 1994
4-15 newspaper clippings: swamp pop, 1995
4-16 newspaper clippings, 1996
4-17 newspaper clippings, 1997
4-18 newspaper clippings, 1998
4-19 newspaper clippings, 1999-2004, 2007
4-20 newspaper clippings, 2012-2013
4-21 newspaper clippings, n.d.
4-22 magazine articles: swamp pop, 1960s
Box 5
5-01 magazine articles, 1975
5-02 magazine articles, 1978
5-03 magazine articles, 1979
5-04 magazine articles, 1982
5-05 magazine articles, 1983
5-06 magazine articles, 1984
5-07 magazine articles, 1985
5-08 magazine articles, 1986
5-09 magazine articles, 1987
5-10 magazine articles, 1988
5-11 magazine articles, 1989
5-12 magazine articles, 1990
5-13 magazine articles, 1991
5-14 magazine articles, 1992
5-15 magazine articles, 1993
5-16 magazine articles, 1994
5-17 magazine articles, 1995
5-18 magazine articles, 1996
5-19 magazine articles, 1997
5-20 magazine articles, 1998
5-21 magazine articles, 1999
5-22 magazine articles, 2000
5-23 magazine articles, 2001
5-24 magazine articles, 2002-2004
5-25 magazine articles, 2005-2010
5-26 magazine articles, 2011-2012
    2011: 20 May, Internet news article. Murphy Williams, “Let the Good Times Roll,” The Telegraph [London UK], re: swamp pop group Lil Band o’ Gold from Lafayette, LA [Warren Storm, C.C. Adcock, Steve Riley, et al.]
    2011: 19 August, Internet news article. Jerry Shriver, “Resurrected Classic Honors Swamp Pop Pioneer Bobby Charles, USA Today.
    2012: Former Tax Assessor goes back to his roots., published Wednesday, February 22, 2012
5-26a magazine articles, 2013-2014
    2013: April-May. "Remembering Roscoe Chenier", 1941-2013, by Larry Benicewicz
    "A Joyous Time Warp", Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, Fall 2013
    Nathan Abshire, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, Fall 2013
    "Raywood Baudoin Raywood’sSwamp Pop Memories", April-May 2014
    Benicewicz, Larry. “Remembering Cosimo Matassa, Part 1: The Early Years and Independent Labels, “Bluesrag (Newsletter of the Baltimore Blues Society), December 2014-January 2015
    Benicewicz, Larry. "Remembering Clarence 'Jockey' Etienne (1935-2015)",Bluesrag, February-March 2016
    Benicewicz, Larry. "Remembering Clint West (1938-2016)", Bluesgrag, Winter 2016
    Benicewicz, Larry. "Remembering Guitar Gable (1937-2017)", Bluesrag, Summer 2017
    Benicewicz, Larry. "RememberingWayne Shuler (1936-2017)”, Bluesrag, Winter 2017,
5-27 magazine articles, n.d.
Box 6  
6-01 Thesis: Bernard, Shane K. “Twistin’ at the Fais Do-Do: The Roots of South Louisiana’s Swamp Pop Music”, University of Southwestern Louisiana, Fall 1992, 217 pp.
6-02 Barrilleaux, Simone. “Imposing Identities: The Cajun-American” , Tulane University, May 2004. 95 pp. [copy presented to S. Bernard]
6-03 Miscellaneous: screenplay for the movie Belizaire the Cajun; official movie program for the movie Belizaire the Cajun, presented to Shane K. Bernard, Apprentice Film Editor, by director Glen Pitre, Movie Director, and signed by producer Allan L. Durand
6-04 Miscellaneous: Discographic information, 1943-1990, n.d.
Box 7
7-01 Miscellaneous: flyers, 1959-1997, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2013, n.d.
7-02 Miscellaneous: BBC Radio Documentary on Acadian and Cajun Culture, produced and broadcast 1998, recorded from radio (some static); includes interviews with Shane K. Bernard, Warren A. Perrin, Barry Jean Ancelet, Carl A. Brasseaux, et. al.
7-03 Miscellaneous: biographical information on swamp pop artists, 1990s
7-04 Miscellaneous: KVOL: 65 years, commemorative edition, Lafayette, LA: KVOL Radio Broadcasting, 2000, 20 pp.
7-05 Miscellaneous: Theall, Ned. Autobiography: “Living Like a King”, by Ned Theall, Original manuscript, 1993 (2 copies)
7-06 Miscellaneous: CD-R [2 records; Sweet Little Rock & Roller and Sixteen Candles]
    Also photocopy of 45 record. By Skip Stewart.
7-07 Miscellaneous: play list and schedule from swamp pop show at the Longhorn nightclub in Southwest Louisiana near Texas border, 2006
7-08 Miscellaneous: Roland “Rocky” Robin. Includes photocopies of labels of 45rpm records in which Mr. Robin appeared as songwriter, music producer, and or/musical performer (ca. 1960-65?). Also included is a promotional brochure, Derek Development Corporation, Lafayette, LA. Re: Mr. Robin’s career following his work in the music business. Correspondence from Mr. Robin to Shane Bernard.
7-09 Miscellaneous: film
7-10 Miscellaneous: stationery
7-11 Miscellaneous: artifacts: two empty “Cajun” potato chip bags from Japan, O’Zack brand (2012; sent to Shane K. Bernard by Jiro Hatano of Japan; Domino’s Pizza promotional flyer advertising “Cajun Shrimp” for Lenten season (2012).; Swamp Pop Music capital of the world in good ‘ole Ville Platte, La. “promotional refrigerator door magnet, ca. 2010”
7-12 Miscellaneous: postcards, 1907, 1910
7-13 Miscellaneous: promotional flyer for Shane K. Bernard’s book: “Teche: A History of Louisiana’s Most Famous Bayou”, 2016 [two copies]
Box 8
1. The Boogie Ramblers (later called Cookie & the Cupcakes) 2 early swamp pop song; “Cindy Lou” later recorded by Gene Terry
2. Joe Barry, Sweet Rose of Sharon
3. “Sweep ‘Em”, the Baseball song, Bobby Charles
4. Bayou Boogie - DEMO. Roy Chaffin
[Note: The above 4 cassettes are rare]
1. Ain’t No Pleasing You, by Chas & Dav
2. The Boogie Kings, Cajun Soul. Recorded live, 24 July 1988
3. Mason McClain & Makin’ Memories
4. Tommy McLain and the Mule Train Band. “Pictures”
5. Charles Mann, “Red, Red Wine”
6. Johnnie Allan Sings
7. Tommy McLain, "Lipstick on a Dollar”
8. Achy Breaky Heart, Cajun French version
9. Holly Beach (Under the Boardwalk). Kenny Thibodeaux and the Jokers
10. Warren Storm, “Heart N’Soul”
1. The Foremans, Evangile Francais [Cajun French Gospel Music], compact disk, ca. 2006
2. Jake Graffagnino, Opelousas, LA - Short video clips, still images. By Boisy Pitre, Lawtell, LA. 12-28-99
3. Downtown Alive - 1983-2008, 25th Anniversary Compilation
4. The Untold Story of Singer Bobby Charles, by Ed Ward. National Public Radio, Fresh Air, from WHYY, 13 June, 2012
5. The Unsung Pioneer of Louisiana Swamp Pop, Fresh Air from WHYY, National Public Radio, 08 January, 2013
6. “South Texas’ Collects Producer’s Checkered Career” Fresh Air from WHYY, National Public Radio, 12 August 2013
1. New Orleans Music in exile, 2006
2. Blues Divas: Ground Zero Blues Club, 2004
3. Rhythm ‘n’ Bayous [contains Cajun, zydeco, and swamp pop music performances], 2000
4. Deep Sea Blues, 2007
    [The DVD’s are documentaries that were made by filmmaker Robert Mugge]
5. Oxford American: Best of the South, 2008
6. Les Acadiens du Quebec, Le Grand Arrangement & Lanaudiere: Memoire Vivante d’Acadie. 2011
7. Rufus Thibodeaux Memorial, 3-25-2006. Crossroads Church, Lafayette, Louisiana. Jim Olivier, host, Pastor Jeff Ables - Eulogy, Tony Thibodeaux - Testimonial and “Friends of Rufus”.
1. “3 Great Rockers”, Cookie and the Cupcakes, Alfred/Shelton Dunaway, Jin Records
2. “Johnnie Allen - South to Louisiana.” Jin Records
Box 9
9-01 FBI Documents: James “Jimmy" Domengeaux Documents, 13 February 1956 [photocopy]
9-02 Publications: Fontenot, Allen. “Louisiana, The World of Cajun Music and Customs. French Accordion Music by the Country Cajuns.” 4 pages, [photocopy]
9-03 Ink pen commemorating 50th anniversary of Floyd’s Record Shop, Ville Platte, La. 2006
9-04 Louisiana tourism materials: Guides
  Ducks at a Distance (Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1963)
  Louisiana’s Harvest Festivals and Fairs, booklet (Baton Rouge: Tourist Bureau, Department of Commerce and Industry, [State of Louisiana], 1947, 5 pp.
  Louisiana, tourism brochure (Sperry & Hutchinson Co. [S&H Green Stamps], 1961) [brochure in the shape of Louisiana]
  “40th Anniversary, Evangeline Museum, André Olivier, Prop., St. Martinville, La.,” 1965 [promotional leaflet]
  André Olivier, comp., “The Land of Evangeline: Tourist Guide through St.Martinville, La., U.S.A. (Poste des Attakapas),”n.d. [ca. 1945?]
  Tourist Guide of Opelousas, Louisiana (Opelousas: Kiwanis Club of Opelousas, 1963), 57 pp.
9-05 Louisiana tourism materials: Brochures
  “Visit St. Francis Plantation,” tourism brochure, n.d. (ca. 1960?) (re: St. Francis plantation home near Franklin, La.; two copies]
  “St. Martinville, Louisiana, on Bayou Teche in the Heart of the Acadian Country,” tourism brochure, n.d. [ca. 1960?]
  “Shadows-on-the-Teche: A National Trust Property, New Iberia, Louisiana,” tourism brochure, n.d. [ca. 1970?]
  “See Albania,” tourism brochure, n.d. [ca. 1960?] [re: Albania plantation home near Jeanerette, La.][2 copies]
  “The Grand Gesture,” leaflet, [ca. 1938?] [Legend of golden spider webs, Oak and Pine Alley, near St. Martinville, La., “Told by André Olivier (historian of the Evangeline country, Louisiana) to James P. Welsh, N. Y. Times / Courtesy of: Reader’s Digest, June 1938)”]
9-06 Civil War Letters (photocopies), 1860-1864
9-07 Bayou Teche Dispatches, 2022
Box 10
1. Poster: Saturday Night Special, The Sundown Playboys, n.d.
2. Poster: Rod Bernard, A Louisiana Tradition, CSP Records, n.d.
3. American Magic, “LP recording 101”, Spirit Acres Records, Lafayette, La. [locally produced patriotic album, arguably a reaction against the counterculture; one of the group, Vicky Branton, is now a reporter for the Daily Iberian]
4. B & W photographic prints, unknown photographer, ca. 1965? (11 x 14)
  Evangeline statue next to St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church, St. Martinville, La.
  Field of sugarcane (wide shot)
  Field of Sugarcane (close-up shot)
  Shadows-on-the-Teche antebellum home, New Iberia, Louisiana
  Oak and Pine Alley, St. Martin Parish, Louisiana
  Evangeline Oak (wide-shot), St. Martinville, Louisiana
  Evangeline Oak historical marker, St. Martinville, Louisiana
  St. John Oak, Lafayette, Louisiana