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Anne K. Simpson Papers

Collection 174

Simpson, Anne K. (1924–2005). Papers, 1873–2006, n.d.

6 feet, 7.5 inches; oversize

Anne Key Simpson was born and grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music at Texas Women’s University, specializing in piano. After teaching piano for many years, she joined the Music Department staff at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) as an accompanist in 1966. She would serve the university for twenty years before retiring.

Ms. Simpson began a new career during her retirement. She began studying the works of African American writers and composers, including Florence Price, Cynthia Crawford, Harry T. Burleigh, and Ernest J. Gaines. These studies led to various publications, including articles, essays, books, and presentations at professional conferences. During her retirement period, Ms. Simpson also composed musical pieces for voice and instruments. One such piece was commissioned for the Louisiana Music Teachers Association.

Ms. Simpson married Dr. Amos Simpson, history professor at USL, in 1945, though the marriage ended in divorce. The couple had one daughter. Ms. Simpson passed away on December 24, 2005 at the age of 81 in Lafayette, LA.

This collection contains Ms. Simpson’s research papers, including materials related to her book on Ernest J. Gaines: A Gathering of Gaines: The Man and The Writer (Lafayette, 1991). The collection also includes her other writings, correspondence, programs from concerts and recitals she accompanied for, and program notes and reviews she wrote for the Acadiana Symphony, Chorale Acadienne, and local music performances.

Thetis Cusimano, Ms. Simpson’s daughter, donated the bulk of the collection.


A. Biographical and Personal 1-01 through 2-24
B. Research 2-25 through 5-21
C. Music Sheets 6-01 through 6-05
D. Media Boxes 7 through 10
E. Oversize Box 11, Map Case 39-06, Volume 1


Box 1
  A. Biographical and Personal
    1-01 Biographical - Education
        Report Card - Ashdown High School
        College Transcripts
        Piano Recital Programs - Mrs. Patterson Presents, 1937-1950
        Graduation Programs, 1943, 1949
        Publications - Newspaper Clippings about her Piano Recitals
    1-02 Biographical
        Marriage and Death Certificate
        Correspondence, 1941
        Proposal for Archives for Papers of Anne Key Simpson
    1-03 Memorial Service, 2005
    1-04 Flower, Sympathy/Letters/Memorial Service Program/Newspaper Clippings
    1-05 Photographs, 1973-2004, n.d.
    1-06 Compositions/Songs
        Ah! So Pure
        I Miss You - Words and Music by Anne Key
        Were You Theve? - Arrange by Anne Key Simpson
        Concerto to the Moon
        The Stars and You
        How Am I To Know?
        Corrente p.1
        Let’s Take A Chance - Lyrics by Anne Simpson; Music by Charles Reynolds
        Clouds - Trio for Women
    1-07 Compositions/Songs
        The Diva’s Lament - Words and Music by Anne Simpson
        Chansons du Valet - Words and Music by Anne Simpson
    1-08 Compositions/Songs
        Go with LTS - Words and Music by Anne Simpson
        Little Song - Words by Carmen Bernos de Gasztold; Music by Anne Simpson
        I Am A Basso Profundo - Words and Music by Anne Simpson
        Miss Cynthia Says… - Words by Cynthia D. Crawford; Music by Anne Simpson
        She’s Like the Swallow
        The Singer’s Dictionary of Musical Terms
        The Wind and I
    1-09 Stories, Essays, Poems
        Publications - Some SLI Writers - Fall ’95, pg.5: “Shades of White”
        Publications - Some SLI Writers -Vol. 2, No. 2, pg.15: “A Rare Jewel”
    1-10 Stories, Essays, Poems
        I. Things Are Better Now
          “Things Are Better Now”
        II. Red and Blue and Orange and Pink and Purple and Yellow
          “Purple Is Not For Old Ladies”
          “Women’s Hat”
          “Grains of Sand”
          “Paper Doll”
          “Rare Jewel”
          “What Else Is There To Do?”
        III. Town and Gown
          “LER, LFR, and Harry Walters”
          “The Last Semester”
          “Letters from An Editor”
    1-11 Stories, Essays, Poems
          “The Last Little Evening of Mrs. Clark”
          “The Music in His Head”
          “The Man Who Could Do Anything”
          “The Biography”
        IV. Way off Campus
          “Without, Within”
          “Dark Sun”
          “The Beautiful Job”
          “Shades of White”
          “Ben’s Gone”
          “Every Day at Tea Time”
          “A Stretch of Day”
          “The Late Evening News”
    1-12 Stories, Essays, Poems
        V. City Folks
          “Paul LeBlanc’s Inheritance”
        Other Stories Not Included
          “The Apology”
          “Blue Lovebird”
          “Mrs. Newbury’s Cake”
          “Key of A Flat”
          “First Semester”
          “Memory Work”
          “How to Be Charming In Public”
          “Exercises in Cooking”
          “About D Ps”
          “Flowers Inside and Out”
          “Sick Sicker Sickest”
          “Housework is Good Clean Fun”
          “You are Young Only Once”
          “Some Unfactual Figures”
          “From the Beach”
          “No. 1”
    1-13 Hands-On Mozart, by Anne K. Simpson (Draft and Published), 1994
    1-14 Marcel Moyse, Master Teacher, by Anne K. Simpson
    1-15 Simpson Articles, 1963
    1-16 Simpson Articles, 1981
    1-17 Simpson Articles, 1982
    1-18 Simpson Articles, 1983
    1-19 Simpson Articles, 1984
    1-20 Simpson Articles, 1985
    1-21 Simpson Articles, 1986
    1-22 Simpson Articles, 1987
    1-23 Simpson Articles, 1988
    1-24 Simpson Articles, 1989
    1-25 Simpson Articles, 1990
    1-26 Simpson Articles, 1992
    1-27 Simpson Articles, 1993
    1-28 Simpson Articles, 1994
    1-29 Simpson Articles, 1995
    1-30 Simpson Articles, 1996
Box 2
    2-01 Simpson Articles, 1999
    2-02 Simpson Articles, n.d.
    2-03 Miscellaneous Writings by Anne Simpson
    2-04 Articles about Anne Simpson, 1960s-2000s, n.d.
    2-05 Auburn Lecture: An Overview of Two Unsung Composers - Florence Price and Margaret Bonds
    2-06 USL/UL Lafayette Commencement Exercises Programs, 1971, 1993-2004
    2-07 USL School of Music Recital Programs, 1964-1979
    2-08 USL School of Music Recital Programs, 1992-2005
    2-09 USL School of Music Student Recital Hour Programs, 1992-1993, 1995-1997, 1999-2002, 2004
    2-10 The USL Opera Guild Programs, 1964, 1966-1967, 1969-1973, 1993, 2000
    2-11 USL and Friends Fall Music Series, 1992-1993, 1995
    2-12 Sigma Alpha Iota Program, 1978-1979, 1993, 1995-2001, 2003, 2005
    2-13 Acadiana Symphony Orchestra Programs, 2000-2005
    2-14 Chorale Acadienne, 1998-2000
    2-15 Sounds of Sunday Program, 1999, 2002, 2004
    2-16 Studio Flute Recital Programs, 2000
    2-17 Church Programs, 1979-2002
    2-18 High School and University Programs, 1950-2003
    2-19 Programs, 1970-2005, n.d.
    2-20 Professional Presentation - The Sonneck Society
    2-21 Professional Presentation - The College Music Society
    2-22 Professional Presentations
        La. Historical Association
        La. Music Teachers Association
        The American Music Research Center
    2-23 Letter/Certificate of Appreciation, 1966, 1989, 1995
    2-24 Good Luck/Thank You Cards
  B. Research
    2-25 Gaines: Biographical Materials
    2-26 Gaines: Writings
        “The Turtles”, Transfer [San Francisco State College], 1956: 1-9
        “Boy in the Double-Breasted Suit”, Transfer: 1957: 2-9
        “My Grandpa and the Haint”, New Mexico Quarterly, Summer 1966 (?): 149-160
        “The Hunter” (excerpt from Miss. Jane), Black World, Feb. 1971: 53-57
        “Miss Pittman’s Background”, New York Times Book Review, 10 August 1975: 23
        “The Autobiography of Master Ernest Gaines”, Cultural Vistas, Sp. 1990: 4-6, 15-16
    2-27 Gaines: Reviews
    2-28 Gaines: Movies
    2-29 Gaines: Biographical Honors, 1974, 1987-1989
    2-30 Gaines: Biographical Materials and Activities
    2-31 Gaines: Biographical Miscellaneous
    2-32 Gaines: Miscellaneous
        Rochester Water Fountain
        USL (Gaines presence example of excellence)
        B. B. King
    2-33 Gaines: Reference Correspondence
    2-34 Correspondence; CMS Proposal, 1990
    2-35 Farwell
    2-36 The Life and Music of Arthur George Farwell, American Composer and Educator - Part I
    2-37 The Life and Music of Arthur George Farwell, American Composer and Educator - Part II
    2-38 The Life and Music of Arthur George Farwell, American Composer and Educator - Part I
    2-39 The Life and Music of Arthur George Farwell, American Composer and Educator - Part II
Box 3
    3-01 Draft - Part I (Preface to Pg. 73)
    3-02 Draft - Part II (Farwell’s Work to Endnotes)
      Publication - The Sonneck Society Bulletin Vol. XVIII, No.3, Fall 1992
    3-03 Farwell - Correspondence, 1990-1992
    3-04 Farwell - Correspondence and Publications, 1990-1994
    3-05 Information from Dr. Karl Koenig
    3-06 Yaddo - Photographs and Correspondence, 1995-2001
    3-07 Yaddo - Publications, Newspaper Clippings, Postcards
    3-08 Trask - Correspondence, January - June 1992-1993
    3-09 Trask - Correspondence, June - December 1993, 1995, 2000, 2006
    3-10 Trask - Extra Illustrations
    3-11 Trask - Correspondence to Publishers/Permission for Photographs, 1993
    3-12 The World of Katrina Trask: Lady of Yaddo, Part I - Introduction and Chapter I
    3-13 The World of Katrina Trask: Lady of Yaddo, Part I - Chapter II
    3-14 The World of Katrina Trask: Lady of Yaddo, Part I - Chapter III
    3-15 The World of Katrina Trask: Lady of Yaddo, Part I - Chapter IV
    3-16 The World of Katrina Trask: Lady of Yaddo, Part I - Chapter V
    3-17 The World of Katrina Trask: Lady of Yaddo, Part II - Introduction and Chapter VI
    3-18 The World of Katrina Trask: Lady of Yaddo, Part II - Chapter VII
    3-19 The World of Katrina Trask: Lady of Yaddo - List of Published Works, Endnotes, and Bibliography
    3-20 Judy Still - Correspondence and Photograph, 1987-1991
    3-21 Judy Still - Correspondence and Photographs, 1992-2000
    3-22 CMS (College of Music Society), 1987, 1989
    3-23 William Grant Still Materials
    3-24 William Grant Still Interview, by R. Donald Brown (Transcription)
    3-25 William Grant Still’s Musical Style: A Monumental Contribution to American Music (Drafts and Publications)
Box 4
    4-01 Notes for William Grant Still (Greensboro), 1986-1996
    4-02 Notes for William Grant Still (Greensboro) - Publications, 1963-1986
    4-03 Lecture on William Grant Still Art Songs for Fayetteville
    4-04 William Grant Still (WGS) Piano Music Sheets
        Fairy Knoll
        Bells Two Pieces for Piano
        Wailing Dawn
        Three Visions
        Dance of the Porteuses from the Ballet of “La Guiablesse”
        Cloud Cradles
        Dance from Costaso
        Autoportrait En Mi
    4-05 Still - Centennial, 1994-1995
    4-06 Merle Evans
    4-07 Burleigh - Duplicate Drafts of Hard Trials: List of Musical Examples, Title Page - Pg. 150
    4-08 Burleigh - Duplicate Drafts of Hard Trials: Pg. 151 - 300
    4-09 Burleigh - Duplicate Drafts of Hard Trials: Pg. 301 - 456
      Photocopy of Harry T. Burleigh (1938)
      Keys to Symbols and Abbreviated Forms
    4-10 Burleigh Miscellany (Photographs and Publications), 1873-1992, n.d.
    4-11 Harry T. Burleigh Photographs, 1892, 1938-1945
    4-12 Old Songs Hymnal - Music Arranged by Harry T. Burleigh
    4-13 Reviews of Hard Trials, 1991-1994
    4-14 Scarecrow Press, 2002
    4-15 Snyder Papers
        “The Music of Harry T. Burleigh in Pittsburgh”, by Jean E. Snyder, M.A., 4 April 1987
        “Pittsburgh Resources for the Study of Harry T. Burleigh”, by Jean E. Snyder, 18 December 1986
    4-16 Burleigh PBS Correspondence, 1998, 2001-2003
    4-17 Dett - Miscellany, 1993-1995
    4-18 Dett - Photographs, 1982, n.d.
    4-19 Dett - Songs
    4-20 Dett - Chorale Music
    4-21 Dett - Chorale Music
    4-22 Dett - Simpson Illustrations
    4-23 Dvorak Preservation, 1993-1994
    4-24 Wallace Cheatham, 1993-1999
    4-25 Zaninelli, 1998-1999
    4-26 Spencer Williams, 1995
    4-27 Camille Nickerson, 1993, 1997
Box 5
    5-01 Camille Nickerson, 1994
    5-02 Camille Nickerson - Music Sheets
    5-03 Camille Nickerson’s Contribution to Creole Song Literature by Anne K. Simpson - Draft
    5-04 Camille Nickerson (CMS and LHA)
    5-05 Charles Griffes, 1984-1986
    5-06 Julie Calve, 1995
    5-07 Richard Hageman, 1995
    5-08 Kate Chopin, 1993-1994
    5-09 Fin-de-Siecle Writers Jewett, Chopin and Wharton: An Overview by Anne Simpson
    5-10 Fin-de-Siecle Writers Jewett, Chopin and Wharton: An Overview by Anne Simpson
    5-11 Walter Simmons, 1985, 1990, 1993
    5-12 CMS Article - Songs of Benjamin Britten, 1992
    5-13 Jeff Price, 1989
    5-14 Cynthia Crawford, 1997-2001
    5-15 Robert MacGimsey, 1998-1999
    5-16 Edward Confrey and Felix Arndt, 1987-1988
    5-17 Edward Confrey and Felix Arndt - Miscellaneous Handwritten Notes and Photocopies of Pictures
    5-18 Norman Tyler Sober, 1989
    5-19 Negative and Prints of Duparc
    5-20 Music Dealers in New Orleans, 1999-2000
    5-21 Swamp Pop, 1974, 1995
    5-22 Miscellaneous Church Music Sheets
    5-23 “In Old Louisiana: A Melodrama” - Music Sheets, 1922
    5-24 “In Old Louisiana: A Melodrama” - Music Sheets, 1922
    5-25 Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1989-2003
Box 6
  C. Music Sheets
    6-01 “Lucedia” (Giannini and Flaster) - Part I
    6-02 “Lucedia” (Giannini and Flaster) - Part II
    6-03 “Lucedia” (Giannini and Flaster) - Part I
    6-04 “Lucedia” (Giannini and Flaster) - Part II
    6-05 Miscellaneous Publications, 1981-1991
Box 7
  D. Media
    Audio Cassettes
    7-01 First Wednesday Faculty Recital - Loewy, Simpson, Trible, 2 October 1985
    7-02 From: Augie Caminiti “Nola” Bits and Talk
        “Nola” …. played by Felix Arndt
        “Dizzy Fingers” …played by Zez Confrey
        “Rhapsody in Blue” ….played by George Gershwin (Two Parts)
    7-03 Recital Lafayette Public Library, May 1992
        Herb Matthys
        Margaret Daniel
        Judy Landry
        Linda Roy
        Mary Matthys
        Sue Turner
        Anne Simpson
    7-04 Anne Simpson
        “Nola” (Arndt)
        “Kitten on the Keys” (Confrey)
        “Dizzy Fingers” (Confrey)
        Excerpts from “Prelude No. 3” (Gershwin)
        “Lady Be Good” (Gershwin)
        “Swanee” (Gershwin)
        “Stairway to Paradise” (Gershwin)
    7-05 Ramona Carmichael - Anne Simpson (pianist), May 30
        Side A
          Little Mother of Mine
          Mammy’s Lil’ Baby
          Just You (Art Songs by Harry T. Burleigh)
          In the Wood of Finvara
          He Met Her in the Meadow
          Lovely Dark and Lonely One
        Side B
          2 Florence Price Tunes
          1 Marg. Bonds Tune
    7-06 March 8, 1988
        Mezzo - Soprano, Ramona Carmichael
        Pianist - Anne Simpson
        Side A - Spiritual and Art Songs (H. T. Burleigh)
    7-07 Herb Matthys, Anne Simpson, February 1990
        Side A
          Poulenc Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
          Unaccompanied piece for Clarinet by Messiaen
        Side B
          “Shepard on the Rock”, by Schubert for Soprano, Clarinet, and Piano
          Piece by Widor for Clarinet and Piano
    7-08 Still Tour
        Side A
          Francis - Bay on Home, B. of Rose
        Side B
          Log Cabin Blues (arranged by C. Williams)
          St. Louis Blues (Bessie Smith)
          Lost Your Head Blues (Bernie Smith)
          Cake Walking Babies (By Wms.)
          West End Blues
    7-09 French Program - Burke, Deal, Dayden, Simpson
    7-10 Anne and Ramona for ISAM (Original Tape Unaltered)
        Two of Finvara (use last)
        1 ½ of Lil Baby
        Side A
          Little Mother of Mine
          Mommy’s Lil’ Baby
          Just You
          In the Wood of Finvara
          He Met Her in the Meadow
          Lovely Dark and Lovely One
    7-11 Music of William Grant Still
    7-12 William Grant Still - Piano Music Performed by Albert Dominguez
    7-13 Althea Walters performs the Music of Florence Price
    7-14 Memorial Services of the Late Anne Key Simpson
    7-15 Side A: Dawn’s Senior Recital
      Side B: Lisa and Dawn - Duet Recital
    7-16 Dett Tape from Denver Oldham
    7-17 Side 1: Judy Tallahassee - Giannini
        Be Still My Heart
        Lucedia Aria
        Far Above
        B. B. Sky
    7-18 “Hopelessly Romantic” - Songs of Vittorio Giannini
    7-19 Side A - Miss Cynthia Says ….
    7-20 Side A in Old Louisiana Excerpts
    7-21 Side A - Clarence Williams Retrospective
    7-22 Side 1 - Clarence Williams (Concluded)
    7-23 Sounds of Sunday, 28 March 2004
    7-24 A Christmas Present - Anne Simpson on the Piano, 2005
    7-25 Sounds of Sunday - 20 February
    7-26 James Burke CD 1
    7-27 James Burke CD 2
    7-28 The Bold and the Beautiful - Herbert A. Matthys Jr. Clarinet
    7-29 Miss Ann - Anita Baudoin, 2000
Box 8
    3 ½ Discs
    8-01 Track 1-5 Microsoft Word for Windows Ver. 2.0
    8-02 DLB Entries; LHA Handout
    8-03 CMS Nwsltr., Winter 1991
        SW Grant (AAC 1992)
        Poetry, Gaines Art Creole, Ltr Creole
    8-04 Mozart Hands on and Notes
        SW Program
        SAI, 1992
        Gaines Lecture
    8-05 Bolden Review
        Trask (Front Material); Introduction to Part II and Endnotes; Ch. VII, VIII, IX and Notes
    8-06 Dett Ind. I, II, III, IV
    8-07 Dett Part II, Ch. I (VIII); Endnotes Ch. VIII; Ch. IX; Endnotes IX; Ch. X; Notes Ch. X
    8-08 Dett Ch. 4 and 5 with Notes; Dett Bib, Dedication, Preface, Introduction, Disc, Summary Ch. X, Illustra.
    8-09 Short Stories (Revisions), 1995
    8-10 Trask Book - Ch. I - VI and Notes
    8-11 All of Dett Book - Dett _ Total File
    8-12 Dett Chapter 6 and 7 and Notes; Dett Contents; Appendix; Cat. of Music - I, II, III
    8-13 Dett Ch. I - III with Endnotes
    8-14 CMS (Southern Ch.) Winter or Fall Newsletter
    8-15 Trask Biography
Box 9
    5 ½ Discs
    9-01 Farwell Book Now at Ronald Erickson’s in Berkley, CA
        Farwell Part Ia (Mus. Am. to 1910)
        Farwell Part Ib (Student)
        Farwell Part I - Dup. of Early Years
        Part One - Early Years to Mus. Am.
        Farwell Part II, 1910-1919
        Farwell Part II, 1910-1929
        Farwell Part IIb, 1930; Bib.; Disc.; Preface; End Notes Part I, II, III
    9-02 Old Apple 2 Discs (Apple Works)
        Stories I: A Winter Afternoon; The Biography; Winter Afternoon; Two; The Club
        Stories II: Shades of White; Ben’s Gone; Grains of Sand; Bazatelle; Man Who Could; Last Semester
        Stories III: Novelty Piano; Reviewer; Marnie; Suzuki; Review
        Stories IV: Beau.Job; Every Day at TT; Stretch; Jewel; Lucky and Jazz; Last; Paper Doll; Without; Dark Sun
        Stories V: ASWL Newltr.; Ltr. Re. SS; Music in His Headl; Ltrs. From an Editor; Woman’s Hat; Hanna-SAI; Nobody Listens
        Stories VI: Nobody Listens; Late Eve. News; CMS ’90; SAI Sound Off; ASWL (September ’89); ASWL Mail list-April 1990
        Stories 4 - Things are Better; What Else is There to Do? LER and LF
    9-03 Anne Simpson Obituary
Box 10
    10-01 Dett’s Diaries; Mesiah Collection
Box 11
  E. Oversize
    11-01 UL Lafayette - For the Many Years of Service to the School of Music
    11-02 USL School of Music - In Sincere Appreciation for Years of Dedicated Service, 1986
    11-03 USL School of Music - Anne Simpson, Accompanist
    11-04 Sigma Alpha Iota - Outstanding Service and Support, 20 April 1986
Map Case 39-06
    1. Diplomas
        Anne Gray Key - Senior High School (Texarkana, Arkansas), 1939
        Anne Gray Key -Texas State College for Women, 1943
        Anne Key Simpson - Texas State College for Women, 1949
Volume 1
    1. Binder - The World of Katrina Trask (Lady of Yaddo), by Anne Key Simpson