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Robert S. Osborne Papers

Collection 173

Osborne, Robert S. (1908-1991) Papers, 1945–1954, n.d.

7 ½ inches

This collection consists mainly of writings of Robert S. Osborne, a long-time member of the English Department at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). His major interest was American Literature in the early national period. His dissertation, which was completed at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) in 1947, was on the career of Washington Irving through 1825. There are several unpublished essays and stories, and outlines or precis for both fiction and non-fiction publications. There is very little material not related to Osborne's literary interests.

Donated by Ollie Tucker Osborne, August, 1992.


A. Compositions  
  1. American Literature  
    a. Dissertation 1-01 through 1-09
    b. Articles on Washington Irving 1-10 through 1-12
  2. Others 1-13 through 1-15
B. Notes  
  1. American Literature 1-16 through 1-19
  2. Other 1-20 through 1-22
C. Personal Papers 1-23 through 1-24


A. Compositions
  1. American Literature
    a. Dissertation
1-01 Dissertation: A Study of Washington Irving's Development As a Man of Letters to 1825. Chapel Hill, 1947; title page, Chapter 1 (introduction)
1-02 Dissertation: Chapter 2
1-03 Dissertation: Chapter 3
1-04 Dissertation: Chapter 4
1-05 Dissertation: Chapter 5
1-06 Dissertation: Chapter 6
1-07 Dissertation: Chapter 7
1-08 Dissertation: Chapter 8
1-09 Dissertation: Bibliography
A. Compositions
  1. American Literature
    b. Articles on Washington Irving
1-10 "Salmagundi as a School for Washington Irving," 23 pp.
1-11 Same title: fragments; outline or precis
1-12 "Jacobus Van Curlet and Anthony Corlear in A History of New York, 3 p.
"Concerning Washington Irving's German Sources in the Sketch Book," 3 p.
A. Compositions
  2. Others
1-13 "The Knife Blade," 19 p.
  "The Strange Way," 5 p.
  untitled, 2 items
    typescript, 3 p.
    handwritten, 8 p.
A. Compositions
  3. Unpublished Novel
Box 2 Take Me By the Hand, n.d. 253 pp.
B. Notes
  1. American Literature
1-16 Notes or excerpts from primary sources
1-17 Notes from secondary sources
1-18 General notes and observations
    some on Washington Irving
1-19 Overviews
    includes: "The Writer's Statement of Purpose" for proposed book on early American Literature, 4 p., handwritten
B. Notes
  2. Other
1-20 Notes on British Literature
1-21 Notes from works on composition and criticism
1-22 Notes on projected novel
    See 1-13, "The Knife Blade"
C. Personal Papers
1-23 Material related to 1954 income tax returns; 1955 property tax form for his mother
1-24 Photographs; negatives
    Osborne family; army discharge papers