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James Michael Prejean Collection

Collection 171

Prejean, James Michael ( - ). Collection, 1874-1985

14 inches

This collection consists of family histories of the Prejean and Blanchet families.


A. Writings 1-01
B. Documents 1-02 thru 1-04
C. Photographs 1-05 thru 1-09
D. Correspondence 1-10 thru 1-16
E. Family History 2-01 thru 2-21
F. Miscellaneous 2-22
G. Reel to Reel Film Box 3
H. Slides Box 4


Box 1
1-01 Writings: A Profile of Alice Mouton Blanchet, n.d. By J.M. Prejean
1-02 Documents: Succession Records, Olivier Blanchet (community with Alice Mouton, 1902, n.d.
1-03 Same: Conveyance Records, St. Martin Parish, Blanchet family, late 1800s – 1902.
1-04 Same: Marriage and Baptism records: Blanchet and Mouton families
    Marriage: Vital Fondadouze and Marie Dugastin, 28 December 1819.
    Marriage: Josef Roys and Magdalena Bernada, 15 January 1794
    Marriage: Hector Prejean and Regina Blanchet, 31 December 1905
    Baptism: Marie Celina LeRoi, 23 May 1831 (baptized)
    Baptism: Marie Regina Blanchet, 16 August 1882 (baptized)
1-05 Photographs: Eunice Blanchet, individual and groups (photocopies)
1-06 Same: Blanchet family, individuals and groups photographs, photocopies and originals, some in color, some identified, 1980, n.d.
1-07 Same: Blanchet family, individuals and groups photographs, photocopies, n.d.
1-08 Same: Blanchet family, individuals and group photographs
    Photocopies, n.d.
1-09 Same: Blanchet family, individuals and group photographs
    Photocopies, n.d.
1-10 Correspondence: 1961-1964 J.M. Prejean
1-11 Same: 1977, 1979-1980, J.M. Prejean
1-12 Same: 1981, J.M. Prejean
1-13 Same: 1982, J.M. Prejean
1-14 Same: 1983, J.M. Prejean
1-15 Same: 1984-1985, J.M. Prejean
1-16 Same: n.d., J.M. Prejean
Box 2    
2-01 Family History: Blanchet family, charts
2-02 Same: Blanchet family, charts
2-03 Same: Blanchet family, charts
2-04 Same: Blanchet family, miscellaneous family papers
2-05 Same: Blanchet family, miscellaneous family papers
2-06 Same: Blanchet family, Blanchet, Cecile family
2-07 Same: Blanchet family, Blanchet, Joseph Odo
2-08 Same: Blanchet family, Blanchet, Olivier
2-09 Same: Blanchet family, Blanchet, Joseph Kossuth
2-10 Same: Blanchet family, Blanchet, Eunice
2-11 Same: Blanchet family, Blanchet, John Paul
2-12 Same: Blanchet family, Blanchet, Pierre
2-13 Same: Prejean family, Prejean, Leonce
2-14 Same: Prejean family, Prejean, Helen Dupuis
2-15 Same: Prejean family, Prejean, Andre
2-16 Same: Prejean family, Prejean, Joseph
2-17 Same: Prejean family, Prejean, Hector
2-18 Same: Prejean family, Dupuis, Helen Prejean
2-19 Same: Prejean family, Dupuis, Lumina OR Lumenia Prejean
2-20 Same: Prejean family, Prejean, Agerin, Dr. Louis
2-21 Same: Prejean family, Prejean, Louis Honore
2-22 Miscellaneous: Transitional Living services – minutes of meeting, 1980
Box 3    
Reel to Reel Film
Prejean Productions: “A Family Album”
  Reel 1: no date
  Reel 2: to November 1949
  Reel 3: December 25, 1949 to November 1950
  Reel 4: from December 1950 –
Box 4  
Miscellaneous slides & cassette tapes