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Fun Fact Friday with Special Collections

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Queering the Collection: LGBTQ+ Archives Lecture Series, Part 1

Dupré Library Special Collections and the Guilbeau Center for Public History are hosting the first of three planned

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Fun Fact Friday with Special Collections

Today we are celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month.

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Library Therapy Wall -- May

If you're on campus this summer, stop by the library and draw something on the Library Therapy Wall next to the 1st

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This week we are celebrating Children’s Book Week.

Although we are a university library, the Louisiana Room has many children’s books that can be perused in our reading room.

Children's Book Week was established in 1919. It has become so popular that it now has two dedicated weeks a year. This year those weeks are May 2-8 and November 7-13. The purpose is to encourage children to read.

This year’s challenge asks young readers to explore what, how, and where they read. We encourage everyone to participate, whether it be with adults or in groups. Questions such as these are encouraged by the ALA.

  • What do you read?
  • Where do you read?
  • How do you read?

There are many activities that are found online that can help parents encourage more interaction with reading materials. Here in Special Collections, we have many children’s books by various Louisiana authors. We also have the Mary Alice Fontenot collection, which includes several scrap books, awards, and teaching aids from her time meeting with children in and out of schools in the area. 

2022 Children’s Book Week

Fun Fact Friday is brought to you by Special Collections.