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2021 Caffery Award Winner

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Fun Fact Friday with Special Collections

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René Champagne has been named the winner of the 2021 Jefferson Caffery Research Award. His paper, “Cajuns, Creoles, and the Impact of Americanization on Ethnic Identity in Louisiana.” examines the evolution of race and ethnicity as a result of factors such as assimilation, and the resulting impact on cultural identity. The almost two dozen sources Champagne relied on for his award-winning paper range from the Louisiana Office of Cultural Development and The New York Times, to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Journal of Anthropological Research.

René is a senior double majoring in French and Francophone studies and in anthropology.

UL Lafayette Office of Communications and Marketing has written a story about René's award-winning paper.

View Caffery Competition to learn more about the annual Jefferson Caffery Research Award.

Photo Caption: René Champagne is the winner of this year’s Jefferson Caffery Research Award. The prize’s namesake is at right.

Photo Credit: Photo at left courtesy of René Champagne. Photo at right is courtesy of Special Collections at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.