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Accessibility Services

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) requires that library programs and services be accessible to people who have disabilities. Dupré Library complies with these requirements by providing:

  • curb ramps
  • accessible parking
  • exterior elevator
  • modified entrances
  • adaptive technology for the visually impaired
  • signs enhanced with Braille
  • special seating areas
  • compatible resources
  • quiet zones

The Library provides personnel services to those who are otherwise unable. These services include:

  • virtual reference
  • interlibrary loan/document delivery
  • item retrieval
  • copying
  • verbal assistance
  • emergency rescue procedures
  • and more

Equipment for the visually impaired is on the 1st floor adjacent to the STEP Lab.

To enhance the accessibility of Internet resources, all library managed websites employ the guidelines provided by the University Web Style Guide Accessibility Policy. Library web pages should provide a visually appealing design and a favorable user experience. Since access to library resources by all university patrons is a primary mission of the Library, compliance with accessibility standards in all library managed websites are maintained. For example, all pages must have "Alt" text alternatives when graphics are displayed. Animated and excessive graphics, blinking text, large files, and multiple layers are discouraged. Clear navigation and appropriate markup are encouraged. Explore the Web Content Accessibility Initiative for national and international web standards in greater detail.

EBSCO, one of the Library's major database providers, is committed to providing positive experiences for all users. They have provided an EBSCO Accessibility – Navigation Guide and an EBSCO eBook Accessibility User Guide and FAQs for using their databases.

The Office of Disability Services provides additional services on campus.

Contact the Circulation Desk at (337) 482-6025 or with questions or for information not covered in this policy.

[ Last Revised on November 9, 2020 ]