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Jacqueline O. Vidrine Genealogical Records

Collection 272A

Vidrine, Jacqueline O. (1929–2018). Genealogical Records, 1500s–2018

41 feet, oversize

Jaqueline Elma Olivier was born on October 28, 1929 to Jacques Joseph Olivier (known as “Jake”) and Elma Veillon Olivier. Known as “Jacky”, she was a noted historian and genealogist. She graduated as valedictorian from Sacred Heart High School and later attained a bachelor’s degree cum laude from Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) as a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Sigma Kappa Delta. On June 3, 1947, she married Drouet W. Vidrine and they had seven (7) children.

Mrs. Vidrine published five (5) major books on genealogy and Louisiana history, as well as numerous papers and articles. She performed on-site source research in the archives of the Opelousas Post, New Orleans, Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, DC, Canada, France and Mallorca, Spain.

Mrs. Vidrine collaborated on genetic research projects with Tulane and Louisiana State University. She was a member of many professional societies, notably as a founding associate of the National Historical Society, elected president of the Louisiana State Historical Association, and a founding member of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL). She was also appointed by the Governor as a member of the State of Louisiana’s Commission on Historical Records and its Commission on Cultural Resources.

This collection is divided into two sections. First, there are her personal papers, which consist of biographical material, her education, writing, speech, and committees served on. The second section is her research work files. This consists of extensive research she did on over 400 surnames, her publications and research materials for these publications, correspondence, pedigree charts, and census records. The collection also includes numerous pedigree charts, maps, and volumes of family histories she researched.

The children of Jacqueline Vidrine donated this collection.

Note: Vidrine-Vedrines, volume II (unpublished) - research material is RESTRICTED: Boxes 31-34 and notecards. This is restricted unless permission from one of her children is given.

See Also: Collection 272 - Jacqueline O. Vidrine Papers.


A. Personal
1. Biographical 1-01 through 1-04; Box 1A
2. Education 1-05 through 1-14
3. Correspondence 1-15 through 1-17
4. Writings, Speeches/Talks, Committees 1-18 through 2-34
5. Other
a. EGHS 2-35 through 2-38
B. Research
1. Surnames 2-39 through 10-15.1
2. Publications 10-16 through 11-08
3. Correspondence 11-09 through 12-19
4. Pedigree Charts 12-20 through 12-36
5. Census Records 12-37 through 13-15.1
6. Research: JOV
a. Writings and Publications 13-16 through 17-50
b. Ethnics 17-51 through 18-04
c. Locations 18-05 through 19-30
d. Travels 19-31 through 20-15
e. Other - Genetic Studies 20-16 through 20-21
7. Other
a. Center for French Studies 20-22 through 2-26
b. Center for Louisiana Studies 20-27
8. State Archives 20-28 through 24-37
9. Fr. Donald Hebert 24-38 through 26-18
10. Church and Civil Records 26-19 through 27-11
C. Louisiana History
1. Evangeline Parish - History 27-12 through 27-22
2. General - Euzebe Vidrine 28-01
3. Louisiana - History 28-02
D. Photographs 28-03 through 28-14
E. Maps 28-15 through 28-25
F. Notecards Box 28-30
G. Unpublished Writings - RESTRICTED Box 31-34, notecards
H. Microfilm/Artifacts Box 35
I. Volumes 36-01 through 39-09
J. Books Box 39
K. Oversize Box 40, Map Case 41-01 through 41-13


Vidrine, Jacqueline O. (1929-2018). Genealogical Records, 1500s-2018 (PDF)