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Patout Family Collection

Collection 148

Patout Family. Collection, 1831-1975

15 sheets of microfiche [12 negative and positive; 3]

This collection contains material brought to a Patout Family reunion in 1975. It was microfilmed by Dennis Gibson and Anna Jane Marks. The items were not filmed in any particular order.

The collection contains a great number of legal documents. Many of these deal with land especially in St. Mary Parish (Iberia Parish was created in 1868) T13S R7E. There are also wills, successions, and other legal papers. These documents are later copies (usually handwritten) of originals held in the parish court houses. There are also photographs, wedding invitations, newspaper clippings, letters and other materials. Several published books were filmed including Champomier's Statement of the Sugar Crop for 1845-46 and 1850-51 and the history of St. Peter's Church, St. Nicholas Church, Patoutville, etc.

Among the people prominently represented in the collection are: Simeon Patout; Appoline Fournier Patout; Hypolite Patout; and Mary Ann Schwing Patout.

Definition of Symbols:

D Document
DS Document, Signed
TD Typed Document
AD Handwritten Document
TL Typed Letter
TLS Typed Letter, Signed
ALS Handwritten Letter, Signed
ADS Handwritten Document, Signed

Jacket 1

Positive: Fiche 13 of 15
Negative: Fiche 1 of 15

  Ashley, Lynn, "Gone with the Wind? Not This Family. Not Their Plantation." 10/12/1969, 5 pp., no source
  Golson, Wilbur T., "The Last Days of Sugar Steamers," Dixie, 12/9/1962, page 7
TL Robert B. Patout, Derby, England, 4/7/1954, 2 pp.
  Succession of Mary Ann Patout
  Appraisal of estate in Iberia Parish, 7/24/1907, 12 pp.
  Appraisal of estate in Orleans Parish, 7/27/1907, 8 pp.
  Appraisal of estate in St. Landry Parish, 8/1/1907, 2 pp.
TD Division of estate prepared by Simeon for Gus, 2/17/?, 1 p.
AD Notes about family members, n.d., 3 pp.
  Postcard to M.A. Patout, 10/27/1907 [photo of Patout plantation?]
  Wedding invitations (3)
    Rivers A. Patout and Elizabeth Massenburg, 11/15/?, Paris, Texas
    William P. Patout and Louise Decuir, 2/5/1908, New Iberia, Louisiana
    Lydie Patout and Dr. M.D. Wall, Jr., 1/28/1895, at home
  Clippings (3), n.d.
    "Mrs Patout's Estate"
    "Mrs. M. A. Patout's Estate is Large in this Parish"
    Family Mourns Death of the Venerable Mrs. Schwing
TL Letter from Simien Patout to Mrs. A. Patout, San Francisco, 6/1849, 9 pp. (typescript)
TD Note about St. Nicholas Church in Patoutville, n.d., 1 p.
TLS Emerite ? to Mr. Robert B. Patout, 12/2/1960, 2 pp [Olivier family]
TLS Rev. A.J. Vincent to Mrs. William S. Patout, Jr., 3/26/1965, 1 p., re St. Nicholas Church, handwritten note on envelope
AD Notes from Michelin guide, Paris region, 1952, 1 p.
AD Wedding announcement: George H. Moses(?) and Ada L. Patout, 4/15/1891
AD Notes about family [Mrs. William S. Patout, Jr.] n.d., 1 p.

Jacket 2

Positive: Fiche 14 of 15
Negative: Fiche 2 of 15

ADS Patout Henri(?) to Monsieur Patout [1963]; Culport ?, 32 pp.; genealogy
TD "Leufroy Pierre Patout," from Alcee Fortier, Louisiana (1901), 2 pp., typescript
D Wall, Ralph T., "John Godfried Schwing of Louisville, Kentucky: A Genealogy" (1964), 22 pp.
D St. Peter's Church of New Iberia, 1953: A Dedication
  inscription about Patoutville, n.p., 1953, 56 pp.
D Map, "Divisions of the Original Attakapas or St. Martin Parish, 1806-1868," 1 p.
TL Simeon Patout to parents, St. Charles College, 1846, 1 p., typescript
TL J. J. Mistrot to Tina Mistrot, Calvert, Texas, 8/27/1886, 2 pp., typescript
AD Genealogy chart: descendants of Pierre Patout and Marie Jeanne Bacquaurd (?)
AD [Note: succession of Simeon Patout, d. 1847, 1 p.]
D Clipping: Patoutville, n.d.
TL M. A. Rusha to E. M. Rusha, New Orleans, 8/4/1831 (?), 1 p, typescript

Jacket 3

Positive: Fiche 15 of 15
Negative: Fiche 3 of 15

TL Edwin M. Rusha to parents, Manassas, Junction, Virginia, 6/22/[1861], 2 pp., typescript

Jacket 4

Positive: Fiche 4 of 15
Negative: Fiche 1 of 9 [less last frame]

DS Simeon Patout: register of land, 5/24/1851, 1 p.
DS Simeon Patout: land certificate, 4/3/1832, 1 p., 2 copies
DS Simeon Patout: land certificate, 12/10/1831, 1 p.
DS Deed of sale: Hypolyte Patout to M. A. Patout, 12/17/1898, 3 p.
DS Land certificate - illegible
DS Deed of sale: Emile J. Cyr & Son to M.A. Patout, 4/12/1894, 4 p.
AD Clerk of court's bill, 9/1/1878, 1 p.
ALS P. G. Gilbert to Hypolyte Patout, 9/8/1881, 1 p. [French]
DS Receipts: taxes, lawyer costs, etc., 3 frames
ALS Bernard & Gilbert to Hypolyte Patout, 7/19/1878, 1 p., [French]
ADS Appointment as trustee of parish school board, 10/11/1877, 1 p.
D Receipt for bank shares, M. A. Patout, 2/7/1897, 1 item
DS Land certificate: Daniel Rawls, 4/3/1832, 1 p.
DS Deed of sale: Simeon Patout purchased land, 5/17/183[1]
ALS James Whitcomb: land commissioner, 11/8/1838, 2 pp.
DS Land certificate: Gilbert Amis and Jules Pellerin, 8/13/1837
DS Deed of sale: John M. Henshaw to M. A. Patout, 12/29/1897, 3 pp.
DS Power of attorney: John M. Henshaw to Edwin Weeks, 9/25/1897 1 p.
DS Receipt: land purchase by ----- Landry 7/5/1838, 1 p.
DS Land deed: Charles H. Olivier de Vezin, -/29/1871, [2 copies]
ALS Benjamin F. Linton to R. N. Kelley, 10/7/1840, 1 p.
DS Deed of land sale: Appoline Patout and Desire Alexander Miguez, 1/10/1867 [original]; 9/16/1869 [copy], 3 pp.
DS Land certificate: Simeon Patout, 5/11/1838, 1 p.
DS Land certificate: Gilbert Amus & Jules Pillerin, 12/3/1842, 2 entries
ADS Withdrawal of pre-emption claim: Amy & Pellerin, 7/15/n.y.
DS Land purchase receipt: Amy and Pellerin, assigned to Simeon Patout, 7/1836
D M. A. Patout vs. Enerlien Landry, 5/2/1868, 2 pp.
D Jules Pellerin and Gilbert Amy v. Simeon Patout, 11/24/1843; 10/13/1843 [2 copies]
  Land purchase certificate: Rurben Doty, 6/15/1838
  Land purchase certificate: Simeon Patout, 5/11/1838
  Court summons to Simeon Patout, 10/2/1839
  Receipts: 1894, 1904, M. A. Patout
  Land certificate: Daniel Rawls, 6/4/1835
AD Statement: Calice Pellerin debt to Sr Patout, 7/20/1845 [not on negative]

Jacket 5

Positive: Fiche 5 of 15
Negative: Fiche 2 of 9

ADS Deed of sale (land): Dazmeorit(?) Borel to M. A. Patout, 1/24/1875, 2 pp.
ADS Sheriff's seizure, 9/7/1844, 2 pp.
ADS Land deed, 4/22/1850, 4 pp.
DS Simeon Patout land title
DS Land sale: Nicholas Loisel to Daniel Runnels, 4/12/1836, 4pp.
DS Land sale: Daniel Rawles to Mrs. Appoline Fournier, 6/7/1852, 2 pp.
D Land certificate # 1928: Simeon Patout, 12/2/1842
D Receipt: Ludie Patout, bank shares, 2/7/1891
D Land deed: Maximilian Landry to Appoline Patout, 8/14/1849, 3 pp.
D Land deed: Robert McCarty to Daniel Rawls, 12/18/1835, 3 pp.
D Land certificate: M. A. Patout, Section 38 T14S R7E, 5/24/1851
D Land certificate, (US): Simeon Patout, Section 33 T13S R7E, 10/1/1845
D Land deed: Charles Olivier to Appoline Patout (copy 12/4/1860), [French]
D Land certificate (US): Daniel Rawls, Section 37 T13S R7E, 8/13/1837
  Miscellaneous receipts, [4]
D Act of sale: Olivier to Adolph Vincent, 7 pp (copy, 5/11/1854) [French]
TD Succession by auction of John D. Wilkins estate, 3/19/1854, 4 pp [copy 9/23/1902]

Negative: Fiche 2 of 9 (same as 5 of 15 except)

Frame 1 Debt of Calice Pellerin to A. Patout 7/20/1845, French
  Only 3 pages of John D. Wilkins estate auction, page 4, 1st frame on Fiche 3 of 9

Jacket 6

Positive: Fiche 6 of 15
negative: Fiche 3 of 9

AD Lands of Patout purchase from W.F. Weeks estate, T13S(?)R7E, 9/22/1902, 1 page
TD Richard A. Wilkins et al vs. Harding Burnby, Tutor et als, (St. Mary District Court # 4576)
    re: succession of John D. Wilkins, 2 pp, 2/5/1853, copy
TD Evaluation of John D. Wilkins' estate, 5/11/1853, 6 pp., copy
TD Succession of William F. Weeks, 3/27/1896, 4 pp.
TD Estate of Ann W. Peebles, 3/6/1871, 2 pp.
TD Deed: Weeks family to M.A. Patout & Sons, T13S R7E, etc., 6/2/1893, 3 pp., copy
TD Land deed: Charles C. Weeks to William F. Weeks, 1/26/1884, T13S R7E, 2 pp.
TD Land deed: Dumas Broussard to Charles C. Weeks, 6/28/1877, T13S R7E, 2 pp.
TD Bill: Clerk of Court for copies of documents, 9/1902, 1 p.
TLS Walter J. Burke & Bros. to H. Patout, 10/14/1902, 1 p.
TD Deed search, T13S R7E, -/2/1902, 2 pp.
TD Receipts: M. A. Patout (mainly taxes) 1850s-1890s, 30 frames

Jacket 7

Positive: Fiche 7 of 15 (first and last frames differ)
Negative: Fiche 4 of 9

DS Tax receipts, license tax: M. A. Patout, 7/20/1867-1896, 5 items
ALS L.H. Pellerin to M.A. Patout, 2/4/1895, legal matters, 2 pp.
DS Land certificate # 796 (state): Nicholas Loisel, Section 37 T13S R7E, 12/10/1833
DS Land certificate # 285 (state): Daniel Rawls, Section 37 T13S R7E, 11/30/1830
DS Land certificate # 508 (state): 5/24/1851 (also in Fiche 5)
ADS Legal document: between Hypolyte and Felix Patout re Patout holdings, 9/3/1881, 16 pp., [difficult to read] See negative copy Fiche 4 of 9
TDS Contract between M. A. Patout & Sons and John H. Murphy, 3/16/1894, 9 pp.
TDS Appraisal: M. A. Patout & Sons sugar equipment, 8/2/1910, 4 pp.
DS Land certificate (US): Nicolas (sic) Loisel, 2/1/1836
DS Land certificate # 215 (US): Daniel Rawls Section 37 T13S R7E, 12/10/1831
ADS Application: Mary Ann Schwing Patout seeking to be declared administrix of estate by Hypolyte Patout, 5/19/1882
ADS Conveyance & mortgage: M.A. Patout, 9/20/1869, 3 pp [French]
  Act of sale: M.A. Patout to Mrs. Celimine Miguez, 10/27/1866
DS Bankruptcy certificate: Hypolite Patout, 5/5/1870
DS Mortgage: plantation of Icon Victor Partigues, 6/18/1852, 3 pp.
ALS William F. Schwing to M. A. Patout, 2/24/1902, 2 pp.
ADS Will: Gustave Antoine Mistrot, 7/24/1906, 3 pp [plus 1st frame of Fiche 8 of 15]

Jacket 8

Positive: Fiche 8 of 15
Negative: Fiche 5 of 9

  Last page of Gustave Antoine Mistrot will
  Photograph (albumin print): Rosa Patout [taken in Holly Springs, MS]
ADS Will: Hypolyte Patout, 6/6/1881, 2 pp
  Photograph: unidentified women [taken in New York City]
  Champomier, P. A., Sugar Crops Made in Louisiana, 1845-46 (New Orleans, 1846) 37 pp.
  Champomier, P. A., Statement of the Sugar Crop Made in Louisiana in 1850-51, New Orleans, 1851, 56 pp.

Jacket 9

Positive: Fiche 9 of 15
Negative: Fiche 6 of 9

  Champomier, P. A., Statement of Sugar Crop Made in Louisiana in 1853-60, New Orleans, 1860, 46 pp., p 36-37 missing
  Champomier, P. A., Statement of Sugar Crop Made in Louisiana in 1852-1862, New Orleans, 46 pp., p. 40-41 missing


Jacket 10

Positive: Fiche 10 of 15
Negative: Fiche 7 of 9

DS Deed of slave sale: Hypolyte Patout, 1/24/1860, 3 pp.
DS Land certificate # 6518 (state): Hypolyte Patout, Assumption Parish: Section 67 & Section 65, 5/18/1859
DS Deed of slave sale: Hypolyte Patout, 1/21/1860, 4 pp.
  Jewelry, 3 frames
  Scrapbook of Louise Decuir Patout
    photographs; some identified
      page 14, Caroline Appoline Boyard Louviere in 1955 (1871-1955)
      page 15, same in 1889
      portrait of Florestine Patout (1838- ) done in Paris in 1854
        Jules M. Burguieres
        C. Patout Burguieres
        Masie Counnie Patout Burguieres Ducey
        Lilla Withnell of St. Louis, Mo. married Charles Patout Bourguieres
D Program for Patout Sesqui-centennial, 1825-1975
ALS Felix Patout to Ernest Burguieres, 4/27/1917 re Patout family, 2 pp.; 1 p. (TD) notes about letter
  Typescript of Felix Patout letter
TLS Ernest A. Burguieres to Virginia Burguieres, 3/10/1955 re genealogy, 2 pp.
TD Notes on Verret family, 3 pp.
D Sons of the Revolution in the State of Louisiana application by Ernst Aloysus Burguieres, Jr. 2 pp.


Jacket 11

Positive: Fiche 11 of 15
Negative: Fiche 8 of 9

Photos: Hypolyte Patout; Hypolyte Patout and friends
Photos: 2 men [identification illegible]
Wedding invitation: Oscar Durand and Lydia Patout, 1/19/1889
Photo: Lydia Patout Durand
Photo: Annie Patout Pale
Photo: Eunice Patout
Photo: Eunice Patout
Photos: Bessie Patout Fouson (front row right) in group in backyard of Enterprise Plantation; Bessie Patout with Camille and Demmie Schwing and Sydney Patout (on left)
Clippings: Obituaries for Oswell Patout; Ory Patout; Sebastian Patout - photo of Oswell, Eunice and Clelie Patout
Photos: Mrs. Devezin Romero; Clelie Romero Patout
Photos: 2 women (one labelled as Aunt Mene [?])
Photos: Odelle Romero Pointis and husband (Sam Pointis); Blanche Romero Nicholls & husband, Judge Sam Nicholls [Nashville]
Photos: Oscar Romero and Adolph Romero, brothers of Celie Romero Patout
Photos: Felix Patout (brother of Hypolyte Sr.); Marie Patout Broussard (daughter of Felix)
Photos: Eunice Fouson (daughter of Bessie Patout Fouson) on one of Patout narrow gauge railway engines; Patout narrow gauge railway engine at Six Flags; The Clelie II (boat)
Clipping: "6 Flags Trains: Antiques Ran Around Her Plantation Home," Dallas Morning News, 6/30/1961, Section 3; "Well Trained Now," Dallas Times Herald, 7/6/1962; 6 others about train at 6 Flags
Photos: Clelie Romero Patout; Clelie & Hypolyte Patout
Photos: 4 men & boy (some identified); child (unidentified)
Clipping: Durand-Broussard wedding
Photo: Patout ladle buried during Civil War and pierced by a Union sword
TD Deed: St. Nicholas Church to Archdiocese by Mrs. Appoline Patout, 5/7/1852, 1 p.
ADS Deed: St. Nicholas Church to Archdiocese by Mrs. Appoline Patout, 5/7/1852, 2 pp.
ADS Death certificate: Simeon Patout, 6/26/1854, 3 pp [French]; [TD Translation]
ADS Re: birth of Felix Patout; TD translation, 12/29/1848
ADS Extract from succession: Simeon Patout, 9 pp [French], [completed on next fiche]


Jacket 12

Positive: Fiche 12 of 15
Negative: Fiche 9 of 9

ADS Extract from succession: Simeon Patout, 12/29/1848, 6 pp, [French] continuation of
ADS Extract from city records: Lizy-sur-Ourcq regarding death of Adele Elemore Tate (or Gate), 12/9/1875, 1 p., [French] (TD Translation, 2 pp.)
AD Extract from succession: Simeon Patout, Jr. [copy of release, heirs of Simeon Patout, Jr. to Appoline Fournier, 7/7/1856], 2 pp., [French]
AD Text related to above [English] 2 pp. [2nd page very blurred]
Letter: Simeon Patout to Mde A. Patout, 3 pp. [French]; TD translation (from California 6/1/1849) 8 pp.
ALS Berand & Gibert to H. Patout, 12/27/1872, 1 p. [French] translation
Clipping: Franklin, Louisiana paper, p. 1 [9/5/1870]
AD Extract from marriage of Pauline Fournier & Simeon Patout, 5/17/1826, translation
DS Appointment: Appoline Fournier as administratrix of Simeon Patout estate 1/- /1848
AD Birth of Eleonore Adel Tate; translation
TLS Jon Reynolds to Flora Broussard, 2/25/1975, re: Felix Patout at Georgetown University
  Le Dauphin, Decours sur L'Historie Universelle... . Lyous,
  1813 [Georgetown College stamp] cover & p. 1 only
  Receipts, 1881 (4)
  Inquest over body of Lorns - Patout, 6/1838 [barely legible -; not legible on positive copy
  Receipt for work on St. Nicholas church, 1887
  $10 bill in name of New Iberia National Bank, Felix Patout, Vice President


Jacket 13

Negative: Fiche 1 of 3
Filmed by Dennis Gibson 2/8/1974

  Ogden, F. D. "Tariff or Rates of Duties Payable on Goods, Wares and Merchandise, Imported into the United States of America..." New York, 1850, 91 pp., Appoline Patout's name on fly leaf
AD Scraps of Original Poetry and Essays by Edward M. Rusha, St. Louis University, 1857, 8 pp. [continued on Fiche 2 of 3]

Negative: Fiche 2 of 3
Filmed by Dennis Gibson 2/8/1974

  Poems and essays by Edward M. Rusha, 42 pp., 1857-1858 [cont]
  Clippings; poetry, etc. [almost illegible] 1 frame
  Fragments: 14 frames
TD Succession of Simeon Patout, 1/5/1848, 1 p. extract
TD Information about probate records of Isidore Patout, died 5/27/1857, 1 page

Negative: Fiche 3 of 3

TD Information about probate record: Pauline A. Patout, widow of Philip Alston Rawls; wife of Olympus Young, 11/1859, 1 p.
TD List of claims of Pauline Fournier Patout against U. S. Government, 1 p. [French]
TD Death certificate: Simeon Patout's draft certificate, 6/1854, 1 page
TD Excerpt of marriage certificate: Simeon Patout and Pauline Fournier, 5/17/1826, 2 pp.