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Ory Miguez Photograph Collection

Collection 242

Miguez, Ory (1922–2005). Photograph Collection, 1951–1994

600,000 images

Ory Miguez was born on December 17, 1922 in Baldwin, Louisiana. He attended Franklin High School. He entered the U.S. Air Force during World War II and became a photographer. He so enjoyed that work that he decided to take it up as a career following his service.

The Miguez Studio has always been a family operation. His wife, the former Alma Blanchard, handled retouching and oil coloring when the studio was first established. In 1974, their son Ken Miguez joined the business full-time. From its beginning, the Miguez Studio has documented social activities in the Franklin area. The collection has many negatives from wedding, graduation, dance recitals, carnival balls as well as individual and family portraits. Ory Miguez has also done extensive specialized photography in legal, industrial and oil fields. Assignments from major oil companies and law firms took him from Mexico to the North Sea. Many of his photographs have been used in trade publications and annual reports.

Miguez has also gained a reputation for his excellent nature and outdoor photographs. He has taken many photographs while engaged in hunting and fishing trips. He is well known for his scenic and wildlife photographs of the Atchafalaya Basin and/or swamp and marshes.

This collection has over 600,000 images. Donated by Ory Miguez.


A. Photographs: Negatives/Proofs


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