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Signage Policy

Signs are used in Dupré Library to communicate general and specific messages to users within its physical surroundings. Visitors are more likely to notice well-placed, sophisticated-looking signage. These include tabletop signs, pedestal signs, elevator signs, electronic displays, and more. Effective signage empowers visitors and improves their perception of the building that they have navigated so easily.

There are several categories of library signage:

  • Code Signs: fire escape, stairs, etc.
  • Directional
  • Identification
  • Information
  • Orientation
  • Temporary

The members of the library's Signage Committee are responsible for identifying needs for new signage and monitoring existing signage. Having clear, uniform signs contributes to the library's mission to serve its users and promotes aesthetical harmony.

Policy & Procedure

Any request for temporary or permanent signs posted inside or outside must be made to a member of the Signage Committee and approved by the Dean of Libraries or the Associate Dean of Libraries. Dupré Library will remove signage posted without authorization.

The designated place for signs for students, groups and other non-library personnel is on the library's bulletin board in front of the 1st floor public restrooms. Usage of the bulletin board should only be for purposes that are of an appropriate nature.


Sheryl Curry | Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Technical Services
(337) 482-5704 |

[ Last Revised on July 11, 2022 ]