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Exhibits Policy

Dupré Library is not primarily an exhibition space and its facilities are limited; however, the library does have floor space and glass display cases available for exhibition purposes. The library invites the University of Louisiana at Lafayette faculty and staff to propose special exhibits. All decisions, as to the use of the cases, are made by the library's Exhibit Coordinator. The library will provide the display area with the stipulation that the department or organization uses all or most of the display cases provided.

Any material displayed in Dupré Library should be relevant to the University and its educational and philosophical mission. The display cases are primarily used to promote Edith Garland Dupré Library and its collections to the University and the community at large. Similarly, the library's display cases are also used to promote the programs, publications, and activities of other departments and organizations associated with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Edith Garland Dupré Library assumes no responsibility for the artistic or intellectual content of any of its exhibits. Dupré Library is a forum for the free exchange of ideas and does not act as a censor. Exhibit contents must adhere to University regulations.

All exhibitors must observe the following requirements:

Display Duration

Dupré Library does not have any permanent exhibitions. Duration of exhibits in the Grand Hall will be one (1) month, while exhibits within the central stairwell will be for three (3) month periods. Exceptions to this policy require the approval of the Exhibits Coordinator and the Dean of Libraries. Materials on display should rotate out of the building during a time agreed upon in advance by the exhibitor and the library’s Exhibit Coordinator. The library will provide the display area with the stipulation that the department or organization uses all or most of the display cases provided.

Display Case Dimensions and Location

Dupré Library currently provides seven (7) horizontal display cases and two (2) vertical display cases in the Grand Hall for monthly exhibits. There are also four (4) large Plexiglas vertical cases for quarterly (three-month) exhibits located in the 1st-floor central stairwell. The dimensions for the horizontal cases are 2 ft. 2/4 inch wide x 4 ft. 4/10 inch long x 7 1/4 inches deep. The vertical display cases dimensions are 3 ft. 9 inches wide x 4 ft. 10 inches tall x 15 inches deep. The dimensions of the large Plexiglas vertical cases are 4 ft. 6 inches wide x 2 ft. 6 inches long x 3 ft. 6 inches high. All display cases are permanently located and not movable.


Each case, except the vertical plexiglass ones in the main stairwell, contains a lock.

Scheduling of Exhibits

Dupré Library staff has committed to specific months (which may be negotiable); the remaining months are available for displays by organizations on a first-come basis. No one group will be allowed to reserve the display cases more than once within each calendar year. The Exhibits Coordinator and the Dean of Libraries will make exceptions to this policy at his/her discretion. Scheduling of Exhibits will be handled by the Exhibits Coordinator with at least one (1) month advance notice. Terms of each display may be negotiable, but all decisions of the Exhibits Coordinator and the Dean of Libraries are final.

Use of Library Materials

Dupré Library will provide the display areas to any official organization of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It further encourages the temporary use of the library's collections in support of each exhibit's theme. All library materials for use in the display cases are to be checked out at the Circulation Desk using the Display Library Card.

Users may reserve library materials in the display cases by placing a hold on them at the Circulation Desk. At the end of an exhibition, these materials will then be available to circulate. Exceptions to this policy will be made at the discretion of the Exhibits Coordinator (or the exhibitor) for research purposes if comparable material is not available elsewhere in the library's collections.

At the discretion of the Exhibits Coordinator and the Dean of Libraries, one to three of the library's display cases may be lent out to other University departments, from time to time, for special occasions.


Dupré Library cannot accommodate the storage of any artwork(s) before or after an exhibition.


The exhibitor will be responsible for the installation and removal of the display. Likewise, the exhibitor will be responsible for any incidental costs incurred in the installation, maintenance, or removal of the display.


Exhibitors should use their own supplies when creating displays.

Perishable Items

No perishable items should be in any of the exhibit areas.


No extra light, or lighting devices, can be provided or used in any exhibits.


No physically altering part of the cases or the lobby.


Normally, Dupré Library does not hold receptions in conjunction with exhibits.


Exhibitors must leave the cases and floor space clean and remove all materials from the library at the close of the exhibition.

Dupré Library reserves the right to remove displays that do not conform to these requirements. The Dean of University Libraries can address any questions.

Dupré Library adapted this policy from the Library Display Policy of Jackson Library at Lander University.

[ Last Revised on May 19, 2022 ]