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Manuscripts Collections

Collection 1

University Archives, 1896-

2000 ft. +

This is the initial and largest collection in the Archives. It contains the historical records of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette from its inception. Collection 1 provides the fullest insights into the development of the University from its legislative founding in 1898 as Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute to its present status as the second largest university in the state.

Collection 2

Voorhies Family. Papers, 1847-1976

1 foot, 3 inches

  Papers of a southn LouPpPPPapers of a southern Louisiana family. Chiefly the papers of Albert Voorhies (1829-1913) who served as state Lieutenant Governor (1865-1867) among other elected positions, and long time member of the State Bar.  The papers reflect his interest in state politics, his involvement in the court system especially of Orleans Parish, and his writings on legal theory and state legal practices. Also material on other members of the Voorhies family.
Donated by the George Voorhies Family, St. Martinville, Louisiana.

Collection 3

Watson Family. Papers, 1793-1930

10 inches

Correspondence, financial and legal records of several families from the Port Gibson, Mississippi region.  Among the themes reflected in the collection are the Presbyterian Church and its activities in Mississippi, economic pursuits especially plantation management, relations with blacks as both slaves and freedmen, and health concerns including recurring yellow fever epidemics.  Also included are the papers of Major J. W. Watson, U. S. Army (ca. 1865-1920) who served in Indian Wars and as an Indian agent during the 1890s and in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.  He wrote about the Cuban Revolution of 1917.  He also wrote some virulently anti-German pieces during World War I.
The collection was donated by Dalton Watson of Waterproof, Louisiana.

Collection 4

Merchant's Grocer Company (Lafayette, Louisiana). Financial Records, 1903-1909, 1937

8 volumes, 2.5 inches

Account books and ledgers of the Lafayette wholesale grocery company. Ledgers cover 1903-1909, account books cover December 1937.

Collection 6

John Mills (    -    ). Collection, 1772-1944

2.5 inches

This collection contains legal documents from the Attakapas Post at Opelousas, Louisiana (1772-1812) and clippings, broadsides and circulars on Louisiana politics, especially the 1932 election.
Donated by John Mills of Opelousas, Louisiana.

Collection 7

Paul Debaillon (1890-1948). Collection, 1852-1957

2 feet 1 inch

This collection reflects Paul Debaillon's interest in genealogy, especially the family of Jean Mouton, the founder of Vermilionville, now Lafayette, Louisiana.  The collection contains extensive notes and charts compiled by the genealogist and much correspondence written in his attempt to gather information.  There is also material on collateral families such as Debaillon, Dupré, etc.;  papers of Mary Swords Debaillon who was actively engaged in gathering, cataloging, and preserving Louisiana flowering plants; and scattered correspondence, political, and judicial records of Charles Homere Mouton.  There is even a very small collection of Paul Debaillon personal papers almost all of which date from the 1930s.  Debaillon wrote brief essays on several local history topics.  The strong religious faith of Debaillon and his ancestors led to the collection of information on the Lafayette Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.
Donated by Charles Debaillon and Mrs. C. E. Hamilton in 1956.

Collection 8

Givens-Hopkins Families. Papers, 1823-1962

4 feet, 6 inches

Mainly personal correspondence among members of the families of John S. Givens and Thomas B. Hopkins who lived in Louisiana and Texas.  Included also are records concerning lands held by the Givens family in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  Of special note in the correspondence are accounts of travel or work assignments abroad:  Mattie Hopkins Williams in the Middle East (1910) and Japan (1920); Lyle Givens in Europe (1929); John S. Givens in Alaska (1935) and Czechoslovakia (1946); Lyle Givens Williams in Latin America (1943-1944); Agnes Givens Gercke in Japan (1946-1952); and Anna H. Givens in Japan (1950-1952).  Other letters mention the Corpus Christi flood of 1919, the death of Will Rogers and Willey Post in 1935, and the controversy between the DAR and Marion Anderson in 1939.
For more on Lyle Givens Williams, including some material on the Givens Family, see Collection 27 - David R. Williams Papers.
This collection was donated by Lyle Givens Williams.

Collection 9

Charles A. McGowan (1849-1921). Papers, 1856, 1868-1922, 1965

5 inches

Mainly business papers of McGowan, a dentist, druggist, banker, merchant and civic leader in Jeanerette, Louisiana.  Included are some articles on Jeanerette written by Florence Bussey McGowan; diaries kept by her relatives in Mississippi in 1876; a claim for property destroyed or confiscated by Union soldiers in Jackson, Mississippi in 1863; and a record book for the Sans Souci Club of Jeanerette, 1885-1887.

Collection 10

M. A. Broussard (    -    ).  Business Records, 1863, 1868-1889

21 volumes

Account books and volumes of bills for M.A. Broussard, merchant of Royville and Youngsville, Louisiana.  One volume has instructions of how to make dyes.
Gift of Earl Vallor.

Collection 11

Woodrow Marshall (    -    ).  Collection, 1702-1897

5 inches

Three separate series of documents collected by Marshall.  First, several 19th century legal documents from Great Britain written on sheepskin.  Second, miscellaneous financial reports of the Castillo family of New Orleans and St. Martinville, 1837-1897.  There are also several items of correspondence.  Third, miscellaneous papers related to Alexander Thibodeaux of Breaux Bridge, 1873-1889, n.d.
Gift of Woodrow Marshall, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

Collection 12

Joel Lafayette Fletcher, Jr. (1897-1972).  Papers, 1862-1979

21 feet

Fletcher was an educator in Louisiana over fifty years. Most of that time he was at Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), including twenty years as President.  Includes Louisiana history material; items on Acadian vigilante committees; William Wyatt of Vernon, Louisiana business records; information on agriculture and industrial development.  Also included are records of the College of Agriculture while Fletcher taught, especially during the 1930s; his correspondence as Dean; correspondence of other members of the department; the records of the Southwestern Agriculturist and the Mid-Winter Fair; etc.
This collection was donated by Joel Lafayette Fletcher, Jr.

Collection 12A

Joel Lafayette Fletcher, Jr. (1897-1972). Papers, 1848, 1898-2000

11 feet, 5 inches, 17 volumes

Fletcher was an educator in Louisiana over 50 years. Most of that time he was at the Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) — 20 years as President. This collection includes material he collected on Louisiana history, education, agriculture and industrial development;  family correspondence; and Fletcher's writings.

Collection 13

Rees Family Papers, 1826-1901, 1974

5 inches

This collection, containing personal and business correspondence of the Henry Rees family of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana reflects life from about mid-nineteenth century to the twentieth century.  It deals with family life, illness (such as yellow fever), community life, agriculture, finances, taxes, legal matters and attitudes and opinions on contemporary events.  Included also are the legal papers of Henry Rees generated while he served as Justice of the Peace in St. Martin Parish and Orderly Sergeant in the Militia.
This collection was donated  by Henry Rees and George W. Marshall.

Collection 13A

Rees Family Papers, 1804-1827

2.5 inches

This collection consists of copies of transcripts of the letters of Mrs. Margaret Jones Rees Morgan from Morgantown, Berks County, PA to her son David Rees, in Louisiana (usually via Benjamin Morgan or George Morgan of New Orleans). These letters are dated from 1804-1827.

Collection 14

Lake B. Grow (1873-1944).  Collection, 1904-1915

1 foot, 8 inches

A collection of photographs relating to the early 1900s oil development in the Anse La Butte, Evangeline, and Gulf Coast areas.

Collection 15

Joseph A. Riehl (1906-1989).  Papers 1921-[1966] 1988

4 feet

Long-time faculty member and administrator at Southwestern Louisiana Institute and the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).  Personal records relating to Riehl's activities at the university including the Navy's V-12 program during WW II.

Collection 16

Iberville Bank and Trust Company, Plaquemine, Louisiana.  Records, 1892-1919

1 foot, 3 inches

Correspondence and memoranda (1913-1919) of a bank in Plaquemine, Louisiana and five ledgers (1892-1894) of the Bank of Plaquemine.

Collection 17

Paul Butterfield Freeland (1904-1976).  Collection, 1888-1957

10 inches, 1 volume

Includes 159 photographs of rice activities primarily around Crowley, Louisiana, 1888-1950.  Contains pamphlets, bulletins, cookbooks, and commemorative editions of the Crowley Signal.

Collection 18

William M. Reid (1890-    ).  Papers, 1911-1965

1 foot, 3 inches, 4 volumes

Rice miller, president, and executive vice president of the Rice Millers' Association.  Reid's articles and addresses on agriculture, newsletters of the Rice Millers' Association and minutes of its advisory council, and minutes of the Central Committee of the Southern Rice Industry, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Collection 19

J. Emile Verret (1866-1965).  Papers, 1933-1965

1 foot, 8 inches

Businessman, politician and Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana.  Chiefly correspondence (1944-1948) relating to Verret's official business as Lieutenant Governor, and other papers.

Collection 20

Espy Williams (1852-1908).  Collection, 1865-1908, 1969

2 feet, 6 inches

This collection centers on the literary career of one of Louisiana's best known playwrights of the late 19th and early 20th century, Espy Williams of New Orleans.  It contains news clippings (primarily reviews), flyers and ads for Williams' works, a few photos, very little correspondence, two diaries, poetry, essays, librettos and plays by Williams.
Williams printed his first play, "Eugene Aram", a tragedy, when he was 22 and was still writing when he died at the age of 56 in 1908.  It would appear the last play he wrote was "Marlowe: The Buried Name," dated July 25, 1908.
  Williams was the first New Orleanian to have a play produced in London when his tragedy, "Unorna," was produced in 1902.  He was also the first New Orleanian to have a work put on by the Metropolitan Opera Company when they produced his comic opera "A Royal Joke" in 1901.
Donated by Eunice Simonds Osgood (Mrs. Phillips E.), Summit, New Jersey.

Collection 21

Henry Garland Dupré (1873-1920).  Papers, 1919-1960

10 inches

Lawyer, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, and U. S. Representative from Louisiana.  Family correspondence and correspondence between Edith Dupré and W. H. Fulham concerning a biography of Dupré entitled The Gentleman from Louisiana (1965).

Collection 22

Alexander Etienne DeClouet (1812-1890).  Family Papers, 1811-1930

1 foot, 3 inches

Planter, politician, delegate to the secession convention in Montgomery, Alabama, and member of the Confederate Congress, of St. Martinville, Louisiana.  Chiefly correspondence (1850-1865) of DeClouet in the Civil War era.  Includes correspondence with his son Paul, a student at the University of Virginia and a Confederate officer.

Collection 23

Henri Louis Ducrocq (1871-1917).  Papers, 1858-1940

5 inches

Henri Louis Ducrocq was a physician who practiced in Lafayette, Louisiana. This collection includes biographical data and school notebooks which were written almost exclusively in French.

Collection 24

South Louisiana Camellia Society.  Records, 1944-1965

2 feet, 1 inch

The South Louisiana Camellia Society existed from 1945 to 1965.  Its major activity was an annual show usually held in conjunction with the Camellia Pageant held at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).  There are also documents from two Shreveport nurseries which were involved with importing camellias from abroad between 1935 and 1941.
The collection was donated by the South Louisiana Camellia Society.

Collection 25

John Murphy Caffery (1877-1958).  Papers, 1817-1960

2 feet, 6 inches

Businessman, politician and state senator from Franklin, Louisiana.  Business correspondence relating to petroleum production, correspondence and other papers of U. S. Senator Donelson Caffery (1825-1906), and Caffery family papers.

Collection 26

Lucile Meredith Mouton Griffin (1889-1983).  Collection, 1798-1967

7 feet, 6 inches

This collection reflects both the work of Lucile Mouton Griffin and her husband, Harry L. Griffin, and her interest in Mouton family history.  Contains scrapbooks kept by Mrs. Griffin before her marriage including her years as a student at Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), and material from her graduate school work at the University of Chicago and Columbia University; photographs of Lafayette (many used to illustrate H. L.Griffin's Attakapas Country), with explanatory notes; and an extensive post card collection.  The collection deals with the Mouton family, especially Mrs. Griffin's father, Alexander Mouton (1853-1938), an engineer who worked in Latin America and owned a sugar refinery for a time.  His collection includes an autobiography, correspondence, and large clipping and post card scrapbooks.  This collection contains material on other members of the Mouton family dating back to Jean Mouton in 1798.  Among these items are artifacts owned by Governor Alexander Mouton (1804-1885), Mrs. Griffin's great-grandfather.
Donated by Lucile M. Griffin, Lafayette, Louisiana.

Collection 27

David Reichard Williams (1890-1962).  Papers, 1847 (1915-1984) - 1986

27 feet, 10 inches

Williams was an architect, a government official, a city planner, a bon vivant, and a Texan.  Interests in architecture and engineering honed through work in a railroad foundry and correspondence study were developed at the University of Texas at Austin.  Williams toured Europe in the early 1920s where he furthered his education in architecture and acquired a notable rare book collection which specialized in Renaissance architecture.  Williams returned from Europe and established an architectural practice in Dallas, Texas in 1924.  During the next nine years he evolved a style which borrowed heavily from pioneer Texas buildings which he called the "indigenous architecture."
During World War II Williams worked with war housing where he made pioneering efforts in the field of prefabrication.  From 1945 until his retirement in 1951 Williams worked for a number of government agencies planning hospitals, designing tropic and arctic housing, and developing special housing projects in Venezuela.
This collection reflects of the life and work of Williams, his wife, Lyle, his daughter, Davida.  Williams was an avid amateur photographer so the collection contains an extensive subsection of photographs.

Collection 28

Walter James Burke (1886-1941).  Papers, 1835-1941

10 inches

Attorney, politician, Louisiana state legislator and educator.  Papers relating to Burke's activities in the Louisiana State Senate and Board of Education.  Includes records of the Burke family dating from the Civil War period and material (ca. 1835) relating to the Texas Revolution.

Collection 29

Ira Schreiber Nelson (1911-1965).  Papers, 1929-1979

15 feet, 6 inches

Horticulturist and long-time member of the Horticulture Department at Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).  He was extremely active in various horticulture societies on the state and national level.
There is a large section of photographs featuring furniture and other objects made from cypress.  Barbara Nelson, Ira's wife, was the long-time secretary of the Louisiana Society for Horticultural Research, and some of her records in this office are in the collection.
This collection was donated by Barbara Nelson.

Collection 30

Harry Lewis Griffin (1883-1967).  Papers, 1905-1964

2 feet, 6 inches

Personal papers of Dr. Harry Lewis Griffin (1883-1967), long-time Dean of Liberal Arts at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), and materials he collected which reflect his interest in south Louisiana history.  Among the personal papers are writings, speeches, and correspondence which indicate his interest in history, political science, education, and civic affairs.  The material collected on local history consists mainly of newspaper clippings.
Donated by H. L. Griffin and Lucile M. Griffin.

Collection 31

Ernest Jackson Whisler (1870-1958).  Collection, 1901-1967

5 inches

Contains literary material of Ernest Jackson Whisler, a turn-of-the-century writer who wrote plays and folk stories under the name of Jack Whisler.  His career appears to span the first half of the 20th century.  Born in Rochester, Pennsylvania in the 1870s, Whisler's family later settled in Tucson, Arizona because of his parents' health.  In August 1958, Whisler died of a heart attack in his home in Burlingame, California.  This collection consists of ads and flyers, plays, folk stories and news clippings.
Donated with the aid of Paul Nolan by Lois Whisler, Tucson, Arizona.

Collection 32

Marc Connelly (1890-1980).  Collection

5 inches

Includes photocopied articles and newspaper clippings on Connelly and his plays gathered by Dr. Paul T. Nolan in preparation for writing a biography; also the first draft of Nolan's book with notes by Connelly.

Collection 33

Rice Miller's Association.  Records, 1906-1966

16 feet, 8 inches

Executive correspondence, presidential records, minutes (1929-1948), auditor's reports (1923-1930), rosters, bulletins, technical reports and photos of a national organization concerned with milling, marketing, and production of rice.

Collection 34

Vernon Lane Wharton (1907-1964).  Papers, 1935-1964

5 feet, 5 inches

Wharton was an historian, sociologist, and administrator at Millsaps College, Texas Woman's University, and Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).  Included are personal and administrative correspondence; together with notes, articles, and lectures on the Negro, the South, Reconstruction, and American, European and Latin American history.

Collection 35

New Orleans Botanical Garden.  Records, 1927-1937

5 inches

Proposed constitution, minutes of the Arboretum Committee, and other material relating to plans for the organization of a botanical garden in New Orleans, Louisiana

Collection 36

Rice Miscellaneous.  Collection, 1856-1968

1 feet, 5 inches

This is a general collection for rice miscellaneous given to the Archives as single items.

Collection 37

Rex L. Kimbriel (1907-1987).  Papers [Mississippi Rice Growers' Association Records], 1945-1955

7.5 inches

Correspondence of Rex L. Kimbriel as president and manager of the Mississippi Rice Growers' Association, Cleveland Mississippi; newsletters, pamphlets, and statistics relating to rice.

Collection 38

Acadiana Neuf.  Records, 1965-1967 (Cain, Coussan and Hebert Papers)

2 feet, 8 inches

Papers of Charles Cain, Leo Hebert and Louis Coussan. Acadiana Neuf papers consists of correspondence, descriptions of meetings, job applications, charter requests, and newspaper articles on an organization which disbursed Economic Opportunity Act funds in the War on Poverty. It covers Lafayette, Acadia, Iberia, St. Landry, St. Martin, and Vermilion Parishes, Louisiana, with a main office in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Collection 39

Charles Joseph Debaillon, Sr. (1879-1968).  Papers, 1929-1967

2.5 inches

Charles Joseph Debaillon, Sr. was born 19 April 1879 in Lafayette.  In 1914, he married Mary "May" L. Bowden.  They had two children.  He worked in a printing office, general merchandise store, lumber yard, Lafayette Building Association, and then became Director of the First National Bank.This collection consists of biographical information on Debaillon family, correspondence, clippings and many family photographs.

Collection 40

Alexandre Mouton (1804-1885).  Papers, 1813-1885

5 inches

Alexandre Mouton served as U. S. Senator, 1837-1842, and as Governor of Louisiana, 1842-1846. This collection contains his personal correspondence with his wife and family.

Collection 41

Deep South Writers/Artists Conference.  Records, 1961-1990s

4 feet

Records of an organization which conducts annual conferences for the purpose of promoting Louisiana talent and encouraging writers from other sections to explore and use literary materials available to Louisiana.
Donated by the Deep South Writers and Artists Conference.

Collection 42

Planter's Hardware (Kaplan, Louisiana).  Financial Records, 1944

1 volume

Financial records dating from January 10 to December 23, 1944, all contained in one volume.

Collection 43

Edith Garland Dupré (1881-1970).  Papers, 1901-1970

2 feet

Educator and member of the first faculty of Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute (now the University of Louisiana at  Lafayette), who began first library on campus.
Edith Garland Dupré was born in Opelousas to a prominent family.  After graduating from Newcomb College in New Orleans, she joined the faculty at the Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute as one of its first members.  She remained at SLII (later Southwestern Louisiana Institute) for her entire professional career, retiring in 1944.  Miss Dupré is best known as an English professor, but she also served in many other capacities including registrar and chair of the library committee.  After retirement she managed the San Souci Bookstore in Lafayette.
This collection reflects Miss Dupré's life and the high regard in which she was held by the community.  It contains personal papers and material referring to the early years of the university, and letters from her brother, H. Garland Dupré, who was a U. S. Congressman.
Most of the material in this collection was donated by Miss Dupré.

Collection 44

John Milliken Parker (1863-1939).  Papers, 1887-1928

16 feet, 8 inches

Planter, businessman, politician, and Governor of Louisiana from 1920 to 1924. Includes photocopies of Theodore Roosevelt letters in the possession of the John M. Parker family; papers relating to the Ku Klux Klan in Louisiana in the 1920's, especially the Mer Rouge and the Dallas Calmes affairs; Huey Long; farming and conservation in Louisiana; and national and Louisiana politics.

Collection 45

Jefferson Caffery (1886-1974).  Papers, 1902-1972

27 feet, 6 inches, photographs, artifacts

Diplomat and Assistant Secretary of State.  Correspondence, daybooks, newsletters, taped interviews, memoirs, clippings, photos, awards, and certificates relating to Caffery's career from his college years through his foreign service.  Includes information related to his service in El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, Japan, Germany, Sweden, France, Persia, and Egypt.
Donated by Ambassador and Mrs. Jefferson Caffery.

Collection 46

Edwin Edwards Willis (1904-1972).  Papers, 1949-1969

149 feet, 2 inches, 20 volumes, photographs

U. S. Representative from Louisiana, member of the House Judiciary Committee and chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities.  General, legislative, and committee correspondence, case work, scrapbooks, photos (Congressional figures, etc.), mementos, and maps (mainly tidelands).

Collection 47

Pritchard Rice Mill.  Records, 1940s-1960s

30 feet, 5 inches, 14 volumes

General business correspondence, letters of credit, bills of lading, production reports, minutes and bylaws of corporation.

Collection 48

T. A. LaBauve (1877-1972) and Joseph L. Pischoff (1874-1964) Families. Papers, 1918-1939

20 feet

Correspondence and papers of the LaBauve and Pischoff families. Also includes business papers of Mr. T. A. LaBauve.

Collection 49

Zeke L. Loflin (1909-1982).  Papers, 1940-1969

7 feet, 8 inches

Faculty member and chair of the Mathematics Department at Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), and one of the prime movers in establishing the Computer Science program. Collection contains personal correspondence, mathematics department materials, and correspondence and other papers referring to his association with national fraternities.

Collection 50

Owen Southwell (1892-1961).  Papers, 1913-1950s

12 feet, 6 inches, blueprints, drawings

Collection of clippings articles, scrapbooks, etc., of this noted south Louisiana architect. Included is a collection of Southwell's designs for homes, churches and public buildings.

Collection 51

James M. Peek (1916-1970).  Papers, 1950-1969

1 foot, 8 inches

Louisiana Turfgrass Conference.  Professor Peek was a former member of the faculty and professor of Agronomy at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).

Collection 52

Thomas H. Harris (1869-1942).  Papers, 1908-1940

2 feet, 6 inches

Superintendent of Public Schools in Louisiana.  Includes correspondence, book reviews, and speeches.

Collection 53

National Interfraternity Conference.  Records, 1929-[1969] 1973

15 feet, 10 inches

Papers of President Zeke L. Loflin.  Also included are minutes of the meetings of the executive committee, scholarship reports, news and notes of the organization, committee reports, policy matters and correspondence.

Collection 54

Sugar Archives.  Collection, 1856-1967

2 feet, 6 inches

Miscellaneous items on the sugar industry and incomplete volumes of Sugar Bulletin, official bulletin of the American Sugar Cane League of the USA.

Collection 55

Weeks Family.  Collection, 1806-1971, n,d,

2.5 inches

This collection consists of material on the Weeks family which resided in New Iberia, Louisiana.

Collection 56

Live Oak Society.  Records, 1931-1968

5 inches

Founded in 1935 by Dr. Edwin Lewis Stephens, scholar and educator, to promote the culture, distribution, and appreciation of the live oak tree.  Membership in the Society was limited to individual live oaks known or suspected to be more than 100 years old.  Live oaks under 100 years old were eligible for membership in the Junior League.  Each member had an "attorney," usually its owner; the attorney paid the annual dues - 25 acorns! The president oak tree was over 500 years old. This Society stopped functioning in 1938 after the death of Stephens. Meigo Frost publicized the Society's revival in a Times-Picayune Sunday magazine article on January 21, 1945.  Stanley C. Arthur, director of the Louisiana State Museum, took over leadership of the Society.  Collection contains books, clippings, letters, photographs, notes, articles, pamphlets, bulletins, maps, and organizational records.
Donated by Miss Willie Wynn White, daughter of the late H. H. White of Alexandria, Louisiana.

Collection 57

Lafayette Parish Council on Aging.  Collection, 1967-1968

20 feet, 10 inches

Survey of Older Citizens of Lafayette Parish conducted in 1967-1968; information to serve as a basis for local action programs. Donated by Mr. F. M. Carson.

Collection 58

Mouton-Debaillon Law Firm.  Legal Papers, 1910s-1920s

39 feet, 2 inches

The files of Orther Charles Mouton and Conrad Debaillon, lawyers in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Collection 59

Louisiana Colonial Records.  Collection, 1717-1811

1 foot, 8 inches

An open-end collection to receive colonial papers relating to Louisiana.  Contains photocopies of legal papers, land and slave sales.
See also Colonial Louisiana Records, Collection 329, for larger collection of colonial records microfilmed from repositories in Europe and North America.

Collection 60

Acadian Bicentennial Celebration.  Collection, 1955

1 foot, 8 inches

Mementos of the commemoration of the expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia.

Collection 61

Fortenberry-Kirby.  Papers, 1912-1941

10 inches

Christian Science Sentinel Magazine, family photographs, and other material.

Collection 62

Kenneth B. Hait (1900-1980).  Collection, 1928-1965

22 feet, 1 inch

Papers of Kenneth B. Hait, Professor of Psychology at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).  Collection includes materials on testing of students, results of tests, conferences, and other materials on the work of the Psychology Department of the University.

Collection 63

Society for Louisiana Irises.  Records, 1941-[1965] 1983

2 feet, 3 inches

The Mary Swords Debaillon Louisiana Iris Society was organized in 1941 under the leadership of W. B. MacMillan of Abbeville, Louisiana.  In 1948 the group changed its name to the Society for Louisiana Irises.
This collection contains records for both organizations.  Most of the correspondence comes from the Secretary's files.  This position was usually held by someone connected with Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).  Much of the society's effort was expended on the annual show held in Lafayette usually during April.  The correspondence and the financial records both relate heavily to this event.
Both societies published much information about the care and treatment of Louisiana iris either as part of the newsletter series or separately.  The bulk of the material is dated on or before 1965.  Only a few newsletters come after then.
This collection donated by The Society for Louisiana Irises which made the Archives the official repository for its records.

Collection 64

Jennings Nursery (Jennings, Louisiana).  Records, 1926-1961

12 feet, 1 inch, 4 volumes

Business records of the Jennings Nursery of Jennings, Louisiana along with several ledgers.

Collection 65

Gebert-Ray-Lee Families.  Papers, 1810-1962

2.5 inches

The collection contains correspondence, legal and financial documents of the Gebert-Ray-Lee families both original and typescripts.  The families resided in Kentucky before some moved to Louisiana in the 1820s where they resided in Opelousas and Grand Coteau..

Collection 66

Gulf States Conference.  Records, 1948-1971, n.d.

5 feet, 5 inches

Records of athletic events and athletes of the Gulf States Conference.

Collection 67

Petroleum Archives. Collection, 1902-1970

2 feet, 10½ inches

This collection consists of numerous newspaper and magazine articles on the petroleum industry in Louisiana. Also included are reports, interviews, photographs, etc. on the petroleum industry in Louisiana from 1900's through 1970.

Collection 68

Thistlethwaite Lumber Company (Opelousas, La). Records, 1917-1930s
50 ft.

The company's business, financial records and correspondence, covering 1917 through the late 1930s.

Collection 69

American Association of University Women. Lafayette, La. Branch. Records, 1924-
7 ft.

Records of the Lafayette branch, Louisiana Division, Southeast Central Region of the national organization.

Collection 70

Fortnightly Club. New Iberia, La. Records, 1924-1974
5 in., 4 vol.

Collection includes materials covering club activities 1924-1974; clippings; scrapbooks (1924, 1963-1968); Episcopal Cook Book compiled by the Episcopal Church Women of St. Matthews Cathedral, Laramie, Wyoming; the History of the Fortnightly Club; and yearbooks of the Fortnightly Club Jr. and Fortnightly Club III.

Collection 71

First Lutheran Church of Crowley, Louisiana, and St. John Lutheran Church of Iota, Louisiana. Records, 1894-1987
2 ft. 1 in., 87 fiche
Records of the First Lutheran Church of Crowley, Louisiana, and St. John Lutheran Church of Iota, La. Includes the original constitution of the Crowley church (in German), pastoral letters, financial reports, business correspondence, parish reports and bulletins, minutes of the Ladies Aide Society, financial statements and treasurer's reports from 1927 to 1954. Also contains bulletins from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod-Mission of Opelousas, La., 1963-1966.

Collection 72

Harley B. Ferguson (1875-1968). Papers
1 ft. 3 in.
Numerous pictures, official reports and clippings of the raising of the battleship Maine in the harbor of Havana, Cuba; Morganza Floodway studies, Part A, April 9, 1938; flood photographs, 1937; Mississippi River flood photographs, 1937; pictures of General Ferguson; obituary.

Collection 73

United Daughters of the Confederacy. Alfred Mouton [Lafayette Parish] Chapter. Collection, 1864-2012, n.d.
2 feet; 3 volumes; oversize
Materials related to the Lafayette chapter of the UDC, named for General Alfred Mouton. Includes correspondence, meeting materials, committee materials, programs from various UDC luncheons and events, year books, information on Confederate veterans, and photographs from the Alfred Mouton chapter. There is much material related to the construction of the General Alfred Mouton monument located on Jefferson Street and Lee Avenue in downtown Lafayette, and news clippings regarding removing the statue.
The collection was donated by Yvonne Carter.

Collection 74

Katie O'Bryan Conrad (1882-1973). Papers, 1906-1966
10 in.
Contains O'Bryan-Perry genealogy, newspaper clippings on members of the O'Bryan and Perry families, correspondence, legal documents, World War II ration stamps and a map of Governor Long's plan for paved highways and free bridges.

Collection 75

Michael D. Wynne (    -    ).  Collection, 1764-1951
10 in.
Collection contains newspapers of various dates from 1856-1945; memorabilia of Huey P. Long; invitations, tax receipts, letters, signatures of Louisiana governors and two Presidents of the United States, program of events of a Patti concert and the dedication of the Washington Artillery Monument in Metairie Cemetery. Miscellaneous other items.

Collection 76

Louis Leonpacher (1890-1960). Journals, 1908-1920
3 volumes
Journals written by Dr. Leonpacher during his travels as a young man. Covers periods between 1908 and 1920 in Europe, Canada and the United States. Handwritten in German. Illustrated with photographs taken by Dr. Leonpacher.

Collection 77

Carl R. Froitzheim (1921-1989). Collection, 1970s-1980s
12 ft.
Collection of photographs taken by A. L. Barnett, photographer of Crowley, La. Includes pages from a photograph album showing pictures of rice and oil fields; unidentified people; picture of a minister and a group of young people in caps and gowns; certificate of membership in the Live Oak Society of the Lutheran Live Oak, Crowley.

Collection 78

Benjamin Kaplan (1906-1972). Papers, 1941-1972
7 ft.
Professor of Sociology, UL Lafayette. Collection contains speeches; lectures; manuscripts of Dr. Kaplan's book The Land in Between; report of the second conference of the Louisiana State Advisory Commission on Aging; surveys of Lafayette, Duson, Breaux Bridge and teenage marriages in Lafayette Parish; pamphlets and magazines on religion, race, education and related sociological subjects; handwritten notes (unsorted) for speeches, lectures, books. Also includes correspondence, pictures, newspaper clippings re: Dr. Kaplan. Vitae. Copy of M.A. thesis, "A Study of Newsboys in New Orleans," Tulane University, 1929.

Collection 79

Woman's Club of Lafayette. Records, 1897-1976, 1997, n.d.
3 ft., 4 in.
The club constitution, history, original minute book and yearbooks, 1901-1976 (1908, 1910, 1930, and 1931 missing) comprise this collection. The club started in 1897 and has been active since then.

Collection 80

Mardi Gras. Lafayette, La. Collection, 1953-
4 ft. 2 in., 7 vol.
Open-end collection contains scrapbooks, notebooks, scripts, publicity, pictures, programs and history of The Lafayette Town House-Order of the Troubadours; also contains programs and mementos of the Krewe of Gabriel, Brigands de Lafitte, and Krewe of Attakapas.

Collection 81

Heywood Oil Company. Collection, 1889-1966
2 ft. 6 in.
Contains newspapers, some dating from early 1900s through 1960s relating to the oil industry and the Heywood family; picture of first oil well in Louisiana; poem about Scott Heywood, his obituary; pictures of people and oilfields; old map of Jennings Oil Field in 1920; memo book, circa 1888; correspondence dating 1905-1938; programs, certificates and reports of the Louisiana Tax Reform Commission.

Collection 82

Playwrights Collection, 1955 [1920-1984] - 1986, n.d.
4 ft.
Contains manuscripts, photographs, scrapbook and publicity connected with the Eavesdrop and Playwrights Theatres of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Collection 83

Edwin Lewis Stephens (1872-1938). Papers, 1883-1938
17 reels  [Microform]
President of Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute/Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now UL Lafayette). Correspondence, addresses and speeches, relating to Stephens' position as President.

Collection 84

Nineteenth Century Louisiana. Collection, 1801-1900
2 ½ in.
An open-end collection to receive miscellaneous materials dating from 19th-century Louisiana. Contains original documents and photocopies.

Collection 85

Henry Clay Warmoth (1842-1931). Papers, 1798-1934
22 reels  [Microfilm]
microfilm copies of the Henry Clay Warmoth papers in the Southern Historical Collection of the University of North Carolina Library.

Collection 86

France-Amérique de la Louisiane Acadienne. Records, 1951-1966; Photographs, 1980s
5 inches
The Society France Amérique de la Louisiane Acadienne was formed in Lafayette on 26 Oct. 1951. It had a two-fold aim. First it sought to strengthen ties of friendship and kinship that united France and the United States, specifically French-Acadian Louisiana. Second it sought to encourage the maintenance of French as a living language among the people of Southwest Louisiana. This collection includes organization records, Acadian Committee records, and meeting photographs.

Collection 87

Mary Elizabeth Winters (    -    ).  Papers, 1847-1937
5 in.
Collection contains correspondence; Winters' thesis, "Social Studies Materials in Iberia Parish, Louisiana"; general notes from American State Papers; an account of the Civil War; a copy of the will of Louis Charles DeBlanc; information on William L. Brent; and other papers relating to the history of Southwest Louisiana.

Collection 88

William Buchanan MacMillan (1883-1978). Papers, 1940-1972
2 ½ ft., 1 vol.
Correspondence, papers, etc. of MacMillan, a resident of Abbeville, Louisiana, since July 1928. He served as a sales promotion and public relations manager of the Louisiana State Rice Company of Abbeville. He was well-known and highly praised for his work in flower hybridization. He also was a distinguished person in the fields of education and business. The papers were mainly concerned with work in horticulture.
Donated by Sarah Daniel, Abbeville, Louisiana, 1978.

Collection 89

La Fayette Bicentennial Celebration. Collection, 1757-1957
10 in
Bicentenary of the birth of the Marquis de La Fayette, 1757-1957. Contains biographical information, newspaper clippings, correspondence, pictures, programs, menus, invitations, several French magazines and other miscellaneous materials.

Collection 90

Barnett Studio. Photographs, 1910-1972 [Freeland Collection]
2 feet, 6 inches, 45,000 images
Eli Barnett and his son A.L. Barnett operated a photography studio in Crowley, Louisiana. This collection includes 18,000 glass plates and 40,000 film negatives, mostly portraits. Approximately a third of the glass plates have been identified.

Collection 91

Fred Gerwick (1903-1979). Photographs, 1910s-1970
5 in.

Photographs of the oil industry and workers in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas; includes family scenes.

Collection 92

Barbara Hansen (1922-2011). Legal Papers, 1971-1980
5 in.
Correspondence and documents relating to an income tax court fight which helped to overturn Louisiana's Head and Master Clause, Barbara Hansen v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (c.a. 5-no. 77-2974).
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Collection 93

Ollie Tucker Osborne (1911-1993). Papers, 1927-1985
22 ft.
Osborne's papers detail the activities of one of Louisiana's leading advocates of women's rights during the 1970s. Ollie was extremely active in the League of Women Voters and the Evangeline ERA coalition.
Osborne was an official League of Women Voters' observer of the 1973 Constitutional Convention. She worked for or supported women's conferences and organizations which shared or explicated her goals such as National Organization of Women; Women's Political Caucus; Louisiana Women's Conference; Conference of Louisiana Women and others.
The papers reflect Osborne's activities in the Women's movement and her career in advertising. There are several scrapbooks concerning her years in New York. The largest series contains League of Women Voters records of the local and state levels. The collection includes memos, correspondence, publicity materials and photographs. Her photographs at the 1973 Constitutional Convention are probably one of the better visual sources on its delegates.
The papers were donated by Ollie Osborne as part of the Women in Louisiana Collection.

Collection 94

Emerson Bentley (1850-1889). Papers, 1866-1900
5 in.
Diaries and scrapbooks of a "carpetbagger," school teacher, newspaperman and politician who as a teenager moved to Louisiana from Ohio after the Civil War. Includes notable material on the St. Landry riots at Opelousas and the Republican party in the state.

Collection 95

Elaine Edwards (1929-    ). Papers, 1970-
5 in.
A growing collection of papers of a former interim U. S. Senator and wife of one of Louisiana's most influential politicians - Governor Edwin Edwards. Clippings and sample correspondence (photocopies) from persons seeking assistance and in regard to such subjects as her Senate term, the New Orleans Children's Hospital, and the International Year of the Child.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Collection 96

Clyde L. Rougeou (1915-1980). Papers, 1944-1979
1 ft. 3 in., 8 vol.
Awards and papers of a former president of UL Lafayette, including correspondence with the American Jersey Cattle Club and Rougeou family genealogy authored by Pearl Mary Segura.

Collection 97

Mary Alice Fontenot (1910-2003). Papers, 1946-
5 ft. 2 in.
Mary Alice Fontenot Riehl was a journalist and author. As an author, Mrs. Riehl is best known for her series of children's books on Clovis Crawfish. She has also written other books for children as well as cookbooks and works on local and state history. As a journalist she worked for many newspapers in the region including the Lafayette Advertiser, the Opelousas Daily World, and the Crowley Post-Signal.
This collection focuses on Mary Alice Fontenot's journalistic and literary career. Included are research notes and photographs for some of her newspaper articles; original drawings by Eric Vincent and Keith Graves and original music by Mary Alice and Jeanne and Robert Gilmore for the Clovis Crawfish series; and text for some of her history books and children's works. She also worked as a researcher for Frances Parkinson Keyes. There are some letters from Mrs. Keyes in the collection.
This collection contains scrapbooks containing clippings, reviews, photographs, correspondence, drawings, promotional material and writings. There are also letters from school children thanking Mary Alice for visiting their classroom and some artwork and artifacts inspired by Clovis Crawfish stories.
The papers were donated by Mary Alice Fontenot as part of the Women in Louisiana Collection.

Collection 97.1

Mary Alice Fontenot (1910-2003). Papers, 1880s-2005
9 ft. 8 in., 8 volumes

Additional, mostly later, material from author Mary Alice Fontenot.

Collection 98

F. E. Zimmer and Company. Louisiana Department of Conservation. Hearing Records, 1940-1967
300 ft.

For many years F. E. Zimmer and Company served as official reporters for the Louisiana Department of Conservation. The company maintained transcripts of public hearings for the siting of oil and gas drilling locations. These transcripts include testimony taken at the hearing, exhibits presented by the petitioning company, and frequently, maps of the site.
The provenance of the collection is unclear, but is was probably donated by F. E. Zimmer. Duplicates of these records are said to exist in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles.

Collection 99

Ben Earl Looney (1904-1982). Papers, 1934-1979
5 in.

A selection of the legal and business papers, but especially articles by and about this noted Louisiana artist.

Collection 100

"Dutch" Reinhardt (1907-1989). Collection, 1931-1981
10 ft., 8 in., 12 vol.

Photographs, awards and memorabilia from a UL Lafayette coach and athletic trainer, who began his career at the University in 1931.

Collection 101

Sibille Store [Bristol, La]. Day Books 1881-1911
5 in.

Records of a country store, cotton gin and plantation in Bristol, La.

Collection 102

Mary Adelaide McIntyre Blake (1919-2003). Collection, 1954-1995
5 in., paintings
A selection of 14 watercolors, stained glass sketches and a wood block painting from a noted Louisiana artist.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Collection 103

Acadian Sierra Club. Records, 1970-1983
10 in.

Scrapbooks, photographs, newsletters and internal correspondence from a local environmental group.

Collection 104

Irene Whitfield Holmes (1900-1993). Papers, 1919-1978
5 in.

Articles and awards from a leading educator and authority on Acadian folk music, includes information on life in the early 20th century in Lafayette and Acadiana.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Collection 105

Vesta Bourgeois (1903-2004). Papers, 1927-1980
2 ½ in.

Awards and certificates from the career of a distinguished woman physical education instructor and former SLI and UL Lafayette department head. Includes World War II literature from her husband.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Collection 106

Quintilla Morgan Anders (1889-1980). Research Papers, 1824-1960
2 ½  in.

Lafayette, La., school teacher's writings on the history of the town's organization and early education.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Collection 107

National Women’s Relief Corps, Jennings (La.) Corps #19. Records, 1915, [1935]-1958
10 in.
Material from the Jennings, La., branch of the Women's Relief Corps, auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Collection 108

F. W. Stempel, "Signor Faranta" (1846-1924). Papers, 1883-1932
5 in.

Scrapbooks and clippings on F.W. Stempel (or Stemple) , circus artist and theater owner, whose Iron Theatre in New Orleans provided popular entertainment between 1883 and 1889. (On loan)

Collection 109

Pearl Mary Segura (1909-1993). Papers, 1949-1959, n.d.
2 ft.
Notebooks relating to the genealogical investigations of former University Louisiana Room Librarian Pearl Mary Segura.

Collection 110

Attakapas Historical Association. Records, 1871-1883, 1956-1976
2 ft. 1 in.
Records of a local historical society in Southwestern Louisiana, includes information on membership, meetings, conferences, finances and publications.

Collection 111

Lafayette, City of. Collection, 1884-
10 in., 10 videotapes
Ordinances, promotions and photographs relating to the development of this south-central Louisiana community. Videotapes of reminiscence sessions during 1984 Centennial.

Collection 111A

Lafayette, City of. Photographs
10 inches

This is an open-end collection of photographs of Lafayette and other locations in Lafayette Parish. Photographs are arranged in a classification scheme that orders the images by location, then by subject.

Collection 112

Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association. Records 1956-
8 ft.

The Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association (LISA), a private nonprofit organization, was created in 1958 to manage and develop Louisiana's coastal water resources. It was considered a public relations arm of the Louisiana Coastal Commission (LCC), a state-regulated agency created in 1964. The original intent was to have a private nonprofit agency and a governmental agency work toward the development of the Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Program. LISA performed promotional and publicity functions, such as lobbying, which the LCC was restricted from doing. LCC had the authority to coordinate planning efforts in the areas of water quality, flood control, navigation, conservation of fish and wildlife resources, and environmental enhancement.
This collection contains records of LISA and LCC. Material from LISA includes correspondence; Board of Directors meetings minutes; annual meeting material such as clippings and press releases; speeches, scrapbooks, pamphlets, and miscellaneous items. Material from LCC include correspondence; commission meeting minutes and minute books; committees' reports; publicity and publications; legal material; and miscellaneous information.
This collection is arranged chronologically. The records are donated by LISA. The Archives is the designated repository for the LISA records.

Collection 113

Louis Hanneman (1870-1935). Photograph collection, 1895-1910
65 items

Photographs of New Orleans area at the turn of the century taken by a Tulane University medical student. These are photographs of unidentified people, houses, street scenes, etc. There are also pictures of a military camp at the Fairgrounds during the Spanish-American war.
Donated by Louis Hanneman in 1981.

Collection 114

Opelousas and Attakapas District. Brand Books, 1739-1944
2 v., microform

Official volumes of cattle brands kept by register of brands.

Collection 115

Ernest J. Gaines (b.1933). Papers, 1955-
12 ft. 6 in.
Ernest J. Gaines was born near New Roads, Louisiana, in 1933. Although Gaines moved to California with his family after World War II, he based much of his fiction upon his observations of life in Louisiana.
The collection consists mainly of various drafts of Mr. Gaines' published works from handwritten originals to galley proofs. It also contains unpublished stories and novels starting with those written during his college days. The unpublished materials may be consulted only with permission of Mr. Gaines. Several scrapbooks centered on published works include reviews and correspondence. Other types of this material are unbound. There are an especially large number of reviews of the television production of The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman.

Collection 116

Fred Packard (    -    ). Films, 1970s-1980s
3 items
Packard was a faculty member from the Art and Architecture department at University of Southwestern Louisiana. This collection consists of taped interviews on CODOFIL.

Collection 117

Felix Voorhies (1839-1919). Papers, 1869-1919, 1974-1976
1 ft., 3 inches

This collection reflects the career, from 1870 on, of attorney, judge and author Felix Voorhies. It contains fee books and case books generated as part of his legal practice; however, the majority of the collection consists of manuscripts, plays, short-stories and some published Voorhies writings. There is also correspondence from the early 20th century including one letter in which the Judge writes about the Evangeline legend and the true story of Emmeline Labiche which he published as part of Acadian Reminiscences. A manuscript copy of an unpublished play and a photograph of the Judge were added to the collection by Joe Voorhies, Felix Voorhies' son, at his 100th birthday party in 1983.
This collection was donated by the Voorhies family.

Collection 118

Lauren Chester Post (1899-1976). Papers, 1919-1977
5 in. [Microform]

Correspondence, papers and manuscripts of Dr. Lauren C. Post (born, 6 Sept. 1899; died, 21 Jan. 1976), a native of Acadia Parish, author, and professor of Geography for many years at San Diego State University. His papers include a diary, correspondence, and papers on a wide range of subjects including: Attakapas Indians, brand records from St. Martinville, Acadian music, Huey Long, the 1915 hurricane, weaving and clothing.
Post's Cajun Sketches won the Louisiana Library Association's literary award in 1962.  He also authored articles on South Louisiana in various journals.
Copied through the generosity of Lyle Johnson, Director of the Acadia Parish Library System.

Collection 119

Spain. Archivo Historico Nacional. Records, 1737-1819
33 reels  [Microform]

Microfilm records in the Archivo Historico Nacional in Madrid, Spain, from the Papules Relativo a las Negociaciones Diplomaticas de Espana con los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica Series, 1737-1819. Part of the Louisiana Colonial Record Series.

Collection 120

Mexico. Archivo General de la Nacion. Records, 1500-1812
238 reels  [Microform]

Microfilm records in the Archivo General de la Nacion, Mexico City, from the Correspondencia de los Virreyes, the Historias, and the Provincias Internas Serias. These are mainly administrative records from provincial governors to the Viceroy of New Spain, 1500-1812. Part of the Louisiana Colonial Records Series.

Collection 121

Spain. Archivo General de Indias. Records, 1540-1810
8 reels  [Microform]

Microfilm of records in the Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain, from the Audiencia de Mexico Series, 1540-1810. Part of the Louisiana Colonial Records Series.

Collection 122

American Rice and Mill Company, Inc. Records, 1900-1961
73 volumes, 1 ft.

This collection contains the important reports, records, speeches and documents from the American Rice and Mill Company. The American Rice and Mill Company was formed in the 1900s and ended in 1961. Officers of this company from 1900 to 1940 were J. W. Rooler, President; C. J. Freeland, Vice President; R. A. Nocton, Secretary/Treasurer.
Donated by Freeland Family.

Collection 123

Dagmar Francez (1912-1988). Scrapbooks, 1939-1946
40 volumes

This collection, compiled by a Carencro High School student, contains clippings dealing with overseas military events of World War II. Most of the articles were taken from newspapers in New Orleans and other local newspapers.
This collection was transferred to the Archives from the History Department.

Collection 124

League of Women Voters [Lafayette, La]. Records, 1945-1992
3 ft. 9 in., 10 volumes

The League of Women Voters of Lafayette was organized in 1945. The organization was officially chartered in January 1946, with 33 members.
The main objective of the League of Women Voters of Lafayette is to work for better city and parish government, better schools, and the participation of all citizens in the democratic system. These and other endeavors undertaken by the Lafayette League compliment and parallel the aims and programs of the state and national leagues.
This collection contains incomplete internal records of the Lafayette League from its founding. There are also items which show the connectional relationship among local, state and national leagues. The subject series reflects the range of issues addressed by the League and shows the sort of information marshaled to study these concerns.
This collection was donated by Kay Bates, a charter member of the Lafayette League.

Collection 125

Alexander Sas-Jaworsky (1916-1989). Papers, 1939-1984
3 ft. 4 in.

Dr. Alexander Sas-Jaworsky was born on June 11, 1916, in the Ukraine. He attended the Academy of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Lwiw (Lemburg). In June 1939 he began his veterinary practice. During World War II he lived under first Soviet and then Nazi control. The end of the war found Sas in Austria. He met his wife, Natalie Kulchycky, in a Bavarian displaced persons camp. On September 19, 1949, Dr. Sas and his wife immigrated to the United States. By 1951 they had settled in Abbeville, where they established a veterinary practice, and raised their five children. Dr. Sas is best known for his outspoken political views as a staunch anti-communist. He has made a career of spreading that viewpoint in frequent speeches, numerous published opinion-editorial essays, a newspaper column and in two books. He died on the morning of April 7, 1989.
This collection reflects Dr. Sas' political activism and his dedication to his chosen cause. It also indicates his continuing and underlying concern in Ukrainian nationalism.
The collection was donated by Dr. Sas-Jaworsky and his family.

Collection 126

Keystone View Company. Slides, 1910s-1920s
ca. 700 items

This collection contains stereopticon slides and glass plates produced by the Keystone View Company of Meadville, Pa. These views are of scenes from all over the world. They were produced for educational purposes and discovered in a Gretna, Louisiana, elementary school. There is one study booklet on Mexico which accompanies a section of the slides. One contains scenes from stories of Peter Rabbit, and the second contains miscellaneous items including several images related to the Civil War.
The donor also included a stereopticon viewer.
Donated by Don Robertson, Lafayette, La.

Collection 127

Marie del Norte Theriot (1902-1987). Collection, 1852-1973
1 ft. 8 in.
Marie del Norte Theriot was born Oct. 14, 1902. Marie was interested in history, politics, and the history of Louisiana (Acadiana). In addition, Marie was interested in music and dancing; therefore, she produced a children's song and dance book entitled Les Danses Rondes. Marie's collection contains information concerning people, places, and events during and before her life, information on different sections of Louisiana and information on historical events, post cards, notes, memos, awards presented to her, songs, biographical information on people of the U. S., and her personal souvenirs.
Donated by Marie del Norte Theriot. This collection is part of the Women in Louisiana Collection.

Collection 128

Lafayette (La.) First Presbyterian Church. Records, 1875-1975
1 reel (35 mm, positive and negative)
Membership rolls, minutes of the congregation meetings, board of trustees (1877-1946), and session (1875-1975) of this church. The church evolved from the Vermilionville Presbyterian Church to the Lafayette Presbyterian Church and finally to the Lafayette First Presbyterian Church.
After being microfilmed by Dennis Gibson in 1975 the original records were sent to the Historical Foundation of Presbyterian and Reformed Churches, Montreat, N. C.

Collection 129

Avoyelles Parish Colonial Records, 1786-1803
3 reels (35 mm, negative)

Colonial records of Avoyelles Parish filmed by Louisiana State Archives in 1970.

Collection 130

Abbeville (LA) First Presbyterian Church. Records, 1944-1971
1 reel microfilm (35 mm, negative)

Records of the First Presbyterian Church of Abbeville. Film made from material filed in loose-leaf notebooks. Material not in chronological order.
Probably filmed by Dennis Gibson from records retained by the church.

Collection 131

East Baton Rouge Parish. Civil Records, 1782-1810
Microfilm: 8 reels [16 mm, negative and positive]

Civil record books of East Baton Rouge Parish during Spanish and Early National Periods. Filming was probably done by the Center for Louisiana Studies.  All reels are negative except Reel 3.

Collection 132

St. Peter Claver Mission of Iowa, Louisiana and St. Joseph's Church of Welsh, Louisiana. Records, 1970-1978
1 reel microfilm (35 mm, negative)

Records of the St. Peter Claver Mission (1970-1978) and St. Joseph's Church (1971-1978). Material loaned to Dennis Gibson for microfilming.

Collection 133

United States. Adjutant General's Office. Amnesty Papers, 1865-1867
3 reels microfilm (35 mm, positive)

Case files of applications from former Confederates for presidential pardons. Records of applications from Louisiana residents arranged alphabetically.
NARS microfilm from RG-94. Microcopy 1003, Reels 27-29.

Collection 134

Frank Charles Triay (1866-1947). Scrapbook, 1877-1946 [1900-1932]
1 volume

Frank Charles Triay was a resident of Lafayette who was an active worker in the Socialist Party (US) and the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen. The scrapbook reflects those interests. It contains newspaper clippings on socialism; politics; political cartoons; and scattered topics including the Triay family, the labor union, parapsychology and World War II. Triay collected political campaign items for the Socialist Party (US) and the LaFollett Progressive Party (1924). Clippings about Eugene V. Debs and letters from Debs and his brother, Theodore, are in the scrapbook. There are photographs, certificates, tickets and the charter for the Socialist Party Club of Lafayette, Louisiana (1904). There are poems, prayers, and radio dialogue which are either humorous or satirical.
The scrapbook is donated by Mr. & Mrs. E. B. McDaniel through Coleen McDaniel.

Collection 135

Jacob Thomas Foster (1827-1906). Memoirs, 1900
1 reel microfilm (35 mm, negative)

Foster was a native of New York who spent most of his life in the Upper Midwest, specifically Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. His memoirs discuss his work as a railroad surveyor and in other occupations but focus mainly on his service in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Some of that service was in Louisiana. Foster's memoirs were dedicated to his son, Clark Harold Foster, in 1900. There are 79 typed pages.
Mrs. Arthur V. D. Clarkson loaned the memoirs to the State Historical Society of Wisconsin for microfilming. The UL Lafayette copy was made by Dennis Gibson for the Microfilm Division, University Libraries, 197-.

Collection 136

Audrey Chandler Birdhill (c. 1903-    ). Scrapbooks, 1939-1942
2 reels microfilm (35 mm, negative and positive)

Newspaper clippings, mainly from New Orleans papers concerning Louisiana and New Orleans politics. The compiler, who emphasized corruption, entitled her scrapbooks, "Louisiana Political Corruption." There were originally 13 volumes in the series of which only seven were microfilmed. Mrs. Birdhill was a resident of Houma, La.
Microfilmed by UL Lafayette University Libraries Microfilm Department in 1974.

Collection 137

Academy of the Sacred Heart (Grand Coteau, Louisiana). Student Registers, 1825-1955
2 reels microfilm (35 mm, negative)

These are lists of students who attended the Academy of the Sacred Heart, 1825-1955 and the College of the Sacred Heart, 1917-1943. These registers were used by Anna Jane Marks to prepare Register of Students of the Academy of the Sacred Heart Grand Coteau, La .,1821-1971 (Lafayette, La.: The Acadiana Press, 1981). The registers contain more information on each student than does the Marks book.
The original registers were retained by the Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Collection 138

Abbeville (LA) Methodist Church. Records, 1889-1958
1 reel microfilm (35 mm, positive)

Membership records of several churches in the Vermilion Circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South: Perry's Bridge (1899-1954); Prairie Greig Church, Henry, Louisiana (1899-1916); and Abbeville Methodist Church 1901-1947). There are quarterly records of the Vermilion Circuit (1910-1913) and collected information on ministers who served the circuit. There are also two brief histories of the Abbeville Methodist Church and correspondence related to gathering information for another publication.
Microfilmed by Dennis Gibson from originals still held by the church.

Collection 139

United States. Army. Department of the Gulf. Miscellaneous Records, 1863-1865
2 reels microfilm (35 mm, negative and positive)

Microfilm from National Archives and Records Administration Record Group 393: Records of the United States Army filmed in 1977. The New Iberia headquarters orders were filmed in 1980.

Collection 140

Mary Wilson (1846-1867). Collection, 1864-1890, 1955
1 reel microfilm

Material gathered about the visitation of Blessed John Berchmans to Mary Wilson at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau, La., in 1866. The collection contains printed material including biographies of St. John Berchmans when he was canonized, the catechism used by Novitiate Mary Wilson, and pamphlets. There are also handwritten transcripts (in both English and French) of diary entries, depositions, testimonials and letters. There are also some original letters.
This material was microfilmed by Dennis Gibson for UL Lafayette in 1974. The originals are owned by the Academy of the Sacred Heart at Grand Coteau.

Collection 141

Daily Advertiser (Lafayette, Louisiana). Photographs, 1976-
16 ft. +

Print file of many photographs which appeared in Daily Advertiser dealing with local subjects. This collection is strong in photographs but does not include sports or society subjects. It contains many supplied photos including some from the University News Service.
It has been donated by the Daily Advertiser through the efforts of Chuck Hamsa.

Collection 142

George Arceneaux, Sr. (1895-1986). Papers, 1847 (1970)-1986
12 ft. 6 in.

George Arceneaux, Sr. was a well-known expert in sugar cane technology. For many years he worked for the United States Department of Agriculture. In 1974 he published Youth in Acadie: Reflections on Acadian Life and Culture in Southwest Louisiana.
The collection reflects Arceneaux's involvement with sugarcane, especially as a consultant for the Gulf and Western operation at Central Romania, Dominican Republic. Much of the correspondence and research material is connected with the breeding and selection work carried on there. There is also some material showing Arceneaux's continuing interest in his Acadian heritage.
The collection was donated by Mrs. George Arceneaux, Sr. and Judge and Mrs. George Arceneaux, Jr.

Collection 143

William M. "Billy" Grout (1921-1996). Photographs, ca. 1970-1978
ca. 6,000 images (mainly negatives)

William Grout grew up around Walker, La. From his days in the Army Air Corps during World War II he has been an avid photographer. Although he has done commercial work in portraiture and weddings, this collection reflects his interest in scenic photography. Most of the images, which were taken mainly between 1974 and 1978, are of Louisiana, especially in the Florida parishes. They also indicate Mr. Grout's interest in motorcycling.
It was donated to the University by the photographer in 1978.

Collection 144

Robert Foligny Broussard (1864-1918) and Edwin Sidney Broussard (1874-1934). Papers, 1895-1935
75 ft., 143 reels microfilm

Robert F. Broussard and Edwin S. Broussard were brothers from rural Iberia Parish who served in the U. S. Senate, 1915-1918 and 1921-1933, respectively. Robert also served in the U. S. House of Representatives, 1897-1915. The family lived on a plantation near Loreauville, La.
Donated by Mrs. George and Dorville Broussard

Collection 145

Albert Tate, Jr. (1920-1986). Genealogical Papers
30 ft.

Albert Tate, Jr. was a federal and state judge and served as a member of numerous judiciary committees and councils. He was a member of the United State Fifth Circuit Courts of Appeals.
Tate was born in Ville Platte on 23 September 1920 and died in New Orleans on 27 March 1986. Tate had an interest in genealogy. He was particularly interested in the early settlers of Southwest Louisiana. These files contain clippings, articles, correspondence, notes, copies of documents and records, maps, etc. in reference to the research he was doing.

Collection 146

Louisiana Photographs. Collection
5 in.

Open-end collection of photographs of Louisiana, arranged geographically.

Collection 147

Robert Stuart Neitzel (1911-1980). Collection, 1954-1983
2 ½ ft.

Robert Stuart Neitzel, born in Falls City, Neb., contributed to archaeology in the Lower Mississippi Valley and the southeastern United States for 30 productive years. He made major contributions to archaeological work in Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia. He is best known for his work with Indian sites, especially those connected with Marksville culture, and the Tunica and Natchez tribes.
The collection dates almost entirely from the 1970s. One major exception is a series of photocopied correspondence from the 1950s involving the Prehistoric Indian Museum Neitzel founded and directed in Marksville. The collection contains maps, notes, correspondence, work papers and newsletters; publications and writings, both draft and published material.
This collection was donated by Mrs. Robert S. Neitzel and the children, Sarah and Stuart.

Collection 148

Patout Family. Collection, 1931-1975
Microfiche, 15 sheets

This collection contains material brought to a Patout family reunion in 1975. Included are legal papers; land records, especially in St. Mary Parish; correspondence, including a letter from San Francisco in 1849; photographs; articles and publications.

Collection 149

J. Norman Heard (1922-2013). Papers, 1944-1987, n.d.
3 ft., 36 vol.

Norman Heard was an author and a librarian at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. This collection consists of materials gathered for his book Handbook of the American Frontier, which include handwritten notes for his published book, as well as other books he authored. He was also heavily involved in the Alleman Center, Acadian Village and Special Olympics organizations in Lafayette Parish.

Collection 150

KPEL Radio Station. Tapes, 1980, 1987-
250 tapes

Tapes of Lafayette: Someplace Special and Primetime programs.

Collection 151

German Prisoner of War. Collection, 1942-1989
1 ft., videotapes

Research material gathered by Dr. Matthew Schott.

Collection 152

St. Charles Parish. Court Records, 1740-1872
38 reels (microfilm)

Collection 153

Billeaud Sugar Mill. Records, 1940s-1984
30 ft.

Collection 154

Northern and Southern Oil Company. Financial Records, 1902-1905
1 ft. 3 in.

Records of an early oil company in the Jennings - Evangeline area.

Collection 155

Jefferson T. Hennessy (1929-2015). Papers, 1958-1985
3 ft.

Jeff Hennessy served as member of UL Lafayette's Health and Physical Education Department from 1959 until 1985. During that time he coached the UL Lafayette gymnastic and trampoline teams. Hennessy was active in national and international trampoline organizations as an official and as a coach of U.S. national teams.
The Collection reflects Hennessy's coaching career and his efforts to promote the sport of trampoline. It contains information on his UL Lafayette squads and his involvement in international organizations.
This collection was donated by Jeff Hennessy.

Collection 156

Louisiana Historical Preservation and Culture Committee. Records, 1970s-
7 ft. 6 in.

Mainly nomination forms for designation as historic sites, arranged alphabetically. Some administrative records of the committee.
Donated by Glenn R. Conrad, chair of the committee.

Collection 157

Godchaux Family Papers/Louisiana State Rice Milling Company Records, 1911-
200 ft.
Frank Area Godchaux, Sr. was born in Abbeville, La. Mr. Godchaux was a builder in industry and well as a leader in civic affairs. By 1911 he was managing two rice mills.
This collection consists of person and business papers. Including in this collection are correspondence, financial records, minutes of meetings, etc.

Collection 158

Broussard, Louisiana. General Merchandise Stores. Ledgers, 1901-1913
6 volumes
Ledgers of two Broussard, Louisiana, stores. Volume 1 is from Jonin General Merchandise Store, while volumes 2 through 6 are from Comeaux and St. Julien General Merchandise Store. These are unbound photocopies of the original ledgers.
Donated by the T. L. Ducrest family, heirs of Gustave St. Julien. Made available by Maxine D. Duhon.

Collection 159

Harland K. Riley (1905-1972). Collection, 1929-1969
10 in.

Harland K. Riley was a native of Gueydan, La. In 1931, he joined the USL faculty as an Assistant Professor of Agriculture. This collection consists of his thesis, correspondence, photographs, speeches, awards, certificates, diplomas and other miscellaneous materials.

Collection 160

Louisiana Irrigation and Mill Company. Records, 1902-1925, 1960s
2 ft.

The Louisiana Irrigation and Mill Company was formed in 1903 to construct a lock or locks and a dam on the Mermentau River. This collection consists of correspondence, telegrams, financial records, documents and other miscellaneous material.

Collection 161

Carlton O. James (1911-1993). Oral History Collection, 1979
1 ft. 5.5 in.

This collection is the result of a project sponsored by UL Lafayette and funded by The Louisiana Council in Human Relations and the Acadiana Committee for the Humanities. The project directors were Dr. Patricia Rickels and Matthew Schott with assistance from Barry Ancelet, Elemore Morgan, Jr., and Doris White. The collection contains taped interviews with several participants in Louisiana's civil rights movement. The final product of the project, a slide-tape presentation, "No Gains Without Pains:  An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement in Louisiana," is also included. Carlton James, a long-time Lafayette educator and civil rights leader, is one of the people interviewed.
The collection was donated to UL Lafayette by the Project Directors in 1984. Tapes are recorded on one side only.

Collection 162

Hannie Family. Collection, 1902-1985
2 ½ in.

These are materials collected by Evelyn Theresa Hannie in the preparation of her book, The Hannie-Saloom-Reslan Family Book (Lafayette, n.d.). The collection contains some family documents and photographs.
Donated by Evelyn Theresa Hannie in 1986.

Collection 163

Yorick Chachere (1910-1993). Collection, ca 1927-1940
3 in.

A collection of movie fliers advertising motion pictures which appeared in local movie theaters, especially the Bailey in Opelousas. The fliers are arranged alphabetically by title.
Donated by Yorick Chachere, 1989.

Collection 164

Francois Richard (1826-1998). Papers, 1832-1899
2 ½ in.

Mainly documents related to law practice of Francois Richard, fils, in St. Landry Parish and to legal matters involving the Richard family. Of special interest is a contract between an former slave owner and freedmen executed on Aug. 16, 1865.
Donated by Sandra Clayton Richard in 1989.

Collection 165

Mary Theard. Manuscript, 1976
1 volume (2.5 in.)

An unpublished manuscript of "Old Songs of French and Creole Origin Collected in Louisiana," compiled by Marie Theard. Photocopy, 297 pp.
Donated by Frances M. Crist, 1990

Collection 166

Edward Bennett Ogden, Jr. (1904-1983). Papers, 1944, 1961-1981, 1990
10 ft.
Mainly the business records of Ogden who was active in the rice brokerage field. He worked in Cuba for many years until forced out by the revolution in 1961. He had a close connection with the Godchaux Family and Louisiana State Rice Milling Company.
Donated by Mrs. Edward B. Ogden, Jr.

Collection 167

Ain Cadjein [Anonymous]. Literary Manuscripts, 1983-
5 in.

Material on literature presented in Cajun French prepared by anonymous individual and delivered to KVPI radio station in Ville Platte. Includes translations of literary excerpts, poems, etc. into Cajun French and a grammar of Cajun French.
Photocopy. Original in possession of KVPI.  Secured by Mario Mamalakis for UL Lafayette to copy.

Collection 168

Bernice Webb (1920-1999). Papers

Collection 169

Doris Broussard Bentley (1919-2015). Papers, 1970-1971
5 in.

Material related to preparing dissertation on Edith Garland Dupré. Includes interview notes, research notes, bibliography notes, etc. There are also excerpts from material in the Edith Garland Dupré Papers, Collection 43. This collection also includes Bentley's correspondence related to the project.
Donated by Doris Broussard Bentley, 1990.

Collection 170

Lafayette Rotary Club. Records, 1920-
18½ ft., 37 v.

The Lafayette Rotary Club was founded with twenty charter members in August, 1920. It was the first men's service club in the city. Through the years the club has been active in improving the local community with special concern for youth work. Rotarians have actively participated in the city recreation program for youth and have been leaders of the Boy Scout movement. One of the unique contributions of the club was the Rotary Boys' Band which existed from 1922 to 1939 under the direction of Frank A. Baranco. The club has also been involved with civic improvement projects such as the Lafayette Public Library and the Municipal Auditorium. The records reflect the civic involvement of the club as well as its organizational structure.

Collection 171

James Prejean (    -    ). Collection
c. 8 ft.

Collection 172

Iberia Parish Tuberculosis Association. Records, 1946-1973
1 ft.

Some administrative records but mainly clippings related to the activities of this organization.
Donated by Henry J. Dauterive, Jr.

Collection 173

Robert S. Osborne (1908-1991). Papers, 1947-1954, n.d.
5 in.

Mainly literary manuscripts of Dr. Osborne who was long-time member of the UL Lafayette English Department.
Donated by Ollie Tucker Osborne

Collection 174

Anne K. Simpson (1924-2005). Collection, 1957-1991
5 in.

Materials collected by Simpson in preparation of her biography of Ernest J. Gaines.
Donated by Anne K. Simpson

Collection 175

ERA United. (Louisiana). Clippings.  1974-1978
Microfilm  1 reel [35 mm]

Clippings on ERA issue from Louisiana newspapers provided to ERA United by the Metropolitan Clipping Bureau.

Collection 176

Lafayette (LA) City Council Records, 1836 -
Microfiche  [2601 fiche]
Mainly records of the Lafayette City Council including minutes of meetings and ordinances. Also records of ad-hoc auxiliary bodies.

Collection 177

New Iberia, Louisiana. City Records, 1868-
26 volumes
Fines  [double entry ledgers]; City Ordinances; City Assessment Rolls; and Minute Books

Collection 178

Harmon F. Roy. Collection, 1980
5 inches
A collection of approximately 175 photographs related to the Lake Peigneur disaster of 1980. Roy served as one of the lawyers involved in litigation over the case.

Collection 179

Fred Fournet (1904-1987). Photographs, [1950s - 1960s]
380 images
Photographs either taken by Fred Fournet of St. Martinville or which had been brought to Fournet's Drug Store for copying and never retrieved by the customer. Many of these are of St. Martinville African-Americans.

Collection 180

Charles Hamsa. Collection, 1912-
c. 13 ft.
This collection contains political campaign memorabilia at Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, and national levels. It emphasizes third party and minor candidates.

Collection 181

Shane Bernard. Collection, 1979-1998, n.d.
1 ft., 10 ½ inches
Material on swamp pop music gathered initially for research for M.A. thesis. Collection contains mainly articles, clippings, catalogs, etc.

Collection 182

Print Collection
This collection contains mainly oversize prints, sketches, printed photographs, and commercial product labels. Many items are pages from late 19th-century illustrated magazines containing prints and photographs of South Louisiana scenes.
The collection was obtained in part with money donated by Mr. Alan Kiesel.

Collection 183

Thetis Cusimano. Collection, 1953-1990
Microfilm: 2 reels [35 mm]; slides
Scrapbooks, photo albums and yearbooks related to the Special Education Program in Lafayette Parish Schools.

Collection 184

J. Rayburn Bertrand (1918-2005). Scrapbooks, 1959-1972
6 volumes; 3 reels [35 mm microfilm]
J. Rayburn Bertrand, the 15th mayor of Lafayette, was born in Kinder, La., in 1918. He attended Lafayette High School and UL Lafayette. This collection consists of scrapbooks kept while Bertrand was Lafayette mayor. 5 volumes.

Collection 185

Henry C. Dethloff. Collection, 1960 -
2 ft.

Collection related especially to the rice industry including materials collected by Professor Dethloff and manuscripts of his publications.

Collection 186

Sylvia Roberts. Collection, 1960-1980
8 ft.; 40 reels (microfilm)

Working files of clippings, articles, reports, etc. related to women's issues.

Collection 187

Mary E. Dichmann (1913-1995). Papers, 1935-1995
15 ft.

Personal and professional papers of long-time UL Lafayette faculty member and administrator. Also some records of organizations in which she was active, especially AAUW and Phi Beta Kappa.

Collection 188

Les Vingt Quatre Club. Collection, 1932-1938, 1990-1992, n.d.
1 ft.

Les Vingt Quatre Club was founded in April 1932 and chartered and named May 1932. The club was formed to study history and current events. This collection contains correspondence, histories, a few photographs and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, etc. The material in this collection has been photocopied and microfiched. The originals were loaned to the Archives by Virginia Yongue.

Collection 189

Town of Breaux Bridge. City Council Records, 1894-1909, 1913-1938
Microfilm: 1 Reel [35mm]

Mainly records of the Breaux Bridge City Council which include minutes of meetings and ordinances. The material in this collection has been microfilmed. The originals were loaned to the Archives by the Town of Breaux Bridge.

 Collection 190

Miscellaneous Louisiana Newspapers, 1830-1995
Microfiche: 1219 sheets

Miscellaneous Louisiana newspapers from 1830-1977 that have been microfiched. The originals are housed in Drawers 12, 32 and 33 of the map cases in the Archives, and Collection 7, the Paul Debaillon Collection, folders 3-02, 3-03, 3-23, 3-28 and 3-29.

Collection 191

Armand J. Brinkhaus (1935 -    ). Legislative Records, 1967-1995.
64 ft.

This collection contains the working files of Armand J. Brinkhaus, a member of the Louisiana state legislature between 1967 and 1995.

Collection 192

Idonian Club. Records, 1948-1983, n.d.
5 in., 18 vols.

The Idonian Club was formed to study the Bible and for the promotion of growth in Christian character. This collection contains yearbooks and miscellaneous materials dealing with the Idonian Club.

Collection 193

Altrusa Club. Records, 1956-1996, n.d.
12 in., 7 vols.
This collection contains correspondence, photographs, programs, conference information, etc. dealing with the local and international Altrusa Club.

Collection 194

Lafayette Garden Club, 1954-1984
10 in., 7 vols.

The Lafayette Garden Club was first organized in 1930 and became a member of the national federation of garden clubs in 1940. This collection consists of scrapbooks, minutes of the Garden Club, projects, award booklets and other miscellaneous materials.

Collection 195

W.D. Smith (1896-1977). Collection, 1939-1999, n.d.
7.5 inches

W.D. Smith was an educator in Lafayette Parish schools for nearly thirty years. He was a teacher at and later principal of Paul Breaux School, for many years the only school for African Americans in Lafayette.
This collection consists of teaching material, correspondence, photographs, notes on education and race, a yearbook of Paul Breaux School, and other miscellaneous material.

Collection 196

Scott Business Ledger, 1886-1887
2.5 in.

Photocopies. There are several references to Ozeme LeBlanc in the ledger. The collection also includes biographical information on LeBlanc.

Collection 197

Jules O. Daigle (1900-1998). Papers, 1981-1994, n.d.
1 ft., 8 in.; Microfilm: 1 reel [35mm]

Jules O. Daigle was born in Lafayette. He made his studies for the priesthood at St. Joseph Seminary in St. Benedict, La., St. Mary’s in Baltimore, Maryland, and the North American College in Rome, where he was ordained in 1925. After retirement, he launched a writing career and wrote several books on the Cajun heritage, receiving international recognition for his work. This collection contains correspondence.

Collection 198

Wes S. Cady (1935-2014).  Papers, 1977-1983, n.d.
10 ft.

Ora-Westley Schwemmer Cady was a native of Pennsylvania and History Professor at UL Lafayette. She received her doctorate degree in Latin American History from Tulane University. She taught history at UL Lafayette for more than 30 years. She is a member of several University women's organizations and also served on some of the boards of directors. This collection consists of by-laws, minutes, correspondence, membership records, publications, conference materials and other miscellaneous materials dealing with AAUW and IFUW.

Collection 199

Charles F. Reynolds. (1924-1997). Papers
Mainly unpublished musical compositions written by Reynolds who was long-time member of UL Lafayette’s School of Music faculty. Some personal material including a scrapbook.

Collection 200

Abrom Kaplan (1872-1944). Papers, 1905-1960
10 ft.
Personal and business records of a pioneer of the South Louisiana rice industry.

Collection 201

Family and Friends for the Mentally Ill [Lafayette, LA]. Records, 1977 - 1998
12 ft.
Family and Friends for the Mentally Ill was founded in March 1981 by Maizie Thibodeaux. It was one of the first mental health support groups in Louisiana. Their main goal was to involve the patients’ family in recovery, providing understanding and support to families. This collection consists of FFAMI’s working files. It was donated by Maizie Thibodeaux.

Collection 202

John C. Fontenot (1914-1996). Land Abstracts and Office Records, 1950s-80s.
800 ft.
Land abstracts done by John C. Fontenot Land Abstract Company of Evangeline Parish. Much of the work was done for oil companies.

Collection 203

Richard Putnam (1913-2002). Federal Case Records, 1960s-70s
15.5 ft.
As federal judge Richard Putnam handled many desegregation cases involving school systems in Louisiana and elsewhere. He also played a significant role in the development of maritime law as it applies to the offshore oil and gas industry.

This collection consists of federal cases from Louisiana and other southern states, many of the cases dealing with school desegregation. Also included are correspondence, reports, publications, clippings, court orders, etc.

Collection 204

Marie J. "Mario" Mamalakis (1913 - 2003). Writings, 1940s through 1990s
14.5 feet, 3 volumes
Copies of articles written by Mario Mamalakis, a prolific newspaper feature writer. This collection consists of her working files and personal files. Included are her writings on real estate, Mardi Gras, Lafayette, Louisiana material, etc.

Collection 205

Jean T. Kreamer (1944-   ). Papers, 1978-1999
Jean T. Kreamer was the director of the University Media Center and Print Shop at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She was also the President of the Chamber of Commerce for 1999/2000. She served on other committees as well. This collection consists material from the Lafayette Parish City Government, Chamber of Commerce, University material, etc.

Collection 206

Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL). 1966 - 2001.
Records, 1966-2001
18 ft., 20 volumes
On July 20, 1968, Gov. John J. McKeithen signed into law Act No. 409 authorizing the establishment of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL). It was developed to do any and all things necessary to accomplish the development, utilization and preservation of the French language as found in the state of Louisiana, for the cultural, economic and tourist benefit of the state. This collection consists of mostly CODOFIL Office Records which includes correspondence, meeting agendas, photographs, press releases, new clippings, reports, etc. Also are scrapbooks which contain photographs and newspaper clippings from 1966 through 2001. There are also photographs of the 25th anniversary of CODOFIL

Collection 207

Jewish Synagogues [Lafayette, LA]. Records, 1949-1993, 2001-2011, n.d.
2 ft., 10 in.
Records of the Jewish congregations in this area, primarily Congregation Rodeph Sholom and Temple Shalom of Lafayette, LA.
Part of this collection was donated by Peter Louviere of New Iberia and the other part by Alan Kiesel of Lafayette. This is an open-ended collection.

Collection 208

McCollum Exploration Company. Records, 1926-1943, n.d.
10 inches

This collection consists of seismographic surveys conducted by McCollum Exploration Company.

Collection 209

Vincent Riehl (1911-1995). Papers, 1890s-1900
5 inches

This collection consists of mainly photographs from Acadia Parish from the 1890s thru the early 1900s. The photographs are scenes from Crowley, Rayne, Esterwood and other parts of the parish. Also included are photographs of families.

Collection 210

Yvonne Levasseur (1922-1986). Papers, 1944-1981
2 ft., 8 ½ in.

Yvonne Lavasseur attended the Southwestern Louisiana Institute and was awarded a Bachelor of Music Education degree in 1963. She was a registered nurse and a successful writer in French, publishing two novels and over 200 short stories.
This collection includes notes from her classes at SLI and American High School, a draft of her thesis, correspondence, newspaper clippings and some of her writings.

Collection 211

Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 106. Records, 1946-1983
5 inches

This collection contains records mainly from the Plumber and Steamfitters Local #106 Health and Welfare Fund and Pension Trust Fund.

Collection 212

Jane Bode (1951-1987). Collection, 1978-1985, n.d.
3 ½ ft.

Jane Bode was an attorney from Crowley, La. This collection consists of her working files.

Collection 213

Pierre Belliveau (1901-1990). Papers, 1902-1962, n.d.
2 ft., 6 in.

This collection consists of papers written by Pierre Belliveau on Acadian exiles in New England. There are also genealogy material on the Faucault, Toups, and Foco Families.

Collection 214

Thomas Arceneaux (1908-1989). Papers, 1908-1979
10 in.

Thomas J. Arceneaux was born June 13, 1908. He was the son of Emilien Arceneaux and Aline Martin Arceneaux. In 1936, he married Carita Anne Melchior. Dr. Arceneaux was a professor of Agriculture. This collection consists of his working files (genealogy), personal papers, class notes, correspondence, photographs, clippings, Acadian history information, etc.

Collection 215

Louisiana Gulf Coastal Oil Exposition (LAGCOE). Collection, 1953-1990
2 ft., 6 in., 13 vols.

LAGCOE was organized in 1955. This corporation was formed to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the part played by the oil industry in our society. This event is located in Lafayette, which is the heart of Louisiana’s land and offshore oil activity. This collection consists of exhibit material, correspondence, by-laws and resolutions, history, scrapbooks, etc.

Collection 216

Vermilion Parish Drainage District, Ward 5. Records, 1927-1945
10 inches

The Vermilion Parish Drainage District records consists of financial records, correspondence, clippings, drainage bonds and other miscellaneous materials.

Collection 217

Iwo Jima Collection, 5th Marine Division, 1945. Collection, 1945-1995
5 ft., 10 in., 10 vols.

Roland Chiasson and other veterans fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. The Battle of Iwo Jima, 19 February - 25 March 1945 was one of the bloodiest engagements during World War II. This collection consists of books, videos, articles, newspapers, slides, from the veterans’ war service.
This collection was donated by Roland M. Chiasson.

Collection 218

Amanda S. Hanks (1913-2003). Collection, 1977-1988, n.d.
2.5  in.

Amanda Hanks was a dedicated teacher and librarian in Vermilion Parish for 43 years. This collection consists of writings, clippings, photographs, biographical information, etc.

Collection 219

Dudley J. LeBlanc (1894-1971). Collection, 1900-1995, n.d.
1 ft.

Dudley LeBlanc was a businessman and politician. He served as Louisiana Representative in 1924, Public Service Commissioner in 1926, Louisiana Senator in 1948-52, 1964, 1968. He owned many businesses. He invented and promoted the famous HADACOL, which was a vitamin/mineral supplement. He claimed it cured many illnesses. This collection consists of genealogy material, photographs, correspondence, business records, etc.

Collection 220

Lawless J. “Butterbean” Reaux, Jr. (1928-   ). Collection, 1944-1979
1 foot

Lawless J. “Butterbean” Reaux, Jr. was a native of Lafayette, La. He was a member of the Boys Scouts of America and was also in the military. This collection consists of personal information, photographs, military records, correspondence, publications, etc.

Collection 221

Alcee Henry (1869-1950). Collection, 1900s-1960s, n.d.
10 in.

Alcee Henry was a farmer from Morse, La. This collection consists of mostly family photographs. Also included are correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc.

Collection 222

Frank C. Flowers (1908-1995). Collection, 1949-1980
5 in.

Frank C. Flowers attended Louisiana College and received an A.B. in 1930. He then attended Stanford University and received an A.B. in 1932. In 1939, he received his M.A. from Louisiana State University and a Ph.D. in 1941. Dr.  Flowers was a member of the UL Lafayette faculty here in the English department from 1946-1986.

Collection 223

Mildred Ruth Brown (1919-1991) and George Boylston Brown (1910-1996). Music Collection, 1931, n.d.
1 ft.
This collection contains unpublished music. Most of the compositions and arrangements by Mildred Ruth Brown are based on French folk songs. There are arrangements for piano, voice, and string orchestra and quartet. Many of the arrangements by George B. Brown are hymn tunes for organ or keyboard. There is also some vocal material.

Collection 224

New Iberia Road Paving Project. Collection, 1950s
1 ft., 3 in.

During the 1950s the City of New Iberia initiated a major project to pave city streets. This collection consists mainly of photographs taken during this project.  The photographs show buildings, parks, and vehicles as well as the streets. There are also general records, financial records, correspondence, and maps of New Iberia and some subdivisions.

Collection 225

Louis F. Babin (1912-1996). Collection, 1898-1993
10 in.

Louis F. Babin was born on a farm between Port Allen and Brusly, La. He dedicated his life to firefighting. He worked for the Lafayette Parish Fire department, and retired in 1972 with 42 years of service. This collection consists of biographical information. Also included are lists of members of the fire department, financial records, correspondence, history, photographs and other miscellaneous materials.

Collection 226

W. Roy Hebert (1925-2014). Collection, 1950s
1 ft., 3.5 in.
W. Roy Hebert was from Sulphur, Louisiana. He attended Southwestern Louisiana Institute in Lafayette. Hebert, a reporter with a combination news-sports background, is well known throughout southwestern Louisiana for his play-by-play coverage of the conference football, basketball, and track events. This collection consists of copybook of Hebert and tapes from programs that he did.  This collection was donated by W. Roy Hebert.

Collection 227

Roy Raoul Theriot (1914-1973).  Collection, 1743-1992, n.d.
1 ft.
Roy R. Theriot was an attorney and politician. He was born in Erath, La. He attended SLI and Tulane. He began law practice in 1939 and was also mayor of Abbeville from 1954-1960. He was also involved with different organizations. This collection consists of mostly certificates and awards.

Collection 228

Mario Fratti (1927- ). Collection
2 ft., 5.5 in.
Mario Fratti was born on 5 July 1927 in L'Aquila, a small town in the Abruzzi region of central Italy. Fratti was an Italian and American playwright. He has written numerous plays. This collection consists of biographical information, plays, newspaper clippings, and other published writings.

Collection 229

Raymond S. Rodgers (1935-2007). Collection, 1966-1972, n.d.
1 foot

Raymond S. Rodgers taught political science at the University of Southwestern Louisiana from 1966 to 1968. He was deeply involved in the movement to save the Cajun French dialect and was a member of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL).
This collection consists of material dealing with CODOFIL and French in Louisiana.
Donated by Raymond S. Rodgers.

Collection 230

John Stephan (1919-1998). Photograph Collection 1951-1990
This collection consists of negatives and photographs from a well-known photographer from this area. There are photos of UL Lafayette, Lafayette's Mardi Gras, Lafayette Lanes, LAGCOE, etc.

Collection 231

Joseph K. Mertzweiller (1920-1997). Papers, 1950s-1997
3 ft.
Mertzweiller was born in 1920 in New Orleans, La. He received an engineering degree from Loyola University in 1941 and a master's degree from the University of Detroit in 1943. He was interested in Louisiana Iris. He conducted his own hybridizing experiments. He was also active in a number of organizations devoted to the Louisiana Iris. This collection contains materials related to this topic.

Collection 232

Ruth Robertson Fontenot (1914-1995). Collection, 1801-1994, n.d.
16 ft., 4 in.
Ruth R. Fontenot's collection contains an extensive working files on local history. She conducted a survey for the Louisiana State Division of Historic Preservation of all structures over fifty years old in Iberia, St. Landry, St. Martin and St. Mary Parishes. She was very interested in the preservation of historic structures. She also has information on Acadian history.

Collection 233

Richard Baudouin, Jr. (1953-2000). Collection
7 ft., 4 vols.
Baudouin was a journalist who was editor of the Times of Acadiana for many years. He was also a keen observer of Louisiana politics and social conditions.

Collection 234

J. Maxime Roy (1893-1968). Scrapbooks, 1948-1956
1 ft. 9 in.; Microfilm: 1 reel
J. Maxime Roy was born in Broussard, La., but lived most of his life in Lafayette. he served as mayor of Lafayette from 1936 to mayor of Lafayette until 1944. In 1948, he was elected to the State Senate, where he served until 1952. In addition to his public service, he was in the real estate and insurance business.
This collection consists of three scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, 1948-1956.

Collection 235

Vermilion Parish. Office of Civil Defense. Records, 1942-1992, n.d.
5 feet, 10 inches, 16 volumes

5 feet, 10 inches, 16 volumesThe Vermilion Parish Office of Civil Defense was responsible for preparing for natural disasters or attack, and for cleaning up after such events. This collection includes correspondence and operational records, as well as records, photographs and newspaper clippings on natural disasters including Hurricane Audrey (1957) and Hurricane Andrew (1992).

Collection 236

Frank Chowning (1894-1981). Papers, 1950s - 1980s, n.d.
2 feet

In 1930, Frank E. Chowning began collecting the native irises of Arkansas and Louisiana and continued for many years hybridizing and growing them, writing about them and promoting them through the American Iris Society and the Society for Louisiana Irises. This collection contains correspondence, his writings, certificates and awards, organization publications, photographs, etc.

Collection 237

John J. Burdin, Jr. (1913-1990). Collection, 1954-1990
7 ft.. 7.5 in., 6 volumes

John J. Burdin was from St. Martinville. He was a physician and practiced in Lafayette, La., for 54 years. He was a charter member and chairman of American Bank and Trust Company. He was also a charter member and officer at Lafayette General Hospital. This collection consists of his working files which include general and financial records, insurance and hospital records, etc. Also included are personal files which contain general and financial records, insurance records, certificates, etc.

Collection 238

Dailey J. Berard (1929-2001). Letters 1992-2001
5 in.; 16 volumes

Dailey J. Berard founded Universal Fabricators, Inc. in 1980 based on his own inventions. UNIFAB is an industry leader in the custom fabrication of topside facilities, decks, jackets, equipment modules and other structures used in the development and production of oil and gas reserves. This collection consists of mainly correspondence. Also included are newspaper clippings, magazines articles about Berard and UNIFAB and other miscellaneous materials as well.
This collection was donated by Frances Love.

Collection 239

Lorrain Family Papers
10 in.

This collection consists of correspondence, diaries, financial records, and other miscellaneous related to the Lorrain family. A large portion of the handwritten letters are written in French.

Collection 240

Bob Henderson (1930-1996). Collection, 1913-1986.
10 ft., 32 vols.
Bob Henderson joined the USL Athletic Department as the first Sports Information Director. This collection consists of material dealing with the USL Athletic Department and also horse-racing material pertaining to Evangeline Downs, where Bob was the PR-Publicity Director for nine years. In this collection are photographs, magazines, newspaper clippings, plaques he was awarded, correspondence, tournament statistics and pamphlets from all sports.

Collection 241

Cahanin Store Ledgers, 1838-1840 and 1847-1850
2 volumes

This collection consists of two ledgers from the Cahanin Store in Opelousas. Volume 1, dated 1838-1840, contains 480 pages. The second ledger volume is dated December 1847 to 1850, and contains 549 pages. This manuscript kept the sales record of a general store, with many thousands of named accounts and what they bought. There are over 10,000 entries for such products as whiskey, tobacco, quinine, wines, clothing, fabrics, and much more.
Volume 1 was donated by Linnie C. Herpin. Volume 2 was purchased from Charles Apfelbaum, Rare Manuscripts & Archives.

Collection 242

Ory J. Miguez (1922-2005). Photographs, 1951-1991
600,000 images

Ory J. Miguez is a photographer from Franklin, LA. This collection consists of negatives and proofs of family photos, photographs of offshore rigs, sugarcane, etc. from 1951 to 1991.
This collection was donated by Ory. J. Miguez

Collection 243

Lafayette Civic Cup Award Collection
5 inches, 3 volumes
The Lafayette Civic Cup award was started in 1933 by the Young Men's Business Club. For the past 84 years, the award has been given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the community.

Collection 244

Kenneth “Kenny” Bowen (1926-2002). Collection, 1958, 1971-1996, n.d.
3 ft.

Kenneth “Kenny” Bowen was a native of New Orleans and a lifelong resident of Lafayette. Bowen was elected mayor of Lafayette in 1972 and served two consecutive terms. He then served a third term in 1992. He began a progressive administration that returned Lafayette to a Mayor-City Council form of government under a new city charter that remained the form of local government under consolidation with Lafayette Parish. This collection consists of mostly oversize photographs and certificates. Also included are correspondence, reports, general records, etc., while in office.
This collection was donated by Kenny Bowen.

Collection 245

Beryl Shipley (1926-2011). Collection, 1957-2002, n.d.
1 ft. 8 in.

Beryl Shipley was head basketball coach at Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana  between 1957 and 1973, compiling a 296-129 win-loss record. This collection consists of scorebooks, programs, publicity, photographs, athletic association material, and material on a reunion held in 2001.

Collection 246

James H. Bradshaw (1944-  ). Papers, 1901-2002
3 ft., 2 inches; 72 volumes

Jim Bradshaw is a journalist. He is a writer for the Daily Advertiser, Lafayette, La. He has won journalism awards for spot news reporting, feature writing, and investigative reporting. This collection consists of his writings such as "Barbs and Gems," "The Reasoner Report" and the popular "History of Acadiana," supplement to the Daily Advertiser. Also included are newspaper clippings, publications, articles, photographs, etc.
This collection was donated by Jim Bradshaw.

Collection 247

United Givers Fund. Collection, 1972-1990
2 ft. 9 in.
This collection consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, news releases, etc. associated with the United Givers Fund.
This collection was donated by Jim Bradshaw.

Collection 248

Edmond A. Dugas ( - ). Papers, 1970s-2002
7 ft.

Dr. Dugas works at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He was very active with the governor’s council on Physical Fitness and the American Heart Association. This collection consists of personal files dating from the mid 1970s to 2002. The majority of this collection deals with Health and Physical Education locally and nationally and with the College of Education alumni chapter. Included are correspondence, conference programs and meeting agendas for various committees.

Collection 249

Clay Reichert (1907-1994). Collection
This collection consists of material dealing with the oil and gas industry. Donated by Clay Reichert’s daughter Renee Colvin.

Collection 250

M.E. Saucier (1882-1930). Papers, 1908-09, 1926,1930, 1973-1991
10 in.

Dr. Merrick Edmond Saucier was a prominent local physician and surgeon, and a member of the State Board of Education. This collection consists of photographs, clippings, account ledger and speeches of Doctor Saucier. Donated by his daughter Mildred S. Gladney.

Collection 251

Couret Farm Account Books, 1887-1996.
10 vols.

This collection consists of 10 account books documenting economic conditions on the Couret Farm from 1887 to 1966. This includes accounts with tenants. Donated by Mary Agnes Callawsy.

Collection 252

Claude J. Landry (1912-1998). Papers, 19441-2003, n.d.
1 foot

Claude Landry served in the U.S. Army for five years during World War II with the 390th Anti aircraft Artillery Gun Battalion, 3rd U.S. Army. This collection consists of photographs, correspondence, WW II National Memorial Registration, letter from D-Day Museum, certificates, dog tag, and other military material while serving in the Army.
This collection was donated by Mrs. Claude (Marian Yancey) Landry.

Collection 253

Margaret T. Lane (1919-2009). Scrapbooks 1948-2003
Microfilm: 2 reels

Margaret T. Lane was the first Louisiana Recorder of Documents.
This collection includes scrapbooks, interviews with Lane, and copies of her writings, mostly dealing with her work as Recorder of Documents.

Collection 254

Vita Reaux (1907-2008). Genealogical Records
This collection consists of genealogical records on Bonin, Broussard, LeBlanc and Martin/Mouton families. Material in this collection include group sheets, photocopies and index cards on information gathered from church and courthouse records.
Donated By Vita Reaux.

Collection 255

Joseph E. Riehl ( - ). Collection

Collection 256

Crowley Woman’s Club Records, 1901-1990s.
15 in., 28 volumes
The Crowley’s Woman’s Club records include scrapbooks, minute books, treasurer books, yearbooks, etc., of the association.
Donated by members of the Crowley Woman’s Club: Helen Aaron, Margie McCuller and Florence S. Jones.

Collection 257

Seola-Arnaud Edwards Collection
This collection consists of material related to the book St. Francis Regis Catholic Church. This includes photographs, negatives, and proofs.
This collection was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edwards.

Collection 258

Rachael Lemoine ( - ). Collection, 1910-1995, n.d.
10 inches
This collection consists of correspondence, research notes, articles, etc. on orphan trains.
Donated by Rachel Lemoine.

Collection 259

Mildred L. Dessens. Scrapbooks, 1930
Microfilm: 1 reel [35mm]
A scrapbook entitled “My Trip to Novia Scotia." Mrs. Dessens was part of a group from Acadiana who visited Nova Scotia in 1930 to attend the celebration of the 175th anniversary of the Acadians' Exile. This collection consists of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and handwritten notes from her trip. A second scrapbook documents the Evangeline legend in St. Martinville and the filming of the silent film "Evangeline".

Collection 260

Glenn R. Conrad (1932 - 2003). Papers, 1767-2003
Glenn Conrad was born September 3, 1932, in New Iberia, La. He received a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University (1953) and a Master of Arts in History (1959). During his career, he served first as an editor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He later taught history at Southern State College in Magnolia, AR and the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) (1958-1991). From 1973-1993, Conrad served as the director of the Center of Louisiana Studies at USL.
This collection spans from 1767 to 2003, with the bulk of the material between 1970 and 2000. The collection includes Conrad’s professional correspondence (1971-1993), travel vouchers, awards, essays, research notes, manuscripts, biographical sketches, student evaluations, conference material, and collection of books, journal articles, and newspapers.

Collection 261

C.H. Mouton (1823-1912). Copybook, 1859-1880
7.5 in.

Charles Alexandre Homer Mouton was an attorney and district judge. This collection consists of a copybook of his correspondence from 1859 to 1880. Also included is a ledger from 1870s.
This collection was donated by Mrs. Charles (Helen Hamilton) Bailey, great-granddaughter of C.H. Mouton.

Collection 262

Paul Breau ( - ). Ledgers, 1869-1921
5 in.
This collection consists of ledgers ranging from 1869 to 1921 belonging to Paul Breau.

Collection 263

Marguerite Lyle (1929-1994). Papers,
10 in.

Collection 264

Louise Nixon. Photographs
1 oversize box

Collection 265

A.A. McBride (1878-1971). Papers, 1867 - 1971, n.d.
15 in.
Andrew Arthur McBride was a teacher, principal and administrator in the Lafayette Parish School system for nearly half a century. He was the Parish Superintendent of Education from 1946 to 1948. After retiring from education, he became associated with James Alpha in publishing The Lafayette Progress, and later worked for the Daily Advertiser.  This collection consists of teacher’s notes, certificates, correspondence, and scrapbooks of mainly news clippings.

Collection 266

Stewart Hoch (1933-1993). Papers
2 ft.

Collection 267

Broussard Funeral Home Records, 1941-1997
8 volumes

This collection consists of the Broussard Funeral Home Records. The Broussard Funeral Home was in the City of Erath, Vermilion Parish, La. The funeral home opened in 1941 in Erath.

Collection 268

Robert W. Cline. Papers
6 ft. 5 in.

Collection 269

Mary Elizabeth Sanders. Papers
1 ft.

This collection consists of toys that belonged to Jared Young and Elizabeth Alzira Wofford Sanders’ daughters.  Included is a photograph of Jared Young Sanders.  Jared Young Sanders was Governor of Louisiana from 1908-1912. Their  daughters were Mary Diana, Sallie Pugh, and Bessie Wofford Sanders.  The Sanders family were born on plantations in St. Mary Parish near what is now Morgan City.  The Sanders Plantation was called “Inglewood” and the members of the family are buried in the Sanders plot of the Franklin City Cemetery.

This collection was donated in 1974 by Mary Elizabeth Sanders, granddaughter of Jared Young and Elizabeth Alzira Woodord Sanders.

Collection 270

Joseph C. Dorsey. Photographs, 1860-1898, n.d.
5 in.
This collection consists of family photographs from the Joseph Chappell Dorsey family.  Most of these photographs are identified, and many do not have dates.  A large amount of these were taken in Montgomery, Alabama.  Others were taken in New York.

Collection 271

Bayou Vermilion District. Records, 1984-1990
4 ft.

The Lafayette Parish Bayou Vermilion District was organized to beautify, manange and preserve the Vermilion Ricer in Lafayette Parish. This collection consists of minutes of the Board of Commissioners, and documents and reports dealing with the development of Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife Park.

Collection 272

Jacqueline Olivier Vidrine ( - ). Papers, 1792-1986
10 in.

Jacqueline O. Vidrine resides in Ville Platte, La. She married Drouet Vidrine and they have several children. Jacqueline who is known as “Jacky,” is an avid genealogist. She has researched several families including the Vidrine family and Tate family among others.

This collection consists of family papers of Albert Tate and Tony Dardeaux and also includes correspondence and documents from 1790s.

This collection was donated by Jacqueline O. Vidrine.

Collection 273

Elizabeth E. Brandon. Papers
6 ft.

Collection 274

Frances Love (1926-2010). Collection
1 ft.

Collection 275

Ron Gomez (b. 1934). Papers, 1971-1993, n.d.
3 feet

This collection reflects the career of Ron Gomez, Legislator, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and unsuccessful candidate for Mayor of Lafayette. It contains political documents, newspaper clippings, and typed and recorded interviews that reflect his leadership throughout his career. It also contains banners, posters, and stickers while running against Kenny Bowen for mayor of Lafayette.

Collection 276

Betty Mier (1932-2003). Collection, 1776-1995, n.d.
2 ft.

This collection contains her working files on family histories from the Acadiana area.

Collection 277

A. Otis Hebert, Jr. (1930-1976). Collection, 1960-1976, n.d.
10 in.

A. Otis Hebert, Jr. attended Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette), and received a B.A. in Social Science Education in 1952. In July 1952, he entered the U.S. Army and served for two years. In 1958 he received a M.Ed. from LSU in Baton Rouge. Then in 1958, he received a M.A. in History at LSU as well. He wrote a thesis entitled: “History of Education in Colonial Louisiana”. Hebert was a director of the Acadian Folklore Center at the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette. He also worked as a director of the archives and records service for the State of Louisiana. He also was a professor at Nicholls State University and also LSU in Baton Rouge.
This collection consists of folklore materials, correspondence, photographs, etc. pertaining to folklore in Louisiana.

Collection 278

Joseph Carriere. Collection
10 in.
This collection consists of note cards with bibliographic information.  Handwritten in French.

Collection 279

Perkins and Branch Oil Museum Collection, 1951-1991
5 in., oversize
David L. Perkins and Dan P. Branch were architects from Lafayette who worked on a project to have Louisiana’s first Petroleum Museum. This project was a group effort to establish a Louisiana Gulf Coast Petroleum Energy Museum in Lafayette. This collection consists of drawings, floor plans, correspondence, financial reports, planning reports, photographs, maps, newspaper clippings and writings from people in the oil-related fields.
This collection was donated by David L. Perkins and Dan P. Branch.

Collection 280

Acadia Parish Arts Council. Records
2 ft.

Collection 281

Hamilton and Associates. Collection
5 ft.

Collection 282

Edwin Bernard. Papers
2 ft.

Collection 283

Lafayette Parish Office of the Assessor. Records, 1941-1967
3 volumes
This collection consists of financial records of the Office of the Assessor for Lafayette Parish with dates ranging from 1941-1967. Included are correspondence, receipts, deposit slips and disbursement records. These volumes also include financial records from the Lafayette Police Jury and School Board.

Collection 284

Pitre, Glen (b.1955). Collection, 1981-1986, n.d.
1 foot, 2½ inches, Original Film: 3 reels; Oversize

Glen Pitre is a motion picture producer and director whose works often feature life in the Louisiana wetlands.
This collection consist of material pertaining to Glen Pitre’s movie Belizaire the Cajun. It also includes the original 35mm film.
This collection was donated by Glen Pitre.

Collection 285

A. Hays Town (1903-2005). Photograph Albums.
8 albums

Collection 286

Friends of Humanities. Records, 1989-2008
3.5 ft.
The Friends of the Humanities was established in 1989 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the role of the interdisciplinary humanities at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) and in Acadiana. This organization also generously provides various means of support to the College of Liberal Arts and strengthens the resources of the University’s Humanities program.

The Friends of the Humanities believes learning, like friendship, is a life-long experience which goes beyond the classroom. The group meets the needs of individuals throughout the region by fostering interest in cultural issues and learning in Acadiana. This collection consists of the organization’s working files such as correspondence, minutes of meetings, materials on tours and trips, etc.

This collection consists of the organization’s working files such as correspondence, minutes of meetings, materials on tours and trips, etc.

Collection 287

W.W. Duson (1853-1929). W.W. Duson Company Records, 1884-1945

Collection 288

Philip F. Dur (1914-2006). Papers

Collection 289

Margaret McMillan ( - ). Papers

Collection 290

Thomas D. Schoonover ( - ). Papers

Collection 291

Robert (1909-1995) and Jeanne (1911-2006) Gilmore. Papers

Collection 292

John Breaux (1946- ). Memorabilia

Collection 293

Lessley Gardiner (1901-1976). Papers, 1936 [1960-1973] - 1984
5 inches

Lessley P. Gardiner was a lawyer and judge. He served as Louisiana Attorney General, 1939-1940, and as Judge on the 27th Judicial Court, 1948-1972. He was also active in civic affairs in St. Landry Parish.
The collection reflects Gardiner's judicial and civic activities, especially after 1949.

Collection 294

John R. Nuber. Papers

Collection 295

L'Heure de Musique. Records, 1940-1995.
2 ft.

The L’Heure de Musique Records Club of Lafayette was organized in 1949. This club is a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs. The scope of this organization is the furtherance of musical interests in Lafayette and the earnest study of music in all its phases, for the mutual benefit of its members.

This collection consists of scrapbooks ranging from 1949 to 1995 which include clippings, correspondence, photographs, certificates, flyers, annual programs, etc. There is also a minute book which contains the handwritten minutes of meetings from 1955-1957.

This collection consists of scrapbooks ranging from 1949 to 1995 which includes clippings, correspondence, photographs, certificates, flyers, annual programs, etc.  There is also a minute book which consists of the minutes of meetings from 1955-1957 which is handwritten.

Collection 296

Riverside Irrigation Company. Records, 1896-1991.
6 ft.

The Riverside Irrigation Company was founded on 22 March 1895, in Jennings, La., by Edward F. Rowson, Orin S. Dolby and S. J. Johnson. Dolby soon sold out to C. A. McCoy who served as the company’s president for many years. The company purchased land along Bayou Nepique containing a sawmill, and quickly added a rice mill and warehouse. Canals were soon dug. Fourteen land owners signed on with the company in 1895. Lowell Stagg, a SLI graduate, served as Secretary, Treasurer, and General Manager from 1945 to 1978. In the 1990s, it stopped operating the canals and turned into a land management operation.
This collection contains business records from 1895 to 1991. Many administrative records including minute books and correspondence are in the McNeese State University Archives Collection 33.
This collection was donated by Joseph W. Freeland.

Collection 297

Margaret Stephens Jochem (1912-2007). Papers, 1903-1960, n.d.
1 ft. 8 in.

Margaret Stephens Jochem was born to Edwin Lewis and Beverly Randolph Stephens on August 26, 1912, in Lafayette, La. Her father served as the first President of the Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute, now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
The Margaret Stephens Jochem Papers reflect the life of the first President’s daughter in its central theme tying her to the university. This is evidenced in the collection of photos, newspaper articles, and works of the Stephens’ including numerous writings of Edwin Lewis Stephens as well as Margaret’s thesis on SLI and her “Life Story of Edwin Lewis Stephens.” The collection also includes Edwin Lewis Stephens’ alphabetized personal correspondence during his last year in office (1937-1938). Finally, the collection also documents her father’s, and her own, interest in the Live Oak Society through newspaper articles and Live Oak Society papers.
The collection is organized into series pertaining to key subjects: Margaret Stephens Jochem, Edwin Lewis Stephens, Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana, and the Live Oak Society.

Collection 298

Barbara Nelson (1913-2010). Papers, 1935-1982, n.d.
2 feet

Barbara Furnas Nelson, wife of Ira S. Nelson, worked for the Horticulture Department at Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana as a librarian and instructor. She was a member of the Society for Louisiana Irises, Louisiana Society for Horticultural Research and other horticultural societies.
This collection consists of information on nurseries and assorted flowers, fruits and vegetables, plants, etc.  Also included is material on organizations of which she was a member.

Collection 299

Louisiana Recovery Authority Records, 2005-2007
6 boxes
Includes minutes, articles, documents. Donated by John T. Landry.

Collection 300

Kiesel Electric Company Records, 1980-1988

Collection 301

Offshore Oil and Gas History Project, 2001-2006
5 volumes

The Minerals Management Service (MMS), U.S. Department of the Interior, sponsored a study to examine the historical evolution of the offshore oil and gas industry and its effects on Louisiana’s coastal culture, economy, landscape, and society.
Between 2001 and 2006, over 450 interviews were recorded for the project. Each interview provides a unique look at the offshore oil and gas industry and its impacts on workers, their families and their communities. The interviews are on compact discs.

Collection 302

Ray P. Authement (b.1928). Clipping Files, 1956-2007
Ray P. Authement began teaching mathematics at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1957, and went on to serve as Academic Vice President (1966-1970), Vice President (1970-1973), and President (1973-2008).
This collection contains newspaper clippings from his working files.

Collection 303

Vaughn Baker. Collection

Collection 304

Lafayette (LA) Bicentennial Commission. Records, 1971-1976
7.5 in., 2 vols.
Mayor Kenny Bowen appointed the Lafayette Bicentennial Commission in 1973. John and Frances Love served as co-chairmen of the commission. This collection contains organizational records, correspondence and material on projects supported by the commission. There are also two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings.

Collection 305

Louis J. Michot (1922-2012). Papers, 1983-2002

Collection 306

Frances Martina Hadnott. (1930 - ). Collection
1 microfilm; oral history tapes
This collection has been digitized and also microfilmed.

Collection 307

Drs. Milton (1920-1997) and Patricia (1927-2009) Rickels. Papers, 1950-2007
32 ft.
Milton and Pat Rickels taught English at UL Lafayette from the 1950s until retirement. They were active scholars and published numerous books and articles. The couple received the Louisiana Humanist of the Year award from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities in 1990. They were also active in the civil rights movement. This collection consists of their personal and professional files, including correspondence, diaries, photographs, certificates, research files and other papers.
Donated by James Wilson, Jr.

Collection 308

Clement Bourgeois, Jr. (1913-2006). Collection
This collection contains the genealogical research of amateur genealogist Clement Bourgeois, Jr. a native of Erath, Vermilion Parish. Bourgeois was a veteran of World War II, the postmaster of Erath (1953-1977), a photographer, and an amateur radio operator under the call sign N5ADK. Bourgeois’ primary focus in his research, was tracing his Bourgeois ancestors’ lineage back to France. However, he also aided family members and friends in their genealogical research.

Collection 309

Sylvia S. Bienvenu. Papers

Collection 310

E. Glynn Abel (1913-2008). Papers, 1943-1987
6 ft.

Abel attended Southwestern Louisiana Institute. In college he lettered in track, football, and baseball. He later became Assistant Dean of Men at USL. This collection consists of correspondence, certificates, clippings, Dean of Men material and other miscellaneous materials.

Collection 311

Zachary Richard (1950- ). Papers, 1996-2006
1 foot, 7½ inches

Material on documentary Against the Tide which includes production and research materials. Also includes other production materials. Donated by Zachary Richard.

Collection 312

Ruth Jones Rabel (1908-2002). Papers

Collection 313

Jane Ellen Carstens (1922 - 2011). Papers

Collection 314

Johnnie Allan (1938- ). Papers
4 ft.

Correspondence and clippings regarding legendary swamp pop musician, educator and author Johnnie Allan.

Collection 315

Morris Raphael (1917 -2011). Papers
Mainly research files which contain some correspondence and other materials.

Collection 316

James E. Fontenot (1919 -2004). Legislative Papers, 1971-1975
2 ft.

James E. Fontenot was an attorney and a former member of the Louisiana Senate. This collection consists of his working files while in office as a Louisiana Senator. It is arranged alphabetically.

Collection 317

Richard Cusimano ( - ). Illustrations

Collection 318

Joseph Francis Brennan (1931- ). Papers, 1964-2012
10 in.
Fr. Joseph F. Brennan has served the Diocese of Lafayette for more than fifty years. This collection contains material on Charlene Richard, Mother Teresa, Church Parish material, biographical information and video tapes. This collection was donated by Father Joseph Brennan.

Collection 319

Rene Laurant Dossmann ( - ). Notary Book. 28 June 1920 – 30 January 1924
1 volume

Notary record book of Rene L. Dossmann, Notary Public in Evangeline Parish. 55 pp.

Collection 320

Willis F. Ducrest (1910-2004). Scrapbooks
9 volumes

This collection consists of scrapbooks which were created by Mr. Ducrest, former Director of the School of Music at the UL Lafayette. They reflect his career in music and his great interest in family genealogy.

Collection 321

Paul T. Nolan (1919-1995). Papers
3.5 ft.

Paul Thomas Nolan taught English at the University of Southwestern Louisiana from 1955 to 1988. He was also prolific author and playwright, and founded local theater groups including the Eavesdrop Theatre and the Louisiana Playwrights' Theatre. This collection contains plays, articles, and books authored by Nolan. There is also some personal material including correspondence, playbills, etc.

Collection 322

Elvina Montegut (Mrs. Charles Fernand Montegut) (1863[?]-1956). Papers, 1888-[1905-1915, 1928] 1930
2.5 in.

This collection contains mainly letters in French to Elvina Montegut of LaPlace, Louisiana. They date especially in 1911, 1915 and 1938. There are also many unidentified family photographs. This collection was donated to John Robert Moore of the History Department by Rita Davis. Dr. Moore sent the materials to UAAMC.

Collection 323

Jean Gentil (1829-1911). Papers, 1856-1976
2.5 in.

Jean Gentil was born in France which he left in 1851 as a political exile.  He arrived in St. James Parish, Louisiana in 1853.  He taught foreign languages at Jefferson College in Convent, LA.  In 1865 he and A.V. Roman started the newspaper La Louisianais.  He edited the paper 1865-1873, 1874-1881.  Almost everything in the collection is a photocopy of either publications or documents from the Kurtz Collection at the Louisiana Research Library, Tulane University. There is also a framed portrait of M. Gentil.
Material gathered by Mrs. William Butcher of Lafayette who donated it to UAAMC. 

Collection 324

Sidney Mouton (1836-1884). Papers, 1801-1883
2 in.

This collection consists of correspondence, financial information, and documents. This collection was donated by Andre Mouton.

Collection 325

Gary, Fils (1891-1961) General Store. Collection, 1920s-1930s.
Ledgers and day books, 1918-1937, from a country store north of Erath in Vermilion Parish, LA.

Collection 326

William J. Thibodeaux (1948- ). Collection

Collection 327

Lafayette Jewish Cemetery Association. Records, 1890-1997
5 in., 3 vols.

Collection 328

Dennis K. Ehrhart (1941-2001). Papers, 1972-2011
4 feet, 11 volumes, 25 maps

Dennis K. Ehrhardt was a professor and department head of Geography at the University of Southwestern Louisiana/University of Louisiana at Lafayette for 38 years. This collection includes departmental administrative records, as well as records of his teaching and professional activities.

Collection 329

Colonial Louisiana Records
Microfilm: 1292 reels
Microfilmed colonial records copied from repositories in Europe and North America. Drawn from French and Spanish colonial archives, and the British Museum and Public Records Office, the collection focuses on the history of European settlement in the Mississippi Valley, New France, Acadia, Ile Royale, and the French Antilles.

Collection 330

Routh Trowbridge Wilby (1922-2006)/Murphy J. Foster Family Collection (1839-2002)
8 feet 10 inches
This collection is divided into two series; the Murphy J. Foster Family Collection and the Routh T. Wilby Research Materials. The Foster Family Collection contains correspondence, bills, photographs, ephemera, publications, and artifacts from the Murphy J. Foster (January 12, 1849- June 12, 1921) and Rose Ker Foster (November 17, 1861- February 14, 1959) family of Franklin, Louisiana. The second half of the collection, the Routh Trowbridge Wilby Research Materials, contains Wilby’s research, correspondence, newsclippings, drafts of her articles and books, photographs, and publications.

Collection 331

Renaissance Cadienne. Collection, 1991-2007
1 foot
Renaissance Cadienne was a performance group established in 1990 for the purpose of preserving the unique culture of the Cajuns of the prairies and bayous of south Louisiana. The group used authentic Cajun/French folk songs and dances in its performances. The collection documents the activities of the group.

Collection 332

Edmond G. Landry (1891-1932) and Norbert T. Landry (1895-1924). Papers, 1907-1932
2 vols.
Edmond and Norbert Landry were 2 of the 5 children of Terville and Lucie Landry.  The family lived in Segura and then New Iberia, LA. After military service in WW I both brothers developed leprosy [Hansen’s disease]. Norbert moved to the Louisiana Leper Home in Carville, LA in 1919 where he died in 1924. Edmond went to Carville in 1924 surviving until 1932.
     The collection mainly contains letters written by Edmond and Norbert.

Collection 333

I.T. Hart (1904-1981). Photographs of 1927 Flood
34 images

Photographs of 1927 flood in Acadiana area, especially Arnaudville and Breaux Bridge.  Hart was an insurance agent in Lafayette at the time. Later he moved to Lake Charles.
   The photographs were donated by Adley Cormier on behalf of Paul Hart Miller.

Collection 334

Cade Family. Records
1 vol., 3 folders
The ledger contains accounts for Bellevue Plantation, c. 1860 – 1895. The plantation was located in Youngsville area of Lafayette Parish. Martha Morse Cade was the widow of Robert Cade. There is also a contract between Mrs. Cade and freedmen (1870); a 1930 land sale by William Cade, and a scan of a photo of Bellevue Plantation.

Collection 335

Robert Martin (1853-1932). Collection
15 volumes
Robert Martin was an attorney, politician and businessman. As State Senator in 1898 he authored legislation establishing Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute, now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. This collection contains notary volumes for Simeon Valery Martin, Louis E. Labaire, Robert Martin, and James J. Martin, all from St. Martin Parish. There are also copy books of business letters written by Robert Martin as both a lawyer and as a businessman.

Collection 336

LaBauve, Jack (1916-2000). Collection, 1976-2000
7 feet

Concert scores arranged by Jack LaBauve, who taught brass, percussion and musical arranging at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) from 1948 to 1977.

Collection 337

A.J. LeBlanc (1929- ). Collection
10 ft., 27 volumes

A.J. LeBlanc was dedicated to promoting tourism in Acadiana through his involvement in many Louisiana tourism organizations. This collection contains his personal and professional papers, photographs, news clippings, audio/audiovisual music collection, correspondence, scrapbooks and artifacts.

Collection 338

Junior League of Lafayette. Collection, 1957 – 2015, n.d.
37 feet; 152 volumes; oversize

Junior League of Lafayette is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.
This collection contains presidential papers, organizational documents, financial documents, PEP material, community service projects, membership material, photographs, plaques, etc.

Collection 339

Warren A. Perrin (1947-    ). Collection, 1993-2014, n.d.
10 feet

Research material regarding the Acadian Deportation.

Collection 340

William G. Richards, Jr. ( - ). Collection
2.5 inches; oversize

Documents relating to George S.Kausler of New Orleans; photographs of New Orleans and plantation homes; and historical newspapers.

Donated by William G. Richards, Jr. of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Collection 341

Winford W. Hawkins (1890-1987). Papers

Collection 342

Andrew Garber (1974- ). Collection, 1952-1999
7.5 inches

Research material gathered in preparing his master's thesis, The Miracle Mile: the Heymann Oil Center and the Oil Economy of Lafayette, Louisiana, 1953-1998 (Appalachian State University, 1998).

Collection 343

Sigma Alpha Iota, Lafayette, LA Chapter. Records, 1993-2007
1 volume

Records of the Lafayette, Louisiana, chapter of an international fraternity of music students and musicians.

Collection 344

Mathé Allain ( - ). Papers

Collection 345

Muller, Anthony. Camp #8, United Spanish War Volunteers
2 ft. 7.5 in.

Organizational papers of Anthony Muller Camp #8, United Spanish War Volunteers; also proceedings and programs from annual meetings of the Department of Louisiana, USWV association; proceedings, minutes, reports, and programs from the national meetings and conventions of the USWV; publications about the USWV, its ceremonies, procedures, rituals, and history; and artifacts from Anthony Muller Camp #8.

Collection 346

Rose-Hayes Genealogical Collection

Collection 347

Ory G. Poret (1919-2014). Scrapbook, 1942-1945
1 volume, 1 CD
Ory G. Poret was a native of Mansura, Louisiana, a graduate of Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), and the long-time Director of the State Land Office. This collection consists of a scrapbook of photographs from his service in the United States Army in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Collection 348

Noel Family Papers, 1879-1967
10 inches

Letters written between Mr. and Mrs. L.H. (Louis Henry) Noel of Abbeville, La., and their children, family and friends. Most of the letters were written during World War II.

Collection 349

Kathleen Stagg Genealogical Collection

Working files on the Stagg family from St. Landry Parish/Evangeline Parish.

Collection 350

First United Methodist Church, Lafayette, Louisiana.  Archival Records, 1883-1953

Collection 351

Ascension Parish Records, 1770-1930
Microfilm: 6 reels
Civil records mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries, including Original Acts, marriage records, and miscellaneous records.

Collection 352

Assumption Parish Records, 1788-1943
Microfilm: 41 reels
Civil records from the 18th and 19th centuries, including Original Acts, Conveyances, Marriages, Mortgages, Sheriff's Sales, and miscellaneous records.

Collection 353

Iberia Parish Records, 1868-1971
Microfilm: 44 reels

Civil Records beginning in 1868 when the parish was founded. Series include Conveyances, marriages, probates and successions, and miscellaneous.

Collection 354

Iberville Parish Records, 1770-1964
Microfilm: 48 reels
Civil records, mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries. Series include original acts, conveyances, marriages, successions, donations and wills.

Collection 355

Orleans Parish Notarial records, 1739-1928
Microfilm: 382 reels

Records from selected Orleans parish notaries, mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Collection 356

Pointe Coupee Parish Records, 1771-1859
Microfilm: 65 reels
Original acts, 1771-1836, indexes to conveyances, 1765-1967, and conveyances, 1810-1859.

Collection 357

St. James Parish Records
Microfilm: 5 reels
Original Acts, 1782-1787 and 1808; Conveyances, 1809-1819; and some Successions.

Collection 358

St. Martin Parish Records
Microfilm: 179 reels
Civil parish records from the 18th and 19th centuries. Series include Original Acts, 1760-1815; Conveyances, 1816-1886; Estates and Successions, 1805-1888; Marriages; and Sheriff's Books, 1817-1878.

Collection 359

St. Mary Parish Records
Microfilm: 158 reels
Civil parish records from the 18th and 19th centuries, including Conveyances, 1811-1911; Estates, Successions and Probates, 1811-1885; Court records; and Marriages, 1807-1869.

Collection 360

St. John the Baptist Parish Records
Microfilm: 84 reels
Civil parish records from the 18th and 19th centuries, including Original Acts, 1753-1866; Successions and Probates; Marriages, 1826-1899; an 1868 Oath Book; and Sheriff's records.

Collection 361

Lafayette Parish Police Jury Records, 1823-1833
Microfilm: 1 reel
This collection contains the minutes of the Lafayette Parish Police Jury from 1823 to 1833.

Collection 362

D.P. & C. Fire Company. Scrapbook, 1914-1916

Collection 363

Bayou Teche Project. Collection, 1870-1985, n.d.
10 inches
The Bayou Teche Project was done by the Department of Architecture at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) during the Fall 1985 semester. The group studied the soil, vegetation, fish and wildlife, climate, and history of the bayou. They also looked at its historical role as a transportation route.

Collection 364

Gloria Stark Cline (    -    ). Papers

Collection 365

Catholic Church. Colonial Records, 1576-1806
Microfilm: 14 reels
Records of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas (1576-1803), Immaculate Conception Church of Natchitoches records (1734-1795), and St. Landry dos Opelousas funeral and baptismal registers (1776?-1806).

Collection 366

St. Landry Parish Colonial Documents
Microfilm: 7 reels

Copies of St. Landry Parish colonial documents, arranged chronologically.

Collection 367

St. Landry Parish Civil Records, 1805-1971
Microfilm: 517 reels
Civil parish records from the 19th and 20th centuries, including Conveyances; Divorces, Emancipations and Interdictions; Charter Books; Donations; Estates, Probates and Successions; Marriages; Police Jury Minutes; Notarial Records; Sheriff's Sales and Deed Books; School Board Records; and District Court Suits.

Collection 368

Lindig, Carmen (1924-2004). Research Collection, 1870-1980
5 inches

Carmen Lindig was an educator and author who wrote The Path from the Parlor: Louisiana Women 1879-1920. This collection consists of research done by Dr. Lindig on notable Louisiana women, women’s rights and the Equal Rights Amendment.

Collection 369

Jefferson, Joseph (1829-1905). Collection, 1874-1922, n.d.
2.5 inches

Joseph Jefferson, also known as Joe Jefferson, was a popular 19th century American actor. His most famous role was Rip Van Winkle, which he debuted in 1859 and continued to play for forty years. After the Civil War he bought Orange Island near New Iberia, La., which he renamed Jefferson Island and where he built his home.
This collection consists of correspondence, photographs, clippings and programs.

Collection 370

West Feliciana Parish. Civil Records, 1811-1855
Microfilm: 4 reels

Civil parish records, 1811-1855, including successions, notarial records, partitions, marriage licenses, Police Jury minutes, poll tax records, and a book of oaths.

Collection 371

Caillet, Marie (1915-2010). Papers, 1940-2007, n.d.
5 inches
Marie Caillet taught Home Economics at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) until her retirement in 1972.  She was one of the founding members of the Society for Louisiana Irises.  This collection consists of personal information, correspondence, photographs, and material on the Society for Louisiana Irises.

Collection 372

Alfred, Wayne. Photographs
2.5 inches

Photographs of the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival, 1959.

Collection 373

Tate, Edmond ( - ), and Vernice Savoie ( - ). Collection

Collection 374

Comeaux, Elodie (1909-1996). Collection, 1940s
2.5 inches

Elodie Comeaux was a teacher at Judice High School. This collection includes correspondence, writing assignments from her sixth grade students, and a copy of the Judice High School Scribbler.

Collection 375

Burke, James Lee (1936-    ). Collection, 1988
2 1/2 inches

Photocopy of his novel Heaven's Prisoners, with revisions.

Collection 376

Royal Ancestry of Rousseau de Villejoin. Collection

Collection 377

Martin, Jim Frank, Jr. ( - ). Collection
5 volumes

from Scott, La.

Collection 378

Pollock, Bradley (1955-2009). Collection

Collection 379

Hubbell, Jerry. ( - ). Collection

Collection 380

Simpson, Amos (1925-2014). Collection

Collection 381

Amelinckx, Frans (1932-2010). Collection

Collection 382

Behrhorst, Vernon (1928-2005). Papers
60 feet

Collection 383

National Waterways Council. Collection
90 feet

Collection 384

Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association. Collection
15 feet

Collection 385

Water Resources Congress. Collection
42 feet

Collection 386

Mississippi Valley Association. Collection
10 feet

Collection 387

Lynch, John J. (1914-1983). Collection

Collection 388

Kerr-McGee Corporation. Collection
293 volumes

Collection 389

Gentry, Judith (    -    ). Collection

Collection 390

Grimmer, Nicholas (1814-1854). Genealogical Collection
5 inches

Collection 391

Wittenberger, Mary Hollier (1902-1990). Scrapbook, 1922
1 CD

Collection 392

Abraham, Joseph Nicholas. Collection
2 feet, 5 inches, oversize

Joseph Nicholas Abraham is a physician in Lafayette, Louisiana. He collected memorabilia on Southwestern Louisiana Institute (later, the University of Southwestern Louisiana; now University of Louisiana at Lafayette).  A large part of the collection deals with sports.

Collection 393

duQuesnay and Related Families. Papers
6 feet; oversize

Collection 394

Ramsey Family. Records. 
5 inches; 2 oversize boxes

Collection 395

Ancelet, Barry J. (1951-    ). Papers, 1978-1983
7.5 inches
Material on Makers of Cajun Music; manuscript, proofs, etc.

Collection 396

Kinchen, Samuel (    -    ). Collection

Correspondence, tax receipts, etc.

Collection 397

Clerc, Philip B. Collection

Letters and photographs of the Clerc and Carstens families.

Collection 398

Boggs, Franklin (1914-2009). Collection

Franklin Boggs painted the mural "History of Medicine in Louisiana" which is located on the first floor of Dupré Library.

Collection 399

Budden, Allen "Chuck". Collection

Collection 400

National League of American Pen Women. Crescent City Branch. Collection

1 ft.

Collection 401

Eshelman, Howard (1909 -1965).  Collection, 1939-1966
5 inches
Howard Eshelman was a chemistry professor and the acting head of the chemistry department at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette). This collection consists of the following: Eshelman’s writings, class material, association materials, correspondence, and publicity.

Collection 402

Connor, H. N. Collection

Collection 403

Urban, Joseph. Collection

Collection 404

Garrett Family. Papers

Collection 405

Bethard, Alvin Y. Collection

Collection 406

Lafayette General Hospital. Collection, 1980-1989
10 inches
Lafayette General Hospital (LGH) is Acadiana’s largest non-profit, community-owned regional health system. This collection consists of correspondence, minutes of meetings, financial records, general records and other miscellaneous as well.

Collection 407

Judice, Cecile. Collection

Collection 408

Gramling, Robert (1943-2014). Collection, 1977, 1980
5 inches
This collection consists of two publications that Robert Gramling edited: “East St. Mary Parish, Economic Growth and stabilization Strategies, 1980” and “Outer Continental Shelf Impacts, Morgan City, Louisiana, 1977.”

Collection 409

Duhon, Theotice. Collection

Collection 410

Love, Uel (1907-1997). Collection, 1919-1995
2.5 inches

This collection contains programs from plays, certificates earned, a report card, and reunion publications from both Winnfield High and the University of Southwestern Louisiana (formerly Southwestern Louisiana Institute).

Collection 411

Dardenne, Jay. Collection

Collection 412

Turner, Ian Bruce (1944-2016). Collection

Collection 413

St. Landry Parish Court. Minute Book, 1807-1817
1 volume
This minute book contains minutes of the Parish Court of St. Landry, from June 8, 1807 through June 12, 1811.  These minutes are handwritten.  Also included is the St. Landry Parish record of oaths and minutes of court from 1815 through 1817. This is also handwritten.

Collection 414

Soulier, Marie Stella Roy (1891-1972). Scrapbook, 1930s-1940s
1 volumes; 1 CD

Scrapbook includes clippings on Maxime Roy, Jefferson Caffery, and Dr. E.L. Stephens.

Collection 415

Brabant, Sarah (1932-    ).  1976-1979, n.d.
5 inches
Sarah Brabant was a professor of sociology who co-founded the Grief Center in Lafayette. The center provides networking opportunities for area professionals working with grieving persons and it creates an awareness of grief issues as well as education on those issues. This collection consists of correspondence, news clippings, public hearings, bylaws and resolutions, information on programs on the development of women, etc. This collection was donated by Sarah Brabant.

Note:  According to the donor form:  A patron can request only one (1) folder at a time.

Collection 416

Young Men's Business Club

Collection 417

Louisiana Postcard Collection

Collection 418

Louisiana Poster Collection

Collection 419

Interscholastic Athletic and Oratorical Association of Southwest Louisiana

Collection 420

Levy, Selma (1903 - 1983).  Collection, 1921
2 ½ inches

This Collection contains a memory book from 1921, a photograph and a commencement program from Plaquemine High School.

Collection 421

Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Michael's Convent, Louisiana. School Registers, 1825-1925
: 1 reel

Collection 422

St. Julien, Joseph Gilbert (1872-1954).  Collection
1 volume

Mayor of Lafayette, LA, 1927-1931. This collection consists of a journal volume containing his handwritten notes in 1931. 

Collection 423

LeBlanc, Lucas Adolphe (1843-1931). Journal, 1854-1861
1 volume
This collection consists of a Journal (account book) of goods sold in his general store in Youngsville, Louisiana.

Collection 424

Mouton, Vivian (1896-1972).  Scrapbook, 1919
1 volume; 1 CD
This collection consists of a scrapbook of Vivian Mouton’s photographs.  Most of the photos are identified.  It has been digitized.  CD included.

Collection 425

Levasseur, Georges (Reverend). Collection, 1949-1953, n.d.
2.5 inches
This collection consists of correspondence, programs, bulletins and other material dealing with the Diocese of Lafayette CCD program.