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Selected Bibliography of Genealogical Materials
Edith Garland Dupré Library is pleased to provide facilities for research in genealogy and family history. While the Library contains information on every part of the United States and many foreign countries, the focus of its genealogical holdings is the Acadiana region of Louisiana.
This bibliography is intended to provide general information for genealogical researchers who are considering using this collection. The bibliography is not comprehensive, but gives the most frequently used titles in this field. Too numerous to include are family histories, local histories and transcriptions of records from specific localities. Also not included are materials from other states; these can be identified through the Dupré Library’s online catalog.
The Louisiana Room staff and the Reference Department librarians are available for general assistance; however, the responsibility for such difficult and time-consuming work as genealogy rests with the researcher. Regrettably, library administrative policy and staff shortages make it impossible to provide genealogical reference service by mail or over the Internet.
This bibliography was compiled by Jean S. Kiesel (jkiesel@louisiana.edu).
Barnes, Donald R., and Richard S. Lackey.
Write It Right: A Manual for Writing Family Histories and Genealogies. (Ocala, FL: Lyon Press, 1983)
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In Search of Your European Roots. 3rd ed. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2001)
LaRm CS 403 .B39 2001
Boling, Yvette Guillot.
Guide to Printed Sources for Genealogical and Historical Research in the Louisiana Parishes. (Jefferson, La.: The author, 1985, 1992)
LaRm F 368 .B65 1985 and suppl. 1991
Cane River Creole Genealogy Research Guide. (Natchitoches, LA: Northwestern State University, Louisiana Creole Heritage Center, 2002)
LaRm F 377 .N4 C35 2002
Clifford, Karen
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Ref CS 49 .S65 1984
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LaRm or stks F 368 .H428 1993
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Rose, James, and Eichholz, Alice.
Black Genesis. 2nd ed. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2003)
LaRm CS 21 .R57 2003
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How to Write the Story of Your Family. (Lake Charles, LA: Wise Printing Co., 1991)
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Finding Our Fathers: A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy. (New York: Random House, 1977)
stks CS 21 .R58
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Sturdevant, Katherine Scott.
Bringing Your Family History to Life Through Social History. (Cincinnati: Betterway Books, 2000)
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Blazonry on the Bayou. (St. Martinville, LA: Friends of La Maison Duchamp, Inc., 2000)
LaRm CR 69 .L8 B53 2000
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Ref CS 420 .B8 1970
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stks CR 21 .F73 1978
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Armorial du Canada Français. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1970)
stks CR 1247 .Q4M33
Rietstap, J.B.
Armorial Général. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1972). 2 vols.
LaRm or stks CR 1179 .R52 1972
Rolland, V. & H.V.
V. & H.V. Rolland’s Illustrations to the Armorial Général by J.-B. Rietstap. (London: Heraldry Today, 1967). 3 vols.
Stks CR 1179 .R6532
Woodcock, Thomas, and John Martin Robinson.
The Oxford Guide to Heraldry. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988)
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Á la Pointe. (Pointe de l’Eglise: Acadia Genealogical and Historical Society, Church Point, LA). v.13+, 2002+
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Acadian Genealogy Exchange. (Acadian Genealogy Exchange, Covington, KY). v.1+, 1972+.
LaRm F 368 .A3
Attakapas Gazette. (Attakapas Historical Society, Lafayette, LA). v.1-31, 1966-1996.
LaRm or stks F 377 .A8A8
Le Baton Rouge. (Baton Rouge Genealogical and Historical Society, Baton Rouge, LA). v.2+, 1982+
LaRm F 368 .B33
Les Cahiers. (La Société Historique Acadienne, Moncton, New Brunswick). v.1+, 1961+
LaRm CS 80 .S63
Echoes of the Past. (Vermilion Genealogical Society, Abbeville, LA). v.1-15, 1987-2001.
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LaRm CS 42 .F33
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LaRm F 368 .F57
French Canadian and Acadian Genealogical Review. (Centre Canadien des Recherches Généalogiques, Québec). v.1-9, 1968-1981.
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L'Heritage. (St. Bernard Genealogical Society, Chalmette, LA). v.1-27, 1978-2004.
LaRm F 368 .H44
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LaRm F 368 .K56
Louisiana Genealogical Register. (Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society, Baton Rouge, LA). v.1+, 1954+
LaRm F 368 .L67
Louisiana History. (Louisiana Historical Association, Lafayette, LA). v.1+, 1960+
La Rm or stks F 366 .L6238
Louisiana Roots. (Marksville, LA). v.1-6, 1995-2000.
LaRm F 368 .L687
Mémoires de la Société Généalogique Canadienne-Française. (Montreal, Quebec). v.1+, 1944+
LaRm CS 80 .S62
Les Mémoires de Lafayette. (Lafayette Genealogical Society, Lafayette, LA). V.4+, 1990+
LaRm F 368 .M456
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LaRm CS 42 .N39
NGS NewsMagazine. (National Genealogical Society, Arlington, VA). V.26+, 2000+
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stks CS 42 .N4
New Orleans Genesis. (Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA). v.1+, 1962+
LaRm F 366 .N5
Le Raconteur. (Le Comité des Archives de la Louisiane, Baton Rouge, LA). V.1+, 1978+
LaRm CD 3260 .R3
St. Mary Links. (St. Mary Genealogical Society, Morgan City, LA). v.1+, 1985+
LaRm F 377 .S2S18
Terrebonne Life Lines. (Terrebonne Genealogical Society, Houma, LA). v.1+, 1982+
LaRm F 377 .T5T47
United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine. (Pub. Info?). [holdings?]
stks E 483.5 .A19
La Voix des Prairies. (Evangeline Genealogical & Historical Society, Ville Platte, LA). v.1+, 1980+
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Yellowed Pages. (Southeast Texas Genealogical and Historical Society, Beaumont, TX). v.1+, 1971+
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Notable Southern Families. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1974) 6 vols. in 3.
LaRm CS 69 .A852
Biographical and Historical Northwest Louisiana. (Nashville & Chicago: Southern Publishing Co., 1980)
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Boddie, John Bennett.
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Ref E 176 .D562
Dictionary of National Biography. (London: Smith & Co., 1885+). 63 vols. and suppls.
Ref DA 28 .D4
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LaRm or Ref F 369 .D48
West, Robert C.
An Atlas of Louisiana Surname of French and Spanish Origin. (Baton Rouge: Geoscience Publications, Louisiana State University, 1986)
LaRm F 368 .W4
Bodin, George A.
Selected Acadian and Louisiana Church Records. (St. Martinville, LA: Attakapas Historical Assn., 1968). 2 vols.
LaRm F 368 .B6
Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records. (Baton Rouge: Diocese of Baton Rouge, 1978-2003). v.1-20, 1707-1896.
LaRm F 368 .B37 1978
Family Tree Maker. Genealogical Records: Early Louisiana Settlers, 1600s-1800s. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2000)
LaRm F 368 .F36 2000 CD-ROM
Hebert, Donald J.
South Louisiana Records. (Eunice, LA: Hebert Publications, 1978-1985). v.1-12, 1794-1903.
LaRm F 377 .L25H42
Hebert, Donald J.
Southwest Louisiana Records. (Eunice, LA: Hebert Publications, 1974-1992). v.1-39, 1750-1907.
LaRm and stks F 368 .H42
Louisiana Marriage Records. (Orem, UT: Automated Archives, Inc., 1994)
LaRm F 376 .L679 1994 (CD-ROM)
South Louisiana Vital Family Records. (Houma, LA: Terrebonne Genealogical Society, 1984-1993). 7 vols.
LaRm F 368 .S67
Woods, Earl C., ed.
Sacramental Records of the Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. (New Orleans: 1987-2001). v.1-15, 1718-1825.
LaRm F 379 .N553W66 1987
Also check the online catalog under such subject headings as Registers of Births, etc., Cemeteries, or Marriage records.
Population Schedules of the [3rd through 15th] Census of the United States. Louisiana. (Washington, DC: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration). 1810-1930.
LaRm Microfilm 802
Soundex Reference Guide. Bradley W. Steuart, ed. (Bountiful, UT: Precision Indexing, 1990)
LaRm CS 49 .S64 1990
Louisiana 1810 Census Index. (Bountiful, UT: Accelerated Indexing System, 1976)
LaRm F 368 .J3 1810
Louisiana 1820 Census Index. (Bountiful, UT: Accelerated Indexing System, 1976)
LaRm F 368 .J3 1820
Louisiana 1830 Census Index. (Bountiful, UT: Accelerated Indexing System, 1976)
LaRm F 368 .J3 1830
Louisiana 1840 Census Index. (Bountiful, UT: Accelerated Indexing System, 1976)
LaRm F 368 .J3 1840
Louisiana 1850 Census Index. (Bountiful, UT: Accelerated Indexing Systems, 1976)
LaRm F 368 .J3 1850
Louisiana 1860 Census Index. (North Salt Lake, UT: Accelerated Indexing Systems, 1985)
LaRm F 368 .J355
Louisiana 1870 Census Index. (North Salt Lake, UT: Accelerated Indexing Systems, 1987)
LaRm F 368 .J356
1890 Louisiana Census Index: Special Schedule of the Eleventh Census (1890) Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War. (Bountiful, UT: Accelerated Indexing Systems, 1984)
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LaRm F 372 .V6
Brasseaux, Carl A.
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LaRm F 368 .B69
Hebert, Donald J.
Immigration Files of Southwest Louisiana. (Mire, LA: Hebert Publications, 1990)
LaRm F 368 .H4 1990
U.S. Bureau of Customs.
Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, 1820-1902.
LaRm Microfilm 560 reels 1-93
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.
Alphabetical Card Index to Ships Arriving at New Orleans Before 1900 [1853-1900].
LaRm Microfilm 964
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.
List or Manifest of Alien Immigrants for the Commissioner of Immigration, Port of New Orleans 1903-1911.
LaRm Microfilm 1054
American State Papers: Public Lands. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, 1st-24th Congress, 1789-1837. (Washington, DC: Gales and Seaton, 1832-1837)
Microforms Microfilm 724
Bound Records of the General Land Office Relating to Private Land Claims in Louisiana, 1767-1892.
LaRm Microfilm 5953
Conrad, Glenn R.
Land Records of the Attakapas District. (Lafayette: Center for Louisiana Studies, USL, 1990, 1992, 1993)
v.I: The Attakapas Domesday Book: Land Grants, Claims & Confirmations in the Attakapas District, 1764-1826
v.II pt.1: Conveyance Records of Attakapas County, 1804-1818
v.II pt.2: Attakapas-St. Martin Estates, 1804-1818
LaRm F 377 .A8C6
Land Claims Case Files and Related Records of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, 1844-1880.
LaRm Microfilm 5392
La. State Land Office.
Register of the State Land Office, Louisiana, From the Colonial Period to ?
LaRm Microfilm 918
McMullin, Phillip W. Grassroots of America: a Computerized Index to the American State Papers: Land Grants and Claims (1789-1837). (Salt Lake City: Gendex Corp., 1972)
Micro J 33 .M3
Unbound Records of the General Land Office Relating to Private Land Claims in Louisiana, 1805-1896.
LaRm Microfilm 5394
U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Eastern States Office.
General Land Office Automated Records Project. Louisiana: Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patents. (Springfield, VA: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Eastern States, 1993)
LaRm Compact Disk 13
Booth, Andrew B.
Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Confederate Commands. (Spartanburg, SC: Reprint Co., 1984)
LaRm E 565.3 .B66 1984
Churchill, C. Robert.
S.A.R. Spanish Records. Spanish-English War, 1779-1783. (Typewritten copy made from film of original in the Library of Congress)
LaRm E 249 .C48
DAR Patriot Index. Centennial edition. (Washington, DC: National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1994). 3 vols.
LaRm E 255 .D38 1994
Revolutionary Ancestors of the Louisiana Society of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1895-1989. (Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1991)
LaRm CS 42 .E4 1991
The Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865. (Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1995). 16 vols.
LaRm E 548 .H4 1995
Sons of the American Revolution. Louisiana Society.
Applications [to the] Louisiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.
LaRm Microfilm 5383
U.S. Adjutant-General's Office.
Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812 in Organizations from the State of Louisiana.
LaRm Microfilm 799
U.S. Adjutant-General's Office.
Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the Florida War in Organizations from the State of Louisiana.
LaRm Microfilm 793
U.S. Adjutant-General's Office.
Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1837-38 in Organizations from the State of Louisiana.
LaRm Microfilm 797
U.S. Adjutant-General's Office.
Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Louisiana.
LaRm Microfilm 912
U.S. Adjutant-General's Office.
Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Louisiana.
LaRm Microfilm 803
U.S. Adjutant-General's Office.
Compiled Service Records of Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Louisiana.
LaRm Microfilm 913
Acadian Church Records, 1679-1757. (New Orleans: Polyanthos, n.d.). 5 vols.
LaRm F 1036.8 .D4
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LaRm F 1038 .A72 1978
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Répertoire des actes de baptême, mariage, sépulture, et des recensements du Québec ancien. (Montréal: Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 1980-1981). v.1-17, 17th century through 1729.
LaRm CS 88 .Q4R46
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Acadian-Cajun Family Trees. (Wolfville, NS: Progeny Publishing, 1999)
LaRm CS 89 .A33 1999 CD-ROM
Dictionary of Canadian Biography. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1966-1998). 14 vols.
Stks F 1005 .D49
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LaRm F 1005 .D48
Hebert, Timothy R.
Acadian-Cajun Genealogical Periodical Article Index. (Houma, LA: the Author, 1990)
LaRm F 368 .H42820 1990
Jehn, Janet B.
Acadian Descendants. (Covington, KY: Acadian Genealogical Exchange, 1972-1982). v.1-10.
LaRm F 368 .J4
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Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec. (Montréal: Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 1983)
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Our French Canadian Ancestors. (Palm Harbor, FL: LISI Press, 1983-1997). 30 vols.
LaRm CS 89 .A2L4
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Acadian Church Records. (Metairie, LA 1964-1983). 4 vols.
LaRm F 1036.8 .D4
Tanguay, Cyprien.
Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Canadiennes depuis la colonie jusqu'a nos jours. Reprint of 1871 ed. (Montréal: Éditions Élysée, 1991). 7 vols., plus suppl.
LaRm CS 81 .T8 1991
Trahan, Charles C.
Acadian Census 1671-1752. (Rayne, LA: Hebert Publications, 1994)
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White, Stephen A.
Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes. (Moncton, N.-B.: Centre d’Études Acadiennes, Université de Moncton, 1999). 2 vols.
stks CS 88 .M37W45 1999; LaRm CS 88 .M37W45 1999 c.2
Voorhies Family Papers
Watson Family Papers
Paul Debaillon Collection
Givens and Hopkins Families Papers
Joel Fletcher Papers
Rees Family
DeClouet Family Papers
Henri Louis Ducrocq Papers
Lucille Mouton-Griffin Papers
David Reichard Williams Papers
Walter J. Burke Papers
Harry Lewis Griffin Papers
Alexander Mouton Papers
Edith Garland Dupré Papers
Jefferson Caffery Papers
Labauve and Pischoff Papers
Weeks Collection
Gebert-Ray-Lee Papers
Kate O'Bryan Conrad Papers
Barnett Studio Photographs [Freeland Collection]
  Clyde L. Rougeau Papers
  Pearl Mary Segura Collection
  Marie del Norte Theriot Collection
  Albert Tate, Jr. Collection
  Hannie Family Collection
  Pierre Bellevieu Papers
  Thomas Arceneaux Papers
  Dudley J. LeBlanc Collection
  Vita Reaux Collection
A number of family genealogies have been deposited in the miscellaneous manuscript holdings:
  Labranche Family Records
  Dunbar Family Records
  Pierre Olivier Duclozel Succession Records
  Dupré Family Records
  Frugé Family Genealogical Records
  Hebert Family Genealogical Records
  Evert Bancker Smedes Succession Records
  St. Mary Magdalen Church Cemetery Records
  Roy Family Genealogy
  Smith Family Genealogy
  Thibodeaux Family Genealogy
  Yentzen Family Benealogical Materials
  Herman Otto Dommert (Egan, La.) and Allied Families
  Melancon Family Genealogical Materials
  Delery Family Genealogical Material
  Derbes Family Papers
  LeMoyne Family Genealogical Records
  Hebert Family Genealogy
  Arnaud Family Records
Ancestry’s Red Book: American State, County and Town Sources. Rev. ed. (Salt Lake City: Ancestry, Inc., 1992)
LaRm CS 49 .A55 1992
Bentley, Elizabeth Petty.
The Genealogist's All-in-One Address Book. 1996 ed. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1992)
CS14 .G46 1996 CD-ROM
Biography and Genealogy Master Index. (Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1980-2005)
LaRm Z 5305 .U5B57 1980 and supplements
Cooper, Jean L.
A Genealogical Index to the Guides of the Microfilm Edition of Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations From the Revolution Through the Civil War. (Bloomington, IN: 1stBooks, 2003)
LaRm F 213 .S34 1985 Index
Mayer's Directory of Genealogical Societies in the U.S.A. and Canada. (Pasadena, MD: Mary Keysor Mayer, 1988)
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Genealogical and Local History Books in Print. General Reference and World Resources Volume. 5th ed. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1997)
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A Complement to Genealogies in the Library of Congress: A Bibliography. Marion J. Kaminkow. (Baltimore: Magna Carta Book Co., 1981)
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Ref Z 7164 .I3L2 1988
Passenger and Immigration Lists Index: A Guide to Published Arrival Records of... Passengers Who Came to the United States and Canada in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. (Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1981-2004)
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Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet 
USGenWeb Project
Major Genealogical Libraries
Family History Library (Mormon Church)
Acadian Memorial
Allen County (IN) Public Library
Library of Congress, Genealogy Department
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
National Archives Genealogy Page
New York Public Library
Newberry Library, Chicago
New Orleans Public Library
U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System
Where to Write for Vital Records: Births, Deaths, Marriages and Divorces

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