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Guide to Collections in the University Archives
Ollie Tucker Osborne Papers
Collection 93
Osborne, Ollie Tucker (1911-1994). Papers, 1927-1985
22 feet
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III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  A. Conference of Louisiana Women (1975)
27-6 Outgoing correspondence: July - August, 1975
27-7 Same: September 3 - 15, 1975
27-8 Same: September 16 - 30, 1975
27-9 Same: October - November, 1975
27-10 Incoming correspondence: A - C
27-11 Same: D - F
27-12 Same: G - L
27-13 Same: M - P
27-14 Same: R - W
27-15 Same: unknown
27-16 Publicity
    Ollie Osborne's news releases
    draft and copies of leaflet
27-17 Memos to Mario Mamalakis re: program and participants
27-18 Miscellaneous records of program committee
27-19 Programs and meeting schedules (many revisions)
27-20 Registration
    forms; list of pre-registered
27-21 Biographical information on participants: A - G
27-22 Same: H - W
27-23 Same: composite on participants and candidates
27-24 Speeches
    Sister Verda Frederick; Geneva Carroll; Shirley Marvin; Gwen Redding; Rev. James Stovell; Helen Watson
27-25 Ollie Osborne notes
27-26 Results
    drafts of resolutions; evaluation questionnaires; comments and suggestions
28-1 Financial records and notes
28-2 List of names
    organization presidents; memberships (Louisiana Dietetic Association, Louisiana Parish Libraries)
28-3 Miscellaneous
    handouts to participants including, "Tips for the Woman Political Candidate," compiled by Ollie Osborne
28-4 Clippings
28-5 Photographs
III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  B. Louisiana Women's Conference (1977)
    1. Coordinating Committee
28-6 Manual for State International Women's Year Coordinating Committee for National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year, 11/1976
    includes Ollie Osborne's notes interleaved with manual
28-7 Records: January - March, 1977
    minutes; agenda; membership lists
    includes minutes of Program Committee meeting 3/18/1977
28-8 Records: April - June, 1977
    memos and correspondence to committee members and workshop chairs
28-9 Same: July, 1977 - July, 1978
    memos; minutes; certificates
28-10 Same: communication with delegates to Houston IWY meeting
    memos; minutes; certificate
28-11 Ollie Osborne correspondence and communications: December, 1976 - June, 1977
28-12 Ollie Osborne notes on committee meetings, etc. (handwritten)
28-13 Financial records
    includes proposed budget for IWY grant
28-14 Miscellaneous records of Arrangement Committee
    includes correspondence; report; memos; etc.
28-15 Records of Nominating Committee
    includes applications; correspondence; minutes; etc.
28-16 Biographical information on coordinating committee members
28-17 Miscellaneous
    includes drafts of pamphlets, stationery, etc.
28-18 Publicity of coordinating council and of conference: prepared by Ollie Osborne
  See also 49-6
28-19 Miscellaneous handout material; registration material; material on Governor's proclamation; etc.
29-1 Minutes of Plenary Sessions
29-2 Floor actions
    suggested and adopted resolutions; report and results of nominating committee; opening prayer
29-3 Workshop reports (individual)
    includes some programs and handouts
29-4 Handouts from Women and Health workshops
29-5 Same: compilation
29-6 Preliminary report
    format dummy
29-7 Preliminary report
    also minority report and Ollie Osborne's publicity release
29-8 List of conferees
29-9 Clippings
  See also 49-7 and 49 v.1
29-10 Miscellaneous materials
    statistics on registration
    excerpts from comments by participants
    post convention activities (sponsored workshops, etc.)
III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  B. Louisiana Women's Conference (1977)
    2. Women and Law Workshop
29-11 Correspondence: March - May, 1977
    includes suggestions from Sylvia Roberts
29-12 Same: June - August, 1977
29-13 Meeting materials
    includes: agenda; list of participants; handouts; questionnaires; report
29-14 Publicity
29-15 Ollie Osborne notes
    potential testifiers; etc.
29-16 Notices of other meetings on women and law, 1977-1978
30-1 Photographs
III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  B. Louisiana Women's Conference (1977)
    3. Final Report
30-2 Ollie Osborne correspondence concerning compilation of final report: July - December 1977
30-3 Same: February, 1978 - March, 1979; March 1980
30-4 Ollie Osborne memos: July, 1977 - October, 1978; n.d.
    mainly to Louisiana Women's Conference executive committee or participants
30-5 Miscellaneous financial records: 9/1977 - 12/1978; n.d.
30-6 Publicity
30-7 Miscellaneous
    notes; resumes of LWC participants
    agenda for interview with Edwards, 10/26/1977
    distribution lists
30-8 Textual material
    some page mock-ups; notes; page dummy
30-9 Corrections and proofing notes
30-10 Report: Ollie Osborne's marked copy
30-11 Final Report
30-12 Mailing list for final report
30-13 Reports from other states
    includes: Florida (report); Iowa (program); Texas (clipping); Vermont (Women and Law handbook); Wisconsin (pamphlet on marital law); Wyoming (brochure)
III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  B. Louisiana Women's Conference (1977)
    3. Final Report
      a. Photographs
31-1 Photographs for Louisiana Women's Conference Final Report, p. 6-9
31-2 Same: p. 12-28
31-3 Same: p. 30-37
31-4 Same: p. 38-48
31-5 Same: p. 50-59
31-6 Same: p. 60-79
31-7 Same: p. 80-83
31-8 Photographs: Louisiana Women's Conference: individuals: prints
31-9 Same: same: same: negatives, contact strips and prints
31-10 Same: same: other (workshops, sessions, Old State Capitol): negatives, contact strips and old prints
31-11 Same: same: same: prints
31-12 Same: same: same: photos by Ann Marvin (prints)
31-13 Same: same: Maturing Women workshop
III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  C. National Women's Conference
32-1 National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year: 1975
    fact sheets; brochures; chronology of movement, 1961-1975
v. 1 "To Form a More Perfect Union..." Justice for American Women - Report of the National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year (Washington: 1976) (2 copies)
32-2 National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year
    Roberts, Sylvia, "The Legal Status of Homemakers in Louisiana," (June, 1976) 3 copies
    workshop guide using reports
    Commission memos about reports
    Ollie Osborne publicity
32-3 Same: Office of Public Information releases: 1976-1977
32-4 Same: publications
    includes: "American Women on the Move"
      "Proposed National Plan of Action"
32-5 Same: Ollie Osborne correspondence with Kathy Bonk (publicity office): 1976-1977
32-6 Same: correspondence with Houston meeting delegates: July - November, 1977
    form letters
32-7 Same: January, 1978 - May, 1980
    includes communication from: National Advisory Committee for Women; The Continuing Committee of the National Women's Conference
32-8 U. S. Center for International Women's Year: The Year That Became a Decade: The Life and Times of the U.S. Center for International Women's Year 1975 (n.p., 1976)
32-9 Same: miscellaneous publications, releases, etc.
    includes scattered issues of newsletter
32-10 Same: information on IWY jewelry
32-11 Houston meeting: material on torch relay
    National Commission press releases and photographs
32-12 Houston meeting: torch relay
    local coverage: publicity; proclamations; lists of coordinators
    letter to Ollie Osborne from Jill Kelly
      (some material mounted)
32-13 Same: official handouts
    includes: PL 94-167; Daily Bulletin No. 1; No. 3
33-1 Same: material mailed to delegates before meeting or picked up in Houston
33-2 Speeches given at Houston convention
    Bella Abzug; Liz Carpenter; Lady Bird Johnson (introducing Barbara Jordan); Barbara Jordan; Rosalynn Carter; Judy Carter; Betty Ford; Ruth C. Clausen (pre convention remarks on IWY and the media); excerpt from scroll (handwritten)
v. 1 The Spirit of Houston - The First Women's Conference: An Official Report to the President, the Congress and the People of the United States. (Washington, 1978)
33-3 Articles:
    Friedan, Betty, "The Women at Houston," The New Republic, 12/10/1977
    "After Houston: What Next for Women," Time, 12/5/1977
    "The National Women's Conference - 3 Women...3 Views,"Gris Gris, v. 5, # 21
    "The Coming Decade: American Women and Human Resources Policies and Programs," testimony of John Mac Carter before Senate Committee on Human Resources, 2/1/1979
33-4 Ollie Osborne Items:
    TV spot for KATC (11/3/1977); news release
    notes taken at Houston convention
    letters to the editor:
      Advertiser, 12/6/1977 and 1/3/1978 (drafts)
      Morning Advocate, 1/11/1978 (clippings and draft)
    sign-up sheet for IWY stamp preview meeting, n.d.
33-5 Clippings: 1975
33-6 Same: February - November 18, 1977
33-7 Same: November 19 - November 20, 1977
33-8 Same: November 21, 1977
33-9 Same: November 22, 1977
33-10 Same: November 23, 1977 - March 27, 1978
33-11 Miscellaneous: publications on IWY
    includes: Women's Movement in the United States, 1960-1975; "Government Role in the Women's Movement," Briefing Paper Prepared by IWY Secretariat Staff; also several issues of The Department of State Bulletin
33-12 Miscellaneous: jewelry and stamps
III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  D. Others
34-1 Campaign Techniques Workshop: July, 1984
    Ollie Osborne correspondence: June - October, 1974
34-2 Same: miscellaneous
    flyer; Ollie Osborne's notes; newspaper article (copy and photos by Ollie Osborne); etc.
34-3 Same: notebook for participants
34-4 Same: photographs
34-5 Conference on Political Campaign Techniques (held 1/25/1975 in Lafayette): correspondence: 11/1974 - 1/1975
34-6 Same: brochure; agenda and program; attenders (lists and notes)
34-7 Same: press release; handouts; financial material; clippings
34-8 Same: Ollie Osborne's notes on meeting; miscellaneous notes
34-9 Conference on Women in Public Life, November, 1975
    scrapbook prepared for Governor Edwards
34-10 Same: Ollie Osborne correspondence
34-11 Same: miscellaneous
    includes: program; press release (Ollie Osborne); fact sheets; handouts; etc.
34-12 Same: photographs
34-13 St. Tammany Parish Conference on Women, April, 1977
    includes correspondence; handout; program; clipping
34-14 Women's week, USL
    1974: clipping
    1977: brochure; program; Ollie Osborne's notes on program; clipping
34-15 Louisiana Women's Conference Committee
    steering committee minutes: 8/27/1983
34-16 Governor's Conference on Women, June, 1976
    steering committee records
      includes letter to Ollie Osborne from Gov. Edwards
34-17 Same: records of area coordinators: 12/1975 - 4/1976
34-18 Same: same: 5-6/1976
    includes membership lists of various organizations
34-19 Same: convention packet (hand outs from Louisiana Bureau on the Status of Women); Ollie Osborne's notes; anti- convention flyers
34-20 Same: publicity (press releases and clippings)
34-21 Same: reports (prepared by Ollie Osborne)
35-1 Material on various meetings, workshops, etc. on women: 1975-1977
35-2 Same: 1978-1981
III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  E. Organizations
    1. Women's Political Caucus
35-3 Louisiana Women's Political Caucus: newsletter, 1975-1980 (scattered)
35-4 Same: same: 1981- (very scattered)
35-5 Same: by-laws (1/1976) and revisions (1/1979?) both proposed
35-6 Same: records (scattered): administrative and steering committee minutes; memos; financial (Ollie Osborne's expenses) 1973-1979
35-7 Same: publicity: 1973-1979, 1981, 1982 (very scattered)
    press releases (prepared by Ollie Osborne); flyers
      includes survey of state legislators on ERA and women's equality 9/1975
35-8 Same: Ollie Osborne correspondence, 1973-1981 (very scattered)
35-9 Same: miscellaneous
    includes: brief history of caucus, 1973-1979; resolutions; state attorney general opinion; Ollie Osborne notes
35-10 Louisiana Women's Political Caucus: convention material: 1974-1975
35-11 Same: same: 1976 (pro ERA material)
35-12 Same: same: 1977 (includes Ollie Osborne's notes)
35-13 Same: same: 1978 (includes Ollie Osborne's notes and annual report)
35-14 Same: same: 1979 (includes Ollie Osborne's notes and annual report; speech by Gillis Long)
35-15 Same: same: 1981: January; October
35-16 Same: photographs: convention and other activities
35-17 Acadiana Women's Political Caucus: newsletter, 1980-1981 (scattered)
35-18 Same: miscellaneous, 1978-1983
    includes: clippings; flyers; memos; press releases
35-19 National Women's Political Caucus: miscellaneous
    includes: 1976 year end report; Quarterly Report, Fall, 1977; Women's Political Times, v. 2, # 5 (September, 1978)
35-20 Same: material on ERA campaign
35-21 Women's Political Caucus of Greater New Orleans
    miscellaneous materials
35-22 Women in Politics, 1975-1977
    includes: pamphlet on Louisiana Community property laws; newsletter
35-23 Miscellaneous
    includes: Ollie Osborne press release after 1975 election; list of women office holders
35-24 Louisiana Women's Political Caucus - photographs
    unidentified meetings; individuals
III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  E. Organizations
    2. National Organization of Women (NOW)
35-25 National Organization of Women: Acadiana Chapter: newsletters, 1976-1983 (very scattered)
    v. 1, # 1 (10/1976) v. 5, # 6 (9-10/1981)
    v. 1, # 2 (11/1976) v. 5, # 7 (11-12/1981)
    v. 5, # 3 (3/1971) June, 1983
    v. 5, # 5 (6-7/1981) v. 7, # 6 (August, 1983)
35-26 Same: same: miscellaneous, 1974-1981
    includes: memos; membership list
35-27 Same: Louisiana NOW: newsletter, 1981 (May, July, August, October)
35-28 Same: same: miscellaneous
36-1 Same: Legal Defense and Education Fund: miscellaneous
    includes: "Legal Rights of Louisiana Women," 1972
36-2 Same: miscellaneous
    includes memos; NOW Times, 8/26/1981; clippings
36-3 Same: material on ERA campaign
    memos; flyers; fact sheet; briefing papers; etc.
36-4 Same: state: photographs
    conventions; includes some 2" x 2" slides
III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  E. Organizations
    3. Louisiana Bureau on the Status of Women
36-5 Publications by Louisiana Commission on the Status of Women
    Holton, Susan, "The Status of Women Workers in Louisiana, 1970," 5/1972
    Thomm, Sylvia, "Education of Louisiana Women, 1970," 6/1972
    Holton, Susan, "Women Workers in Louisiana, 1970," 7/1972
    Holton, Susan, "Women and Poverty: The Status of Female-Headed Families in Louisiana," 10/1972
36-6 Same: miscellaneous
    includes: clippings; list of members of the Commission on the Status of Women; fact sheets; flyers; brochure for first Louisiana Conference for Native American Women
36-7 Bureau on the Status of Women: publications
    "Training the Woman to Know Her Place: The Social Antecedents of Women in the World of Work," 1973
    "Bibliography on Women," 1974
    "Louisiana Community Property Law and How Its Effect Can be Changed by Contract," January, 1977
36-8 Same: miscellaneous on specific issues
    bicentennial project flyers; hand-outs on: economic issues; rape
36-9 Louisiana Bureau for Women: miscellaneous
    fact sheet; brochure; Governor's Proclamation establishing local Commissions on the Needs of Women (11/1/1978); clippings
36-10 Women's Advocacy Bureau, State Department of Health and Human Resources: mass mailing, 1980
36-11 "Report on Progress in 1965 on the Status of Women," Second Annual Report of Interdepartmental Committee and Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women, December 31, 1965
36-12 "Handbook for the Commissions on the Status of Women," by Kathryn F. Clarenbach and Marian L. Thompson, Madison, 1974
  Breakthrough (National Association for Commissions for Women), v. 8, # 5 (May, 1978); also v. 13, # 1 (September, 1983
  U. S. Department of Labor Employment Standards Administration Women's Bureau, Leaflet # 1, "The Women's Bureau: 55 Years of Partnership with Women,"
III. Women Conferences and Organizations
  E. Organizations
    4. Others
36-13 National Women's Education Fund
    flyers; brochures; letters of solicitation
36-14 Task Force on Older Women, newsletter, v. 4, # 2 (6/1977)
36-15 Lafayette Mayor's Commission on the Needs of Women: Miscellaneous records, 1977-1982
    clippings; press releases; membership list; material on 1982 luncheon
36-16 Same: material on meeting about community property law, 12/1978
IV. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  A. Evangeline ERA Coalition
36-17 Miscellaneous records (Acadiana and Evangeline Coalitions): 1975-1976
    meeting agendas and Ollie Osborne notes, executive committees; list of leaders
36-18 Miscellaneous financial records (both coalitions): 9/1974 - 9/1977
36-19 Miscellaneous financial materials on promotion campaigns: bumper stickers, buttons, etc.
36-20 List of organizations involved with coalition
36-21 List of individuals
    petitions; meeting sign-up sheets; ticklers; mailing labels; membership applications; Monitor lists; suggested contacts; etc.
36-22 Miscellaneous      
    stationary; Christmas cards; Ollie Osborne notes; list of Louisiana women candidates, 1975
36-23 Newsletter (Acadiana Coalition): 4/1974; 12/1974
36-24 Memos to member organizations: (1874) - 1976, n.d.
    includes questionnaires and announcements
37-1 Correspondence: 1974 (mainly Ollie Osborne)
    includes newspaper feature article on discrimination by Jean Boudreaux
37-2 Same: 1975: January - June
37-3 Same: 1975: July - December
37-4 Same: 1976
37-5 Same: 1977
37-6 Same: 1978
37-7 Same: 1979
37-8 Same: letters written to legislators during 6/1979 workday
37-9 Same: n.d.
37-10 Press releases: 1974-1975
37-11 Same: 1976- , n.d.
37-12 Clippings: March, 1974 - February, 1977
  See also 49-8
37-13 Coalition handouts
    drafts, dummies, final copies
37-14 ERA Kit (collection of various flyers)
  See also 49-9
37-15 Material related to contact with legislators
    list with notations re: contacts; questionnaires and responses; letters; etc.
37-16 Testimony statements: Ollie Osborne, 3/6/1974; before
    legislature, 6/1974; n.d.
37-17 Material on special efforts: speakers' bureau; work with Girl Scouts; questions for radio interview
37-18 Photographs: various activities
    Girl Scouts at legislature; workshop (2/1977); lobbying with legislators; promotional efforts
37-19 Photographs: Mardi Gras parade; social (6/1975)
IV. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  B. ERA United
37-20 By-laws through 1979
    includes proposed revisions
37-21 Minutes and agenda for steering committee; coalition; and general meetings: December, 1973 - October, 1981
37-22 Ollie Osborne's handwritten notes on meetings: 1974-1976, n.d.
37-23 Memos to: steering committee members; coalition heads; attenders at meetings; persons to contact, etc.
38-1 Material on letterhead: Ollie Osborne correspondence, membership forms completed by organizations.
38-2 Correspondence (Ollie Osborne's): 1974-19975
    includes letters to the editor
38-3 Same: 1976
38-4 Same: 1977-1978
38-5 Same: 1979-1981, n.d.
38-6 Newsletters and action alerts: 1974-1977
    (very scattered)
38-7 Same: 1978-1981
    include fragments
38-8 News releases, 1975-1979 (very scattered)
38-9 Clippings
38-10 Miscellaneous material on workshops
    agenda; notes; Ollie Osborne speech, "Public Relations for ERA United of Louisiana
38-11 Material on legislative task force, 1974-1975
38-12 Nominating committee records, 1979
    memos; Ollie Osborne notes; lists; correspondence
38-13 Articles on ERA mass distributed by ERA United; handouts; flyer (ERA United - Lafayette Committee)
38-14 Statements supporting ERA by member organizations, 1979
38-15 Miscellaneous
    summary of ERA poll taken 12/1977; partial list of media outlets; ERA products catalogs
38-17 Material related to art auction, 5/1976
    correspondence; flyers on artists; inventory; press releases; Ollie Osborne notes
38-18 Information on legislator's and candidates' attitude toward ERA: 1974-1975, n.d.
38-19 Ollie Osborne's marked copies of PAR's Guide to Louisiana Legislature: 1973, 1976
    includes other material
38-20 Legislation
    material on rescinding campaign
    notes on floor debate
    Ollie Osborne's notes on floor debate
    House Concurrent Resolution (against ERA boycott)
38-21 Ollie Osborne's handwritten notes
    undated meetings; interview with Sonny Mouton; notes on ideas; draft of memos
38-22 Photographs: specific events
    Art Auction, 5/1976; Alan Alda visit; Covington meeting
38-23 Photographs: general
IV. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  C. Other Groups
39-1 ERAmerica: memos, mass mailings, etc., 1976-1980
39-2 Same: handouts and packet from meeting August, 1979
39-3 Same: miscellaneous
    flyers; stationary; Ollie Osborne's notes from ERAmerica broadcast, 1/23/1977
39-4 ERAmerica Report: 10/1980; 1/1981; 5/1981
39-5 Same: material on August, 1979 meeting and miscellaneous Ollie Osborne notes
    press releases (prepared by Ollie Osborne); clippings
39-6 Same: photographs of August, 1979 meeting
39-7 Homemakers Equal Rights Association
    flyers; brochures; material on Anne Bowen Follis (biographical information; articles; clippings; photograph)
39-8 AAUW
    flyers; pamphlets; memos (including one from Lyle Williams)
39-9 B & PW
    flyers; material from ERA Ratification Assembly, Houston, 11/18/1977; local meeting programs; lobbying efforts
39-10 Common Cause
    articles; brochures; memos; public opinion and legislative reports
39-11 American Home Economics Association
    statement by president; typescript of article
39-12 Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women: articles, booklets, etc. on ERA
39-13 Same: same
39-14 Same: miscellaneous
    testimony; letter (mimeographed); informational newsletters
39-15 Labor unions
    AFofL-CIO: brochures; press releases; testimony before Louisiana legislature; resolution
    UAW: brochure
    CWA: brochure
    AFSCME: poster
39-16 Women's groups
    National American Women Suffrage Association: flyer
    National Woman's Party: brochures, newsletter, 3-4/1982
    National Association of Women Lawyers: brochure
39-17 Other groups
    U. S. Commission on Civil Rights; ACLU; Men for ERA
39-18 Louisiana groups: ERA coalitions
    ERA of Baton Rouge: flyer
    Central Louisiana ERA coalition
    ERA Central (New Orleans): packet; newsletters (2); press releases; officers
    Northeast Louisiana Equal Right Amendment Coalition: clipping
    ERA United of Northwest Louisiana: clipping
39-19 Other Louisiana groups
    LSU Commission on the Status of Women
    New Orleans Jaycees
39-20 Religious groups: Catholic
39-21 Same: Protestant and Ecumenical
40-1 California Commission on the Status of Women - Equal Rights Amendment Project: "ERA Conformance: An Analysis of the California State Code," 1975
40-2 Same: Bingaman, Anne K., "A Commentary on the Effect of the Equal Rights Amendment on State Laws and Institutions...," 1975
40-3 Same: brochures including "Equal Rights Amendment: Questions and Answers"
40-4 Indiana ERA ratification campaign: miscellaneous materials
    includes: organizational plans of ERA Indiana articles
  See also Box 47, Tape 1
40-5 Ohio: "A Report by the Ohio Task Force for the Implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment," 1975; flyer; cover letter to Ollie Osborne
40-6 Progress report on states which ratified ERA (1976, typed)
  Miscellaneous items on ERA campaigns in various states: Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas
40-7 National Task Force for ERA Conformance Training session, 10/25/1975
    correspondence, agenda, Ollie Osborne's notes, news releases, miscellaneous
40-8 Same: photographs
40-9 ERA Monitor (published by Equal Rights Amendment Project): 11/26/1975 - 5-6/1977
    v. 1, # 1 - v. 3, # 3 (not complete; some photocopies)
      later: Institute for Studies in Equality
40-10 Monitor with Ollie Osborne photographs
40-11 Ollie Osborne correspondence with editors of Monitor
40-12 Women Today, v. 5, # 33 (10/27/1975) - v. 12, # 6 (3/22/1982) scattered
40-13 Women's Equity Action League: miscellaneous materials, 1978, n.d.
    includes material on sex discrimination suit at LSU
IV. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  D. Research Materials
40-14 Congressional Record, 10/1971 (excerpts), photocopies
40-15 Same: 3/1972
40-16 Same: 5/1978; 1/1979
40-17 Congressional reports on ERA: House, 7/1971; Senate, 3/1972
41v.1 "Equal Rights for Men in Women in 1971," Hearings Before Subcommittee No. 4 of the Committee of the Judiciary, House of Representatives," (1971)
41-1 Miscellaneous research materials
    U. S. Department of Labor reports; Drake Law Review, v. 24, # 2 (Winter, 1975); articles by Susan Kaufman Purcell, Anne Nennan Simon, Ruth Bader Ginsberg; Ollie Osborne's notes
41-2 Statements on ERA
    Martha W. Griffiths; Elise B. Heinz; Dorothy Woodworth; women in military; several items of correspondence which had been widely broadcast
41-3 Same: Louisiana origin
    anti ERA letter to CC/73 delegates and response of J.D. DeBlieux; Francine Merritt correspondence; statement of Janet Mary Riley; testimony of Roberta Madden before Senate Judiciary Committee
41-4 Material on court cases
    includes material on suit against Lafayette Petroleum Club, 1982
41-5 Ollie Osborne notes on books, speeches, etc.
    includes notes on debate between Smeal and Schlafly
41-6 Speeches on ERA by Louisiana individuals
    John Breaux; Anita Harmann Ganucheau; Sr. Mary Ann Owens; Carol V. Rodriguez
41-7 Ollie Osborne speeches
    includes notes and drafts
41-8 Publications
    Eisler, Diane Tennenhaus. Equal Rights Handbook: What ERA Means to Your Life, Your Rights, and the Future, New York: Avon Books, 1978
    United States Commission on Civil Rights. Statement on the Equal Rights Amendment, December, 1978
41-9 Miscellaneous: public relations type material
    text; flyer; designs for buttons, etc.; post cards; Christmas cards; phonograph record
  See also Box 47, Tape 6
41-10 Miscellaneous: Louisiana material
    Louisiana Legislative Council, Memorandum on state laws impacted by ERA, 4/7/1973
    Walker Research Associates. "Confidential Report of a Survey of Voter Attitudes Toward ERA in Selected Areas of Louisiana," 6/1976; scripts of newspaper articles and editorials
    PAR Legislative Bulletin: v. 22, # 3 (6/7/1974); 5/23/1978 (partial, photocopy)
IV. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  E. Opposition
41-11 Material on Phyllis Schafley, Eagle Forum and STOP-ERA
    articles; clippings; newsletters; mass mailings
41-12 Mass mailings: Mary Kay, n.d.; Beverly La Haze, n.d.; Michael A. Trahan, 3/1976; Orrin G. Hatch, 3/16/1977 (partial)
41-13 Miscellaneous material from opposition groups: Louisiana
    Acadiana Right to Life Committee; A Better Way (Than ERA); Bible Hot Line; Chamber of Commerce of the New Orleans Area; Females Opposed to Equality; Louisiana Farm Bureau - Women's Auxiliary; Louisiana Women Opposed to ERA; Pro-Family Forum; Catholic Daughters of America
41-14 Same: national
    John Birch Society; Mormons; National Council of Catholic Women; National Write Your Congressman Club, Inc.
41-15 Clippings: national columnists
42-1 Clippings: letters-to-the-editors
42-2 Clippings: miscellaneous: demonstrations; debates
42-3 Articles
42-4 Photographs: Catholic Daughters of America (with Phyllis Schafley)
  See 46-21; 47-1 thru 47-5; 49-8 for more clippings on ERA
V. Miscellaneous
  A. Lafayette and Louisiana
42-5 Lafayette: drafts of city Code of Ethics, n.d.
42-6 Lafayette School Board: materials on redistricting, 1972
    includes map
42-7 Lafayette Parish Police Jury: miscellaneous material, 1975-1976
42-8 Election flyers: 1983, n.d.
    miscellaneous items on 1983 parish elections
    brochures on tax referenda, n.d.
42-9 Lafayette groups:      
    Altrusa Club: Year Book, 1975-1976
    Lafayette Business and Professional Women's Club: Yearbook, 1974-1975
    Lafayette Chamber of Commerce: program for 1976 Goals Conference
    Shell Oil Company and General Federation of Women's Clubs Conservation Seminar, February 28 - March 3, 1977
42-10 Lafayette: miscellaneous
    material on: annexation; Police Auxiliary; Parish Council on the Aging; Coalition Against Rape
      Ollie Osborne's notes
42-11 Louisiana: maps: show division for several political purposes
    state planning districts; legislative districts; congressional districts; etc.
42-12 Louisiana government: miscellaneous
      call for special session, August, 1977
      statute establishing Louisiana State Law Institute
      qualifying form for primary, n.d.
      Election Times, v. 12, # 1 (January, 1983)
42-13 Public Affairs Research Council, Inc.: publications: 1973-1974
    "Voter's Guide to the November 1972 Amendments"
    "Statistical Profile of Lafayette Parish," 1973
    "Preliminary Draft of PAR Analysis No. 200 on Nominating Candidates, 10/1/1974"
    PAR Analysis # 200: "Louisiana's Election System: A Time for Change," 10/1974
42-14 Same: same: 1975-1977
    PAR Analysis # 207: "Your Legislator's Voting Record, 1972-1975 Sessions," 9/1975
    "Par's 1975 Voters' Guide to the Elections," 9/1975
    "The Key Issues of 1975," 9/1975
    Flexner, Eleanor, "Women's Rights - Unfinished Business," PAR Pamphlet No. 469, 1/1977
    Doyle, Nancy, "Woman's Changing Place: A Look at Sexism," PAR Pamphlet No. 509, 1/1977
42-15 PAR - Miscellaneous
    news releases; brochure; clipping
    Legislative Bulletin: 4/29/1977 (v. 25, # 1)
        6/26/1981 (v. 29, # 8)
42-16 Louisiana: Duggar, Jan W. and Carroll, Geneva B. "Labor Force Participation in Louisiana," 12/1973 (for Louisiana Office of State Planning)
42-17 Institute of Politics, "Opinions and Attitudes of Louisiana Citizens about Politics, Politicians and Political Participation," v. 1 (February, 1975)
42-18 Same: v. 2 (March, 1975)
42-19 Louisiana: description and travel
    includes: material on state seal; state song; guide to state capitol
42-20 Same: same: brochures, flyers, etc.
    on Natchitoches, Baton Rouge and Lafayette
42-21 Louisiana: groups
    Common Cause: Louisiana and national
    AAUW, Louisiana Division (Financial Report, 1975)
    Citizens Conference on the Courts
    Louisiana Consumers' League
    Louisiana Legislative Council
    Louisiana Priorities for the Future Task Force
43-1 Louisiana: publications
    Dawson, Alice Lou. Louisiana Basic Government, Lafayette, 1958, 65 pages
    Citizens Conference on State Legislatures. How Citizens Can Improve the Louisiana Legislature
    Rules of Order:
      Senate (1972)
      House of Representatives (1973)
    Roster and Standing Committees:
      Senate (1975, 1976, 1977)
      House of Representatives (1974, 1975, 1976, 1977)
43-2 Same: same
    Eddy, R. Lee, III. What You Should Know About Marriage, Divorce, Annulment, Separation and Community Property in Louisiana. New York, 1974
V. Miscellaneous
  B. Women
43-3 Publications:
    Regents of the University of the State of New York."Equal Opportunity for Women: A Statement of Policy and Proposed Action," Albany, April, 1972
    Freeman, Frankie M. "Women's Rights in the 70's," 32nd National Convention of Delta Sigma Theta, (n.p., 1973)
    Ford Foundation. "That 51 Percent: Ford Foundation Activities Related to Opportunities for Women," April, 1974
    Pifer, Alan. Women Working: Toward A New Society, from 1976 Annual Report, Carnegie Corporation of New York
43-4 Same:
    U. S. Commission on Civil Rights. A Guide To Federal Laws Prohibiting Sex Discrimination. (Clearinghouse Publication, # 46) June, 1974
43-5 Same:
    Life, "Remarkable American Women, 1774-1976." n.d.
    Time, "Women of the Year." 1/5/1976
    Newsweek (cover only), "Women in Politics," 11/4/1976
43-6 Serial: White House News on Women, v. 1, # 1, n.d.
43v.1 Brown, Barbara A., Ann E. Freedman, Harriet N. Katz and Alice M. Price, Women's Rights and the Law. New York, 1977
43v.2 Ross, Susan Deller. The Rights of Women: The Basic ACLU Guide to a Women's Rights, 1973
  See also 42-14, 43-2 and V D
43-7 Women's Equality Day: miscellaneous material
    clippings; excerpts from public law and Congressional Record
43-8 Miscellaneous: Louisiana
    Governor's Task Force on Women and Credit
    proclamation declaring Susan B. Anthony Day
    Louisiana Division of Human Services complaint form
    Louisiana Women-Owned Businesses Project
43-9 Same: politics and protest
    includes 1972 public opinion poll
43-10 Same: women's groups
    General Federation of Women's Clubs; National Women's Education Fund; SURVIVAL Coalition Newsletter; Women USA; Women Against Crime; Women's Action Alliance; Women's Campaign Fund
V. Miscellaneous
  C. Miscellaneous
43-11 Dummy for publication on night driving
43-12 Miscellaneous: photographs: B & PW, Houma
43-13 Same: same: Communicrafts, June 23, 1975
43-14 Same: same: miscellaneous
    individuals: Barbara Hansen; Sylvia Roberts; Jackie Ducote; Edwin Edwards; Ann Buchman
    dinner honoring 1909 SLII football team
    1969 snow in Lafayette
43-15 Photographs: unknown or unidentified (mainly negatives)
43-16 Identification labels; notes (separated from photographs identified)
V. Miscellaneous
  D. Clippings (mainly from 1970s)
44-1 National Columnists
    many on women's issues
44-2 Local women writers
    Roesmary Hubbard; Ann Price; Eleanor Young
44-3 Biographies (men)
44-4 Miscellaneous
    sexuality; sex laws
44-5 Military
    women in military; women and draft; draft of women and ERA; draft; defense spending
44-6 National politics: issues; statistics; projections; analysis
44-7 Same: welfare; poverty; crime; etc.
44-8 Same: courts: issues; appointments; cases (EEO)
44-9 Same: campaign finance reform; election reform
44-10 UN
44-11 U. S.: elderly
44-12 Same: legislative issues; legislation
44-13 Same: miscellaneous
    includes: Common Cause; history
44-14 Same: income and budget; economy
44-15 Same: social issues: busing; education
44-16 Same: health and alcoholism
44-17 Same: media and the arts
44-18 Louisiana: general
44-19 Same: campaign finance reform
44-20 Same: education; PAR; Law Institute
44-21 Same: sex education
44-22 Same: business; industry; employment; public employees; collective bargaining
44-23 Same: poverty; welfare; crime
44-24 Same: budget; tax assessment
44-25 Same: constitution; governmental reorganization and reform; lobbying; voter registration
44-26 Same: columnists
    includes: Louisiana Opinion (and other Don Buchanan articles); Political Horizons; Capital Review; C. M. Hargroder; James H. Gillis; "Just Plain Politics," by F. E. Sheperd; "Viewpoint" by Jim Bradshaw
44-27 Same: media and culture
44-28 Same: old homes; scenery
44-29 Same: environment and resources
44-30 Same: legislature: general; personalities
44-31 Same: same: overviews and actions
44-32 Same: courts
45-1 Same: election laws: overviews; campaign practices
45-2 Same: candidates: announcements; qualification; offices
45-3 Same: elections: results
45-4 Same: 1979 election
45-5 Lafayette: media; art; culture; Bicentennial; history; society; recreation
45-6 Same: economy; growth and planning; taxes
45-7 Same: welfare; elderly
45-8 Same: biographies
45-9 Same: USL
45-10 Same: politics; redistricting
45-11 Churches: women in church: ordination; Biblical Feminism; anti-feminism; Jesus and women
45-12 Same: biographies
45-13 Same: churches and politics; churches and social issues
45-14 Same: churches and sexuality
45-15 Women: columnists:
    mainly Sylvia Porter, Emma Brombeck and Ellen Goodman
45-16 Women in sports: LSU; Title IX
45-17 Women and health: alcoholism; sterilization; birth control
45-18 Women and education: self-help seminars, etc.; book reviews
45-19 Rape
    includes: self defense; sexual harassment
45-20 Women in business
45-21 Discrimination: economic (jobs; earnings; nursing; workplace; insurance)
45-22 Discrimination and exploitation: society (language; organizations; juries; sports; welfare; politics; laws; media; beauty pageants; stereotypes)
45-23 Discrimination: men (custody; illegitimate children)
45-24 Family
    includes: stability; governmental aid; house-husbands; working wives and mothers; changing structure; statistics; White House Conference on Families
45-25 Displaced homemakers
    includes widowhood
45-26 Pregnant worker's laws
45-27 Rights of women
    includes: women's expectations; motherhood; differences between sexes; lifestyles
45-28 Teenage pregnancy and teenage mothers
45-29 Day care (working mothers)
    includes: latch key kids
45-30 Child abuse: abused children
    includes: children's advocates; legal rights (illegitimate children); incest
45-31 Battered women
45-32 Mothers and children
    includes: childbirth; child rearing; single mothers
45-33 Children and education
    includes: children and delinquency
45-34 Divorce, child care and custody
46-1 Women in [specialized occupation]
    includes: jury duty; history; ethnic groups; labor unions
46-2 Working women
    includes housewives
46-3 Abortion
    includes: pro-choice; anti-abortion; state legislature
46-4 Biographies (women): A - L
46-5 Biographies (women): M - Z
46-6 Biographies (women): prominent politicians
    includes: Margaret Thatcher; Betty Ford; Rosalynn Carter
46-7 Clubs: AAUW
46-8 Clubs: B & PW
46-9 Clubs: Junior League
46-10 Clubs: ABWA
46-11 Clubs: USL Women's Club; Federated Clubs; nurses; secretaries; home economics; etc.
46-12 Clubs: Other (DAR; Social; musical; charity; etc.)
46-13 Groups
    includes some women's rights groups; Mayor's commission on the Status of Women--Baton Rouge, Girls clubs; Girl Scouts
46-14 Overviews
    includes: changes in sex roles; changes in lifestyles
46-15 Women in politics
    includes: appointed positions; candidates; office holders; judgeships; lobbyists
46-16 President's Advisory Committee for Women
46-17 Legal rights
    includes: women and law: Louisiana laws
46-18 Women and finances
    includes: IRA's; credit
46-19 Women and crime
    includes: prostitution
46-20 Women in history and other cultures
    includes: suffrage movement; overviews of women's liberation movement
46-21 Anti-women's rights
    includes: anti ERA; Phyllis Schlarly
46-22 ERA: in states and national politics
    includes: introduction; lobbying; fund raising; supporters, etc.
46-23 ERA and churches
    includes: Catholics; Mormons; others
46-24 ERA: overviews and projections (neutral or pro)
    includes: polls
46-25 ERA: boycott
46-26 ERA: extension and rescinding
46-27 ERA: history
47-1 ERA: letters to the editor (pro and anti)
47-2 ERA: in Louisiana: support
47-3 ERA: in Louisiana: opposition
47-4 ERA: in Louisiana: polls and overviews
47-5 ERA: in Louisiana: legislature
V. Miscellaneous
  E. Media
Box 47 Film 1  
  Tape for League of Women Voters (of Louisiana), 1979
  (possibly for Lobby Course)
Box 47 Film 2  
  "Minding the Store," public service announcement on voting, sponsored by LWV, n.d.
Box 47 Film 3  
  "Don't Know What," LWV, 1984
Box 47 Film 4  
  "Water Clean Up," public service announcement by National Concerned Citizens Council for Clean Water, sponsored by LWV, 1978
Box 47 Film 5  
  ERA spot, sponsored by LWVUS
Box 47 Film 6  
  Same (master copy)
Box 47 Slides  
  Voter Service Slides, LWVUS
Box 47 Tape 1  
  Radio spots for ERA, Indiana
Box 47 Tape 2  
  Ollie Osborne radio talk-interview, re: CC/73
Box 47 Tape 3  
  Terrebonne Parish LWV, Debate between Duval and Gircuisco
Box 47 Tape 4  
Box 47 Tape 5  
  Nina Kaplan, 11/19/1977
Box 47 Tape 6  
  Paul Harvey on ERA, 4/30/1982
Box 47 Tape 7  
Box 47 Tape 8  
Box 47 Tape 9  
  Interview of Ollie Osborne by Felicia Kaplan
Box 47 Tape 10
  See Box 47 Record 1
Box 47 Record 1
  Communications to parents, 6/14/1938
    recorded as Tape 10
VI. Oversize
48 v.1 Scrapbook, 1930s-1940
    includes material about Ollie Osborne's career with Lewis Purses; John Scott; and the American Red Cross
48 v.2 covers Ollie Osborne's work in television
48 Plaques  
  Lafayette Board of Realtors, Sales Associate of the Year, 1972
  Louisiana Women's Political Caucus plaque of appreciation, n.d.
49-1 Poster, LWV Shreveport
49-2 Mounted clippings, Louisiana LWV, 1978
49-3 Same, 1979
    includes several photographs
49-4 Mounted photographs, some with captions, mainly 1979
49-5 Posters promoting ratification of new constitution
49-6 Posters promoting Louisiana Women's Conference, June, 1977
49-7 Mounted clippings of Louisiana Women's Conference
49-v.1 Bound collections of clippings and memos (LWV)
49-8 Mounted clippings and photographs
49-9 Posters (generic)
Box 50 Artifacts
    ERA: buttons; T-shirts; hat and hat band; etc.
    Louisiana Women's Conference: banner
    IWY: stamps
Map Case 24-2
    LWV Posters
    LWV-Louisiana mounted newspaper articles, 1978
    CC/73 ratification poster
    ERA banner
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