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Ollie Tucker Osborne Papers
Collection 93
Osborne, Ollie Tucker (1911-1994). Papers, 1927-1985
22 feet
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II. League of Women Voters
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973
    1. Ollie Osborne's Newspaper Articles & Other Writings
      a. Records
17-12 Ollie Osborne correspondence and budgets re: articles on CC/1973
17-13 Ollie Osborne correspondence and newspapers about series
17-14 Ollie Osborne material connected with PAR about series
17-15 Ollie Osborne correspondence re: publishing articles, 4/1974 - 7/1975
17-16 Notes about state papers and list of dailies running LWV material, 2/1973 - 1/1974
17-17 Captions for photos sent to papers
17-18 Photos published in papers
17-19 Ticklers promoting series
17-20 Correspondence with and about a guest editorial in January, 1974 issue of Society of Petroleum Engineers News Bulletin(January 1974)
17-21 Ollie Osborne article for League bulletin, n.d.; publicity and releases 12/31/1973
II. League of Women Voters
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973
    1. Ollie Osborne's Newspaper Articles & Other Writings
      b. Publications
17-22 Eye-Witness Series: July-August, 1973: clippings (pasted on backing)
18-1 Same: September, 1973: same
18-2 Same: October, 1973: same
18-3 Same: November, 1973 - January, 1974: same
18-4 Same: 7/10/1973 and 7/17/1973: draft and clipping
18-5 Same: 7/17/1973 (draft) and 7/19/1973 (clipping)
18-6 Same: 7/24/1973 (draft) and 7/26/1973 (clipping)
18-7 Same: 7/31/1973 (draft) and 8/1/1973, 8/2/1973 (clippings)
18-8 Same: 7/29/1973; 7/31/1973 (drafts) and 9/5/1973 (clippings)
18-9 Same: 7/26/1973; 8/1/1973, 8/6/1973 (drafts) and 8/15/1973 - 8/17/1973 (clippings)
18-10 Same: 8/13/1973 - 8/14/1973 (drafts) and 8/15/1973 - 8/17/1973
18-11 Same: 8/20/1973 (2), 8/21/1973 (drafts) and 8/23/1973 - 8/25/1973 (clippings)
18-12 Same: 8/30/1973, 9/2/1973 (clippings)
18-13 Same: 9/4/1973 (drafts) and 9/12/1973 - 9/7/1973 (clippings)
18-14 Same: 9/10/1973 (draft) and 9/12/1973 - 9/14/1973 (clippings)
18-15 Same: 9/18/1973, 9/20/1973, 9/21/1973 (clippings)
18-16 Same: 9/24/1973 (draft) and 9/27/1973, 9/28/1973 (clippings)
18-17 Same: 9/27/1973, 9/30/1973 (drafts) and 10/1/1973 - 10/3/1973 (clippings)
18-18 Same: 10/5/1973, 10/6/1973, 10/8/1973 (drafts) and 10/8/1973 - 10/12/1973, 10/14/1974 (clippings)
18-19 Same: 10/14/1973, 10/15/1973 (drafts) and 10/16/1973 - 10/18/1973 (clippings)
18-20 Same: 10/23/1973 - 10/25/1973 (clippings)
18-21 Same: 10/22/1973 (drafts) and 10/29/1973 and others (clippings)
18-22 Same: 10/27/1973, 10/29/1973 (drafts)O and 10/31/1973, 11/1/1973, 11/2/1973 (clippings)
18-23 Same: draft of introductory article for papers picking up series, 10/29/1973
18-24 Same: 11/3/1973 (drafts) and 11/5/1973 - 11/8/1973 (clippings)
18-25 Same: 11/5/1973 (drafts, 2) and 11/8/1973 (clippings)
18-26 Same: 11/5/1973 (draft) and 11/9/1973 (clipping)
18-27 Same: 11/10/1973 (draft) and 11/12/1973 (clipping)
18-28 Same: 11/14/1973 + (clippings)
18-29 Same: 11/21/1973, 11/23/1973 (clippings)
18-30 Same: 12/10/1973 (draft) and 12/13/1973 (clippings)
18-31 Same: 12/10/1973 (draft) and 12/13/1973 + (clippings)
18-32 Same: 12/11/1973 (draft) and 12/16/1973 (clippings)
18-33 Same: 12/15/1973 (draft) and 12/18/1973 (clippings)
18-34 Same: 12/16/1973 (draft)
18-35 Same: 12/22/1973 (draft) and 12/26/1973 (clipping)
18-36 Same: 12/23/1973 (draft) and 12/28/1973 (clipping)
18-37 Same: 1/7/1974 (draft) and 1/9/1974 (clipping)
18-38 Same: 1/7/1974 (draft) and 1/10/1974 (clipping)
18-39 Same: 1/15/1974 (draft) and 1/18/1974 (clipping)
18-40 Weekly series: camera-ready copy and/or final draft of each article, # 1 - # 21
19-1 Same: # 1: 7/4/1973, draft and clippings
19-2 Same: # 2: n.d., drafts and clippings
19-3 Same: # 3: 7/15/1973, drafts and clippings
19-4 Same: # 4: 7/22/1973, drafts and clippings
19-5 Same: # 5: drafts and clippings
19-6 Same: # 6: drafts and clippings
19-7 Same: # 7: 8/12/1973, draft and clippings
19-8 Same: # 8: 8/20/1973, draft and clippings
19-9 Same: # 9: 8/27/1973, draft and clippings
19-10 Same: # 10: 9/3/9173, draft and clippings
19-11 Same: # 11: 9/10/1973, draft and clippings
19-12 Same: # 12: 9/17/1973, draft and clippings
19-13 Same: # 13: 9/24/1973 draft and clippings
19-14 Same: # 14: 9/30/2973, draft and clippings
19-15 Same: # 15: 10/7/1973, draft and clippings
19-16 Same: # 16: 10/14/1973, draft and clippings
19-17 Same: # 17: 10/22/1973, draft and clippings
19-18 Same: # 18: 10/28/1973, draft and clippings
19-19 Same: # 19: 11/4/1973, draft and clippings
19-20 Same: # 20: 11/10/1973, draft and clippings
19-21 Same: # 21: 11/19/1973, draft and clippings
19-22 Same: "Why Does Louisiana Need a New Constitution?": 12/16/1973, draft and clippings
19-23 Clippings from Ruston Daily Leader and sister papers: 10/1/1973 - 3/27/1974
19-24 Article on education article and other constitutional convention events, n.d.: (11/18/1973 - 12/6/1973), draft and clippings
19-25 Commentary on Article IX: 11/19/1973, draft and clippings (including Ruston Daily Leader)
19-26 Overview Series: complete set
19-27 Same: # 1: Bill of Rights: clippings
19-28 Same: # 2: Article III: draft (12/17/1973) and clippings
19-29 Same: # 3: Executive Branch: draft (12/28/1973) and clippings
19-30 Same: # 4: Judiciary Branch: draft (1/8/1974) and clippings
19-31 Same: # 5: Local Government: draft (1/11/1974) and clippings
19-32 Same: # 6: Revenue and Finance: draft (2/25/1974) and clippings
19-33 Same: # 7: Education: clippings
19-34 Miscellaneous: Doris McWilliams' letter-to-the-editor, December, 1973
19-35 Miscellaneous: drafts of Ollie Osborne letters-to-the-editor regarding CC/73
II. League of Women Voters
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973
    2. League of Women Voters and Constitutional Convention/1973
19-36 Solicited responses for candidates for CC/1973 (Lafayette area only)
19-37 Material on pre-convention meeting sponsored by LWV notes; public relations material; transcripts of speeches
19-38 CC/73 Highlights (LWV serial): 3/31/1973; 4/15/1973; 5/16/1973; 6/15/1973; 8/10/1973; 8/27/1973; 9/4/1973; 9/28/1973; 10/17/1973; 11/15/1973; 12/1/1973; 12/22/1973
19-39 Position papers: 1/1972 (state study issue); 1/1973; for 1973 convention workbook; 3/1973; 4/1973
20-1 Position papers; statements; news releases; etc., on particular issues
20-2 Statements by LWV members before CC/1973 committees
    clippings about committee hearings
20-3 Publicity, etc. for meetings about CC/1973
20-4 Publicity, correspondence, etc. on LWV booklet on constitution, June-October, 1973; booklet
20-5 Form for CC/1973 members to order copies of LWV material or contribute to ratification effort; notes on picture orders
20-6 Internal memoranda, etc., LWV-LA on CC/1973
II. League of Women Voters
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973
    3. Ollie Osborne Miscellaneous
20-7 Correspondence
20-8 Handwritten notes on various meetings
20-9 Miscellaneous notes; notes on pages
20-10 Draft of and responses to Ollie Osborne's suggestion to make accessible with public, September-October, 1973
20-11 Minutes of meeting with Governor Edwards, 10/23/1973 and preparatory correspondence, 9/10/1973
20-12 Public Affairs Research Council (PAR) questionnaire for other states; correspondence
20-13 Material on constitutions in other states: Florida; Illinois; Montana; and Pennsylvania
20-14 Photocopy of article from Council of State Governments
20-15 Publicity of Ollie Osborne's work
  See also Box 47, Tape 2
II. League of Women Voters
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973
    4. Clippings
20-16 Clippings: November, 1972 - April, 1973
20-17 Same: 1973: May 1-15
20-18 Same: 1973: May 16-31
20-19 Same: 1973: "Your Opinion Counts" series, Advocate: May
21-1 Same: 1973: June 1-10
21-2 Same: 1973: June 11-20
21-3 Same: 1973: June 21-30
21-4 Same: 1973: Jack Lord series: June 26 - July 5
21-5 Same: 1973: July 1-10
21-6 Same: 1973: July 11-20
21-7 Same: 1973: July 21-31
21-8 Same: 1973: August 1-10
21-9 Same: 1973: August 11-20
21-10 Same: 1973: August 21-31
21-11 Same: 1973: September 1-10
21-12 Same: 1973: September 11-20
21-13 Same: 1973: September 21-30
21-14 Same: 1973: October 1-10
21-15 Same: 1973: October 11-20
21-16 Same: 1973: October 21-30
21-17 Same: 1973: November 1-10
21-18 Same: 1973: November 11-30
21-19 Same: 1973: December 1-10
21-20 Same: 1973: December 11-31
22-1 Same: 1974: January 3-11
22-2 Same: 1974: January 12-21
22-3 Same: n.d.
22-4 Same: Con Digest: March - September, 1973
22-5 Same: same: October, 1973 - January, 1974; n.d.
II. League of Women Voters
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973
    5. Official Documents
22-6 Act 2 of 1972 Relating to Constitutional Convention
22-7 Official Journal: 1 - 20: 1/1973 - 7/26/1973
22-8 Same: 21 - 92 (very scattered): 7/27/1973 - 12/5/1973
    21-22, 25-27, 29-30, 32-33, 36, 40, 60, 67, 76, 80, 92
22-9 Convention Calendar
    weekly schedules, May - September
report of actions by resolution through 8/18/1973
22-10 Orders of the day: 8/31/1973 - 9/15/1973
Constitutional Convention Digest: 9/20/1973
22-11 Material prepared by research staff
    Report for Delegate Burson, 8/6/1973
Staff Memorandum: # 2 (4/3/1973)
      # 48 (8/1/1973)
# 53 (8/24/2973)
# 39 (1/2/1974)
    Staff Report: # 8 (10/2/1973)
      # 10-A (9/26/1973)
# 23 (11/9/1973)
22-12 Public Information Office or Committee publications: CC/73 Reporter: # 17, 18, 19, 22, 25, 26, 29, 31, 33 (7/16/1973 - 12/10/1973)
22-13 Same: "Week in Review," May-June (partial), n.d.
22-14 Same: press releases (9 items)
    includes some CC/73 Forecast
22-15 Same: miscellaneous
    includes: Roster of Delegates; Guide to CC/1973 Terms;"Staff Presentation of Activities," n.d.
22-16 Delegate Resolutions: # 12, 20-24, 26-28
22-17 Delegate Proposals: # 1-26, 28-52, 54-55, 57, 59-63, 66, 69-76, 78-79, 81, 88, 90-96, 98, 101-102, no number
22-18 Floor Amendment: on Committee Proposal # 3
22-19 Same: on Committee Proposal # 4
23-1 Same: on Committee Proposal # 7, 9, 10, 17
23-2 Same: on Committee Proposal # 21 (A - K)
23-3 Same: on Committee Proposal # 21 (L - Z)
23-4 Same: on Committee Proposal # 25
23-5 Same: on Committee Proposal # 26
23-6 Committee Resolutions: 1, 3-11
23-7 Committee Proposals: 1-5, 7-14, 16, 18-19
23-8 Same: 20-35, 37-8
    # 37 has floor and committee amendments attached
23-9 Same: unnumbered
23-10 Committee Amendments
    to Committee Proposal # 6
to Delegate Proposal: # 43, 54, 98
23-11 Committee materials: Committee on the Executive Department and Committee on Natural Resources and Environment
    agenda of joint meetings: 7/26/1973 and 7/27/1973
23-12 Same: Committee on Rules, Credentials, and Ethics
    agenda: 7/6/1973, 7/18/1873, 7/25/1973
minutes: 7/18/1973
23-13 Same: Public Information Committee
    minutes: 5/14/1973: subcommittee on regional meetings
minutes: 5/25/1973: subcommittee on classroom instruction
minutes: 6/20/1973
23-14 Same: Committee on Bill of Rights and Elections
    proposal with respect to:
      Preamble and Declaration of Rights
General Governmental Procedures
draft source and comments for Elections Article (8/2/1973)
23-15 Same: Committee on Education and Welfare
    proposals with respect to Article VII: arbitration; economic security, etc.; retirement and survivors' benefits; penal institutions and convict labor; municipal fire and police civil service
23-16 Same: same
    same: state and city civil service
23-17 Same: Ad Hoc Committee Concerning Alternate Proposals
    report: 1/17/1974
23-18 Vote tabulations: very miscellaneous and scattered
    CP 007, 017, 021, 025
23-19 Copies of proposed constitution or highlights of proposed constitution (various publishers)
II. League of Women Voters
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973
    6. Miscellaneous
23-20 PAR material
    "A Citizen's Guide to CC/73," (4/1973)
news releases: 5/17/1973, 8/7/1973
"PAR Convention Commentary," # 2 (8/1/1973), # 8 (10/22/1973), # 9 (12/6/1973)
      ("Guide" has much Ollie Osborne marginalia)
24-1 Copies or transcripts of remarks by delegates and others before committees or convention
    most not dated
24-2 Material on lobbying
    "Rule 90" and forms; letters from lobby interests
24-3 Material from Students' Constitutional Convention, 12/1973
24-4 Miscellaneous
    includes Louisiana Political Education Council: Political Briefs, Special Report # 3 (12/1972) and # 4 (2/1973)
II. League of Women Voters
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973
    7. Ratification
      a. League of Women Voters' Role
24-5 LWV for the New Constitution Committee: miscellaneous records
24-6 Same: correspondence of Ollie Osborne (chair)
24-7 Same: Speakers Bureau: speeches; notes
24-8 Same: same: clippings and correspondence
24-9 Same: media presentations
    radio interviews; TV script; radio tape series; notes
24-10 Same: fund raising materials
    press releases; clippings; memos
24-11 Same: pro-constitution public relations campaign
    photo captions; press releases; clippings; materials on post card campaign
24-12 Same: material on preparation of flyer
24-13 Same: miscellaneous notes
24-14 Same: high school contest: news releases and press clippings
24-15 Same: same: records: lists; style suggestions; rules
24-16 Same: same: same: correspondence; memos; etc.
25-1 Same: same: entries from Region 1
25-2 Same: same: entries from Region 2
25-3 Same: same: entries from Region 3
25-4 Same: same: entries from Region 4
25-5 Same: same: entries from Region 5
25-6 Same: same: entries from Region 6
25-7 Same: same: entries from Region 7
25-8 Same: same: regional winners
25-9 Decision '74: booklet (preliminary and final)
25-10 Same: LWV correspondence, memos, etc., re: panel discussions
    includes clippings
25-11 Same: material on presentation in Lafayette
    correspondence; publicity; biographies of participants; statements of moderator
25-12 Acadiana Forum: correspondence
25-13 Same: publicity; reports; etc.
25-14 Same: program; moderator's remarks (Ollie Osborne); biographical material on panelists; Ollie Osborne's notes
25-15 Miscellaneous: press releases, clippings (on LWV support of new constitution)
    includes memos from State Constitution Chairman re: local discussion on constitution; position statement
25-16 Same: material on Citizen's Committee for a New Louisiana Constitution
    draft proposal for organization (handwritten)
  See also 49-5
II. League of Women Voters
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973
    7. Ratification
      b. General (Clippings)
25-17 Series of columns: by Larry Dickinson (incomplete)
25-18 Same: by Gerald Moses in Morning Advocate (incomplete)
25-19 Same: by C. M. Hargroder and James H. Gillis in Times-Picayune (complete)
25-20 Same: by Guy Coates, Associated-Press (complete)
25-21 Clippings: January 21-31, 1974
25-22 Same: February, 1974
25-23 Same: March 1-20, 1974
25-24 Same: March 21-31, 1974
25-25 Same: April, 1974
26-1 Series from Times-Picayune comparing 1921 and 1974 constitutions (incomplete)
26-2 PAR analyses
26-3 Miscellaneous
II. League of Women Voters
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973
    8. Photographs
  NOTE: no symbol means there is just the contact strip
    + means there is a negative
* means there is a print
26-4 Contact strip 1 +
    a. Lawrence Chehardy and Paul H. Goldman
*b. Lawrence Chehardy and Paul H. Goldman
c. Paul Goldman, ________, Charles O. Slay
d. Tom Stagg
  Contact strip 2 +
    a. Mary Day and Elizabeth Rack
*b. Mary Day and Elizabeth Rack
c. Edward N. Lennox, Felicia Kahn, Elizabeth Rack
*d. Edward n. Lennox, Felicia Kahn, Elizabeth Rack
  Contact strip 3 +
    a. Paul Ginn, Wellborn Jack, Varyon Shannon
b. Same
c. ? , Pat Juneau, ?
e. ? , James McDaniel
f. Herman Lowe, ?
  Contact strip 4 +
    a. ?
b. James Burns, ?
*c. Robert Aertker and James Burns
*d. J. K. Haynes, Alphonse Jackson, Gerald Weiss
*e. Camille Gravel, Tom Stagg, Chalin Perez, ?
f. ?
  Contact strip 5 +
    a. Ralph Cowen and Robert Aertker
b. James L. Stovall, ?
c. Ralph Cowen and Camille Gravel
d. Robert Aertker and Arthur Planchard
e. Chris Roy and Varyon Shannon
f. ?
  Contact strip 6 +
    a. page
b. ?
c. Ed Steimel, Dr. Thomas Leary, Dr. Boyd Woodard, Richard D'Aquin
d. Robert Aertker and ?
*e. Chris Roy and Victor Bussie
*f. Philip Bergeron and Lynn Perkins
  Contact strip 7 +
    a. Felicia Kahn and ?
b. Stan Duval, Frank Edwards, Charles Wattigny
c. ?
*d. ? , Norm Carmouche, robert Aertker
e. Mary Zervigon and Robert Aertker
f. ? , Donald Bollinger and Hilda Brien
  Contact strip 8 +
    a. Robert Pugh and ?
*b. Bill Holtman and Robert Aertker
c. Bill Holtman and Robert Aertker
d. Same
e. ?
f. ?
  Contact strip 9 +
    a. LWV members
*b. Same
c. Don Truly, Dr. C. L. Sanders and Heloise Corne
d. Same
e. Same
f. Buddy Roemer (?)
  Contact strip 10 +
    a. ? and Kathe Muller
b. Richard Dennery, Kathe Muller and ?
c. Kathe Muller and Paula Kilpatrick
d. Same
e. Same
f. Same
26-5 Contact strip 11 +
    a. Felicia Kahn and Walter Champaign
b. Same
c. B. B. Rayburn and Franke Ivey
d. Cecil Blair and Franke Ivey
e. Same
f. Heloise Corne and ?
  Contact strip 12 +
    a. Robert Pugh and ?
b. Rudolph Elkins and Felix Hernandez
c. Same
d. ? and Lawrence Chehardy
e. Alvin Singletary, Autley Newton, Ambroise Landry and ?
  Contact strip 13 +
    a. Muitt Fowler and ?
b. Mary Wisham and Paula Kilpatrick
c. Lantz Womack and Terry Reeves
d. Same
e. Chuck Fulton and Tom Stagg
f. ?
  Contact strip 14 +
    a. ?
b. ?
c. ?
d. ? , ? , and Karlene Tiernay
e. ?
f. ?
  Contact strip 15 +
    a. ?
b. Lawrence Chehardy and ?
c. ?
d. ?
  Contact strip 16 +
    a. Walter Arnette Family
b. Same
c. Same
*d. Same
  Contact strip 17 +
    a. Ollie Osborne and Diane McNabb
b. Diane McNabb
c. Same
*d. Same
  Contact strip 18 +
    a. ? , Alphonse Jackson and James McDaniel
b. Jack Burson and J. K. Haynes
c. Alphonse Jackson and James McDaniel
*d. Alphonse Jackson, Bill Grier and James McDaniel
  Contact strip 19 +
    *a. Harvey Cannon and John L. Avant, Sr.
*b. Bubba Henry and E. J. Chatelain
c. Same
*d. Bubba Henry
e. Mary Zervigon and Bubba Henry
*f. Mary Zervigon and David Conroy
  Contact strip 20 +
    a. Arthur Planchard and James Burns
*b. Bubba Henry and E. J. Chatelain
c. Same
*d. Bubba Henry
e. Mary Zervigon and Bubba Henry
*f. Mary Zervigon and David Conroy
  Contact strip 21 +
    *a. Louis Landrum, Jr.
*b. Emmett Asseff and Pat Juneay
*c. Avery C. Alexander
  Contact strip 22 +
    a. Woody Jenkins and ?
*b. Alvin Singletary and Claude Mauberret, Jr.
c. Emmett Asseff and Ford Stinson
d. Hilda Brien (?) and ?
  Contact strip 23 +
    a. Autley Newton and ?
*b. J. Burton Willis
*c. J. Burton Willis and Joseph Conino
*d. Ford Stinson and Lantz Womack
*e. Mary Wisham, Corinne Maybruce, Ambrose Landry
*f. Clyde F. Bel and ?
  Contact strip 24 +
    a. Buddy Roemer and ?
*b. Hilda Brien and Stan Nunez
*c. Bubba Henry
*d. Bubba Henry and Times-Picayune reporter
e. ?
*f. Frank Ullo
  Contact strip 25 +
    *a. Pat Juneau and M. J. Laborde
b. Clyde Fontenot and Victor Bussie
c. Errol David Deshotels and Ambroise Landry
d. ?
e. ? , Mary Day]
f. Tom Stagg and ?
  Contact strip 26 +
    a. Thomas Leigh and Eual Landry
b. Felix Hernandez and Ambroise Landry
*c. Walter Landry and E. J. Chatelain
*d. John Alario, Edward D'Gerolamo and Frank Fulco (?)
e. Same
f. John Alario and Edward D'Gerolamo
  Contact strip 27 +
    *a. Frank Fulco and Mutt Fowler
*b. Stan Duval and Anthony Guarisco
c. James Dennis and James Stovall
d. Samuel Nunez, Lawrence Chehardy and John Alario
e. Same
f. Same
  Contact strip 28 +
    *a. Clyde Fontenot and Alvin Singletary
b. Chalin Perez and Stan Duval
c. Stan Duval and Chalin Perez
d. Autley Newton and ?
e. ? , and Henry Hardee
f. Robert Aertker and Henry Hardee
  Contact strip 29 +
    a. Terry Reeves and Judy Dunlap
b. ? and Charles Wattignly
c. ? , E. J. Chatelain, and ?
d. ?
e. ?
f. Louise Montague
  Contact strip 30 +
    a. Herman Lowe and Cecil Blair
b. Eual Landry and Wellborn Jack
c. Same
*d. Dr. Gerald Weiss and Walter Landry
e. ?
*f. Charles Roemer and Bubba Henry
  Contact strip 31 +
    *a. Donald Bollinger, John Avant and Chris Roy
b. James Burns and Chalin Perez
c. Paula Kilpatrick and Bill Grier
d. Same
e. Moise Denney and Albert Tate, Jr.
f. Philip Bergeron, Randall Thompson and Matt Fowler
  Contact strip 32 +
    *a. Mary Day, Karline Tierney and Felicia Kahn
b. Autley Newton and Chalin Perez
c. Walter G. Arnette and Felicia Kahn
d. Blank
*e. Buddy Roemer and Stan Duval
f. Dan Winchester and Anthony Guarisco
  Contact strip 33 +
    a. Robert Munson and Wilbur Dyer
*b. Cecil Blair and Wilbur Dyer
c. Robert Munson, Wilbur Dyer and Cecil Blair
d. ?
*e. Paula Kilpatrick and Victor Bussie
f. Ed Steimel and Jack Burson
  Contact strip 34 +
    a. Errol David Deshotels and Ambroise Landry
*b. Same
c. ?
*d. David Ginn and Georgia Anne Younger
  Contact strip 35 +
    a. ?
b. ?
*c. Eual Landry and Bubba Henry
d. Jack Burson and Lawrence Sandoz
  Contact strip 36 +
    a. Adele Raggio and Shady Wall
*b. Same
c. John Alario
d. Camille Gravel and Bubba Henry
26-7 Contact strip 37 +
    a. Herman Lowe and ?
b. ?
c. Mrs. Charles Badeaux and Susie Badeaux
d. Same
  Contact strip 38
    *a. Lobbyist (?) and Mary Day
b. Charles Pasqua and Paula Kilpatrick
c. ? , ? and Lawrence Chehardy
*d. Clyde Fontenot, Jasper Smith and Adele Raggio
  Contact strip 39 +
    *a. Varyon O. Shannon
b. (Ralph Cowan or Henry Hardee) and Camille Gravel
*c. Philip Bergeron and Robert Pugh
d. Norman Carmouche and Pegram Mire
  Contact strip 40 +
    *a. Matthew R. Sutherland and Mildred Blomberg
*b. Harold Porter, Matthew R. Sutherland and Mildred Blomberg
c. ?
*d. Robert Pugh, Alphonse Jackson and Bob King
  Contact strip 41 +
    a. Felicia Kahn, Mary Day and Kate Brown
*b. Same
c. Same
d. Felicia Kahn, Kate Brown and Mary Day
  Contact strip 42 +
    a. Lawrence Chehardy and ?
b. Lawrence Chehardy and ?
c. Judy Dunlap and Autley Newton
d. Judy Dunlap and Autley Newton
  Contact strip 43 +
    a. Stan Duval and Walter Arnette
b. ?
c. Terry Reeves
d. Chris Roy and ?
  Contact strip 44 +
    a. Hilda Brien and Wendell Gauthier
b. Rudolph Elkins, James McDaniel, Varyon Shannon
c. (Walter J. Arnett) Family
d. Same
e. Ford Stinson, Herman Lowe and Jasper K. Smith
f. Calvin C. Fayard and Mary Zervigon
  Contact strip 45 +
    a. Bubba Henry
b. Same
c. Same
d. Same
*e. Same
f. Same
  Contact strip 46 +
    a. ?
b. ?
c. ?
d. Clyde Bel and ?
e. John Thistlewaite and Norman Carmouche
f. Kendall Vick and Anthony Auarisco, Jr.
  Contact strip 47 +
    a. Mary Day and James McDaniel
b. ?
c. Santa Claus and George Ethel Warren
d. Ruth Miller and Santa Claus
e. Santa Claus and (Heloise Corne)
f. Mary Zervigon and Santa Claus
  Contact strip 48 +
    a. Louis Lambert and Varyon Shannon
b. Same
c. Louis Lambert and Thomas Leigh
d. Paul Ginn and ?
*e. Walter Champaign, Joe Oakers and Ollie Osborne
  Contact strip 49 +
    *a. Stan Duval, James McDaniel and Pat Juneau
b. ?
c. Tom Casey and ?
*d. Charles Roemer III and Louis Lambert
e. Joseph Anzalone and Anthony Guarisco, Jr.
f. ?
  Contact strip 50 +
    *a. Louis Lambert, Lynn Perkins and Conway LeBleu
b. ?
c. Ethan J. Chatelain and Walter Champaign
d. Ruth Miller, Chris Roy and ?
e. ?
f. ? and Conway LeBleu
  Contact strip 51 +
    a. Calvin Fayard and Pat Juneau
b. Blank
c. Ollie Osborne
d. Robert Aertker and Ambroise Landry
e. Dan Winchester and Arthur Planchard
f. Pat Juneau and B. B. Rayburn
  Contact strip 52 +
    *a. Joseph Conino, Charles Wattigny, Pegram Mire and
Paul Goldman
*b. Walter Arnett and Joseph Toomy
c. ? and Felicia Kahn
*d. James Brown and Louis Lambert
e. K. K. Haynes
f. Robert Aertker, ? and Alphonse Jackson
  Contact strip 53 +
    a. Tom Skaggs and ?
b. Blank
c. Varyon C. Shannon and ?
d. Jack Burson
e. ?
f. ? , Frank Fulco and John Alario
  Contact strip 54 +
    *a. Eve Myers, Joel Myers and Felicia Kahn
*b. Mary Zervigon and Rose Zervigon
c. Mike Thompson and Bubba Henry
d. Mike Thompson and Bubba Henry
e. Pat Juneau and Carol Colthrup
*f. Robert Crisler and Wendell Gauthier
  Contact strip 55 +
    a. E. J. Chatelain and Robert Crisler
*b. Karen Burnett, Novyse Soniat and Harriet Burnett
c. Felicia Kahn, Harriet Burnett and Karen Burnett
*d. Tom Casey, Harriet Burnett, Karen (or Eve) Burnett
e. Same
f. ? Kahn, Felicia Kahn, and Lawrence Chehardy
  Contact strip 56 +
    a. Robert Aertker and ?
*b. Johnny Jackson and Woody Jenkins
*c. Heloise Corne and Eual Landry
d. Eual Landry and Chris Roy
*e. Norma Duncan and member of research staff
f. Blank
  Contact strip 57 +
    a. ? and Edwin Edwards
b. Same
*c. Mike Thompson and Ollie Osborne
d. Same
  Contact strip 58 +
    a. ? , ? and Felicia Kahn
*b. Mrs Rudolph Elkins and Mrs Richard Thompson
c. ? , Bubba Henry, and ?
*d. ?
  Contact strip 59 +
    a. ?
b. ?
*c. Joseph Toomy, Wendell Gauthier, Joseph A. Conino and ?
d. Ollie Osborne
  Contact strip 60 +
    a. Thomas A. Velazuez
*b. Elmer R. Tapper and Jack Burson
*c. Wellborn Jack and William Guste
d. Same
  Contact strip 61 +
    *a. Thomas Leigh, Rudolph Elkins and James Dennis
b. Alvin Singletary and ?
c. Paula Kilpatrick and ?
d. Norman Carmouche, Donald Bollinger and Ambroise Landry
26-9 Contact strip 62 +
    *a. Same
*b. Ruth Miller and Walter Arnette
*c. Frank Edwards and Calvin Fayard
*d. Martha P. Baker, Lawrence B. Sandoz and Chris Roy
  Contact strip 63 +
    *a. Tom Casey and family
b. Same
c. Camille Gravel and Robert Pugh
d. Thomas Leigh, Rudolph Elkins and James Dennis
(See 6 a)
  Contact strip 64 +
    *a. Bubba Henry and Doris McWilliams
*b. Group with Camille Gravel and Bubba Henry
c. ?
d. Kate Brown, ? and Doris McWilliams
  Contact strip 65 +
    a. Louis Michot and Pat Juneau
*b. Ethan J. Chatelain, Louis Michot and Pat Juneau
c. Doris McWilliams and James McDaniel
d. Same
  Contact strip 66 +
    *a. Bubba Henry and Doris McWilliams
b. Same
c. Kate Brown, Bubba Henry and Doris McWilliams
d. Same
  Contact strip 67 +
    a. Edwin Edwards and ?
*b. Edwin Edwards
c. Same
*d. Edwin Edwards and Pat Kleinpeter
  Contact strip 68 +
    a. ? and John Burns
b. ? and Bill Brier
c. David Poynter and ?
d. Felicia Kahn and ?
  Contact strip 69 +
    a. Robert Pugh and Camille Gravel
b. Walter Champaign and ?
c. ? and J. D. DeBlieux
d. ? and J. D. DeBlieux
  Contact strip 70
    *a. Charles O. Slay and visitors
b. Lynn Perkins
c. Lawrence Chehardy, ? and ?
*d. Conway LeBleu, Mrs. William Burt and Ruth Miller
  Contact strip 71 +
    *a. Same
b. Mrs. William Burt and ?
c. ? and Edwin Edwards
d. William Guste and Edwin Edwards
  Contact strip 72 +
    *a. Varyon O. Shannon, Dick Barrios and Edwin Edwards
b. ? , ? and Edwin Edwards
c. ?
d. Paula Kilpatrick and ?
  Contact strip 73 +
    a. Bubba Henry and ?
*b. James Brown and ?
c. Mary Zervigon
d. Patricia Joseph, Lynn Barr and Kathleen Latham
e. Blank
f. Chuck Fulton, other pages and Ollie Osborne
  Contact strip 74 +
    a. Edward D'Gerolamo and Felicia Kahn
*b. Herman Lowe and Richard Thompson
c. ? and Woody Jenkins
d. Buddy Roemer and Herman Lowe
e. Ruth Miller and Bubba Henry
f. Page
  Contact strip 75 +
    a. Heloise and Corne and Robert Aertker
b. Chuck Fulton
*c. Georgia Younger and Cathy Murry (pages)
*d. Chuck Fulton and Emile Eads
*e. Cathy Garner
f. Same
  Contact strip 76 +
    a. Lynn Perkins and Henry Hardee
b. Anthony Guarisco and Bubba Henry
c. Bubba Henry and ?
d. Lisa Michelli, Gary O'Neil, Karen Stevens and Carol Michelli
  Contact strip 77 +
    a. Elizabeth Rack and Mary Day
b. Gordon Kean, Chalin Perez, Joseph Toomy and Frank Ullo
c. Gordon Kean, Chalin Perez and others
*d. Lynn Perkins and Henry hardee
  Contact strip 78 +
    a. Lisa Michelli, Carol Michelli and Karen Stevens
b. Heloise Corne
*c. Lynn Perkins
*d. Same
26-10 Contact strip 79 +
    *a. Charles Roemer III and Felicia Kahn
b. Same
c. Walter Champaign, Tom Casey and Mary Zervigon
d. Same
e. J. D. DeBlieux and Paula Kilpatrick
*f. Lynn Barr (or Kathleen Latham)
  Contact strip 80 +
    a. Louis Landrum and ?
b. ?
c. Mary Wisham
d. Jack Burson and ?
  Contact strip 81 +
    a. ? and Albert Tate, Jr.
*b. Mack Abraham, Arthur Planchard and Gerald Weiss
*c. Same
d. ? and Robert Pugh
  Contact strip 82
    *a. James Derbos, Kendall Vick and Errol Deshotels
*b. Joseph Guarisco, Sr. and F. D. Winchester
*c. ? and Albert Tate, Jr.
*d. John Thistlewaite and Frank Edwards, Jr.
  Contact strip 83
    a. Louis Landrum and J. K. Hayes
*b. Jack Burson and Lawrence Sandoz
*c. J. Burton Willis and Perry Segura
d. Walter Champaign and (Cowan) or (Hardee)
  Contact strip 84 +
    *a. Lawrence Chehardy, Charles O. Slay and William
b. William Guste, ? , Lawrence Chehardy
c. ?
d. Thomas A. Valezquez and Lawrence Chehardy
  Contact strip 85 +
    *a. Robert Pugh and William Guste
*b. I. Jackson Burson, Ray Authement and J. K. Haynes
c. Same
d. I. Jackson Burson and Ray Authement
  Contact strip 86 +
    *a. Heloise Corne and Doris McWilliams
b. Chris Roy and Doris McWilliams
c. Doris McWilliams and ?
d. Gerald Weiss, Doris McWilliams and Mac Abraham
  Contact strip 87 +
    *a. Gerald Weiss, Doris McWilliams and Mac Abraham
b. Doris McWilliams and Buddy Roemer
c. James L. Dennis and Doris McWilliams
d. Same
  Contact strip 88 +
    *a. 2 students and Ollie Osborne
*b. Kathy Pertuit and Edwin Edwards
c. Edwin Edwards and students
d. Same
  Contact strip 89 +
    a. Chris Roy
b. E. J. Chatelain and ?
c. Blank
*d. High school students and Ollie Osborne
  Contact strip 90 +
    *a. Edwin Edwards and LWV member
*b. Edwin Edwards and Louis Michot
*c. Louis Michot and Edwin Edwards
d. Blank
  Contact strip 91 +
    *a. High school student, Louis Michot, Ollie Osborne
*b. High school student and Louis Michot
*c. High school student and Louis Michot
d. Blank
26-11 Contact strip 92 +
    a. High school student and Robert Aertker
*b. Ollie Osborne, high school student, Robert Aertker
c. Students
d. ? and Heloise Corne
  Contact strip 93
    a. ?
b. ? and Heloise Corne
*c. Herman Drew and Matthew Sutherland
*d. James T. Burns and Woody Jenkins
e. ? and Lawrence Chehardy
f. Same
  Contact strip 94
    a. High school students: Martha Allen, John McKeller,
and Debbie Hayford
b. Blank
c. Blank
d. Ollie Osborne and Ronnie Petree
e. Same
*f. High school students
  Contact strip 95 +
    a. ?
b. Clyde Fontenot and ?
c. John Thistlewaite and ?
*d. Mrs.. Avery C. Alexander
*e. ?
f. Paula Kilpatrick
  Contact strip 96 +
    a. Blank
b. High school students
c. Same
d. Same
e. Same
f. Same
  Contact strip 97 +
    a. John Thistlewaite and Bubba Henry
b. Hilda Brien and James Burns
c. Ruth Miller
d. Norma Duncan and Emmett Asseff
e. Mary Zervigon and ?
*f. David Poynter and Lynn Perkins
  Contact strip 98 +
    a. Kendall Vick and Ollie Osborne
*b. Norma Duncan and Felix Hernandez
c. Norma Duncan and Varyon C. Shannon
d. Cathy Garner, ? and ?
e. ? and Clyde Bell
f. Paul Ginn and ?
  Contact strip 99 +
    a. ?
b. Albert Tate, Jr. and Ambroise Landry
*c. Ambroise Landry, Albert Tate, Jr. and Walter Landry
*d. Alphonse Jackson and Victor Bussie
e. Moise Dennery
*f. James McDaniel, Huntington Odom and Clyde Fontenot
  Contract strip 100 +
    *a. Judy Corne, Wayne Corne and children
*b. Same
c. Ford Stinson
*d. Ollie Osborne and Louis Lambert
e. ? , Sam Nunez, Judy Corne and Felicia Kahn
f. Same
  Contact strip 101 +
    a. ?
b. ?
c. ?
d. ?
e. Bill Griller
*f. Mutt Fowler
26-12 Contact strip 102 +
    a. Dan Winchester
*b. Arthur Planchard
*c. Alphonse Jackson and James McDaniel
*d. James T. Burns
*e. Carolyn Badeaux
*f. Herman Lowe
  Contact strip 103 +
    a. ? and Walter Champaign
b. Bubba Henry
c. Paula Kilpatrick
*d. Mrs. Walter Arnette, Chalin Perez, Walter Arnette, Paul Ginn
*e. James L. Dennis and Albert Tate, Jr.
f. James L. Dennis, ? and Albert Tate, Jr.
  Contact strip 104 +
    a. ?
b. Woody Jenkins, Jack Burson and ?
*c. Don Gene Kelly and Arthur Planchard
d. ?
e. ?
f. ?
  Contact strip 105 +
    *a. Edwin Edwards and Ollie Osborne
b. Edwin Edwards
c. ? and Moise Dennery
*d. Edwin Edwards, Richard Thompson, James Brown, Terry Reeves and Alphonse Jackson
*e. Same
f. ?
  Contact strip 106 +
    a. Edwin Edwards, James Brown and Terry Reeves
b. Same
c. Judy Dunlap and children
d. ?
*e. Chalin Perez
f. ?
  Contact strip 107 +
    a. ? and Ollie Osborne
*b. Mrs. Robert Pugh and Ollie Osborne
c. ? , ? and Bubba Henry
d. Bubba Henry and ?
f. ?
  Contact strip 108 +
    *a. Jack Burson, Pat Juneau and Don Kelly
b. Lawrence Chehardy, ? and Norma Duncan
*c. Tom Casey
*d. James Burns
*e. ? , J. Burton Willis and B. B. "Sixty" Rayburn
*f. Ollie Osborne and Mrs. David Conroy
  Contact strip 109 +
    a. Anthony Rachal
*b. Frank Millard Edwards, Jr.
c. ?
d. Sam Nunez
*e. Norman Heine
*f. Louis Landrum, Sr.
  Contact strip 110 +
    a. ?
*b. Anthony Rachal, Jr. and Arthur Planchard
*c. John A. Alario, Jr. and Joseph Toomy
*d. Walter Arnette, Anthony Guarisco, Jr. and Philip Bergeron
*e. Heloise Corne and grandchildren
*f. Norma Duncan
26-13 Contact strip 111 +
    *a. Lyle Williams and Betty Wiggs
*b. LWV TV show on CC/73
c. Same (includes Pat Juneau)
*d. Same (includes Pat Juneau)
e. Blank
*f. Same
  Contact strip 112 +
    *a. Same (includes Pat Juneau)
*b. ? and David Poynter
*c. LWV TV on CC/73
*d. Same
e. Pat Juneau and ?
*f. ? , Ollie Osborne and E. J. Catelain
  Contact strip 113 +
    a. ?
*b. Heloise Corne and Pat Juneau
*c. Thomas Michelli
d. ?
  Contact strip 114 +
    a. Rudolph Elkins and family
b. Mary Zervigon, James Stephenson and Frank Ullo
*c. Same
d. Group including Chris Roy
  Contact strip 115 +
    a. Judy Dunlap
b. Walter Champaign
*c. Sanders McFarland, Jr. and F. Terrane J. Leech
*d. Heloise Corne and Mary Zervigon
26-14 Contact strip 116 +
    *a. Mrs. Harry Koziak, Mrs. Robert Zirkle, Mrs. William Sanderson
*b. Harriet Burnett and Judy Dunlap
c. Heloise Corne, Felicia Kahn and Harriet Burnett
*d. Judy Dunlap and Karlene Tierney
*e. Felicia Kahn and Mike Thompson
  Contact strip 117 +
    *a. Felicia Kahn and Mike Thompson
b. ? and John Thistlewaite
*c. Mike Thompson and Heloise Corne
*d. J. Burton Willis
e. ? and Karline Tierney
  Contact strip 118 +
    *a. Ollie Osborne and Edwin Edwards
b. Hilda Brien
*c. Hilda Brien
d. ? and Woody Lowe
*e. Muitt Fowler and Autley Newton
f. Paula Kilpatrick and Woody Jenkins
  Contact strip 119 +
    a. ? and Gary M. O'Neill
b. Bill Grier and ?
c. ?
d. ?
*e. James McDaniels and Donald Zaunbrecker
*f. Heloise Corne and Wellborn Jack
  Contact strip 120 +
    a. Susan Nelson and Louis Michot
*b. Same
*c. Susan Nelson, Louis Michot and Peter Frugeof
d. Peter Frugeof, Louis Michot and ?
  Contact strip 121 +
    *a. Susan Nelson
b. ?
c. ?
*d. Peter Frugeof and Louis Michot
e. Same
27-1 Contact strip 122 +
    a. Frank Fulco, Doris McWilliams and Ollie Osborne
b. Buddy Roemer, Ollie Osborne and Doris McWilliams
*c. Doris McWilliams, Ollie Osborne and Tom Stagg
*d. Frank Fulco, Ollie Osborne and Doris McWilliams
*e. Doris McWilliams and Tom Stagg
*f. Buddy Roemer, Ollie Osborne and Doris McWilliams
*g. Buddy Roemer and Doris McWilliams
*h. Frank Fulco and Doris McWilliams
*i. Doris McWilliams, Ollie Osborne and Tom Stagg
*j. Doris McWilliams and Tom Stagg
  Contact strip 123 +
    a. Mary Zervigon, Hilda Brien and Lynn Perkins
b. Heloise Corne, Norma Duncan and Ollie Osborne
*c. George Ethel Warren
d. Novyse E. Soniat
*e. Same
*f. Mary Wisham, George Ethel Warren, Ollie Osborne and Novyse Soniat
*g. Mary Wisham
h. George Ethel Warren
*i. Heloise Corne, Ruth Miller and Ollie Osborne
*j. Same
*k. Judy Dunlap
l. Mary Zervigon, Hilda Brien and Lynn Perkins
27-2 Contact strip 124 +
    a. Ollie Osborne, Judy Dunlap and Alphonse Jackson
b. Same
*c. Kaliste Saloom and Family
*d. Same
e. Meeting Hall
f. Same
*g. E. J. Chatelain and Mary Zervigon
*h. Bubba Henry, Paula Kilpatrick and Ollie Osborne
*i. E. J. Chatelain and Mary Zervigon
*j. Same
k. Bubba Henry, Paula Kilpatrick and Ollie Osborne
l. Judy Dunlap, Alphonse Jackson and Ollie Osborne
  Contact strip 125 +
    a. E. J. Chatelain and Alphonse Jackson
b. Same
c. Ollie Osborne, E. J. Chatelain and Alphonse Jackson
d. E. J. Chatelain and Alphonse Jackson
e. Same
f. Same
  Contact strip 126 +
    *a. Ollie Osborne, E. J. Chatelain and Kaliste Saloom
*b. Same
*c. Ollie Osborne and Lakisbe Saloom Family
d. Same
e. ?
f. ?
g. ?
h. ?
i. Ollie Osborne, E. J. Chatelain and Kaliste Saloom
*j. Chatelain and Saloom
*k. Same
l. Meeting hall
27-3 Contact strip 127 +
    a. Ruth Miller, Ollie Osborne and Heloise Corne
b. Heloise Corne, Ruth Miller and Ollie Osborne
*c. Ollie Osborne, Ruth Miller and Heloise Corne
*d. Ruth Miller, Ollie Osborne and Heloise Corne
  Contact strip 128 +
    a. Heloise Corne, Norma Duncan and Ollie Osborne
*b. Ollie Osborne, Ruth Miller and Heloise Corne
c. Blank
d. Mary Wisham
*e. Mary Wisham, George Ethel Warren, Ollie Osborne and
Novyse E. Soniat
f. George Ethel Warren, Mary Wisham, Novyse E. Soniat
and Ollie Osborne
g. Same
h. Same
  Contact strip 129 +
    a. State seal (wall hanging)
b. State seal (wall hanging)
c. State seal (wall hanging)
d. State seal (wall hanging)
  Contact strip 130 +
    a. State seal (wall hanging)
b. Same
c. Same
d. Same
  Contact strip 131
    a. Blank
b. Making seal (needlepoint?)
c. Seal
d. Seal
  Contact strip 132 +
    a. Blank
b. Blank
c. Blank
d. Lyle Williams
  Sheet 133
    6 color negative strips with no contact sheet but a few prints
27-4 Prints (no negative or contact sheet)
    arranged alphabetically
27-5 Photographs of LWV Speakers Bureau to promote new constitution
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