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Ollie Tucker Osborne Papers
Collection 93
Osborne, Ollie Tucker (1911-1994). Papers, 1927-1985
22 feet
Ollie Tucker Osborne's papers detail the activities of one of Louisiana's leading advocates of women's rights during the 1970s. Ollie was extremely active in the League of Women Voters and the Evangeline ERA coalition. She attended conferences or workshops throughout the South. She was appointed to the 1977 state women's convention in Baton Rouge and was elected a state delegate to the national convention in Houston. She helped organize or coordinate a number of workshops and conferences in Louisiana on women's rights. Much of this often frenetic activity can be seen through her papers.

Osborne was born in northern Louisiana and educated at Whitmore College and Louisiana State University. Just before graduation she married Louis Birk, a salesman for McGraw-Hill & Company, and moved to New York. After several false starts Osborne launched a career in public relations and advertising which she pursued for twenty years. This included some pioneering work in television advertising. Following the sudden death of Birk in 1952, Osborne returned to Louisiana where she met and married Robert Osborne, an English professor at USL. During the next two decades she was busy as president of Birk & Company, a publisher of reading rack pamphlets.

Osborne's introduction to politics at the state level was as an official League of Women Voters observer of the 1973 Constitutional Convention. Early in the year she determined that some on-going communication link was necessary to allay voter fear and apathy about the new constitution. Osborne was also deeply involved in the campaign to ratify the new constitution.

This experience introduced Osborne to the Equal Rights Amendment which she decided to support. She became coordinator of the local ERA coalition and deeply involved with the state effort. In addition she worked for or supported women's conferences and organizations which shared or explicated her goals such as National Organization of Women; Women's Political Caucus; Louisiana Women's Conference; Conference on Louisiana Women and others.

The papers reflect Osborne's activities in the Women's movement and her career in advertising. There are several scrapbooks concerning her years in New York. The largest series contains League of Women Voters records of the local and state levels. The collection includes memos, correspondence, publicity materials (a great interest of Osborne's) and, often, photographs at the 1973 Constitutional Convention are probably one of the better visual sources on its delegates.

The papers were donated by Ollie Osborne as part of the Women in Louisiana Collection.
I. Personal          
  A. 1927-1952
1-1 thru 1-6; Box 47; Box 48
  B. 1953-1994    
    1. Personal    
      a. Correspondence 2-1 through 2-11
      b. Miscellaneous 2-12 through 2-19
      c. Photographs 2-20 and 2-21
    2. Birk and Company Records, 1953-1971 Box 3
    3. Organizations 4-1 thru 5-9
    4. Police Jury Campaign
5-10 thru 5-15; 48-1
    5. Women's Movement    
      a. Judicial Selections 5-16 thru 5-18
      b. Discrimination Cases 5-19 thru 6-2
      c. General and Miscellaneous 6-3 thru 6-8; Box 47, Tape 9
II. League of Women Voters (LWV)    
  A. Lafayette, Louisiana (LWV-Lafayette)    
    1. Organizational Records 6-9 through 7-18
    2. Subject File 7-19 through 8-10; Box 47
    3. Photographs 8-11 through 8-12
  B. Other Leagues in Louisiana 8-13 through 9-13; Box 47
  C. Louisiana [State] (LWV-La)    
    1. Records    
      a. General 9-14 through 11-6
      b. Ollie Osborne (mainly as Publicity Chair) 11-7 through 12-20; 49-2, 49-3;
          Map Case 24-2
      c. Workshops, etc. 12-21 through 13-8; 49-4; Box 47
    2. Subject files 13-9 through 13-24; Box 47
    3. Task Force Records 14-1 through 14-9
    4. Miscellaneous 14-10 through 14-19
    5. Photographs 14-20 through 15-15; 49-4
  D. United States (LWV-US)  
    1. General Publications and Memoranda 15-16 through 16-8
    2. Subject Specific Publications and Memoranda 16-9 through 17-4; Box 47
    3. Miscellaneous 17-5 through 17-11
  E. Constitutional Convention, 1973 (CC/73)    
    1. Ollie Osborne's Newspaper Articles & Other Writings
      a. Records 17-12 through 17-21
      b. Publications 17-22 through 19-35
    2. League of Women Voters-Louisiana and Constitutional Convention/1973
          19-36 thru 20-6
    3. Ollie Osborne Miscellaneous 20-7 thru 20-15; Box 47, Tape 2
    4. Clippings 20-16 through 22-5
    5. Official Documents 22-6 through 23-19
    6. Miscellaneous 23-20 through 24-4
    7. Ratification  
      a. League of Women Voters' Role 24-5 through 25-16; 49-5
      b. General (Clippings) 25-17 through 26-3
    8. Photographs 26-4 through 27-5
III. Women's Conferences and Organizations    
  A. Conference on Louisiana Women (1975) 27-6 through 28-5
  B. Louisiana Women's Conference (1977)  
    1. Coordinating Committee 28-6 through 29-10; 49-6, 49-7, 49-v.1
    2. Women and Law Workshop 29-11 through 30-1
    3. Final Report 30-2 through 30-13
      a. Photographs Box 31  
  C. National Women's Conference 32-1 through 33-12
  D. Others 34-1 through 35-2
  E. Organizations    
    1. Women's Political Caucus 35-3 through 35-24
    2. National Organization of Women (NOW) 35-25 through 36-4
    3. Louisiana Bureau on the Status of Women 36-5 through 36-12
    4. Others 36-13 through 36-16
IV. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)    
  A. Evangeline ERA Coalition 36-17 through 37-19; 49-8, 49-9
  B. ERA United 37-20 through 38-23
  C. Other Groups 39-1 through 40-13; Box 47, Tape 1
  D. Research Materials 40-14 through 41-10; Box 47, Tape 6
  E. Opposition 41-11 thru 42-4; 46-21; 47-1 thru 47-5; 49-8
V. Miscellaneous    
  A. Lafayette and Louisiana 42-5 through 43-2
  B. Women 43-3 through 43-10
  C. Miscellaneous 43-11 through 43-16
  D. Clippings (mainly from 1970s) 44-1 through 47-5
  E. Media Box 47
VI. Oversize Box 48; Box 49; Box 50; Map Case 24-2
I. Personal    
  A. 1927-1952
1-1 Scrapbook (mainly from high school days in Baton Rouge and Amite) ca. 1927
1-2 Scrapbook: Whitworth College, 1928-1930
1-3 Leofost, 1930 (Whitworth College yearbook)
    Ollie was editor      
1-4 Diploma, Whitworth College, 1930
  Clipping about wedding, n.d.
1-5 Material from days in advertising (1931-1950)
    newspaper ad with Ollie as model, n.d.; 1938      
    article, on TV commercials, Printers Ink, 6/30/1950      
    application for Federal employment, 1942      
    resume, c. 1947      
  See also 48 v. 1 and 48 v. 2      
1-6 Material related to settlement of estate of Louis Birk, 1953-1963
I. Personal
  B. 1953-
    1. Personal
      a. Correspondence
2-1 General correspondence: 1954, 1970-1973
  includes: Kenneth Bowen, Jacob Javits, John Breaux, Wade O. Martin, Edwin Edwards
2-2 Same: 1974
  includes: Kenneth Bowen, ERA, John Breaux, Edwin Edwards
2-3 Same: 1975: January-June
  includes: Victor Bussie, Elaine Edwards, Robert Crisler, Karline Tierney, Edwin Edwards
2-4 Same: 1975: July-December
  includes: Sister Theresa Drago, Ed Price, James E. Fitzmorris, Jr,. Virginia Shehee, Francine Merritt
2-5 Same: 1976: January - June
  includes: Fran Bussie, Virginia Shehee, Liz Carpenter, Eleanor Shirley, Edwin Edwards, Karline Tierney
2-6 Same: 1976: July - December
  includes: Eileen Armstrong, Sister Theresa Drago, John Breaux, Karline Tierney, ERA, Louisiana Committee for the Humanities
2-7 Same: 1977
  includes: John Breaux, Sandra S.Thompson, Edwin Edwards (to)
2-8 Same: 1978
  includes: Jimmie Carter (to), Gillis Long, Jacqui Michot Ceballos, Russell Long, Edwin Edwards, Karline Tierney, Sue Fontenot
2-9 Same: 1979
  includes: Jacqui Michot Ceballos, Jean Hurley, Edwin Edwards, Roberta Madden, Sr. Mary Margaret Hughes, Sarah Weddington
2-10 Same: 1980-1982
  includes: Louisiana Home Economics Association, Jacqui Michot Ceballos, Roberta Madden, ERA
I. Personal
  B. 1953-
    1. Personal
      b. Miscellaneous
2-12 Certificates: 1972-1982
    Lafayette Board of Realtors, Associate Membership
Jaycee Jaynes Certificate of Appreciation
Louisiana Certificate of Merit
Mayor's Distinguished Citizen Award
Mayor's Woman of Achievement
2-13 Miscellaneous personal papers
    resumes: 1970s
handwritten medical information
2-14 Miscellaneous material on house
    includes: petition against name change of street
      proposed house plans, 1978
2-15 Address books (1970s)
2-16 Statements from Pelican Photo: 1/1975; 4/1977-12/1980; 5-6/1982
2-17 Clippings about Ollie Osborne or family, (1973) - 1984
2-18 Letters-to-the-editor: 1974-1985; free lance journalist press releases
    ERA; Hansen case; women; women's movement
2-19 Notes for speech on personal appearance
I. Personal
  B. 1953-
    1. Personal
      c. Photographs
2-20 Photographs
    Ollie Osborne, 1931-1981
      LSU theatre; Red Cross Work, real estate award
with Edgar Mouton; Dudley Lastrapes
receiving Louisiana Women's Political Caucus award; etc.
    (photos of Ollie Osborne with others scattered throughout the collection)
2-21 Photographs
    family members, house flowers, residences, etc.
I. Personal
  B. 1953-
    2. Birk and Company Records, 1953-1971
3-1 Correspondence: 1950s
3-2 Same: 1960-1961
3-3 Same: 1962-1964 (very scattered after 1962)
3-4 Same: 1965-1971, n.d.
3-5 Material related to negotiations with Good Rack Reading Services: 1954, 1963
3-6 Notes on meetings with General Motors people: 1955-1966 (very scattered)
3-7 Promotional material
    flyers; mass mailings; list of buyers
reports on promotional efforts
3-8 Inventories: 1966-1970, n.d.
3-9 Status reports (on publications): 1953-1961
    includes: General Editorial Report, 6/1953
3-10 Miscellaneous financial records: 1961-1969
    includes: tentative budget, 3/1961
      financial statements, 6/1967; 6/1968; 6/1969
3-11 Texts of various booklets (typescripts)
3-12 Critical comments on booklets or ideas to develop
    (memos from Ollie)
3-13 Miscellaneous on authors
    lists of addresses; contract, 1967
Box 3 Packet of Birk and Company books, divided by subject
  children, health, cookbooks, miscellaneous & self-help, economics & history, recreation, English, safety, gardening & decorating
I. Personal
  B. 1953-
    3. Organizations
    [Groups Ollie Osborne worked with not specifically related to League of Women Voters (LWV) or Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)]
4-1 Lafayette Juvenile and Young Adult (LJYA) Program
    miscellaneous records: descriptions of programs; list of board members; list of needs; consultant's review
4-2 LJYA - Lafayette Board of Realtors campaign
    miscellaneous records: August - December, 1972
      Ollie Osborne correspondence
The Realtor's Reporter
4-3 Same: August, 1972 - February, 1973
    press releases, drafts and photo captions
4-4 Same: August, 1972 - February, 1973
4-5 Same: photographs (120 and 35 mm negatives and contact sheets; prints)
4-6 Louisiana Conference of United Methodist Women (UMW): March - April, 1976
    correspondence; UMW Yearbook, 1976, Asbury United Methodist Church
4-7 Biblical Faith and Politics Conference: July, 1980
    correspondence; press releases; notes
4-8 Governor's Commission on Registration and Voter Participation: records: March - August, 1974
    minutes, agenda, organizational material, questionnaires, memos, meeting material
      includes project outline
4-9 Same: same: September - December, 1974
    minutes, agenda, correspondence to committee, memos, meeting material, Ollie Osborne notes
4-10 Same: same: January - April, 1975
    minutes, agenda, correspondence to committee, memos, meeting material, Ollie Osborne notes
4-11 Same: Ollie Osborne correspondence re: commission: March, 1974 - February, 1976
    includes suggested revisions of final report
4-12 Same: budget reports: March, 1974 - March, 1975
4-13 Same: testimony before, and letters to commission: B - F
4-14 Same: same: H - W
4-15 Same: committee reports
    Absentee Voter, Primary/General Election, Voter Participation
4-16 Same: same
    Voter Registration, Voting Machines (10/1974 - 3/1975)
      include Ollie Osborne notes of meeting
4-17 Same: Institute of Politics reports on voter registration and Ollie Osborne's notes on reports
4-18 Same: material related to final report
    final committee recommendations, format options, Ollie Osborne's notes, report
4-19 Same: clippings
    voter registration (general), commission
4-20 Same: miscellaneous
    Louisiana Laws, statistics, Ollie Osborne notes, Democratic State Central Committee resolution on primaries, etc.
4-21 Democratic State Central Committee: 1972, 1975-1976; 1979
    rules of order, public relations releases, clippings, correspondence, photographs
5-1 Birch Bayh campaign, 1975-1976
5-2 Same: public relations material
    news releases and clippings (Ollie Osborne work), campaign flyers, brochures, etc.
5-3 Same: photographs of visit to Louisiana
    (35 mm negatives and contact prints)
5-4 Louisiana Council on Human Relations annual meeting, 1980
    correspondence: Lorna Bourg; to Gloria Steinam
5-5 Same: press releases and publicity
    Ollie Osborne's notes, biographical material on Steinam, press releases and clippings, flyers
5-6 Same: miscellaneous
    fact sheet, history, brochure on civil rights oral history project
5-7 Acadiana Legal Services Corp., 1978-1979
    correspondence, drafts of news releases
5-8 Craft Advisory Committee reports, 1980
5-9 Photographs: SMILE (35 mm negatives & contact strips)
I. Personal
  B. 1953-
    4. Police Jury Campaign [August - December, 1975]
5-10 Correspondence; forms reporting to state, etc.; solicitation forms and responses
5-11 Flyers, campaign material, clippings & press releases
5-12 Candidate questionnaire from League of Women Voters and Ollie Osborne's response
5-13 Financial records
5-14 Miscellaneous
    state laws, Ollie Osborne's notes, qualifying form, clerk of court brochure, ballot, vote breakdown
5-15 Photographs (35 mm negatives & contact strips; prints)
    See also Box 48
I. Personal
  B. 1953-
    5. Women's Movement
      a. Judicial Selection
5-16 General (1978-1979)
    material from Judicial Selection Project, National Women's Political Caucus, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, executive order re: selection process
5-17 Material on particular nominees or candidates
    Helen S. Kohlman; Veronica D. Wicker; George Arceneaux, Jr.
      correspondence; resumes; etc.
5-18 Clippings (state and national)
I. Personal
  B. 1953-
    5. Women's Movement
      b. Discrimination Cases
5-19 Barbara Hansen: correspondence and mailing lists
5-20 Same: briefs; motions; rulings; etc.
5-21 Same: legal precedents
5-22 Same: clippings and articles, 1978-1980
6-1 Daryl Starr vs. Lafayette School Board, 1976
    correspondence; clippings; letter-to-the-editor
6-2 Cindy LeBlanc (domestic case), 1980
    Ollie Osborne notes, resume of case
I. Personal
  B. 1953-
    5. Women's Movement
      c. General and Miscellaneous
6-3 Alvarado, Frances G., "Put This Woman to Work... (A Fairy Tale)," [1979] paper for Social Legislation 5408, LSU Law School
    cover letter
6-4 Articles by Pamela Jones; Dorothy Harrell Brown; and Ann Dobie
6-5 Miscellaneous material on law related to women
    excerpts from state and federal law (photocopies)
      includes cover note from Mike Thompson
    PAR Guide to 1972 Election includes comments on amendment concerning women jurors
6-6 Material on state laws
    proposed reforms to Louisiana State Law Institute by Katherine Brash Jeter and Janet Mary Riley (11/1974)
brochure on community property law (1976)
comments on Credit Rights of Women by Allen Bares, 1979
list of state laws which appear to discriminate against women, 1/1980
Ollie Osborne note
6-7 Miscellaneous
    pages from Louisiana Realtors Association Institute notebook
portrait of Edwin Edwards; clipping on Elaine Edwards
6-8 Photographs: Ollie Osborne with director of Louisiana Humanities Commission

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