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Guide to Collections in the University Archives
Jefferson Caffery Collection
Collection 45
Caffery, Jefferson (1886-1974)
Papers, 1902-1974


Newspaper Clippings
    Boxes 1-15: Brazil, 1937-44
    Boxes 16-18: France, 1944-48
    Boxes 19-33: Egypt, 1948-53

Correspondence, appointment books, invitations, etc.
Boxes 34-37 Early years; first assignments, 1902-1933
Box 38 Cuba, 1933-1937
Boxes 39-50 Brazil, 1937-1944
Boxes 51-56 France, 1944-1949
Boxes 57-62 Egypt, 1949-1953        
Boxes 63-65 Retirement: Rome
Boxes 66-72 Retirement: United States


Box 34
Early Days and First Assignments (1902-1916)

34-a    College Days, 1902-1906: miscellaneous

34-b    English Tour, 1908: miscellaneous

34-c    Louisiana, 1909: miscellaneous

34-d    Entrance into Diplomatic Service, 1910-1911: correspondence

34-e    Caracas, 1911: miscellaneous

34-f    Caracas, 1911: miscellaneous

34-g    Caracas, 1912-1913: miscellaneous

34-h    Stockholm, 1913-1916: postcards and views

34-i    Stockholm, 1913-1916: miscellaneous

34-j    Stockholm, 1913-1916: misccellaneous

Box 35
Teheran - United States - Paris (1916-1919)

35-a    Teheran, 1916: miscellaneous

35-b    Return from Teheran, 1917: mostly postcards

35-c    Russian Mission to the United States, 1917: miscellaneous

35-d    Same

35-e    Paris, 1917-1919: miscellaneous

35-f    Same

35-g    Same

35-h    London. Inter-Allied Conference on Disabled Men, 1918

35-i    Paris, 1917-1919: miscellaneous correspondence

35-j    Paris, Bastille Day, 1918: miscellaneous

35-k    Paris, Armistice Day, 1918: visit of President Wilson

Box 36
United States - Madrid - Athens (1919-1923)

36-a    United States - Visit of Prince of Wales, 1919

36-b    Madrid, 1919-1922: newspaper clippings

36-c    Madrid, 1919-1922: Columbus

36-d    Madrid, 1919-1922: miscellaneous

36-e    Madrid, 1919-1922: postcards and views

36-f    Athens, 1922-1923: postcards

36-g    Athens, 1922-1923: documents

36-h    Athens, 1922-1923: newspaper clippings

Box 37
Tokyo - Berlin - San Salvador - Bogota (1923-1932)

37-a    Tokyo, 1923-1924: newspaper clippings

37-b    Same

37-c    Tokyo, 1923-1924: speeches

37-d    Tokyo, 1923-1924: postcards, views

37-e    Tokyo, 1923-1924: miscellaneous

37-f    Berlin, 1925: miscellaneous

37-g    San Salvador, 1925-1928: miscellaneous

37-h    Bogota, 1928-1930: correspondence

37-i    Bogota, 1928-1930: newspaper clippings

37-j    Envoy to San Salvador, 1931-1932: miscellaneous

Box 38
Havana (1932-1937)

38-a    Havana, 1933-1937: newspaper clippings

38-b    Havana, 1933-1937: correspondence

38-c    Havana, 1933-1937: speeches, etc.

38-d    Havana, 1933-1937: miscellaneous

38-e    Interim Between Havana and Rio. 1937

Box 39
Rio de Janeiro (1937-1944): Wedding (November 20, 1937)

39-a    Rio de Janeiro, 1937. Wedding Correspondence, Unsorted

[Extracted from scrapbook of Gertrude McCarthy Caffery]
39-f    Chicago to Rio, Gertrude McCarthy, Miscellaneous

39-g    Rio, 1937: wedding news clippings

39-h    Rio, 1937-1938: first year of marriage, social mementos

39-i    Rio, 1937: wedding correspondence

Box 40
Rio de Janeiro (1937-1944): Death of Charles D. Caffery     (1943)

(U)    Condolences: Cards, Letters, Telegrams, etc. Unsorted

Box 41
Rio de Janeiro (1937-1944): Death of Mrs. Daniel McCarthy     (1943)

(U)    Condolences: Cards, Letters, Telegrams, etc. Unsorted

Box 42
Rio de Janeiro (1937-1944): Social Invitations Received

(U)    Representative of Ambassadorial Circle and American Colony.      Unsorted

Box 43
Rio de Janeiro (1937-1944): Social Entertaining

43-a    Dinners, etc. at Embassy - Unsorted

43-e    Guest Lists, etc. - Unsorted

43-f    Correspondence: Acceptances and Regrets

Box 44
Rio de Janeiro (1937-1944): Embassy Housekeeping

44-a    Invoices, Vouchers, Provision Lists

44-d    Correspondence re Provisions, etc.

44-e    Ambassador's Residence (Rented)
44-f    New Embassy Construction, Rio de Janeiro, including plans

Box 45
Rio de Janeiro (1937-1944): Account Books, etc.

Engagement Books: 1939, 1940, 1941, 1943

Clothing Inventory (s.d.)

Household Expenditures: 1938-1941, 1942-1944

Guest Autograph Book: 1938-1945

Household Inventory: 1937-1941

Box 46
Rio de Janeiro (1937-1944): Ecclesiastics and Organizations (Correspondence, etc.)

46-a    Ecclesiastical Correspondence
        Religious Artifacts (medals, cards, etc.)
        Capelinha Mayrink
        Carnana, Geo.: Papal Nuncio, Havana
        Catholic Action Medal, St. Bonaventure College (1944)
        Catholic University, Honorary Degree (1944)
        Cicognani, Amleto: Apostolic Delegate to U.S.

46-b    Ecclesiastical Correspondence
        Drury, Mother Adele: the Cenacle, Rio
        Gannon, John Mark: Bishop of Erie, Pennsylvania
        Hyland, James A.: CSSp

46-c    Ecclesiastical Correspondence
        Jeanmard, Jules B.: Bishop of Lafayette
        Code, Rev. Joseph B.: Inter-American Institute
        Loyola University, New Orleans -- Degree Not Conferred
        Lema, Cardinal: Primate of Brazil
        Masella, Msgr. Benedetto: Nuncio to Rio
        National Catholic Schools of Social Service
        LeBuffe, Francis, SJ: Sodality BVM
        Notre Dame University. College of Law
     includes Bibliography of Brazilian Catholic Legal                                  Authors

46-d    Ecclesiastical Correspondence
        Eucharistic Congress, Centenary of Petropolis (1943)
        Mary Francis, Mother: P.C. [Poor Clares]
        Rio de janeiro, Archdiocese
        Rose Gertrude, Sister
        Rummel, Joseph F.: Archbishop of New Orleans
        Sheehy, Msgr.: Catholic University
        Society of Our Lady of Mercy, Rio

46-e    Ecclesiastical Correspondence
        Thorning, Rev. Joseph: Cultural Relations with
        Verolino, Msgr.: Apostolic Nuncio, Lisbon

46-f    Clubs and Organizations
        American-Brazilian Association, Incorporated
        American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil
        American Colony in Brazil
        American Society of Rio de Janeiro

46-g    Clubs and Organizations
        Associacao Comercial
        Associacao Brasileira Imprensa
        Automovel Club do Brazil
        Centro de Combatente Americano
        Clube dos Diretores et Redatores dos Jornais Cariocas
        Cruz Vermelha Brasileira (Comite U.S.A.)

46-h    Clubs and Organizations
        Federacao Atletica de Estudantes
        Govea Golf and Country Club
        Half-Way House
        Instituto Brasileiro de Cultura...
        Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos
        Instituto Historico Geografico Brasileiro
        Instituto Nacional do Mate Jackey Club
        Pan American Medical Association
        Peliclinica de Copacabana
        Paysandu Atletico Clube
        Rotary Clube do Rio de Janeiro
        Rotary Clube de Petropolis

46-i    Clubs and Organizations
        Royal Empire Society
        St. Andrew Society of Rio de Janeiro
        Sociedade Amigas de America
        Sociedade de Brasileiro de Urologia
        Sociedade de Geografia do Rio de Janeiro
        Sociedade Felippe d'Oliveira
        Society of American Women, Sao Paulo
        University Club de Rio de Janeiro
        Women's Club of Rio de Janeiro

Box 47
Rio de Janeiro (1937-1944): Correspondence A-K

47-a    Correspondence, "A"
        Abbot, John E.: Museum of Modern Art
        Acheson, Dean Gooderham: State Department
        Adams, General Claude M.: Military Attache, Rio
        Adams, Ware: State Department
        Alamilla, Guillermo: Lawyer, Havana
        Alcoforado, General Eduardo Guedes: Campo Grande,
         Mato Grosso
        Alexander, Brigidier General Clyde C.
        Alfero, Olmedo: Santiago, Chile
        Allen, D. H.: Rubber Development Corporation
        Amory, J. Forbes
        Aranha, Oswaldo
        Armour, Norman: Embassy, Buenos Aires
        Armsby, Camelia
        Athayde, Dr. H. de
        Austin, Warren R.: Senator
47-b    Correspondence, "B"
        Bandeira de Mello, Alfonso
        Barrel, Marques: Petropolis
        Barros, Jayme de: Ministry Foreign Affairs, Rio
        Barros Liberal, Antonio de: Rio
        Batista, Benito: Havana (includes 50,000 Confederate currency)
        Batista, Fulgencio
        Beattie, W. A.: National City Bank, New York
        Beauregard, A. T., Admiral
        Berenson, Lawrence: New York
        Bell, James F.: General Mills, Minneapolis
        Benicio da Silva, V., General: Rio
        Berle, Adolf A.: Assistant U. S. Secretary of State
        Bernoulli, Fernand: Swiss Legation, Rio
        Bittencount, Marjoy
        Black, P. J. Recife, Colonel
        Blair, Floyd C.: National City Bank, New York
        Bliss, Robert Woods: Washington D.C.
        Block, Maxine: editor, Current Biography
        Bloomingdale, Donald
        Bomfin, Baroneza de
        Bonsal, Philip W.: U.S. State Department
        Boucas, Valentim: Brazilian Ambassador to U.S.
        Bowers, Claude G.: U. S. Ambassador, Santiago, Chile
        Braddock, Daniel: Conorel, Porto Alecpo
        Brady, E. E., Captain: U. S. Navy Department, Washington
        Braga, Jane Gray: Time/Life, Rio
        Braunstein, H.: Ford Motors, Rio
        Briggs, Ellis O.: U. S. State Department, Division of American Republics
        Brito, Jayme de: Ministry Foreign Affairs, Rio
        Brock, H. G.: Guaranty Trust, New York
        Brooks, Overton: Louisiana congressman
        Brown, Alan: March of Time, New York
        Brudett, William C.: U. S. State Department
        Bustamente, Antonia S- de: Havana
        Butler, Norman: 107 Bomber Squad, Natal

47-c    Correspondence,"C"
        Callery, J. F.
        Calmon (?), Pedro: Tulane University [student]
        Carcano, Ramon J.: Ambassador Argentine Republic, Rio
        Cardoso, Mauricio, General: Ministry of War, Rio
        Casa Flora Filial: Rio
        Carlos Muniz, Joao: Ministry of External Relations, Rio
        Castello Bvanco: Senator
        Castillo Porkorny, Mrs. Demetrio (Lola): Havana
        Castile, W. R.: Washington
        Castlemen, Reginald S.: American Legation, Managua
        Castro Maya, Raymundo O. de: Rio
        Caulfield, J. J., Major: Zandery Field, Surinam
        Chalmero, Philip O.
        Chama, Jorge A.: Society Brasileira de Mineraco o.
        Chapin, Vinton: American Embassador Port-au-Prince
        Charles, Noel Hughes Havelock: British Ambassador, Rio
        Chateaubriand, Assis
        Chester, Edmund A.: Associated Press, N.Y. and CBS
        Chelio, R. M.: writer, New York
        Clarkson, Ann: U. S. State Department
        Cole, W. Sterling: House of Representatives, Washington
        Connally, Tom: Senate Foreign Relations Cmte, Washington

        Constantine, Earl: President National Association Hosiery Manufactures, New York
        Coogan, james A.: United Press, Rio
        Cooke, Morris: Board of Economic Warfare, Washington
        Corrigan, Frank F.: American Embassy, Caracas
        Cudahy, John: Milwaukee
        Cummings, Walter J.: Continental Illinois National Bank,
        Curran, Thomas R.: United Press, Rio

47-d    Correspondence, "D"
        Daggett, Forrest: Rio
        Davila, Jose Maria: Mexican Embassy, Rio
        Davis, Monnett B.: U. S. State Department, Washington
        Davis, Nathaniel P.: U. S. State Department, Foreign Service Personnel
        Dawson, Allan: American Counsul, Hamburg
        DeGraff, A. H.: Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, New York
        Desy, Jean: Ambassador of Canada, Rio
        Dieckman, Charles J.: New York
        Dodd, Harold - Commander United States Navy, Rio
        Dodson, Raymond L.: Andean National Corporation, Bogota
        Dodsworth, Dr. Henrique: Prefect Fed. District, Rio
        Donnelly, Walter J.: American Embassy, Havana; Charge d'Affaires, Rio
        Donovan, Mrs. William: Schooner Yankee
        Duce, James Terry: New York
        Duggan, Lawrence: U. S. State Department
        Duggan, Dorothy C.: Alexandria, Virginia
        Durlacher, A. James: Mene Grande Oil Col, Maracibo, Venezuela
        Dutra de Menezes: Department Imprensa, Rio

47-e    Correspondence, "E"
        Ehret, Mrs. Louis (Madeleine): Asheville, South Carolina
        Ellender, Allen J.: U. S. Senate, Washington
        Erhardt, John F.: U. S. Foreign Service Personnel, State Department
        Ernani Amaral Alzira, Rio
        Etchegoyen, Coronel Alcides Goncalves: Chief of Police, Rio
        Etelvino Lins, Dr.: Interventor, Estado de Pernambuco
        Ewen, Captain Edward CX.: U. S. Navy, Washington

47-f    Correspondence, "F"
        Fairbanks, Douglas, Jr.
        Farley, James A.
        Feis, Herbert: Washington. D.C.
        Field, Henry: Field Museum, Chicago
        Figueiredo, Carlos Maximiano de: Division de Ceremonial,
        Fisher, James W.: Oscar Travis & Cia, Rio
        Fitzgerald, C. C., Major: Rio
        Flanagan, James W., Captain
        Foster, Carol H.: Ambassador Consul, Sao Paulo
        Foy, Amos: Chemical Bank and Trust, New York
        Fraga de Castra, Edgar: Rio
        Franca, Olyntho de, Major: Supt. de Seguranca Pol.
        Freitas Valle, Freitas de
        Friele, Berent: Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs,
         New York
        Furay, James H.: United Press, Buenos Aires

47-g    Correspondence, "G"
        Galloway, Commander C. B.: Naval Operating Base, Rio
        Garcia, Frank: Rio
        Gaspar Dutra, Eurico: Ministry of War - Rio
        George, Jesse, Lieutenant Colonel: Air Transport Comm.,
        Geyerhahn, Walter: Livraria Kosmos, Rio
        Gibson, Hugh: Doubleday, Doran, New York
        Givens, Earl C.: General Electric S.A., Rio
        Gomes, Brigadeiro Eduardo: Recife
        Griggs, Northam L.: Secretary to Caffery
        Guinle, Guilhermo: Comp. Siderurgica Nacional, Rio
        Gutierrez, Cesar G.: Uruguayan Embassy, Rio

47-h    Correspondence, "H"
        Halsey, Edwin A., Colonel: Secretary of the U. S. Senate
        Harding, William
        Hargrave, Thomas J.: Eastman Kodak
        Harris, Basil: U. S. Treasury Department
        Harris, Herbert S.: Union Church, Rio
        Harrison, Randolph: U. S. State Department
        Hebard, R. W., Major: Engineer/Contractor
        Herbert, F. Edward: U. S. Congress
        Hecht, R. S.: Hibernia National Bank, New Orleans
        Hernandez Cata, Alfonso: Cuban Minister, Rio
        Herring, Hubert, Dr.: New York
        Hertford, General
        Hicko, Charles V.
        Hoeveler, John M : Philadelphia
        Hoper, Myron: Washington D. C.
        Hopkins, Harry L.: Assistant to U. S. President
        Hosna, James: Loyola University, Chicago; student
        Houry, George T.: Rio
        Hughes, R. K.: President Sao Paulo Grade School
        Hull, Cordel: U. S. State Department
        Hurok, Sam
        Hyman, Joseph C.: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

47-i    Correspondence, "I"
        Ingram, Jonas H.: U. S. Navy, Vice Admiral
        Inselman, G.: American & Foreign Insurance Company, Vice President

47-j    Correspondence, "J"
        Janer, Tor: Rio
        Johnson, Courtland, Colonel: South Atlantic Wing, Natal
        Johnson, Dr. Theodore: Havana
        Jones, Chester Lloyd: American Political Science Assn
         Jones, Eaule T.: Carlogena, Bolivia

47-k    Correspondence, "K"
        Kadow, --- -- Coordinator of International Affairs
        Kennedy, John A.: West Virginia Network
        Kennedy, Joseph P.: Palm Beach, Florida
        Kern, --- : IT&T
        Kimmel, H. E.: U. S. Fleet
        Kipkin, Lincoln: American Ballet, Rio
        Kimpel, R. E.: Guaranty Trust, New York
        Kincaid, -----: Rio
        Knox, Sir Godfrey: British Ambassador, Rio
        Kleeman, Mrs. Arthur S.: New York
        Knox, Frank: Secretary of the U. S. Navy
        Kumlin, Ragnar: Minister of Sweden, Rio
         (re: Tobacco in Java)

Box 48
Rio de Janeiro (1937-1944): Correspondence L-Z

48-a    Correspondence "L"
        Lafoon, Sidney K.: U. S. State Department
        Lancaster, William W.: Wall Street, New York
        Land, Emory S.: Vice Admiral, U.S. Maritime Commission
        Lee, Josh: Civil Aeronautics Board
        Lee, Robert C.: Moor-McCormac Lines
        Leprevost, Andre: French Cmte. for National Liberation
        Lewis, David: MGM do Brasil
        Lewis, James Hamilton
        Life Magazine: Rio
        Long, Breckenridge: U.S. State Department
        Lorival Fontes, Dr.: Brazil Consulate, New York
        Lorano, --- " Embassador Colombia, Rio
        Lutz, Bertha: Rio
        Luce, Mrs. Henry S. (Clare Booth)
        Lynch, Sir Henry: Rio
        Lysias Rodregues, Colonel: Ministry of Aeronautics, Rio

48-b    Correspondence, "M"
        Magalhaes, Mario: Editor, Correio da Noite
        Mahlois (?) Paul M.: Rio
        Macaulay, W. S.: Office of Chief Naval Operations, Washington
        Marburg, Theodore
        Marques doe Reis, Dr.: Banco do Brasil
        Marshall, George C., General: U. S. Secretary of War
        Marshall, Kim and Kaym: Rio
        Matthews, H. Freeman, "Doc": U. S. State Department
        McAshen, S. M.: Rubber Development Corporation
        McNeny, Frank L.: Greater Tex/Pan. American Affairs
        McCoy, Frank: President Foreign Policy Association
        McGurk, J. F: U. S. State Department
        McLaughlin, Wed. D.: American Consul, Para, Brazil
        Menge, Alvin: Petropolis
        Mello Franco, Ciao: Brazilian Embassy, Washington
        Mendonca Lima, Joao: Ministro da Viacao, Rio
        Merrill, John L.: All America Cables, New York
        Merritt, Mathew J.: U. S. House of Representatives
        Messersmith, George: Assistant U. S. Secretary of State
        Metzger, H. A.: Standard Oil, Le Paz, Boliva
        Miguel, Jose: Rio
        Miller, James D.: United Press, Santiago de Chile
        Mitchell, Wesley C.: Academy of Political Science
        Moffat, Jay Peirrepont: U. S. State Department
        Momsen, Richard P.: Rio
        Mooney, James D.: Oyster Bay, New York
        Moore, A. V.: Moore-McCormac, New York
        Moore, J. B.: New York
        Morgan, Snell, Louis de: Rio
        Morris, Ira Nelson (Lily): New York
        Morris, J. H.: Standard Oil, Caripito, Venezuala
        Moses, Herbert: President, Assn. Brazilian Impressa
        Moura, Decio de: Ministry Foreign Affairs, Rio
        Munia, Yvonne: Petropolis
        Mueller, T. F.: Newsweek, New York
        Mulleniz, J. C., Colonel: U.S. Army, South Atlantic, Hdq
                Murphy, Robert D.: U. S. State State

48-c    Correspondence, "N-O-P"
        Nabuco, Maruicio: Ministry Foreign Affairs, Rio
        Namm, Benjamin H.: New York
        Nattier, Frank E.: Off. Coordinator Inter-American
        Nery Fontes: Adalgisa
        Newman, Harry: Judge Magazine
        Nichols, J. C.: Investment Company, Kansas City, MO
                Norweb, R. Henry: Ambassador to Peru, Lisbon
        Nufer, Albert F.: Embassy, Havana
        O'Connor, W. M.: Philadelphia
        Olinto, Plinio: Rio
        O'Neill, James J.: Paris
        Odorica, Rafael: United Press, Buenas Aires
        Orleans Braganca Princess Pedro: Petropolis
        Overton, John H.: U. S. Senator
        Paris, Isabelle Comitesse de
        Parkerson, John T.: Press Wireless, Washington
        Parkerson, William: Victoria, Texas
        Patten, Mary E.: Washington
        Pearson, Drew
        Penwick, Daisy: New Orleans and Franklin, Louisiana
        Pepper, Claude: U. S. Senator
        Peterson, Major H. W.: Air Transport Comm., Rio
        Phillips, William
        Pierson, Harry H.: U. S. State Department
        Pinto, E.: Rio
        Pinheiro Machada, Dulphe: Rio
        Pinto, General Francisco Jose: Rio
        Porto Moitimho, A.: Inst. Ordem dos Economistas, Rio
        Prado, George
        Pratt, H. C., Major General: U. S. War Department
        Prettyman, Lady Karen: Rio
        Puig, Casaurano, J. M.: Rio

48-d    Correspondence, "Q-R"
        Queiroz Carneiro Mendonca, Anna Amelia: President, Casa
         Estudiante, Rio
        Rabaut, Louis C.: U. S. House of Representatives
        Readers Digest
        Reckitt, Julia Lady: Washington, D. C.
        Reily, Boatner: New Orleans
        Rend, C. J., Captain
        Reynolds, Robert R.: U. S. Senate Committee on Military
        Ribeiro, Sra Leonidio: Petropolis
        Rihl, George L.: Vice President, Pan-Am
        Robbins, E. H.: Pan-Am
        Rockefeller, Nelson
        Rodrigues Alves, Francisco: Conference on Foreign
         Ministers, Rio
        Rowe, L. S.: Pan American Union, Washington D.C.
        Roosevelt, Archibald B.
        Roosevelt, Mrs. Franklin D.
        Roosevelt, Kermit
        Roosevelt, Theodore
        Roosevelt, Edith

48-e    Correspondence, "S"
        Salles, Apollonis: Ministry of Agriculture, Rio
        Salles, Dr. Joaquim de: Rio
        Samper, Joaquim: Bogota
        Santos, Filho Francisco Alves dos: Brizilian Embassy,
        Santos Munos, Pablo: Argentine Embassy, Rio
        Sardi,--- : Ambassador of Venezuela, Petropolis
        Sartorius, Herman U.: Reed & Carnick, Jersey City
        Satterfield, James L.
        Sayre, Francis B.: U. S. Assistant Secretary of State
        Schuller Tot Peursum: Embassy of Netherlands, Rio
        Scotten, R. M.: Rio, London, etc.
        Sehested, O. de: Minister of Denmark, Rio
        Seleke, Hans: Re:
        Sewall, Sumner: Governor of Maine
        Sewell, C. S.: Spice Mill Publishing, New York
        Saladrigas, Carlfos: Havana
        Shaw, G. Howland: U. S. Assistant Secretary of State
        Sheridan, Mrs. L. J.: Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
        Sibert, Edwin L., Colonel: U. S. War Department
        Silva, Francisco: New York
        Simmons, John F.: U. S. State Department
        Sims, Harold: American Vice Consul, Natal
        Smith, A. S.: Venezuelan Legation, Havana
        Souza E da C: Brazilian Consul, Chicago
        Souza Costa, Arthur: Minister of Finance, Rio
        Stweard, Ernest A.: Havana
        Style, Madeline E.: Embassy, Rio
        Sung Young, Samuel: Hong Kong
        Sylvester, Lillian: Rio
        Symboliste, Andree: Noite (Journal)

48-f    Correspondence, "T-U-V"
        Tabernilla y Dolz: Ministry of National Defense, Havana
        Tabouis, Genevieve
        Taylor, Wayne: U. S. Under Secretary of Commerce
        Thompson, Scott: Comp. Cubana de Cemento Portland,
        Thomson, Charles A.: Foreign Policy Association
        Tippett, Cloyce J.: American Embassy, Rio
        Tomlinson, Edward: Rio
        Toscanini, Arturo
        Tucher, Rev. H. C.: Rio
        Upmann, Maria Dolores de: Rio
        Valladares, Benedicto: Governor Minas Gerais
        Vallotton: Swiss Legation, Rio
        Verdeja Neyra: President Senate, Havana
        Vergara, Luiz: Secretary to President, Brazil
        Vargas, Getulio: President, Brazil
        Vett, Ove: Chicago
        Vianna, Sodre: Rio
        Viera de Mello: Minister of Marine, Rio
        Voorhies, P. J.: Lafayette

48-g    Correspondence, "W-X-Y-Z"
        Walker, J.: American Consul, Para
        Wallace, Henry A.: U. S. Vice President
        Walmsey, Newbold (Walter N.): Division of Brazilian
         Affairs, Washington
        Walsh, R. L.: U.S. Army South Atlantic Forces
        Warner, Carlos J.: U. S. State Department
        Way, B. K.
        Weddell, Alexander: Ambassador, Buenos Aires
        Weidel, Gustaf: Swedish Embassy, Rio
        Welles, Orson
        Welles, Sumner: U. S. Under Secretary of State
        Wells, Linton: New York
        West, Paul: Time Magazine, New York
        White, Francis: Foreign Bondholders Protective Council,
         New York
        White, Ivan B.: U. S. State Department
        Whitehead, R., Lieutenant Commander: Rio;
         San Diego, California
        Wieland, W. A.: (Embassy), Rio
        Wiehe, Theo C.: Schenley Corporation
        Wigglesworth, Richard C.: U. S. Congress
        Wile, Frederic W.: Washington Star
        Willard, Belle
        Wilson, Edwin C.: Embassy, Uruguay
        Wilson, Orme: American Embassy, Buenos Aire
        Winant, John G.: American Ambassador, London
        Wolfe, Henry C.: New York
        Wooten, Paul: White House Correspondents
        Wooten, Ralph, Brigidier General
        Wynne, Cyril: Department of State
        Xanthaky, Theodore A.: American Embassy, Rio

Box 49
Rio de Janiero (1937-1944): Miscellaneous

49-a    Vessels Visiting Port of Rio de Janeiro and Formalities
        Cadet Practice Cruise (Cost Guard Cutter "Bibb) 1938
        SS "Brazil" 1938
        SS "Delbrasil" 1940
        SS Enterprise"; SS "Shaw" 1938
        "Flying Fortresses" 1939
        SS "Gripsholm" 1942
        SS "Memphis" 1944
        SS "Nashville" (General Marshall) 1939
        SS "Normandie" 1938
        SS "Rex" 1938
        SS "Robin Moor" 1941
        SS "San Franciso" 1938

49-b    Letters of Introduction - Received - (Unsorted)

49-c    Letters of Introduction - Issued - Unsorted)

49-d    Visit to Sao Paulo, 1939

49-e    Visit to Minas Gerais, 1942

49-f    Visit to Bogota, Colombia, 1938

49-g    Visit of General Marshall, 1939

49-h    Rio Conference, 1943

49-i    Mountain Climbing, 1938, 1939
49-j    The Ambassador's Dog "Minstrel", 1938

49-k    Christmas Card Lists, etc. 1937-1944

49-l    Europe, 1939

49-m    Eleanor Roosevelt, 1944

49-n    Pan American Conference on Cartagraphy

Box 51
Paris (1944-1949): Correspondence A-Z

51-a    Correspondence, "A"
        Accuil (?), Sandra
        Alaux, Jean-Paul: Ecoles d'Art Americaines, Paris
        Allex, Mmme Jacques: American Aid Society of Paris
        Amaral, Tia do: Rio de Janeiro
        Anduze-Paris, G.: Cie. des Messagieies Maritimes
        Argenlieu, l'Amiral G.: d'Hte Comm. Indo-China
        Arpels, Jacques: Van Cleef & Arpels, Paris
        Auriol, Vincent: President France

51-b    Correspondence, "B"
        Bandeira de Mello, Affonso: Rio de Janeiro
        Barber, Noel: Conteniental daily Mail, Paris
        Barkley, Alben W.: U. S. Senate
        Bassano, Pauline de: Paris    
        Beaumount, Edith de: Paris
        Beauvais, A.: Paris
        Berle, Adolph A.: New York
        Beuve-Mery, H.: LeMonde, Paris
        Bidault, Georges
        Bernoulle, Herniette: Swiss Legation, Rio
        Billy, Robert: Cte de, paris
        Blanco, Juan Carlos: Ambassador of Uruguay, Paris
        Bliss, Robert Woods: Washington D.C.
        Bloomingdale, Rosalie
        Blum, Leon
        Bonsal, Philip W.: Paris
        Bouboulis, G. J.: Paris
        Brady, Lee: USIS, Paris
        Briggs, Ellis C.: American Embassy, Montevideo
        Brisson, Pierre: Figaro, Paris
        Broglie, due de: Paris
        Browne, A. S.: American Embassy, Rio
        Bruce, -----: Cmte. & Ctesse de, Paris
        Bur, Albert: Conseil General de Bas-Phin
        Burdett, Mrs. William: Macon, Georgia
        Byrne, james F.: Washington D.C.

51-c    Correspondence, "C"
        Caffery, Gertrude: Evansville, Indiana
        Carlos Barreto, Jouo: Rio
        Carroll, Loren: Newsweek, Paris
        Carter, Marshall: American Embassy, London
        Chalvron, Bernard, Cte.: French Embassy, Madrid
        Charrot, Mme.: Paris
        Chaulnes, Duchesse de: Paris
        Clifford, Sir Bede: Trinidad
        Clauzel, Marthe (?): Paris
        Compton, Arthur: Washington University
        Connally, Lucille: Washington D. C.
        Corrigan, Robert: American Embassy, Rio
        Couture, Armand, Reverend, SSE: St. Edmond Franco
         - American College
        Crompton, W. D.: Zurich
        Crequi-Montfort, Marquis de: France-Amerique
        Cunha, Marie Jose: Rio de Janeiro
        Cunha, Vasco de: Brazilian Embassy, Rome
        Cupere, de, M.: Paris

51-d    Correspondence, "D"
        Dawson, Warrington: Paris
        Delagneau, Chanoine: Archdiocese of Sens
        DeSaumarez, Lord: Suffolk, England
        Doughton III, Issac: Paris
        Douglas, Sister Patrick: Curvelly (Oise)
        Douling, Walter C.: Advisory Council for Italy, Rome
        Drew, Gerald: UN Special Commission on Balkans
        Duce, James Terry: New York
        Dufour, Jean
        Dupré, Edith: SLI, Lafayette, Louisiana
        Dupraz, Jacques: Sec. d'Etat, Charge le la Marine, Paris
        Eaton, Charles Edward: American Embassy, Rio
        Ehrlick, W.: Brussels

51-e    Correspondence, "F-G"
        Ferry, H. Abel, Mme.: Comite' d'Aide a Saint-Die
        Festugiere, Pere: Paris
        Filles de la Charite: Paris
        Finletter, Thomas K.: Economic Coop. Adm., London
        Flouret, M.: Societe National des Chemins de Fer
        Garcia, Fran, M.: Rio
        Gable, Don M.: Record, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
        Gevelt, S. G.: UNESCO
        Gerver, Ludwig H.: USA-Eto
        Ghika, Princesse: Cannes
        "Gladston" (Easter McNamee): New York
        Gallery, J. Eugene, SJ: University of Scranton
        Gower, William L.: American Red Cross, Paris
        Grady, R. F., SJ: University of Scranton
        Guilheim, Santana: Rio de Janeiro

51-f    Correspondence, "H-I"
        Hall, Weeks: New Iberia, Louisiana
        Hamel, Bernard: Paris
        Harmer, Charles G.: Paris
        Hevert, Elizabeth: Tauton, New Jersey
        Helbringer, Rene d': Paris
        Henriot, Marie: Paris
        Hickox, Charles
        Hill, Priscilla: Paris
        Holguin y Caro Alvoro: Colombian Consulate, London
        Humphreys, ---: New York Herald Tribume
        Irish, Clair
        Isham, Heyward

51-g    Correspondence, "J-K-L"
        Jay, Dean: American Hospital, Paris
        Joffre, Mme J.: Paris
        Jones, Everett Legion: Gastonia, North Carolina
        Johnson, Emma (?) L.: Paris
        Johnson, Hartwell: American Embassy, Cairo
        Johnson, Henry Alan: Thomas Jefferson Memorial Fund
        Junot, Michel: Sour-Prefet, Paris
        Kelleher, M. R.: Marsh & McLennan, Boston
        Kelly, H. John: Paris
        Kennon, R. F., Lieutenant Colonel: U. S. Army
        Kleeman, Arthur S.: President, Colonial Trust, New York
        Knopf, Mrs. Alfred A.: New York
        Koenig, General: French Command at Baden-Baden
        Koren, William J.
        Kuh, Frederick: Chicago Sun-Times, London
        LaBoulaye, Andre de: Paris
        LaGrange, Baronne de: Paris
        Laguerre, Edward: Expatriot Petroleum Engineer
        Lake, Mrs. Richard P.: Genealogist
        Larco, Rafael: Trujillo, Peru
        La Tour du Pin, Mme.: Paris
        LeBourdais, Joseph: American Embassy, paris
        Leet, Dorothy: Reid Hall (School), Paris
        LeJaux, M.: Bayeux
        LePrevost, Andre: French Embassy, Montevideo
        Lewis, Mrs. James Hamilton
        Littlejohn, Angus: Lieutenant USNR, Rio de Janeiro
        Long, Breckinridge: Louvel, Maryland
        Lopp, George Washington: Paris
        Louriere, Edward J.. S/Sgt.: U. S. Army
        Luce, Clare Booth: Time/Life, New York

51-h    Correspondence, "M-N-O"
        Macarthur, D(ouglas?)
        Maleady, Thomas: American Embassy, Caracas
        Marochetti, Sigala (?): Paris
        Marshal, Mrs. George C.: Pinehurst, North Caroline
        Martelliere, E., Comite Rochambeau
        Matthews H. Freeman: U. S. State Department
        Mayer, Daniel: Ministere du Travail, Paris
        McClosky, John: War Relief Services, NCWC
        Mendl, Elsie Lady: Versailles
        McCormick, Robert: Chicago Tribune
        Mendonca Lima, Rozinha de: Petropolis, Brazil
        Merle, Cte de: "Ancien Attache Navale au Japan"
        Misoffe, Vice Admiral: Ministere de la Marine
        Mock, Jules: Ministere de l'Interieur
        Moore, L. E.: U.S. Lines, Paris
        Morawiecki, Gaston: Ministre Plan, en retraite
        Muelberger, Arthur P.: American Club, Paris
        Murphy, Robert De: American Ambassador, London
        Norman, Gerald: London Times, Paris
        Norweb, Henry: Amerian Embassy, Lisbon
        Ogden, Carter H.: Ogden cie., Havana
        O'Rourke, Ann M.: Canal Zone
        Ormesson, M. de: Paris

51-i    Correspondence, "P-Q-R"
        Pagan, Marquis de: Fontainebleau
        Pajot, H.: Mirie, Fontainebleau
        Palewski, Gaston: Paris
        Palmer, Florence: Paris
        Parsons, Geoffrey: Paris
        Pasteja (?) Catherine de: Paris
        Patenotre, Mme Jacqueine: New York
        Petsche, Maurice: Ministere de Finance, Paris
        Pinto, Maria Jose: Rio de Janeiro
        Pleven, M.: Ministere de (?)
        Potts, R. P.: U. S. Air Corps, Miami
        Prindievelle, Ethel Herrick: New York
        Raffin, Chanoine L.: Ste Madeine, Paris
        Reagan, Daniel J.: Switzerland
        Recope, Mme la Ctesse: Paris
        Rolier, Camille: Chevaliers du Tastevin
        Roosevelt, Franklin D.: U. S. President

51-j    Correspondence, "S-T-U-V"
        Scheyven, Louis: Belgian Embassy, Rio
        Schumann, Maurice: France-U.S.A., Assemblee Nationale
        Scotten, R. M.: Embassy, Quito
        Sehested, Gertrude de: Copenhagen
        Stark, Admiral H. P.: U. S. Navy

        Stettinius, Edward: U. S. State Department, Under Secretary of State
        Stevens, R. N.: American Library of Paris
        Sulzberger, Arthur Hays: New York Times
        Tabouis, Mme Genevieve: Pour la Victoire, New York
        Tartiere, Mrs. Dorothy Lee: French underground
        Tewell, Harold and Helen: American Embassy, Rio
        Thibodeaux, Clare R.: Paris
        Thorning, Rev. Joseph F.: Rockville, Maryland
        Thornton, Gerald R.: Transworld Airlines
        Tobler, John H.: American Embassy, Brussels
        Truman, Harry: U. S. President
        Tully, Grace: F.D.R. Memorial Foundation
        Tyler, W. R.: American Embassy, Paris
        Tsien Tai, Mme.: Chinese Embassy, Paris
        Vandenbery, Mrs. Arthur: Grand Rapids, Michigan
        Vanier, Georges P.: Canadian Embassy, Paris
        Verlomme, Roger: Prefet de la Seine
        Vericourt, M.: Ce Matin-Le Pays
        Viel Castel, May de: Paris
        Villeneuve Bargemon, Ctesse de: Paris

51-k    Correspondence, "W-X-Y-Z"
        Wadrin, M. de: Paris
        Warburg, Paul: London
        Watson, Jon and Charlotte: Paris
        Webb, James E.: U. S. State Department
        Weeks, W. Roy: American Chamber of Commerce, Paris
        Weidel, Gustaf: Swedish Embassy, Lisbon
        Welles, Sumner: Oxon Hall, Maryland
        White, Ivan B.: Paris
        Wieland, William: American Embassy, Rio
        Wilkes, Charles Denby: American Legion, Paris
        Willard, Belle
        Williams, Val: Radar, Paris
        Wilson, Robert: British Embassy, Rio
        Wood, John R.: Paris
        Xanthaky, Ted: American Embassy, Rio; American Embassy,
        Young, Samuel S.: Hong Kong

51-l    Unidentified Correspondence

Box 52
Paris (1944-1949): Miscellaneous

52-a    Appointment to Paris

52-b    Congressional and Other Visitors to Paris

52-c    Journal Articles (General)

52-d    News Clippings

52-e    Press Releases, News Bulletins, etc.

52-f    Religious Interests

Box 53
Paris (1944-1949): Appointment Books

    Ambassadors Appointment Books:
     12 volumes (Various formats)

    Mrs. Caffery's Appointments
        1 volume (diary format)

Box 54
Paris (1945-1947): Social Life (Dinners, etc.)

54-a    Guest Lists, etc.

54-b    Same

54-c    Social Invitations Received

54-d    Miscellaneous

Box 55
Paris (1944-1949): Paris Peace Conference (1946)

55-a    Journal Articles

55-b    Press Releases

55-c    Conference Commissions, etc.

55-d    Same

55-e    Commission for Bulgaria

55-f    Social Events

Box 56
Paris (1944-1949): Ambassadorial Duties

56-a    Speeches and Statements

56-b    Economic Aid (including Marshall Plan)

56-c    United Nations (Paris)

56-d    Berlin Visit (1945?)

56-e    Provincial Cities (including Tunis, Algeria)

56-f    Clubs and Organizations

56-g    Embassy Housekeeping

56-h    David Bruce, New Ambassador

Box 57
Cairo (1949-1954(: Journal Articles

57-a    In Arabic (Transl. entrusted to U. of Kuwait)

57-b    In Arabic

57-c    In English

57-d    In French

57-e    "Press of Egypt...Report"

Box 58
Cairo (1949-1954): Correspondence

58-a    Correspondence, "A-B-C"
        Acheson, Dean
        Afifi, Hafez: Royal Cabinet
        Allez: Paris
        Andique, Mlled.: Craon, France
        Amaral, Laio: Rio
        Auriol, Mme. Vincent: President, France
        Barcenas, R. de las: Spanish Embassy
        Barrett, Howard W.: U. S. State Department
        Blanchard, Simone: Paris
        Bloomingdale, Donald
        Callendar, Harold: N Y Times, Paris
        Carter, James R.: Attache, Istanbul
        Chipman, Norris: American Embassy, Paris
        Chipman, Fanny: Paris
        Coreoran, Thoman Gardiner: Washington D. C.
        Corregan, Robert: U. S. State Department
        Corcher, (?) : London

58-b    Correspondence, "D-E-F"
        Damperes, Mme de: St. Jacques de Grasse
Davidson, Clinton: New York
        Dennon, Leon: French Foreign Office
        DeWarier (?) Odelle: American Embassy, Paris
        Donnelly, Walter J.: American Embassy, Vienna
        Dubrushsy, Dave: Labor Leader
        Dufort, Chaleanbrand: France
        Dulles, John Foster: U. S. Senate
        Dulles, Janet: Istanbul
        Embassy Staff: Cairo
        Erstsime, George: British Troops in Egypt
        Fahmy, Ubdel Robim: American Embassy, Cairo
        Fakhry, Mahmoud: Egypt Embassy
        Fawzi Hosnshab (?): Cairo
        Flanaga, James W.: Houston
        Freymouth (?) S. H.: Cairo
        Frich, Don: Colgate University
        Fullerton, Hugh: American Hospital, Paris
        Fyzee, Sallana Asaf: Indian Ambassador to Cairo

58-c    Correspondence, "G-H-I-J-K"
        Gallery, J. Eugene, S. J.: President University of
        Garney (?) H. de: Paris
        Green, Ashton: Foreign Policy Association
        Geralding of Albania
        Guillaume, Baron de: Belgium Ambassador to France
        Harding, Willim K.: Mount Pleasant, Indiana
        Harrimon, (?)
        Harrison, Edith Ogdon: Hurton Mountain, Mices.
        Ho, Mrs. F. S.: Chinese Ambassador to Cairo
        Hoffman, Dolly: Paris
        Humphrey, May Churchill
        John, ____: Amerian Embassy, Rio
        (?) Jamie, ------: American Embassy, Paris
        Kececi (?) Meleni: Turkish Embassy, Cairo
        Keogh, Eugene A.: U. S. House of Representatives
        Khan, Aga: Cairo

58-d    Correspondence, "L-M-N-O-P-Q-R"
        Lafeon, Sidney K.: Montevideo
        LaRodrefancauld Brsollia, Roldeert: Eure-et-Lois
        LePrevost, A.: Montevideo
        Lyon, Victor: Geneva
        Machennan, Noney: U. S. S., Cairo
        (?) Marjorie & Phil: Washington
        Morochetti, S.: Paris
        Martin, Helen: American School for Girls, Cairo
        Mathson, Gordon: U. S. State Department
        McCarthy, Frank: 20th Century Fox
        McGhee, George: U. S. State Department, Assistant Secretary of State
        Merriom, Gordon (?): Damariseotta, Maine
        (?) Margaret ----------: Princeton, New Jersey
        Meloger, H. A.: New York
        Morgan, Farror, Colonel: British Army, Aachen
        Marshall, George: Leesburg, Virginia
        (?) Mona & Mohamed
        Palmer, Florence: U. S. Embassy, Paris
        Pallerson, ------: American Embassy, Cairo
        Payne, C. Robert: Amerian Embassy, Cairo
        Parma-Peymour (?): Paris
        Petsche, Simon M.: Paris
        Prunas, Rosona: Italian Embassy, Cairo
        Ratif Talend (?): Royal Palace, Cairo
        Riley, Gladys: Paris
        Revers, de General: Cairo
        Robertson, General: British Embassy, Cairo
        Rose Gertrude, Sr.: St. Mary College N. D., Indiana
        Rummel, Archbishop: New Orleans
        Russell, Hugh: American Embassy, Paris

58-e    Correspondence, "S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z"
        Saljooze Hamarz: Afghan Embassy, Cairo
        Shirharn, Rooio: Paris
        Sheleed, Ismail: Cairo
        (?) Sanma (?): Cairo
        Simpson, Robert: Alexandria
        Sparks, Joseph: American Embassy, Cairo
        Spellman, Carl: New York
        Taft, Gertrude: Monullon, Massachusetts
        Taylor, Eunice: Cairo
        Thoruny, Joseph F., Jr.: Frederick, Maryland
        (?) Toosie, ------: Paris
        Triulzi, Eugene: Alexandria
        Trien 5 - Chinese Embassy: Paris
        Truman, Harry: U. S. President
        Urdaneta Arbelaez, Roberto: Bogota
        Vagel, Ginnie: Cairo
        Wanbourg, Paul: New York
        Weathersby, W. H.: Embassy
        Williams, John: Rio
        Willord, Bess: New York
        Wilson, Charles R.: Conference on American Foreign
        Windor, Duke & Dutchess: New York
        Yallad (?)
        Zanthupy, Ted: Lisbon

Box 59
Cairo (1949-1954): Social and Religious Life

59-a    Dinners, etc. Given

59-b    Social Invitations Received

59-c    Clubs and Organizations

59-d    Religious Interests

Box 60
Cairo (1949-1954): Ambassadorial Duties

60-a    Embassy Accounts and Protocal

60-b    Distinguished Visitors

60-c    Distinguished Service Award, 1950
    25th Anniversay as Head of Mission, 1951

Box 61
Cairo (1949-1954): Appointment Books

61-a    Mrs. Caffery's Engagements
        1949-1951 (Looseleaf)

61-b    Ambassador's Appointments
        6 vols. (Egyptian Period begins p. 65 of vol. 1)

Box 62
Cairo (1949 - 1954): Diplomatic Involvements

62-a    U. S. Cairo Conference, 1950

62-b    Abdication of King Farouk, 1952
        Encludes "Les Memoires de Karim Tabet" reminiscences of the former press agent of King Farouk which appeared
        serially in LaBourse Egyptienne Cairo, 1956. This does
        not appear as a published work in the National Union
        Catalog in English, French or Arabic. (40 xeroxed leaves,

62-c    Suez Canal & the Sudan, 1952-1953

62-d    Travels and Egyptology

62-e    Maps (Asia) Africa (Nat'l Geo), 1950-1951

62-f    Speeches and Statements

Box 63
Retirement and Rome (1953-1970?)

63-a    Beginning Retirement, 1953-1956 (?)

63-b    Speaking Engagements, Post 1953

63-c    Social Engagements, Post 1953

63-d    Christmas Greetings, Post 1953

Box 64
Retirements and Rome (1953-1970?)
Post Retirement Distinctions

64-a    Representative at Inaug. President Pakistan, 1956

64-b    Senate Hearing on Neor Enat Policies, 1957

64-c    National Council of Catholic Men, 1955

64-d    National Catholic Education Association, 1956

64-e    Laetare Medal (Notre Dame University), 1954

64-f    Bellarmine Medal, 1955

64-g    Commencement Addresses (includes University of Scranton,

64-h    Tulane Connections

64-i    USL Connections

64-j    Foreign Service Cup, 1971

Box 65
Retirement and Rome (1953-1970?): Ecclesiastical Interests

65-a    Popes (Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI)

65-b    European Cardinals and Archbishops

65-c    American Cardinals and Archbishops

Box 66
Retirement and Rome (1953-1970?): Ecclesiastical Interests

66-a    North American College (B O"Conner)

66-b    Vatican Ceremonies

66-c    Grand Order of Pius, 1960

66-d    Chamberlain of Cape and Sword, 1956?

66-e    Vatican Council II, 1962-1964

Box 67
Appointment Books, 1956-67)

Box 68
Last Days and Death--Lafayette, La., 1970-1974
[Much of the material to this folder conveyed to the Collection through the courtesy of the Archives, Diocese of Lafayette.]

68-a    Visits to Lafayette, 1955-1967

68-b    Mementos of the donation of artifacts to USL

68-c    1971 Inventory of books donated to USL Library

68-d    Last days and death 1970-1974

Box 69
Unpublished memoirs

69-a    "Adventures in Diplomacy" (Unpublished)

69-b    "Adventures in Diplomacy" (Unpublished)

69-c    "Adventures in Diplomacy" (Unpublished)

69-d    Miscellaneous notes

69-e    Correspondence with publishers

Box 70
Personal and family matters

70-a    Biographical material for publication

70-b    Caffery family genealogy

70-c    Papers dating back to Caffery's father's time

70-d    Caffery family correspondence

70-e    McCarthy (Mrs. Jeffery Caffery) correspondence

70-f    McCarthy family miscellaneous

70-g    McCarthy family cablegrams

70-h    McCarthy family newsclippings

Box 71

71-a    Postcards, views, etc. (Uninscribed)

71-b    Identity cards, cards of admission, etc., calling cards

71-c    Recipes and curiosa

71-d    Unpublished manuscript by Paul Deutschman entitled Mission
     Extraordinary (History of diplomatic relations with

71-e    Idem, parts II, III

Box 72
Various pamphlets, brochures, mainly 1945-49

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