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Guide to Collections in the University Archives
Rice Miscellaneous Collection
Collection 36
Rice Miscellaneous. Collection, 1856, [1900] - 1968
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This collection contains items about rice, rice growing, rice milling, etc. The bulk of the material are publications from various sources and organizations, especially the Rice Millers Association and the Rice Council. There are also materials from Joel L. Fletcher, Jr.’s 1963 trip investigating rice agriculture in the Italian Po Valley for the United States Department of Agriculture, and Thomas J. Arceneaux’s trip to Madagascar in 1951. Material related to the Louisiana State Rice Milling Company and the Godchaux Family has been moved to Coll. 157; material from John R. Nuber has been moved to Coll. 294; and several photographs from RMA meetings have been moved to Coll. 33.

Most materials in this collection have been donated to UAAMC as single items.
I. Publications and reports  
  A. Articles, pamphlets, reports, etc. 1-01 to 1-13
  B. Organizations 1-14 to 2-07
II. Legal Papers 2-08 and 2-09
III. Correspondence 2-10 and 2-11
IV. Photographs 2-12 to 2-14
V. Other 2-15 to 2-17
I. Publications and reports  
  A. Articles, pamphlets, reports, etc.  
1-01 Rice (general)  
    Efferson, J. Norman. “The Story of Rice.” Rice Journal, (1956 annual issue): 16 pp (reprint) 2 copies
    McLean, Beth Bailey, ed. The Story of Rice: The World’s Most Popular Food. Southern Rice Industry, 1954 31 pp
    Mickus, Robert R. “One of the World’s Basic Foods: Rice (Oryza sativa). Cereal Science Today, v. 4, # 5 (May, 1959): 10 pp [reprint]
    Wickizer, V. D. Rice in the Western Hemisphere: Wartime Developments and Postwar Problems. Stanford University Food Research Institute, War-Peace Pamphlets, No. 7 (June, 1945): 48 pp.
1-02 Rice through the world  
    Kaul, M. G. “India - the Birthplace of Rice.” speech, n.d., 14 pp [Minister (Coordination) Embassy of India, Washington, D. C.]
    Solenberger, Robert R. “The Changing Role of Rice in the Marianas Islands.” Micronesica, v. 3, pt. 2 (Dec., 1967): 97 - 103
1-03 Rice in Europe [mainly gathered for Joel L. Fletcher, Jr.’s trip in 1963]  
    Broussard, II, Joe, George Blair, and J. P. Gaines. “Report on the European Common Market As It Affects the United States Rice Industry.” 18 April 1962 7 pp (unpublished)
    Broussard, II, Joe, George Blair, and J. P. Gaines. “Report on the European Common Market As It Affects the United States Rice Industry.” 18 April 1962 7 pp (unpublished)
    “Draft proposal on a common policy for rice.” [European Economic Community] n.d. 27 pp
    Fletcher, III, Joel L. “Rice Production in the Po Valley.” [unpublished account of trip undertaken on behalf of U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1963] 12 pp
    Lucas, Walter. “EEC Tests Italian Agriculture.” Christian Science Monitor, n.d. 2 pp
    Rivenburgh, Dexter V. “Analysis of the Varieties and Characteristics of Rice Produced Within the Common Market.” 15 Feb. 1963: 3 pp (unpublished)
1-04 Fletcher’s report on rice in Po Valley  
    outlines for report [including one attributed to J. L. Fletcher, III]
1-05 Rice in Madagascar  
    Haut Commissariat de la Republique Française a Madagascar et Dependances. “La mise en valeur du bassin du Lac Alaotra.” 12 June 1950. 5 pp., 2 maps typescript, in French [“Exemplaire destiné a Mr. Arsoneaux”]
    Economic Cooperation Administration. “Survey Report on Madagascar.” 2 November 1950. 54 pp.
    Clemens, George R. and Thomas J. Arceneaux. “Summary of Trip Made by Technical ECA [Economic Cooperation Administration] Mission to Madagascar.” 7 August 1950. 21 pp. [mimeographed]
1-06 Rice in the United States  
    Hogan, Joseph T. “Early Rice Cookbook,” The Rice Journal. (August, 1966): 30-32
    Iones, Raymond A. “The Export Outlook for U.S. Rice,” speech at RMA convention, 1966. 6 pp.
1-07 Rice in the United State: Arkansas  
    Grand Prairie Historical Society. Bulletin, v. 10, # 1 (1967)
1-08 Rice in the United States: Louisiana  
    Conner, Patricia Davis. “History of the Mermentau Rice Mill.” paper for Hist. 307 (USL) 12 Dec. 1967. 17 pp.
    Gordon, Ashley. “The Miller’s Tale.” Times of Acadiana, 13 August 1997: 8, 10
1-09 Rice in the United States: Louisiana  
    Crowley Daily Signal, Special Section, 29 July 1964; other clippings
1-10 Rice in the United States: Mississippi  
    Harrison, Janet. “Move Over Cotton - Make Way for Rice,” Helping Build Mississippi, (Winter, 1984): 3-5
1-11 Rice in the United States: South Carolina  
    The South Carolina Agriculturist, May, 1856; Taylor, John Martin. “Carolina Gold Returns!,” Carologue, (Winter, 1988): 1, 6-7
1-12 Rice in the United States: Texas  
    Beaumont Rice Mills. Rice Mill - 50th Anniversary, 1892 - 1942. (Beaumont?, 1942?) 21 pp.
1-13   Rice News. V. 3, # 11 (Sept., 1936); v.6, # 9 (July, 1939); v. 6, # 10 (Aug., 1939)
  B. Publications from Organizations  
1-14 International Rice Research Institute [Philippines]  
    The IRRI Reporter v. 3, # 2 - v. 3, # 6, v. 4, # 1, v. 4, # 3, v. 5, #$ 1 (March, 1967 - Jan./Feb., 1969)
    Calderon, Jose I. “Pesticide Calculations.” IRRI Technical Paper 1 (July, 1966)
    “Labor and Procedure for the Pedal Thresher.” IRRI Technical Paper 2 (September, 1966)
    Ramos, Federico V. “Construction and Operation of the Electric Rat Fence.” IRRI Technical Paper 3 (June, 1967)
    “Rice Stem Borers” 4 pp.
    The International Rice Research Institute, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. (Manila, 1961) 21 pp.
    descriptions of training program  
1-15 Rice Council  
    “Facts About American Rice,” Jan., 1966, rev. 4 pp.; rev. 10/73 [2 copies]
    “Rice in the United States,” c. 1962 8 pp.
    “American Rice.” n.d. 8 pp.
    “Ricecaft: Rice is for more than eating.” n.d. 6 pp. [2 copies]
    “The Fourth R.” n.d. 4 pp.
    “A Rice Demonstration.” n.d. 4 pp
    “What is the Rice Council?” n.d. trifold brochure
    other brochures: “Rice is Forever”, “Brown Rice”
1-16 Rice Council - recipes  
    brochures, pamphlets, cards, etc.
2-01 Rice Millers Association  
    “Rice in the United States.” n.d. 20 pp.
    “Our First Fifty Years, 1899 - 1949.” 25 pp.
    “RMA Terms for Transactions in Rice and Rice By-Products.” n.d.; rev. June, 1965
    “Rice Production in the United States 1967.” 3 pp.
    material promoting 1975 annual meeting  
2-02 United States Department of Agriculture, Marketing Research Reports, 1950s
    Efferson, J. Norman, Raone Hathorn, and Author Gerlow. “An Economic Study of Rough Rice Storage in the Southern States.” Report No. 75, (Nov., 1954): 57 pp.
    “Railroad Transportation of Rough Rice in Louisiana and Texas: A Study of Facilities and Equipment.” Report No. 136, (Sept., 1956): 15 pp.
    “Canned Cooked Rice: The Market Potential for a New Food Product.” Report No. 249 (July, 1958): 49 pp.
    “Marketing Long and Medium Grain Rice: The Influence of Supply on Wholesale Prices and Margins.” Report No. 251. (Juy, 1958) 30 pp.
2-03 USDA Marketing Research Reports, 1960s and 1970s  
    “Analysis of Selected Varieties and Grades of Rice Moving in World Trade in Terms of U.S. Official Rice Standards.” Report No. 460 (March, 1961): 40 pp.
    “Receiving Rice from Farm Trucks at Commercial Dryers.” USDA Marketing Research Report No. 499 (Dec., 1961): 29 pp.
    “Drying Rice in Heated Air Dryers with Aeration as a Supplementary Treatment.” Report No. 508 (Nov. 1961): 22 pp.
    “Costs of Building and Operating Rice Drying and Storage Facilities in the South.” Report No. 1011 (Sept., 1973): 51 pp.
2-04 USDA Agricultural Research Service  
    “Proceedings of the National Rice Utilization Conference, April, 1966.” ARS 72-53 (Jan., 1967): 80 pp
2-05 Wright Family  
    Material on S. L. Wright, Wright Laboratory
    advertisements, biographical articles, transcript of interview, c. 1920 (typescript); Poor Man’s Rice Cook Book (Crowley, 1963)
2-06 Southern Pacific Railroad  
    Rice Cook Book. (1902): 58 pp.
    Rice: A Hundred Ways to Prepare It. (May, 1927): 23 p.  
    Natural Resources along Southern Pacific Lines in Texas and Louisiana. (circa. 1942): 33 pp.
2-07 [Comet Rice Mill]  
    Bibliography on various characteristics and uses of rice and rice by-products especially rice bran (unpublished) c. 1966 22 pp.
    [note by Henry Dethloff says prepared for Comet Rice Mill]
II. Legal Papers  
  A. Rice Millers Association  
2-08   Certificate regarding dissolution of Associated Rice Millers’ of America, 11 June 1923
    Stock certificate for one share in The Louisiana Sugar and Rice Exchange issued to Rice Millers Association, 21 Dec. 1932
    Material related to assignment of patent for Method of and Apparatus for Cooking Rice from Eleanor Winborn to The Rice Millers’ Association, 1938
  B. Rice Council (all copies)  
2-09   Charter for The Rice Industry, 18 March 1957
    Articles of Incorporation of The Rice Industry
    Amendment to Charter changing name to Rice Council for Market Development, 11 July 1960
III. Correspondence  
2-10   Correspondence related to Joel L. Fletcher Jr.’s trip to Italy in 1963 including report to Department of Agriculture Secretary Freeman
2-11 Correspondence: Miscellaneous
    Letter from W. M. Davis Enterprises re: Davis Gate, c. 1966
IV. Photographs
2-12 [Mounted 5x7 originals]
    Shipping rice [port not indentified] (4)
    Planters Rice Mill (1)
2-13 1890s - 1937
    Scene at Rice Depot in Crowley, La., 21 Nov. 1892 [George W. Bellar, Photographer]
    A. B. Pickett Rice Mill (1st mill in Crowley), 1893 (drawing)
    Rice harvesting on P. S. Lovell farm, 1984, n.d. (3)
    Parkerson Ave. n.d. circa. 1900 [Bellar’s Portrait Studio]
    Herman and Frank Dommert and irrigation well, circa 1914 (copy)
    Rice grown on Froitzheim estate at Callahan, 1937
2-14   Carl Froitzheim slides [2x2, color: June, 1968, July, 1969, n.d.]
    rice scenes in Crowley area [6 items]
V. Other
2-15   Abbeville Rice Mill purchase receipts to John Abshire, 24 April to 1 June 1902 (or 1962). 9 items, laminated
2-16 Miscellaneous material related to Europe, especially Italy
    List of contacts
    “Persons conferred with by members of rice survey team during their tour of Common Market,” n.d.
    Itinerary of Mr. And Mrs. A. J. Johnson, n.d.
    Statistics: Production (of rice in Italy) 1959-1960 [Italian and English sheets]
2-17 Southern Pacific Lines, Freight Traffic Department
    “Louisiana Rice: Total Acreage and Yield per Acre; Total Production and Price per Bushel” 26 Nov. 1945 [source: Bureau of Agricultural Economics Crop Reporting Board, USDA]

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