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Guide to Collections in the University Archives
David Reichard Williams Papers
Collection 27
Williams, David Reichard (1890-1962). Papers, 1847 (1915-1984) - 1986
25 feet

David Williams was an architect, a government official, a city planner, a bon vivant, and a Texan. Born in 1890 near Childress on the Texas panhandle, Williams never separated himself from the values instilled by a childhood on the frontier or by growing up in the great expansiveness of his native state. Williams remained in Childress until 1913 when he left for Austin and an education at the University of Texas. Interests in architecture and engineering honed through work in a railroad foundry and correspondence study were developed at the university. He also served as staff member and editor of the yearbook, Cactus. Just before graduation he answered a bulletin board advertisement which led him to Tampico, Mexico and a short career in the oilfields. His engineering and architectural work in Mexico was set amidst the revolution which occasionally complicated life in Tampico. Nevertheless, Williams was able to amass a small fortune which allowed him to tour Europe in the early 1920s. Here he furthered his education in architecture and acquired a notable rare book collection which specialized in Renaissance architecture.

Williams returned from Europe and established an architectural practice in Dallas, Texas in 1924. During the next nine years he evolved a style which borrowed heavily from pioneer Texas buildings. Williams called this the "indigenous architecture." It became very influential in the southwest as practiced by Williams' disciples O'Neil Ford and Arch Swank. As Williams became a national figure he took his indigenous theories with him and introduced them to a larger audience. While in Dallas Williams became the center of a coterie of artists who heavily influenced the cultural life of the city then and of the entire state for many years thereafter.

With the worsening of the Depression Williams became involved with community planning and the building of rural communities for the dispossessed first for the state and later at the national level. He was directly involved with the development of rural communities in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Alaska. In 1936 Williams began working for the National Youth Administration where he eventually became Deputy Administrator. Again he was heavily involved with planning and architecture activities, including the La Villita project in San Antonio.

During World War II Williams served in two different capacities. First he worked with war housing where he made pioneering efforts in the field of prefabrication. Second he worked in Central and South America on road building and site planning operations. It was while he was in Central America that he survived an airplanecrash but sustained a broken neck. Although he was not disabled by the accident, he never fully recovered and had health difficulties for the remainder of his life.

From 1945 until his retirement in 1951 Williams worked for a number of governmental agencies planning hospitals, designing tropic and arctic housing, and developing special housing projects in Venezuela. The employing agencies included USPHS, UNRRA, and the Housing and Home Finance Agency.

In retirement Williams resided in Lafayette, Louisiana where he served as a consultant and was active in the American Institute of Architects, the Texas Society of Architects, and the American Planning and Civic Association. He played a key role in obtaining the Louis Sullivan papers stored in Ocean Springs, Mississippi for the AIA. As a capstone to his career Williams was elected to a Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects in 1960.

One of Williams greatest contributions to architecture was his influence on promising young practitioners, especially during the Depression years. Williams tried to provide as many jobs as he could find for as many architects as possible. In this and other ways he influenced the life and career of men such as O'Neil Ford, Arch B. Swank, John Pritchard, Richard J. Neutra, Marshall Shaffer, and J. Palmer Boggs.

On December 31, 1934 Williams married Louise Lyle Givens of Lafayette, Louisiana. This collection is also a reflection of the life and work of Lyle, especially following Dave's death in 1962. Lyle was active in such groups as AAUW and the League of Women Voters. Before 1951 she worked for the American Red Cross while after the move to Lafayette she taught English at USL. The Williams' were both active in cultural organizations including little theatre groups in Dallas, Alexandria, Virginia, and Lafayette; the Lafayette Museum; and art groups.

Davida Williams was born in 1939. Many aspects of her life in the family are also chronicled in the collection, especially her interest in and talent for art. Williams was an avid amateur photographer so the collection contains an extensive subsection of photographs.

Among the many subjects and people represented in the collection are:
        Alexandria (Virginia)--Description and Travel
        American Association of University Women. Lafayette (Louisiana)
        American Association of University Women. Louisiana Branch
        American Institute of Architects
        American Institute of Architects. Dallas (Texas) Chapter
        Architecture--Texas--Pictorial Views
        Architecture--United States
        Architecture, Domestic--United States
        Architecture, Modern--United States
        Avion Village (Texas)
        Central America--Description and Travel
        Cherry Lake (Florida)
        Community Development--United States
        Democratic Party
        Downtown Lafayette Unlimited
        Emergency Housing--United States
        Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Lafayette (Louisiana)
        Europe--Pictorial Views
        Federal Aid to Community Development
        Federal Emergency Relief Agency
        Federal Works Agency, Mutual Ownership Defense Housing
        Friends of Dupré Library
        Historic Buildings--Conservation and Restoration--United States
        Historic Buildings--Texas--Pictorial Views
        Housing--United States
        Institute of Inter-American Affairs
        Lafayette (Louisiana)--History
        Lafayette (Louisiana) Little Theatre
        Lafayette (Louisiana) Museum
        Little Theatre of Dallas (Texas)
        Matanuska Valley, Alaska
        Mexico--Pictorial Views
        Mexico City (Mexico)--Pictorial Views
        National Youth Administration
        Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia
        Prefabricated Houses--United States
        Race Relations
        Raworth Family
        Tampico, Mexico--Pictorial Views
        Texas--Centennial Celebrations, 1936
        Texas--Description and Travel
        Texas Book Club
        Texas Society of Architects
        Torian Family
        United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency
        United States--History--20th Century
        University of Texas
        La Villita (San Antonio, Texas)
        Williams Family

        Asch, Nathan (1902-1964
        Baker, Jacob ([1895]-1967)
        Barnes, Ferguson
        Bell, Howard
        Black, Hulon W.
        Boggs, J. Palmer
        Borglum, Gutzon (1871-1941)
        Bowman, Mary R.
        Bromberg, Alfred L.
        Brown, Richard Rolland (1902- )
        Bryan, Ralph
        Bywater, Jerry (1906- )
        Campbell, Stew C. (1896- )
        Caputo, Mario V.
        Colvin, M. Milton
        Conley, Lucille
        Crowell, Evelyn Miller Pierce
        Davies, Ferguson
        DeWitt, Roscoe (1894- )
        Dugger, Jeannie
        Dugger, Ronnie (1930- )
        Durham, C. J. S. "Jack" [b. 1903]
        Drane, Hugh A. (1885-1967)
        Earle, Rona
        Evans, Ernestine (1889-1967)
        Ford, O'Neil (1905-1982)
        Gard, Wayne (1899- )
        Garner, Ruth
        George, Eugene
        Givens, Evelyn M.
        Givens, John S., III
        Givens, Richard C.
        Goldberg, Bernard
        Hader, John and Mathilda
        Hall, Weeks (-1958)
        Harris, August Watkins
        Harrison, Carter
        Hibben, Tom ([1894]-1952)
        Hogg, Ima (1882-1975)
        Hubbell, Julia B. (1889- )
        Hunt, Hallie Caldwell
        Jacobs, Leo B. (1902-1945)
        Jensen, Karl
        Johnson, Lyndon (1908-1973)
        Jones, Laura Stevens
        Karsten, Karl G. ([1892]-1968)
        Kellam, Jess G.
        King-Farlow, Denys and Margaret
        Kittrell, William H., Jr. ([1895]-1966)
        Knight, Theresa Campbell
        Kramer, Arthur L. (-1950)
        Landrum, Lynn V.
        Lomax, Alan (1915- )
        McCarthy, Muriel Q. (1933- )
        Mamalakis, Marie G.
        Marcus, H. Stanley (1905- )
        Maverick, Maruy (1895-1954
        Maxson, Harry I.
        Merrick, Bub
        Merrick, Ophelia R. (1883-1965)
        Nettleton, Denys
        Neutra, Dione (1906- )
        Neutra, Richard (1892-1970)
        Pettengill, George E.
        Price, Ed
        Pritchard, John H.
        Rayburn, Sam (1882-1961)
        Rennie, Leonard C.
        Rogers, William
        Saarinen, Eero (1910-1961)
        Sarre, A. J.
        Shafer, Harry L.
        Shaffer, Marshall
        Sloan, Blanding
        Sharp, Walter C.
        Stanley, Tom
        Stokowski, Leopold (1887-1977)
        Swank, Arch B., Jr.
        Stroube, W. C.
        Tibbetts, Marie
        Tolbert, Frank (1911-1984)
        Valient, Margaret
        Wade, Michael (1946- )
        Walser, Adrian A.
        Watkins, Evangeline
        Westbrook, Lawrence (1889-1964)
        Williams, Arthur (1880-1962)
        Williams, Aubrey (1890-1965)
        Williams, Dan R. (1890-1969)
        Williams, David Raworth
        Williams, Davida (1939- )
        Williams, Lyle Givens (1907- )
        Williams, Raworth
        Williams, Sumner (1901- )
        Willson, Corwin
        Winn, James Buchanan, Jr.
        Wright, Frank Lloyd (1869-1959)
        Wright, Richardson (1887-1961)
        Zisman, Sam B.


I. Personal Papers
A. General Correspondence
     1. 1915-1962     1-1 thru 6-11
     2. 1962-     6-12 thru 7-12
B. Family Correspondence, 1902-     7-13 thru 13-9
C. Other
     1. To 1916
         a. Biographical     13-10 thru 13-14
         b. Other     13-15
     2. Tampico (1916-1922)     13-16 thru 13-20; 59-12
     3. Europe (1922-1924)     13-21 thru 13-22; 57-3
     4. Dallas (1924-1932)
         a. Biographical 14-1 thru 14-10; 57-3; Map Case 18-3
         b. Other     14-11 thru 14-14
     5. FERA (1933-1936)
         a. Biographical     14-15 thru 14-18; 57-1
         b. Other     14-19 thru 14-24
     6. NYA (1936-1941)
         a. Biographical     15-1 thru 15-9; 57-1, 57-2; 59-14
         b. Other 15-10 thru 16-7; 59-15; Map Case 18-4, 20-4
     7. Defense Housing (1941-1943)
         a. Biographical     16-8 thru 16-16; 57-7
         b. Other     16-17 thru 16-19
     8. Latin America (1943-1945; 1947-1948; etc.)
         a. Biographical     16-20 thru 16-29
         b. Other 17-1 thru 17-14; 58-7; 59-12; Map Case 23-4
     9. UNRRA (1945-1947)     18-1 thru 18-7
     10. Public Health Service (Hospitals) and Housing and
         Home Finance Agency (1949-1951)

         a. Biographical     18-8 thru 18-15; 57-10
         b. Other     18-16 thru 19-5
     11. Governmental Service     19-6
     12. Retirement
         a. Biographical     19-7 thru 20-10;
    57-1, 57-2, 57-10; 59-8; Map Case 18-2, 18-3
             1. Architecture     20-11 thru 22-11; 57-2
             2. Family and Friends     22-12 thru 22-14
         b. Other
             1. Lafayette and Louisiana
    22-15 thru 23-7; 59-11; Map Case 18-5
             2. Texas
    23-8 thru 23-14; 59-9, 59-10; Map Case 18-4
             3. South     23-15
             4. Politics     24-1 thru 24-4
             5. Miscellaneous     24-5 thru 24-8
     13. Lyle, 1962-
         a. Biographical     24-9 thru 26-1
         b. Other     26-2 thru 26-9; Map Case 18-4, 18-6
     14. General
         a. Families     26-10 thru 26-16; 57-1
         b. Books     26-17 thru 27-4

II. Professional Papers
    A. Private Architectural Practice (1923-1932)

     27-5 thru 27-13; 57-5, 57-6; Map Case 18-1, 18-2
     B. Rehabilitation and Resettlement (1933-1937)
    27-14 thru 30-8; 58-1 thru 58-11; Map Case 19-1, 19-2
     C. NYA (1936-1941)
    30-9 thru 33-7; 58-1 thru 58-12; Map Case 20-1 thru 20-4
     D. Defense Housing (1941-1942)
    33-8 thru 34-15; 59-1 thru 59-6; Map Case 21-1 thru 22-2
     E. Latin America
         1943-1944: Office of the Co-ordinator of Inter-American Affairs
         1947-1948: Instituto Techico de Immigracion Y Colonizacion
    35-1 thru 35-7; Map Case 23-1 thru 23-3
     F. UNRRA (1945-1947), Public Health Service (1949-1950) and
        Housing and Home Finance Agency (1950-1951)

    35-8 thru 36-12; Map Case 23-5, 23-6

III. Miscellaneous
     A. Michael Wade Material     36-13 thru 36-16
     B. Art Work     36-17; 59-13; Map Case 18-3
     C. Others     37-1

IV. Photographs
     A. DRW and family     37-2 thru 39-5; 57-4; Map Case 20-4
     B. Friends         39-6 thru 39-19; 57-4
     C. Subject
     1. Texas     39-20 thru 42-13
         [includes DRW architecture and indigenous]
     2. Latin America     42-14 thru 44-2
         [includes Tampico and Mexico; Nicaragua; Honduras;
            Colombia; and Venezuela]

     3. Europe     44-3 thru 45-5
     4. FERA     45-6 thru 48-4
     5. National Youth Administration-NYA (and WPA)
    48-5 thru 48-11
     6. Defense Housing and UNRRA     48-12 thru 49-5
     7. Places     49-6 thru 49-15
     8. Miscellaneous     49-16 and 49-17

     D. 35 mm Contact Prints and Negatives     Box 50

V. Magnetic Tapes     Box 51, 52, 53

VI. Artifacts     53-1

VII. Books     Box 54, 55, 56

VIII. Oversized     Box 57, 58, 59; Map Case Drawers 18-23


I. Personal Papers A. General Correspondence 1. 1915-1962
    [* denotes more than one item in folder
    ^ denotes letter to Lyle
    # denotes DRW to an individual
    @ denotes Lyle to recipient
    % denotes Christmas card
    & denotes letter to third party]

1-1     1915: June - July
        Crabbs, Franklin D.            Powell, Jack H.
        Crabbs, Leo B.                Turner, Tan
        Gregory, T.W.
    [editorship of Cactus]

1-2     1918-1922
        Bushnell, Edward            Dunkerley, Floyd W.
        Coves, Sam L. (?) (has        Ripehaus (?), W.F.
         DRW marginalia added in     Robertson, Scott L.
         1961)                    *Williams, Mickey

1-3     1922-1929
        Ford, O'Neil    Crystal ? (re: "Booze Art Brawl," 1925)
        Grand, Ted     Lois (?)

1-4     1930
        Buttram, Frank             Landrum, Lynn W.
        &Drane, F.N.                 Jean Mc
        Hinsdell, Oliver             Vera and Bert ?
        King-Farlow, Denys
    [Dallas Little Theatre]

1-5     1931-1932
        *Hogg, Ima                Rogers, William
        [Hubbell], Julia B.         Rohrbach, R. M.
        [King-Farlow], Denys         &Slaughter, J. W.
        Pierce, Evelyn Miller         Harry ?
    [Dallas Little Theatre; Woodlake]

1-6     1933
        Holland, Leicester B.
        Lawther, Harry P. (DRW drawing on back)
        &Marbrut, C.F.
        *Maverick, Maury
        Robinson, E.W. to Hugh A. Drane
        *Trimble, Smith and Henry A. Wallace
        Vogely (?), Werner

1-7     1934: January - June
        Beibl, F. Graham             Mitchell, Ben H.
        Biggers, Mary Morton         &O'Neal, Ben G.
        *Bliven, Bruce                Pieper, J.J.
        Boardman, John B.            Pritchard, John
        Bowman, Mary R.            &Reynolds, C.B.
        Canfield, John             Robert, L.W., Jr.
        &Carpenter, J.W.            Sheppard, Morris
        Drane, Hugh and Annabelle     Taylor, Mary K.
        Giesecke, Bertram E.        &Thompson, H. K.
        Harrison, Carter            &Wiess, H.C.
        Howard, K.G.                Allen ?
        &Hughes, Charles E.            Bill ?
        Kramer, Arthur L.            Clare ?
        McDaniel, Lucy C.            Marion ?
    [Texas Relief Commission; FERA; Woodlake]

1-8     1934: July - December
        &Baugh, E.A.                 Kramer, Arthur L.
        Benedict, Mr. and Mrs. H.Y.     *Marcus, H. Stanley
        Bickerstaff, Vera            Maxson, Harry I.
        Butts, Rotha Brantley         Pierce, Evelyn Miller
        *Chokla, Sarah                [Price], Ed
        *Downey, George J.            Pritchard, John
        Forbes, Ligon Smith            Robinson, Taylor
        Ford, O'Neil                *Sharp, Walter C.
        Forrester-O'Brien, Esse        Sharp, Walter C. to John
        French, W.E.                 A. Lomax
        #Giesecke, Bertram E.        *Trimble, Smith and
        Handman, Max; Elmer Scott;     Kemmerer, E. W.
         Gaynell Hawkins            Williams, Nathan Bone
        Hawkins, Gaynell
    [Texas Centennial; Texas Relief Commission; Cherry Lake]

1-9     1935: January - June
        &Barnes [History Department,    Hamilton, Charles W.
         Rice Institute] re:        Hedges, M. H.
         Rosedown Plantation        Ihlder, John
        *Barns, Florence E.            Koch, Hugo F.
        Beckwith, Ward                *Maxson, Harry I.
        &Boyer, F. Walter            Miller, J. Owsley
        Bucky, F.W., Jr.            Randle, Henry
        *Braun, C.B. and J.C. Capt    Ratchfords, Fannie
        Exline, Margaret            *Roberts, Robert S.
        *&French, W.E.            Stefannson, Vilhjalmur
        Frank Fritts, cover letter    *Sullivan, Daniel J.
         and "An Essay on Simian        Taylor, Carl C.
         Sociology                Wright, Frank Lloyd
        Gardner, R. H.
    [FERA; Matanuska; Cherry Lake]

1-10     1935: July - December
        *Bucky, Frederick W., Jr.    King-Farlow, Denys
        *Burlingame, G.G.            *Kittrell, W.H., Jr.
        #Collier, P.F., and Son        Langley, Gene E.
         Corporation                Lomax, Alan
        [Ford, O']Neil             &Neely, Frank H.
        Fry, Homer L.                 Pierce, William B.
        #Fry, W.B., draft; signed     *Pritchard, John
         by Westbrook                Stell, Tom
        *&Fuller, S.R., Jr.            #Stevens, Harrison A.
        &Goodman, A.M.                Ummel, J.R.
        Hunt, [Leroy P].            *#Westbrook, Lawrence
        *Jacobs, Leo B.             "Magnolia"
        Joyce, Joan Goodnight        ^Marjorie
    [Texas Centennial; Matanuska; Pine Mountain Valley]

1-11     1936: March - August
        Buster, Grace Terry            Pritchard, John
        Capt, J.C.                ^Reeves, Ruth
        &Haber, William            &Schoeffler, Ernest
        Hardee, J. E.                #Shepperson, Gay B.
        Hexter, George J.            Taylor, Richardson
        ^Hogg, Ima                 Thompson, Helen K.
        *James, Robert O.            Turner, Julia
        Kinnear, Harry L.            Westbrook, Lawrence
        Mackenzie, Cameron            *Williams, Aubrey
        Nan, Mary                    Frank ?
    [Texas Centennial; Shafer Invention; FERA]

1-12     1936: September - December
        Adams, Foster             *Karsten, Karl G.
        Barksdale, Viola         %Kittrell, Bill and family
        %Benedict Mr .and Mrs. H.Y. Jacobs, Leo B.
        *Broemel, Carl W.         Lund, C.B.
        Brown, Norbert          #McDonald, Stewart
        Brown, Richard R.         Marcus, H. Stanley
        #Cahill, Holger         Odlum, S.A. to H.L. Shafer
        %Durham, Jack and Ethel     &Rennie, Leonard C.
        #Flack, Charles         *Shafer, H.L.
        #Ford, O'Neil             #Stanley, Louise
        Frost, Jack              #*Washington Loan and
        *Garver, Ruth             Trust Company
        %Hogg, Ima             *Westbrook, Lawrence
        Ireland, Merritte         Wilson, William L.
    [Texas Centennial; Matanuska]

1-13     1937: January - March
        &Broemel, Carl W.         Rheinstrom, Charles A.
        #Brown, Richard R.        Roosevelt, Eleanor
        *Collins, J.J.            #Rushing, E.O.
        #County Clerk, Dallas    &Seville, E. Ellsworth
        #Dayls, Thomas A.        Shafer, H.L.
        *Gard, Wayne            Stanley, Thomas J.
        Holmes, William H., Jr.     Sulzman, Merrill
        *Jacobs, Leo B.         #Sutton, Isaac
        *Kittrell, W.H., Jr.    #Walker, Iris
        Kramer, Frances        #Washington Loan and Trust
        &Lund, C.B.              Company
        McDonough, F.A.        #Wright, Richardson
    [Lyndon B. Johnson; Matanuska]

1-14     1937: April - June
        #Bennett, W.T.            Johnson, J.F.
        Boggs, J. Palmer        Johnson, Lyndon
        #Bruce, Louis R.        #King, Mr.
        Campbell, Dorothea        #Kittrell, W.H., Jr.
        *Campbell, Stew        Price, Ed
        *Caputo, Mario V.        Shafer, H.L.
        Clarke, Edith H.        Sullivan, Mary
        ^Evans, Ernestine        #Washington Loan and Trust
        #Hesley, Karl             Company
        #Hewett, Charles G.        Witt, Edgar E.
        *Jacobs, Leo B.        *Woodhouse, Elizabeth
        #Johnson, A. Rex        Wright, Richardson
    [Matanuska; Pine Mountain Valley]

1-15     1937: July - September
        #Bennett, Alice K.        Hoffmeister, Clara
        #Black, Francoise        *Hull, J.W.
        #Bought, Miss            #Kelly, Frances
        *Boggs, J. Palmer        *Knapp, Everett
        &Butler, Ovid             #Laughlin, Miss
        &Callaghan, Glenn S.    Stewart, Paul M.
        *Crowell, Evelyn Miller    *[Tibbetts. Marie]
        *de Tarnowsky, Ivan        *Trent, Sarah B.
        ^Evans, Ernestine        #Wheatley, Mary Virginia
        #Ford, O'Neil

1-16     1937: October - December
        %[Brown], Dick                Lubin, Isador
        Callaghan, Cal                *Moore, Harry E.
        Colvin, H. Milton            #Moore, V.I.
        ^de Tarnowsky, Ivan            Nice, Harry W. and Howard
        #Flint, Lester W.             W. Jackson
        [Ford, O']N[eil]            *Stuart, George M.
        Hopkins, Harry L., card        Warren, Gazzie Shuttle
        ^*[Hubbel], Julia, B., also     (Mrs. Guy I.)
         account of trip to Mexico    Westbrook, Lawrence
        Jacobs, Leo                *Williams, Arthur
        [Jensen], Karl                Youngblood, Jack
    [Matanuska; Christmas Cards]

1-17     1938: January - June
        Adams, Harry M.        Nicholoky, Gregory
        #Amible, Mrs. W.C.        Roosevelt, Eleanor, invitation
        *Bromberg, Alfred L.    #Rowe, Kenneth
        Bruce, Louis R.        #Shaffer, Marshall
        Caputo, Mario V.        Tibbetts, Marie
        Colvin, Milton         #*Washington Loan and Trust
        Cornwell, J. Leighton     Company
        Hopkins, Harry L.        ^Will, Carrie
        K[etchin] E[lla]        *Williams, Arthur
        *Jacobs, Leo B.        Williams, Mrs. B.S.
        &Jensen, Karl E.        #Williams, Elbert
        Lindeman, Eduard C.        Tony ?

1-18     1938: July - November
        Bletzacker, Clifford F.    ^Pinero, J.F.
        Broad, Thomas D.        *Quayle, Oliver A., Jr.
        Dillon, Charles        Sarre, A.J.
        *Ford, O'Neil            #Sharp, Walter C.
        [Gregory], Mildred        Sloat, E.C.
        Hercules, [DeJean]        &Taylor, Mary K.
        Hubbard, L.H. to Ford    Vander Schouw, Paul
        Jacobs, Leo B.            #Washington Loan and Trust
        Kelley, Frances         Company
        Ketchin, Ella            [Westbrook], Lawrence
         to Aubrey Williams        W P A, Recreation and Educa-
        Kirkpatrick, E.L.         tion Divisions
        Oxley, Howard W.        Bob ? [Tampico]
    [Pine Mountain Valley; NYA]

1-19     1938: December
        *Bingham, Harold C.        *Love, James B.
        Bromberg, Alfred L.        *McMullin , Frank B.
        Brown, Richard R.        Mecklem, M.H.
        *Bryan, John E.        *Munro, Ivan G.
        Bywaters, Jerry        *Neutra, Richard
        *Costigan, Mabel C.        Parker, Thomas C.
        [Coublin], Joe         #Washington Loan and Trust
        *Cowing,Walter S.         Company
        #Dabney, Lewis            *Weston, S. Burns
        #Ford, O'Neil            Williams, Aubrey [two memos,
        Frischknecht, Wilford G.     1 by DRW]
        Gordon, Jesse            #Williams, Dan from Marie
        &Hall, Bruce             Tibbetts
        Kastner, Alfred        &Wright, Barbara
        *Kealey, Daniel S.        *Atha ?
        #Ketchin, Ella

1-20     1939: January - March
        #Alderson, Joseph N. Neutra, Richard J.
        Bromberg, Alfred L.     *#Overton, Bruce
        #Conklin, Joe         *Owens, Carolyn
        [Ford, O']N[eil]     Pharr, Kelsey L.
        Holmes, George         *Powers, Joshua B.
        #Kellam, Jess C.     [Pritchard], John
        [Ketchin,] Ella     *Tibbetts, Marie
        #Kirkpatrick, E.L.     #Washington Loan & Trust Company
        [Jenson,] Karl         Westbrook, Lawrence; also
        Lassiter, Dillard B. Westbrook to Harry Hopkins
        #LeHand, Marguerite     ^Will, Carrie
        Meth, Miriam         *#Williams, Aubrey

1-21     1939: April - June
        Bingham, Harold C.        Norman W. Henley Publishing
        Carmody, John M.         Company
        Compton, Lewis            Parlin, H.T.
        Flynt, Ralph C.M.        ^Russell, Theresa
        Holt, Leila M.            Seszczynsk, Halina
        Horner, Charles F.        #*Washington Loan and Trust
        *Kittrell, W.H., Jr.     Company
        [Jenson,] K[arl]        Westbrook, Lawrence
        Levenson, Leonard        #Williams, Lola
        McLernon, George J.        Wright, Barbara
        ^Mullins, Marion         Edward ?
        Neutra, Dione            Jack ?

1-22     1939: July - August
        Broad, Thomas D.            #McLernon, George J.
        [Campbell], Stew            Neutra, Dione
        Carothers, O.H.            *Neutra, Richard and
        *Elson, Elizabeth: cover         Lawrence Westbrook
         letter for Cohen, Myer.    #Parlin, H.T.
         "Living Conditions in        Snowden, Kenneth A.
         Chinatown"                Tate, Sammy
        Fleming, W.E. (Bill)        Tibbetts, Marie: office
        #Greear, J.N. , Jr.             news; memos to Karl
        *Gregory, Mildred E.          Borders and D.B.
        #Gruening, Ernest             Lasseter
        ^[Hubbell], Julia B.        #Tilson, Thomas K.
        *Keerber, Anton            #Traxler, David B.
        #*Kellam, J.C.                #*Washington Loan and
        [Ketchin], Ella             Trust Company
        Lang Floral and Nursery        Westbrook [see Neutra]
         Company                    Williams, Aubrey

2-1     1939: September
        &Akridge, Garth H.        Quayle, Oliver A., Jr.
        Blondheim, Phil        Rennie, Leonard C.
        *Conley, Lucille        Rushing, Jack
        Fish, Dorris            Ryall, Donald R.
        &Hibben, Tom            *Tate, Sammy
        &Jensen, Karl E.        Tibbetts, Marie
        *Kellam, J.C.             Tilson, Beryl
        Landrum, Lynn W.        #*Washington Loan and Trust
        *Levy, Jacques F.         Company
        *Merrick, Tom H.        *Wright, Houston A.

2-2     1939: October
        *&Akridge, Garth H.        Merrick, Tom H.
        Barnett, Mercedes C.    ^Neutra, Dione
        Block, Lou            Neutra, Richard J.
        [Campbell], Stewart        &Powell, Oscar M.
        *[Conley], Lucille        Pritchard, John
        Daniel, Berthe            S., Anita
        Drane, Annabelle and    Scott, Reid B.
         Hugh                [Tibbetts], Marie
        Fires, A.J.            Tilson, Beryl
        ^[Hader], Mathilde         W., B.H.
        ^[Hibben], Carmela         *#Washington Loan and Trust
        Hibben, Thomas          Company
        [Jensen], Karl            &Williams, Aubrey
        *Kellam, J.C.         Agnes ?
        [King], Hannah         Al ?
        Lawrence, Neva Merrick    ^Caroline ?
        Maxson, Harry I.        ^Louise ?
    [Davida; NYA]

2-3     1939: October
        telegrams re: birth of Davida

2-4     1939: November - December
        #Blondheim, Phil         #NYA Staff
        Cowing, Walter S.         Neutra, Richard J.
        ^Day, Margery C.          %Page, Victor W.
        Elson, Elizabeth         #Quayle, Oliver A., Jr.
        #Fires, A.J.             Rice, Arthur H.
        #Fish, Dorris             #Rushing, Jack
        #Fleming, W.E.             Scott, Adelin White
        *Frost, Jack             #Scott, Reid B.
        *George, Lilian         %Seszczynska, Halina
        Horner, Charles F.         *Sloan, Blanding and Mildred
        ^[Hubbell], Julia B.     Sutton, Isaac C.
        *Karstens, Karl G. to     *Tate, Sammy
         Richard Neutra         #Tilson, Beryl
        *Kellam, J.C.             %Valiant, Margaret
        King, Hannah to Davida     #*Washington Loan and Trust
        Lasseter, Helen S.            Company
        #Lawrence, Neva (Mrs.S.S.) ^Will, Carrie
        ^Love, Dorothy             *Williams, Aubrey
        #Lull, Orren H.          Wythe, George
        *Marcus, H. Stanley         Atha ?
        Maverick, Maury          ^Dores ?
        NYA Procedures Section     Sylvia ?

2-5     1938-1939
        Mary Bowman, to Lyle (mainly: March 1939 - May 1939)

2-6     1930s: n.d.
        %Almirall, Elisabeth        [Jensen], Karl
         and Frank                #Kittrell, Bill
        *Borglum, Gutzon            Kramer, Frances
        Brown, T.R.                Lovencon, Alphonse L.
        Bryan, Ralph                O'Brien, Esse Forrester
        #[Campbell], Stew            Owens, Carolyn
        Crowell, Evelyn Miller        %Sarre, A.J.
        %DeWitt, Roscoe and Evelyn    &Striemer, Alfred
        #Evans, Ernestine            *Tibbetts, Marie
        Force, Elizabeth            V[aliant], M[argaret]
        *Ford, O'Neil                %Wilson, William L.
        [Garver], Ruth                Fanita ?
        Hall, Weeks                 Gladys ?
    [Lyndon Johnson; NYA]]

2-7     1938-1939: transcripts (some partial) of telephone
        A. J. Sarre to DRW 8/27/1938
        Mr. Williams to Mayor LaGuardia 9/26/1938
        Aubrey Williams, DRW, and Alan Johnson 4/1/1939
        Aubrey Williams to DRW 4/3/1939
        A. J. Sarre to DRW 4/19/1939
        Blanding Sloan to DRW 7/29/1939
        Karl D. Hesley to DRW 8/23/1939
        Leon Crowell and DRW 8/25/1939
        Bernard Miller and DRW 12/11/1939

2-8     1940: January
        Barrett, Richard A.            Fraser, Peter M.
        Blondheim, Dorothy H.        Hibben, Tom
        ^Bowman, Mary R.             *Kallman, Alvan E.
        Burns, Robert Wayne            Maverick, Maury
        Callagham, Glenn S.            Popejoy, Tom L.
        Campbell, S[tew] C.            Shafer, H.L.
        *Conley, Lucille            *[Tibbetts], Marie
        Copeland, Leona            *#Washington Loan & Trust
        Cowing, Walter S.             Company
        [Ford, O']N[eil]            Webre, Edmond E.
        *Francis, Devon            ^Ella ?
    [NYA; La Villita]

2-9     1940: February - March
        Allen, Willie            *Shafer, H.L.
        *Atherton, Hubert Y.    Scott, Mrs. R.B.
        Black, Hulon W.        #Sloan, Blanding
        ^Boggs, Jenny             *Stokowski, Leopold
        ^Kellam, Louise        #Tibbetts, Marie
        ^King, Hannah             #*Washington Loan and Trust
        &Lee, Hamilton             Company
        ^Leigh, Frida            Webre, Edmond E.
        #Roach, J.L.             ^Westbrook, John
        #Scott, Anne            ^Jerry ?
    [NYA; St. Augustine Project]

2-10     1940: April
        *Allen, Winnie            *#Marcus, Stanley
        *Bardine, C. Myers        Parten, J.R.
        #Blondheim, Dorothy H.    Pettigrew, Mary
        Buster, Grace            #Robin, Emile A.
        #Copeland, Leona        Treadwell, Elizabeth
        Emmelhainz, E.A.        *#Washington Loan and Trust
        #Fires, A.J.             Company
        ^[Hader], Mathilde         #Webre, Edmond E.
        Hall, Ralph Cole        #Williams, Aubrey
        &Hastings, Cecil        *Wilson, William L.
        Johnson, J.M.            Youngblood, Joe A.
        Kittrell, W.H., Jr.        Hayes, Dr.
        #Laue, J. Charles        #Karl ?
        Lasseter, [Dillard B.]
    [NYA; St. Augustine Project]

2-11     1940: May - July
        *Barnhart, Horace C.    McGraw, William
        Broad, Thomas D.        Paul, Bill
        *Brooks, Pierce        #Pettengill, Admiral
        *Bryan, Ralph            Senior, Clarence
        Campbell, S[tewart] C.    Swift, Otis Peabody
        *Conley, Lucille        Taylor, Mildred
        Cowing, Walter S.        *Tibbetts, Marie
        *Ford, O'Neil            *Van Kleeck, Mary
        Gideon, Samuel E.        Vedder, Coy
        *Hall, Weeks            *#Washington Loan and Trust
        Harris, Helen M.         Company
        *Jensen, Karl E.        *&Winslow, Thacher
        Kaician, Frank
    [NYA; Shadows-on-the-Teche]

2-12     1940: August - September
        #Allen, Jack            *Mangums, The
        Anderson, Mary Stuart    *Neutra, Richard J.
        *Asch, Nathan            *Pritchard, John
        Buckner, Clark            Rennie, Leonard C.
        Carmody, John M.        Sanderson, George A.
        &Churchill, Henry S.     *Sloan, Blanding
        Crane, Jacob            *Swank, Arch B.
        &Feiss, Carl             Taylor, Q.C.
        Hall, Weeks            Ulman, Elinor
        &Hazen, Joseph C.        &Vermilyn, Howard P.
        &Hudnut, Joseph        #*Washington Loan and Trust
        *Kellam, J.C.             Company
        Larson, C. Theodore        Westlake, R.B.
        *McCraw, William        Williams, Aubrey
    [NYA; NYA Architecture, Design and Standards]
        [See 32-6 for publication]

2-13     1940: October
        #Asch, Nathan            Maxson, Harry I.
        *Broad, Thomas D.        &Moholy-Nagy, L.
        Fisher, Edwin J.        *Neutra, Richard J.
        #Flanagan, Billy        NYA Drafting Room
        &Gilham, L. Sigabee     #Swank, Arch B.
        Gregory, Mildred        Warehouse, Arthur
        *#Hazen, Joseph, Jr.    #*Washington Loan and Trust
        Hirshpeed, Casey         Company
        *Levy, Jacques Fernand    ^[Westbrook], John
        Lonberg-Holm, K.        Thelma ?
    [NYA; NYA Architecture: Design and Standards]

2-14     1940: November - December
        Baxter, Corinne        #Maxson, Harry I.
        *Block, Lou            *Neutra, Richard J.
        *Busbee, Colonel C.M.    *Pritchard, John
        *Finney, C.J.            Sloan, Blanding
        Flanagan, Billy        *Stell, Thomas J., Jr.
        *Fletcher, Joel L.        #*Washington Loan and Trust
        Flowers, Jarrett C.         Company
        #Gant, Mr.            #Witt, Edgar E.
        *Korn, Anton F.
        %Lomax, John A. and Ruby Terrill Lomax

2-15     1941: January - March
        *Baxter, Corinne    Neutra, Richard J. and Dione
        *&Edy, John N.        &Sarre, A.J.
        Jenson, Karl E.    #*Washington Loan and Trust Company
        Lasher, John H.
    [NYA; Defense Housing]

2-16     1941: April - June
        &Baxter, Corinne        *Neutra, Richard J.
        Beck, Henry C.            &Roberts, Frank M.
        &DeWitt, Roscoe P.        &Roensch, Burns
        &Flanagan, William E.    Russell, J.J.
        Fry, Homer I.            #*Westbrook, Lawrence
        #[Jensen], Karl        Don ?
    [Avion Village]

2-17     1941: July - December
        Beers, M. Marion        *Jensen, Karl E.
        Blum, Andrea            Johnson, George R.
        &Brink, Wellington         Morison, Janet
        &Cameron, D.E.A.        Neutra, Dione
        Cowing, Walter            *Neutra, Richard J.
        &Herbig, C. Herb        Stone, Ormond A.
        Hundahl, Ernest        Westbrook, Lawrence
        Irwin, Nelson            Wupper, Arthur
    [Avion Village; Defense Housing]

2-18     1942: January - December
        Baker, Jacob            Neutra, Dione
        Baxter, Corinne        Neutra, Richard
        &Cameron, D.E.A.         [Pritchard], John
        Campbell, Stew C.        Sewall, Agnes D.
        *&Crocker, Harry        *&Stone, Ormand A.
        Curtis, Mildred        Strawbridge, W. Duane
        Ford, O'Neil            Thornton, Robert P.
        Griggs, G. Gresham        Willis, Jane
        *&Jacobs, Leo B.        #*Worden and Schwarz.
        Jenks, Barton P., Jr.     Architects
        Kellam, J.C.            *Wright, Henry
        Kuhlman, Richard N.        ^Ellie ?
    [Defense Housing]

3-1     1943
        Barnes, Ferguson         Hamilton, Ed
        #&Borella, Vic             &LeCron, J.D.
        Bush, J.A.             &O'Neill, Charles
        *Clark, John N.         Peterson, Charles E.
        Curtis, Mildred L.         Rayburn, Sam
        Drane, Hugh A.             Rojas y Jerquin, J. Rafael
        Dyal, J.G.             ^Stewart, Harriette
        FPHA Staff             *Walser, Adrian A.
        ^[Hader], John and Mathilde Whitmore, John L.
    [Central America; Institute of Inter-American Affairs]

3-2     1944
        Algure, Daniel                Garcia de Paredes,
        Castiablanco, Gloria         Guillermo
        Clare, H., Jr.                Hull, [Cordell]
        ^Costillo, Toni            ^[King], Hannah
        [Culbertson], Ray and Sara    O'Neill, Charles
        #*Dreisbach, Albert R.        *&Schmidt, Howard D.
        &Englesby, T.H.            ^Cora ?
    [Central America; Institute of Inter-American Affairs]

3-3     1945: January - June
        ^Bowman, Mary                ^*Smith, Martha
        Eistetter, Beth            Sumner, Hallon W.
        Ford, O'Neil                Thompson, Eleanor
        [Hader], Mathilde            Thorlen, A. David, Jr.
        Icerrera, Joe                Torruella, J.
        King, Robert L.            Bedi ?
        Lambert, Joe O., Jr.        ^Aunt "Tutta"
    [Central America]

3-4     1945: July - December
        %Black, Hulon                ^Schwarte, Johanna
        Briggs, Sanford C.            &*Westbrook, Lawrence
        Bromberg, Alan R.            &Wythe, George
        Falla, Miguel Martinez        BGH
        &Henson, E. R.                ^Betty M.
        Houpt, Don T.                Jim ?
        *Neutra, Dione and Richard

3-5     1946
        Barnes, Ferguson            Rockefeller, Nelson A.
        [Bell], H[oward]            Short, C.W.
        Castillo, Justiniano        Thompson, Eleanor
        Davis, Ernst                Tolbert, Frank
        [Ford, O]'Neil                Westbrook, Lawrence
        [Hader], Mathilde            *Wright, Barbara
        %Laughlin, Anne            Wythe, Zoe
        Marcus, H. Stanley            ^Bettye ?
        *Neutra, Dione and Richard    Virginia ?
        %Powers, Al and Zara    
    [Blueprints for railroad locomotive and coach]

3-6     1947
        Brown, Richard R.        King, Hannah
        &Buller, H.G.            Neutra, Dione
        Castillo, Justiniano    #Odenbach Shipbuilding Corp.
        *Cordova, Andres        Powers, Zara
        Crews, J.M.            Rooks, Lowell W.
        Falla, Miguel Martinez    Sandoval, A.G.
        Gilbert, Jack N.        ^Stewart, Grace
        Grooscors, Julio        ^Stove, Margaret
        #Hamor, Ruth            Volz, John W.
        Karsten, Karl            Sandy ?
    [UNRRA; Venezuela]

3-7     1948: January - June
        *Bowman, Mary R.            *Mayer, Albert
        ^Campbell, Theresa            Smart, Joseph H.
        Clement, Harry G.            Stack, G.T.
        Culbertson, Sara            ^Winchester, Alice
        Jensen, Karl E.

3-8     1948: July - December
        Aguilar, Ramon R.            ^Stewart, Grace
        %Bywater, Jerry            Stouse, Emile
        Celis, German                %Thompson, Bess
        Culbertson, Sara and Ray        %Turner, Tan
        Dobie, J. Frank            Ulloa, Armando G.
        %Earle, Rona and Eldon        ^Vemmestad, Dagny
        [Hader], Mathilde            *Westbrook, Lawrence

        Hudson, J. Banks: eulogy of
         Harry Hopkins by John Steinbeck

3-9     1949: January - June
        &Applewhite, C.C.        Rosoff, Raymond
        Bell, Howard            Sloan, Tay
        Leclercq, Max            #Swank, Arch and Pat
        Oliver, Walter         Loia ?
        Purvis, Ralph
    [U.S. Public Health Sevice]

3-10     1949: July - December
        Bello G., Luis E.        Turner, John L.
        Bergan, Ernest            %Wilkins, Charles and Dorothy
        ^Carmody, John M.        #Williams, David R. [memo re:
        *Leclercq, Max             official hospital visit]
        Marcus, H. Stanley         Barbara?
        Montoya, Oscar            Lee ?
        Neufville, Celine R.    Loia ?
        Olson, M.A.            Oscar ?
        Pritchard, John H.

3-11     1940s: n.d.
        Clark, John M.                Tolbert, Frank
        #Galindo, Juan de Arco        #Bob ?,
        Gilham, L.S.                &Dryden
        *Grandstaff, Harriet P.        Sid ?
        Tibbetts, Marie            #Tomero ?

3-12     1950: January - June    
        Bobulz, Lola                Nelson, Rice
        ^Ford, Wandita and Michael     Neutra, Dione
        *Howe, George                Schuler, William F.
        ^McGrath, J. Howard            Smith, Edward W., Jr.
        Moran, Edward S., Jr.        Turner, Tan and Bulah

3-13     1950: July - December
        American Club, Caracas        *#Shire, A.C.
        Bowman, Mary R.            Stevens, Harrison
        &Crane, Jacob L.            %Storril, Jim L.
        Davis, Laura Lee            Taylor, Carl C.
        ^Hillger, Rachael and Bob    Wilkins, Dorothy
        &McCabe, Robert E.            *Willson, Corwin

3-14     1951: January - June
        American Red Cross cables    ^[King], Hannah
         [concerning earthquake     *&Laidig, Donald R.
         in San Salvadore]         Marcus, H. Stanley
        &Crane, Jacob L.            Neutra, Dione
        #Federal Government         Shire, A.C.
         Loyalty Review Board        &Swank, A.B., Jr.
        #Hill, C.R.                &Towne, Carroll A.
        Himes, Harold W.            Weir, R.J.
    [Tropical Housing; Latin America: Chile; San Salvadore]

3-15     1951: July - December
        Baker, Jake and Mildred        Schuler, William F.
        Bell, Howard and Frankie        Tilleux, Eugene A.
        %Bywaters, Jerry            Wagner, Bernard
        Cordova, Andy R.            other Christmas cards
        Larssen, Maud J.

3-16     1952: January - June
        Bell, Frankie                @Hall, Weeks
        Bell, Howard                Lane, Clifford J.
        *Bowman, Mary R.            *Schuler, William F.
        #[Bywaters], Jerry            Stewart, Peter
        [Earle], Rona                Helen ? [in Dallas]

3-17     1952: July - December
        American Club of Caracas        %Turner, Julia
        Blocker, Tom                %Wythe, George and Zoe
        Early, Fielding            Lee and Maurice ?
        ^Gregory, Verna            ^Ruby ?
        [Hibben], Carmela            John J. ? [observations
        %Pentz: Judy, Hurd and Lundy     on Korea]

3-18     1953: January - June
        Allen, Winnie                Marquis, A.N. Company
        Bowman, Mary R.            Rojas y Suarez, Juan
        #Bureau of Land Management     Francisco
        *Cameron, William and Co.    Schuler, William F.
        Davis, F.H.                Swank, Arch B., Jr.
        Drane, Hugh A.                [Tibbetts], Marie
        Knight, Theresa Campbell        ^[Williams], Anita
        Koch, J.Y.                Zisman, Sam B.

3-19     1953: July - December
        *^Bowman, Mary R.        %Knight, Theresa Campbell
        Childress County Old    [Leigh], Frida
         Settlers            Montgomery Ward of Ft. Worth
        [Earle], Rona            Neutra, Richard J.
        Hubbell, Julia B.        %Rojas, Juan Francisco
        %King-Farlow, Denys        Winn, James Buchanan
         and Margaret            ^Harriet ?

3-20     1954: January - June
        [Bell], Frankie            Logge, Don
        *Bowman, Mary R.            Pettengill, George E.
        *[King-Farlow], Denys and    Riley, Barton D.
         Margaret                University of Texas,
        [Hubbell], Julia B.             Architecture Alumni
        *&^Johnson, Lyndon B.         Association
        ^Karsten, Karl
    [ALA Rare Book Library; Government Employees' Compensation]

3-21     1954: July - December
        ^Bell, Howard and Frankie Orr, Douglas W.
        Cummings, George Bain     %Pentz, Hurd, Judy and Lundy
        %Eddy, Elizabeth         Pettengill, George B.
        ^Fuller, Helen          Potomac Credit Bureau
        *King-Farlow, Denys         Sigma Delta Chi
         and Margaret             Winn, James Buchanan, Jr.
        Knight, Theresa Campbell     Zisman, S.B.
        Neutra, Dione and Richard Ruby ?
    [AIA donation]

4-1     1955: January - June
        *Bowman, Mary R.            Snavely, Ralph B.
        Covell, Howard V.            Univ. of Texas Architec-
        *Dabney, Crystal             ural Alumni Asso.
        Hoff, Bill                *&Williams, Anita
        Neutra, Dione and Richard    ^Elise ?
        Segura, Pearl Mary            ^Jane ?

4-2     1955: July - December
        Barnes, Ferguson            Pettengill, George E.
        ^Bennett, Juanita            Pritchard, John H. and
        ^Bowman, Mary                 Charlie
        %Gonzalez, Nina and Jose     Ratchford, Fannie
         Manuel                    Ross, Lee (?)
        Harris, August Watkins        Staub, John F.
        %King-Farlow, Denys            %White, Bob and Family
         and Margaret            Williams, Aubrey
        Johnson, Lady Bird            Winn, James Buchanan, Jr.
        %[Macklin], Caroline        Wolf, Albert J., Jr.
    [other Christmas cards]

4-3     1956: January - June
        Burden, Georgie            Tibbetts, Marie
        Fenet, Mary                Udden, S.M.
        Flowers, John G., Jr.        Elise ?
        *Maguire, Jack R.            Minnie ?
        ^Pavoire, Pilar            Pilly ?

4-4     1956: July - November
        Blessing, William            Flower, John
        Boggs, J. Palmer            *Foster, John T.
        *Bowman, Mary R.            *Harris, August Watkins
        Christian, Ben                Neutra, Dione and Richard
        #Circulation Manager,        Pettengill, George E.
         Times-Picayune            Strouss, Martin
        [Collins], Jack            Turner, John L.
        Connelly, W.J.                ^Elizabeth ?
    [Dixie Roto feature]

4-5     1956: December
        %Bell, Frankie and Howard Pettengill, George E.
        %Bywaters, Mary and Jerry Pritchard, John H.
        %Crowell, Evelyn Miller     Ratchford, Fannie
        Dabneys, The             %Tangert, Betty M.
        Dahl, George L.         Thibodeaux, Clare and Ben
        Dozer, Donald M.         %Tibbetts, Marie
        %Durhan, Ethel, Jack     %Wagner, Bernard and Gritle
         and Nancy             %[Walser,] Whip and Adeline
        Goldberg, Bertrand         ^Ed ?
        [Hader], John and      %Elise ?
         Mathilda             ^%Helen ?
        %Pentz, Judy, Hurd and     %Jane ?
         Lundy                 %Louis ?
    [Dave's Indigenous Bayou House Christmas card;
    other Christmas cards]

4-6     1957: January
        Allen, Winnie            Kemp, Harris A.
        Bowman, Gladys Grunlee    McKnight, Dick
        Bowman, Mary R.        Neutra, Dione
        Briggs, Sanford C.        Rolfe, Walter T.
        Harris, August Watkins    %White, Bob and family
        Harvey, Paul            ^Wise, Grayce
        %Hogg, Ima            Anita ?
    [Dave's Bayou House Christmas card]

4-7     1957: February - April
        Bowman, Mary R.            Hill, George W.
        *DeWitt, Roscoe P.            *McKnight, Dick
        Dumble, Barbara            Plumley, H. Ladd
        Eger, Robert L.            Rizzo, A.J.
        *Gervais, Florence H.        Sandfield, Max M.
        *Harris, August Watkins        Swank, Arch B., Jr.

4-8     1957: May - November
        *^Bowman, Mary R.            Lintzen, Lloyd
        Ford, O'Neil [in King-        ^[Macklin], Caroline
         Farlow]                    Perkins, David L.
        Frikart, John M.            Rockefeller, Winthrop
        Guidry, Robert L.            Swank, Patsy
        [Hader], Mathilde and John    Tibbetts, Marie
        Harris, August Watkins        Turner, Tan
        King-Farlow, Denys             ^Hilda ?

4-9     1957: December
        %Barber, Eleanor and John %Thibodeaux, Clare and Ben
        %Baud, Alice             Tibbetts, Marie
        %Bell, Frankie and Howard %Turner, Tan
        Bowman, Mary R.         %Winn, James Buchanan
        %Church, Mary             %^[Will], Carrie
        %[Hader], John and Mathilde %^Wise, Grayce
        %^[Hubbell], Julia B.     %^Ed?
        %Knight, Theresa Campbell Hannah ?
        [Leigh], Frida             Harriet ?
        %Martinez, Antonio y Marina ^Jeanie ?
    [other Christmas cards]

4-10     1958: January - June
        Ernest, George D., Jr.        Riggs National Bank
        [Hader], John and Mathilde    ^[Stewart], Grace
        Harper, Terrell R.            #Sweets Catalog Service
        King-Farlow, Denys            Tibbetts, Marie
        Lake, Vivian E.            Elise ?
        #Morris, Ted, Jr.             Roderick ?
        Neutra, Richard and Dione    

4-11     1958: July - November
        ^Chieri, Helen E.            *Pettengill, George E.
        Eickenricht, Marvin            Pritchard, John H.
        Ford, O'Neil                 *&Richards, John Noble
        Harris, August Watkins        Rosamond, William I.
        *[Hubbell], Julia B.        ^Spillers, Mary
        *Jensen, Karl E.            ^Elise ?
        *Karsten, Karl                ^Hannah ?
        King-Farlow, Denys [with Ford]
    [Sullivan library and AIA]

4-12     1958: December
        %^Clifford, Virginia        Rudesell, Vivian
        %Foster, Thomas Bell        Sowden, George S.
        %Mazza, Rena                %[Stewart], Grace
        Pritchard, John H.            %Turner, Tan
        %Ross, Jane and John        %Harriet ?
    [other Christmas cards]

4-13     1959: January - April
        Brown, Dick                ^Parr, Perry
        Devine, Beline                *Pettengill, George E.
        Harris, August Watkins        &Richards, John Noble
        *Jones, Laura                Tibbetts, Marie
        Lafayette Art Association    &Nan ?
    [Sullivan Library]

4-14     1959: May - June
        #Grant, U.S., III        *Pritchard, John H.
        McLernon, George J.        *&Rayburn, Sam
        *Morris, Edwin "Ted" E.    *Snavely, Ralph B.
        Pettengill, George E.
    [Sullivan Library; Sullivan window]

4-15     1959: July - October
        *&Bryan, Ralph                *Pettengill, George E.
        Carroll, J. Roy, Jr.        ^[Ross], Jane
        [Dabney], Crystal            *Westbrook, Lawrence
        *Eickenroht, Marvin            Virginia ?
        *Padgett, Dora A.
    [AIA Fellowship; Sullivan Library]

4-16     1959: November
        #Bollich, Celia        #Kennedy, Florence
        #Boudousquie, Adele        &Marcus, Stanley
        #Cornay, Mrs. Howard J.    &Merrill, W. Ralph
        &Dahl, George L.        Neutra, Dione
        #First National Bank,    &Neutra, Richard
         Lafayette            &Oglesby, E.O., Jr.
        &Fisher, J. Herschel    #Parrott, Martha Lee
        #Gardiner, Bill        #Peckham, Mrs. J.R
        &Goldberg, Bertrand        *&Saarinen, Eero
        &Goldstein, Louis A.    #Stansbury, Mike and Andree
        #Guilbeau, Sara        *Swank, Arch
        Hall, Weeks [see Swank,    #Turner, Mrs. Earl K.
         Arch]                #zur Burg, Pheme
    [AIA Fellowship; Shadows-On-The-Teche;
    Lafayette Art Association]

4-17     1959: December
        &Allen, William R., Jr.        &Koch, Carl
        &Biggs, Thomas J.            &Liddle, Jay T., Jr.
        &Boggs, J. Palmer            &Meyer, Howard R.
        &Bryan, Ralph                *&Pritchard, John H.
        &Bywaters, Jerry            Richards, John Noble
        Davidson, Virginia            &Rolfe, Walter T.
        &DeWitt, Roscoe            &Rowlett, John M.
        [Earle], Rona                &Staub, John F.
        &Eichenbaum, Howard            %Stroube, Bess and Cornie
        &Eickenroht, Marvin            *#&Swank, Arch
        &Ford, O'Neil                &Tatum, Herbert M.
        &Goldberg, Bertrand            %Troy, B.
        &Hoenack, August            %Turner, Tan
        %Jones, Laura                *%&Wagner, Bernard
        ^%Knight, Theresa Campbell    &Zisman, S.B.
    [& mainly copies of letters to AIA Jury of Fellows
    supporting DRW's nomination]

4-18     1950s: n.d.
        William F. Schuler (Sir "Bill")

4-19     1960: January - February
        #AIA Jury [re: O'Neil        Jones, Laura
         Ford's fellowship]        McCutchen, Sara
        Adelman, I.B.                McLaughlin, Robert W.
        Barefoot, N. Carl, Jr.        Miller, Albert L.
        Carroll, J. Roy, Jr.        Neutra, Richard
        Corgan, Jack                &Perkins, David L.
        Drane, Hugh                Pettengill, George E.
        Fisher, Herschel and        Pritchard, John H.
         Donald Jarvis            Seiferth, Solis
        Ford, O'Neil [see AIA Jury]    Stroube, W.C.
        *&George, Eugene, Jr.        Swank, Arch B.
        ^Harris, August Watkins        Tatum, Herbert M.
        Howland, Richard H.            Susan ?
    [AIA Fellowship; Shadows-on-the-Teche]

4-20     1960: March, 1-15
        Biggers, Mary Mouton        Mayeux, Marvin E.
        Bromberg, Alfred L.            #Montgomery, G.R.M.
        *^Bryan, Ralph                ^Rareshide, Henryetta
        @DeWitt, Roscoe            Smith, Willard
        *@Drane, Hugh                Staub, John F.
        *Fehr, Arthur                *@Stroube, Cornie
        Goldberg, Bertrand            Stroube, W.C.
        @Goldstein, Louis A.        *Swank, Arch
        *Hamilton, W.B.            Winn, James Buchanan, Jr.
        Harris, August Watkins        *&Hannah ?
    [AIA Fellowship]

4-21     1960: March, 16-31
        *AIA Housing Bureau            Nehrbass, Neil M.
        Baker, Jacob                Neutra, Richard
        *Barringer, Howard            Padgett, Dora A.
        ^Bowman, Mary                *Pritchard, John H.
        Gill, Grayson                Richards, John Noble
        Haskill, Douglas            Rolfe, Walter T.
        Hawkes, Pauline Parker        Rowlett, John M.
        Kaplan, Harry S.            @Saarinen, Eero
        *&Kellam, Jess C.            Seiferth, Solis
        Kittell, Bill                Shepherd, Carrie
        McLernon, George J.            Williams, Elbert Mrs.
    [AIA Fellowship]

4-22     1960: April
        Ackal, Gab and Parrott,    Karsten, Karl
         Martha Lee            Lasswell, Mary
        Belt, Ben C.            McCutchen, Sara
        Black, Hulon W.        MacKie, Fred J., Jr.
        Eichenbaum, Howard        @McLernon, George J.
        *Ford, O'Neil            @Parker, Polly
        Hamilton, Charles W.    Pritchard, John H.
        Harris, August Watkins    Wythe, George
        Jones, Laura
    [AIA Fellowship]

4-23     1960: May - July
        George, Eugene, Jr.        *Jones, Laura
        *Harris, August Watkins        Kaplan, Harry S.
        Hundley, Arthur R.            ^[Macklin], Caroline
        *Hunt, Hallie Caldwell        Ritter, Noma
        Johnson, Lyndon B.            Winn, James Buchanan, Jr.
    [AIA Fellowship]

5-1     1960: August - November
        Gardner, Bill                Neutra, Dione and Richard
        *Hunt, Hallie Caldwell        Rankin, J. Winfield
        *Jones, Laura             Ritter, Noma
        Korff, Alice G.            *^Shaw, Margo
        Lafayette Art Association    ^Shelton, Julie
        Maxson, Harry I.
    [AIA Exhibit of new Fellows]

5-2     1960: December
        ^Bowman, Mary R.        %King-Farlow, Denys and
        %^Clifford, Virginia     Margaret
        %Devine, Beline        %Turner, Tan
        George, Eugene, Jr.        %Westbrook, John and Lawrence
        %[Hader], John and        %^Carolyn ?
         Mathilde            %Clyde ?
        Kellam, Jess C.
    [other Christmas cards]

5-3     1960: n.d.
        %Ford, O'Neil            #Swank, Arch
        L. ?, Stella            Wiltshire, John
        McCutchen, Sara

5-4     1961: January - April
        *^Bowman, Mary R.            *Kone, Sam L.
        &Bromberg, Alan R.         ^Pavon, Pilar
        ^Dichmann, Mary E.            ^Pilcher, Anne
        [Hader], John and Mathilde    Plaisance, Ann Ingram
        *Harris, August Watkins        Ritter, Noma
        [Hunt], Hallie [Caldwell]    [Tibbetts], Marie
        *Jones, Laura

5-5     1961: May - August
        *&@Cadwallader, Charles        Jensen, Karl
        *Creer, Philip D.            #Kuhlmann, Mr.
        &Dugger, Ronnie            Marvel, Paula
        *&Ford, O'Neil                *Ransom, Harry
        ^Francis, Dorothy            Thedford, Betty Anne
        *George, Eugene, Jr.        Ethel and Clermont
        #Gilger, George A.            Jonnie ?
        Hamilton, Charles W.        Margaret and Emile
        Harris, August Watkins
    [University of Texas, donation of photographs]

5-6     1961: September - December
        Baud, Alice            %Hazinski, Harriet
        %Bromberg, Alan R.        Horn, Ernest B.
        ^&Cadwallader, Charlie    Miller, Virginia
        ^%Clifford, Virginia    %Pentz, Judy, Hurd and Lundy
        @Cutright, Paul G.        Ratchford, Fannie
        *^%Fogg, Mary Lou        %Turner, Tan
        George, W. Eugene, Jr.    %Frances ?
        Harris, August Watkins    ^Mabel ?
    [other Christmas cards]

5-7     1962: January - February
        Bradbury, Jimmy            Neutra, Richard and Dione
        Flowers, John G., Jr.        &Pritchard, John H.
        Koyl, George B.            Swank, Arch B.
        Lake, Vivian E.            Williams, Aubrey
        Mercey, Arch A.            

5-8     n.d.: A - H
        ^Bell, Frankie            Fayceaux, Margaret
        %^Benton, Lorene        ^Fletcher, Fannie
        *^Bowman, Mary R.        *Ford, O'Neil
        %Bradie, Barbara        Golden, Ben
        Bryan, Ralph            %[Hader], Mathilde and John
        Carr, Henry            Hibben, Tom
        ^Douglas, Nell            Hillyer, Bob
        *^Evans, Ernestine        *^[Hubbell], Julia B.

5-9     n.d.: J - T
        *Jensen, Karl E.            ^Pavon, Pilar
        *Jones, Laura                [Potts], Frances
        *%Karstens, Karl            *Pritchard, John H.
        *%King-Farlow, Denys and        Roby, Emile [includes
         Margaret                 drawings]
        Kleinman, Sylvia            Simpson, Anne
        Kramer, Frances            ^Stewart, Grace McCrory
        ^Leigh, Frida                *Swank, Arch
        LaMond, Stella                *%Tibbetts, Marie
        ^Neutra, Dione                Turner, Tan

5-10     Same: no last name

5-11     n.d.: drafts and partial drafts (handwritten) of letters
     by DRW

5-12     n.d.: Christmas cards A - E
        includes: Allan, Richard and Beverly
                 Bell, Frankie and Howard
                 Bowman, Mary R.
                 Church, Mary

5-13     n.d.: Christmas cards F - L
        includes: Groves, Grace
                 [Hader], John and Mathilde
                 Hibben, Camella
                 Hillyer, Rachael and Bob
                 Hubbell, Julia B.

5-14     n.d.: Christmas cards M - R
        includes: Marcus, Stanley and Billie
                 O'Neil, Nora
                 Osmum, Edith

5-15     n.d.: Christmas cards S - Z
        includes: Stroube, Bess and Cornie
                 Williams, Aubrey and Anita
                 Wythe, George and Zoe
                 zur Burg, Frederick and Phem

5-16     n.d.: Christmas cards no last name

6-1     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters A - B
        Abney, Edith                 Bond, Susan
        Allan. Beverly and Richard    Bowman, Mary R.
        Barnes, Esther and Fergie    Box, Emma
        Bates, Kay                Bradbury, James
        Baud, Alice M.                Brown, Richard R.
        Bell, Frankie                Bryan, Ralph
        Black, Hulon and Adel        Burden, Georgie

6-2     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters C - D
        Church, Mary                 Davis, Sibyl
        Coke, King and Rebecca         Delta Kappa Gamma
        Colcomb, Peggy                Devine, Beline L.
        Crump, Elaine and John        DeWaady, Mrs. D.A.
        Dabney, Crystal            Dobie, Ann B.
        Dallas Chapter of AIA        Drane, Hugh
        Davis, Dan and Bernice        Dupré, Edith Garland
        Davis, Helen and Jim        Durham, Jack

6-3     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters E - G
        Earley, Cadine             Frikart, Jack M.
        Flowers, John G., Jr.        Golden, Ben
        Ford, O'Neil

6-4     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters H
        Hamilton, Hubert and Mary Elizabeth Haskell, Douglas
        Hard, Beverly                     Hawkes, Pauline P.
        *Hader, John and Mathilde         Hibben, Louise
        Harris, August Watkins             Hubbell, Julia B.

6-5     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters I - L
        [Jensen,] Karl             Leigh, Frida Frazer
        Johnson, Lyndon B.            LeJeune, Ann
        Karlsbroten, Marie            Ling-Al, Li
        Karsten, Karl                Lockwood, Thelma

6-6     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters M - O
        McCrow, Louise                Moore, Ellen Bryan
        MacKenzie, Elizabeth        Mouton, J. Alfred and
        [Macklin], Caroline             Irene
        Marcus, Stanley            Neifert, Edna
        Marrionneaux, Ellie            Nelle, Ruth K.
        Mercey, Elena and Arch        Neutra, Richard and Dione
        Miller, Billie and Al        *O'Neil, Norah Seeby

6-7     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters P - R
        Pritchard, Charlie             Rees, Michael J.
        Pritchard, John H.             Riley, Jo
        Rareshide, Henryetta        Ritter, Noma
        Reed, Mary L.                Ross, Jane

6-8     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters S
        Shoemaker, Maurine            Stafford, Lois
         and Glenn                Stewart, Grace
        Smythe, Bess and Cyrus         Stouse, Marge and Emile
        Snyder, Ethel and Clermont    Stroube, Bess and Cornie
        Soulier, Stella R.            Sutherland, Mrs. R.E.L.

6-9     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters T - V
        *Tibbetts, Marie         Vincent, Ann
        Turner, Tan

6-10     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters W
        Walser, Whip and Adele     Williams, Lola D.
        Webb, Bernice            *Wythe, Zoe and George
        Williams, Aubrey

6-11     1962: Sympathy notes, cards, and letters
        no last name

I. Personal Papers A. General Correspondence 2. 1962-

6-12     1962: March - November
        Beeson, Dannie Lloyd         Guillory, Elizabeth M.
        Box, John Harold            Guy, William
        Courmier, Joan                *Harris, August Watkins
        *&Davidson, James J., Jr.    Hibben, Louise
        *&Drane, Hugh                 [Hubbell], Julia B.
        Ford, O'Neil                Bleeker ?
        *George, Eugene, Jr.        Hannah ?
        @Goldberg, Bertran
    [plaque on Hugh Drane house]

6-13     1962: December
        %Barnes, Esther and Fergie    %Osman, Edith
        %Bell, Frankie             %[Shaw], Margo
        Davidson, J.J., Jr.         [Stewart]. Grace
        %[Ford], Wanda                %Turner, Tan
        %[Hibben], Louise            %Wythe, George and Zoe
        %[Hubbell], Julia B.        %Marg ?
        Knight, Theresa Campbell        %Susan ?
        %Mercey, Arch and Elena        %Virginia ?
    [other Christmas cards]

6-14 1963
        %Bromberg, Alan R.            %Laughlin, Anne
        [Bryan], Ralph                Ling-Al, Li
        Denny, Grace                *Pritchard, John H.
        Harris, August Watkins        *Reed, Raymond D.
        Jones, Laura                Westbrook, John
    [other Christmas cards; Kennedy assassination;
    plaque for Drane house; USL Williams Award]

6-15     1964
        Baxter, Brenda                George, Eugene
        Beard, Ruth                Goldberg, Bertrand
        Coke, Rebecca W.            *Reed, Raymond D.
        Fletcher, Joel F.            Westbrook John
        [Ford, O'Neil]
    [other Christmas cards; USL Williams Award]

6-16     1965
        @Colcomb, Mrs.                @Pritchard, John H.
        [Cornwell], Don            *Shuffler, R. Henderson
        Dallas Chapter, AIA            Theriot, Roy R.
        [Dobbs], Katherine            Westbrook, John
        Fletcher, Fannie            Helen ?
        *Fletcher, Joel L.            @Justo?
        Garner, John C., Jr.        Muriel ?
        Hillyer, Rachael            *Norma ?
        Marcus, Stanley            P.A.P.
        *Neutra, Richard and Dione

6-17     1966-1968
        Cahan, Sandy            [Foley], Hannah
        [Coke], Rebecca        [Hader], Mathilde and John
        [Cornwell], Don        Marcus, Stanley
        [Dabney], Crystal        Neutra, Dione
        *Dobbs, Katherine        *Pettingill, George E.
        Drane, Anna Belle        [Shaw], Margo

6-18     1964: November - 1965
        letters from Mary Bowman

6-19     1966
        *Mary Bowman

6-20     1967-1968
        *Mary Bowman

7-1     1969-1971
        Dethloff, Henry C.            @Maguire, Jack R.
        @Ford, O'Neil                *Neutra, Dione
        @Kellogg, Richard E.        Pritchard, John H.
        Laughlin, Anne                *Rougeou, Clyde L.

7-2     1970
        [Dabney], Crystal            Ford, O'Neil

7-3     1972-1975
        Authement, Ray                Rougeou, Clyde L.
        *Booker, Terry                Snavely, Alice
        Bowman, Mary R.            Webb, Bernice
        [Burden], Georgie            [Westbrook], John
        Cadwallader, Hulon            Bill ?
        *Dethloff, Henry C.            Doris ?
        *[Hader], John and Mathilde    Elizabeth ?
        Kelley, Lee                Grace ?
        *Metcalf, Lee                Helen ?
        *Ragsdale, Crystal S.        Marueen ?

7-4     1976-1978
        Bedaton, J.J.                Jutson, Mary Carolyn
        Brooks, Joe                Kline, Sue
        Bowman, Mary R.            Meerzo, Albert K.
        Chiere, Helen                Pritchard, Charlie
        *Cutshaw, Becky S.            Spiers, Marie Celeste R.
        *Dietrich, Franz            Tolbert, Kay
        *[Dobbs], Katherine         Bill ?
        Ford, O'Neil                Burt ?
        Hader, Mathilde and John        %Elizabeth ?
        Hargrave, Una                Madeline ?
        &Howard, K.G.

7-5     1979-1981
        %Adams, Pat and Charlie        *Jutson, Mary Carolyn
        Bowman, Mary R.            LeBlanc, Donald
        Church, Mary                [McCarthy], Mickey
        [Dobbs], Katherine            Miller, Mary-Harriet
        Durham, Jack                Smythe, Anne B.
        Ford, Wanda                %Wythe, George and Zoe
        Hader, Mathilde
    [other Christmas cards and post cards;
    Sterling Street house fire]

7-6     1982
        [Bowman], Mary                 *Neutra, Dione
        Chiere, Helen                    Ramage, Margaret
        Cuff, Elizabeth L.                *Rudisell, Vivian
        Directory of American Scholars    [Trappey], Beatrice
        Fearney, Barbara and Ted            Vincent, David R.
        Guillory, J. B.                Carrie ?
        Heard, J.Norman                 Mary ?

7-7     1983-1986
        *Adams, Pat and Charlie        Mayor's Commission on the
        Bowman, Mary R.             Needs of Women
        Buie, Jimmie                *Neutra, Dione
        Burke, Jim                Pritchard, Charlie
        George, Mary Carolyn        *[Rudisell], Vivian
        *McCarthy, Mickey            [Wade], Mike
    [McCarthy's book on DRW]

7-8     1986-
        Jack Durham                Dione Neutra

7-9     n.d. (post 1962)
        Evelyn ?                    Nancy ?
        Katherine ?                Norma ?
        Mary ?                    *Parge ?
    [other postcards]

7-10     Correspondence concerning research on DRW: 1976-79
        *McCarthy, Mickey
            includes lists of material loaned to Mickey
             McCarthy from the collection; photographs of
             Pearce House, Dallas; and Brown House, Longview,
        *Wade, Mike
            John S. Givens to Wade, photocopy; Arch Swank to
             Wade, with note to Lyle

7-11     Correspondence concerning research on DRW: 1980 -
        Fossey, Mary Ellen
        @Gerckens, Laurence C.
        *Mickey McCarthy
        Swank, Arch, with sketches of "The Studio"

7-12     Correspondence concerning publication of McCarthy book and
     autograph party in Lafayette: 1984
        Coco, Wayne Lawrence        *McMurrin, Trudy
        Elder, Lorene                 includes publicity
        Fearney, Barbara            &Neutra, Dione
        &*Gard, Wayne                &Papademetriou, Peter C.
        George, Mary Hollers        Pritchard, Charlie
        &Higgenbotham, Belin J.,        Williams, Jere
         Jr.                        Anita ?
        *Lockwood, Thelma            Carrie ?
        *McCarthy, Mickey            Clare ?
        McMahon, Evelyn            Roma ?
    [includes 2 photographs]

I. Personal Papers     B. Family Correspondence, 1902-

7-13     1902, 1915-1919
        Dave to sister: 10/22/1902 (account of hand injury)
        Dan to Dave: ca. 1916
        Dave to "Folks": 6/25/1916 (clipping) (photocopied);
         5/1/1917; 10/23/1918
        Dave to various family members, from France: 4/21/1918;
         10/3/1918; 11/29/1918
        Sumner to Dave: 6/14/1915

7-14     1920s
        Dave to Mother: 4/30/1920 (photocopied)
        Dan to Dave: 4/9/1922; 12/16/1922; 3/16/1928
        Mother to Dave and Mickie: 10/26/1922

7-15     1930: May - November
        correspondence between Dave and Lyle

7-16     1931: January - April

7-17     1931: May

8-1     1931: June, 1-10

8-2     1931: June, 11-26
        Lyle to Dave, from Europe

8-3     1931: June 12-29
        Dave to Lyle

8-4     1931: July
        Lyle to Dave, from Europe

8-5     1931: July
        Dave to Lyle

8-6     1931: August
        Lyle to Dave, from Europe

8-7     1931: August
        Dave to Lyle

8-8     1931: September, 2-19
        Lyle to Dave, from Europe

8-9     1931: September, 2-21
        Dave to Lyle

8-10     1931: n.d.

8-11     1931: September, 19-29
        Lyle to Dave

8-12     1931: September 23-31
        Dave to Lyle

8-13     1931: October
        Dave to Lyle

8-14     1931: November

8-15     1931: December

8-16     1931: n.d.

9-1     1932: January
        Dave to Lyle

9-2     1932: February

9-3     1932: March

9-4     1932: April

9-5     1932: May

9-6     1932: June

9-7     1932: July

9-8     1932: August

9-9     1932: September

9-10     1932: October

9-11     1932: November

9-12     1932: December

9-13     1932: n.d.

9-14     1933: January

9-15     1933: February

9-16     1933: March

10-1     1933: April

10-2     1933: May

10-3     1933: June - July

10-4     1933: August - September

10-5     1933: October - November

10-6     1933: December

10-7     1934: January

10-8     1934: February

10-9     1934: March

10-10 1934: April

10-11 1934: May - December
        Bub (Merrick), August, 1934
        ^John Givens, August and October
        Raworth, November

10-12 1935: January - April
        $John S. Givens
        $Anna Hopkins Givens

10-13 1935: May - June
        Phelia                    ^John S. Givens
        *John S. Givens             *^Dave
        John S. Givens to Family        @Dave
        ^Tee                     ^Anna Hopkins Givens
    [Matanuska Colony]

10-14 1935: July
    [Matanuska Colony]

10-15 1935: August to December
        *^Dave                 $John S. Givens
        Dan                    ^Mattie (Belle)

11-1     1936
        ^#Dave                     Sumner Williams, Jr.
        John S. Givens [NYA work]    ^John S. Givens
        Dan                         Richard C. Givens

11-2     1937
        *#^Dave                     *Sumner Williams, Jr.

11-3     1938
        *#^Dave                    ^John

11-4     1939: January - September
        *#^Dave                     ^Phelia
        $Mattie Williams             Tom Tilson

11-5     1939: October - December
        $Dan                     *^Dave
        Dick Givens                ^Jean
        #Davida                    $Sallie Tilson
        Davida                    ^Phelia

11-6     1930s

11-7 1940
        *#^@Dave                    Ed Givens Gardiner
        Dan                        *$Phelia
    [La Villita; Saint Augustine; flood in Crowley]

        See also 49-10 for flood

11-8     1941
        #^@*Dave to Lyle

11-9     1942 - 1943: January
        *#^Dave: includes photographs of Beaumont
            Multimax project
        Dan to Elbert and Jeanne Williams
    [Multimax; Housing]

11-10 1943: April - May

11-11 1943: June - October
        Aunt Mattie to Davida

11-12 1943 - 1944: December - January
    [Costa Rico; Honduras]

11-13 1944: March - December
    [Panama; Antigua; Colombia]

11-14 1945
        *@Lyle                    ^Louise Givens Clegg
        Aunt Mattie to Davida        #^Dave

11-15 1946
        Dave to Davida (with comics in Spanish)

11-16 1947: March, August, November-December
        Evangeline W. Goodner to Dave
        John to Davida

11-17 1948: January

11-18 1948: January
        @Dave                    Dan
        Mom (Williams)                Davida

11-19 1948: February

11-20 1948: March - April
    [includes some sketches and photographs]

11-21 1948: February - April

11-22 1948: May - June
    [includes photographs]

11-23 1948: July
    [includes photographs and clippings]

12-1     1948: May - July

12-2     1948: August - October

12-3     1948: August - October

12-4     1948: n.d.
        Dave to Davida
    [includes hand drawn maps and photographs]

12-5     1948
        Dan                        Goodner, Vangie W.
        Dave (nephew)                "Mam" [Anna H. Givens]
        *^Davida                     to Davida
12-6 1949
        @Dave                     Goodner, Vangie W.
        $Davida                    Hopkins, [Annie]
        Belle, Anna Catherine        [Hunter], George and
        ^Gardiner, Ed                Dorothy

12-7     1949: May - August
        #^Dave     note from John Pritchard to Dave

12-8     1949: September
            includes letter from Raymond Rosoff

12-9     1949: October
        *#^@ Dave

12-10 1940s: n.d.

12-11 1950 - 1951
        Dan to Davida (poem)        *^Belle, Mattie
        ^Dave                    Dugger, Jan
        ^Davida                    Givens, John
        Davida to Louise            Hopkins, Mrs. Thomas
         Givens Clegg                 Benjamin, Jr.
        Phelia                    Merrick, Bub
        $Belle, Anne Catherine        Tolson, James Andrew

12-12 1952: January - April
        *@^Dave                    Dugger, Jeannie and
        *^Davida                     Ronnie

12-13 1952: May - December
        *^@Dave                *%Agnes
        *^Davida                *Dugger, Jeannie

12-14 1953
        ^@Dave                    Phelia
        Davida                    Givens, Dick and/or
        *Jean                     Evelyn

12-15 1954
        *@^Dave                    *Cousin Dorothy [Dorothy
        Davida                    E. Hunter]

12-16 1955 - 1956
        *Belle, Anna Catherine        Goodner, Vangie
        Dugger, Ronnie                Hunter, Dorothy E.
        %Boo [Anna Hopkins Givens]    ^@Dave
        Givens, Dick and Evelyn        Williams, Dave [nephew]
        %Givens, John and family        Lila

12-17 1957 - 1958
        Belle, Anna Catherine        Merrick, Phelia
        Dugger, Jeannie            Sewall, Paul and Lillian
        Boo [Anna Hopkins Givens]    *@^Dave
        Givens, Becky                *^Davida
        *Givens, Dick and Evelyn        *Williams, Dave [nephew]
        %Givens, John and family

12-18 1957 - 1958
        Davida to Lyle and/or Dave (from Tulane)

12-19 1959
        Delaney, Albert L.            *[Hunter], Dorothy E.
        Givens, Alice                Watkins, Evangeline
        *^Givens, Anna Hopkins [Boo]     *^@Dave
        *Givens, Cathy                Davida
        *Givens, Liz                Williams, Dave [nephew]
        Givens, John                Sallie
        Givens, Richard and Evelyn    Aunt Susie
        Head, Nancy

12-20 1960
        Givens, Cathy                [Hunter], Dorothy E.
        *Givens, Evelyn [letter         Tilson, Virginia
         to Anna Hopkins Givens]    *^@Dave
        *Givens, Liz [Elizabeth]
    [ALA Fellowship]

12-21 1961 - 1962: March
        Dugger, Ronnie                [Hunter], Dorothy E.
        Givens, Cathy                *^@Dave
        *Givens, Evelyn and Dick        Mary
        Givens, Liz [Elizabeth]
    [San Antonio]

13-1     1962: Sympathy cards and letters
        Delaney, Albert L.        Tilson, Virginia
        Givens, Dick, Evelyn    Watkins, Evangeline
         and children            Williams, Dan
        Givens, John            Williams, David R. [nephew]
        Givens, Liz            Williams, Jean
        *Merrick, Phelia        Williams, Sumner and Wanda
        [Merrick], Phelia May     Gayle
        Snyder, Mrs. Lee D.     Williams, Sumner, Jr.
         [Boo]                Ruth and Smitty

13-2     1962 - 1969    
        Abney, Edith                [Givens], Louise
        Belle, Anna Catherine        *McMahon, Davida
        Delaney, Albert L.            Snyder, Anna Hopkins
        Givens, Evelyn and Dick        *Williams, Jean
        Givens, John

13-3     1970-1979
        @Belle, Mattie                Givens, John
        Dugger, Ronnie                McMahon, David
        *Dugger, Jeanie            McMahon, Davida
        *Givens, Alice                Tichava, Sarah
         [Kellogg, Alice G.]        Torian Givens
        Givens, Evelyn and Dick

13-4     1980 -
        [Doyle], Louise         Givens, John
        [Givens], Becky         McMahon, Richie
        *Givens, Evelyn and Dick     Snyder, Anna Hopkins [Boo]

13-5     1979-1982
        eulogies for Peter Joseph Menconeri
            (husband of Cathy Givens)
        letter from Cathy to Lyle, 1/16/1980
        postcard from Inez and John to Lyle, 1982

13-6     n.d.
        Lyle, Dave, and Davida

13-7     n.d.: Williams Family
        Dan                        Phelia Merrick
        Dave (nephew)                Sallie Tilson
        Raworth                    Virginia Tilson

13-8     n.d.: Givens family
        Louise Givens Clegg         (Lyle's siblings)
        (nieces: especially Elizabeth)

13-9     n.d.
        Evangeline Watkins            Dorothy (Hunter)
        Helen Torian

I. Personal Papers C. Other 1. To 1916 a. Biographical

13-10 University of Texas material
        The Texan: 5/14/1913; 5/23/1913
        The Daily Texan: 10/15/1916; 10/22/1916
        The University of Texas Commoner: v. 1, # 4
         (broadside); v. 3, # 1, 4/30/1916
        The Blunderbuss: 4/1/1914; 4/1/1916

13-11 Same: clippings (Raworth); seal; anti-fraternity broadside

13-12 DRW at University of Texas: records
        bills from auditor, Fall, 1912
        commencement announcement, 1917 (Dan)
        transcript [1960, copy]

13-13 DRW at University of Texas: Cactus - editorship: clip-
     pings; petition; statement of goals; photographs of staff

13-14 DRW at University of Texas: Cactus: DRW drawings for
     1915 Cactus

     See also 15-2; Boxes 55 and 56 [issues of Cactus]

I. Personal Papers C. Other 1. To 1916 b. Other

13-15 Miscellaneous
        newspaper articles: 1899; 1907; 1914;
        mounted painting of Indian (copy)

     See also 3-5 for engineering drawings made while working
     for railroad in Childress

I. Personal Papers        C. Other        2. Tampico (1916-1922)
            a. Biographical

13-16 Financial records,
        including bank books and receipts for architectural

13-17 Legal records,
        including application for commission to War Department
         (March, 1918)

13-18 Writings
        poems (including later copies); story

13-19 Drawings
        place card; cartoon; example of lettering (with letter
         from K. G. Howard to O'Neil Ford (1/13/1978); blue-
         print, FW & DC Rig Company cost base for most standard
         derrick, 8/31/1915

13-20 Miscellaneous
        includes World War I Veteran's banner; passports

     See 42-14 thru 43-7 and 50-4 for photographs

I. Personal Papers        C. Other        3. Europe (1922-1924)

13-21 Miscellaneous
        calling cards; European money; drawing of Venice by

     See also 57-3

13-22 Sketchbook and architecture notes; drawings of Paris (2)

     See 44-3 thru 45-5 for photographs

I. Personal Papers        C. Other        4. Dallas (1924-1932)
            a. Biographical

14-1     Financial records: purchase receipts, 1924-1926

14-2     Architecture work

     See also 59-14

14-3     Writings: Southwestern Architect 10/1927 - 3/1928
        Williams served as Associate Editor
        includes Williams and Ford series on "Architecture of
         Early Texas"; one issue has detail of Williams
         designed entrance-way

14-4     Writings: Southwest Review 1928, 1931
        "An Indigenous Architecture of Colonial Texas,"drawings
         by O'Neil Ford, typescript; reprint (1928)
        "Toward a Southwestern Architecutre," Spring, 1931,
         typescripts; reprint (2 copies)

14-5     Drawings
        BoozeArt Bawl; Book Club of Texas illustrations
         (1 original; 1 clipping; 1 on promotional flyer)
        Christmas cards (DRW 1926, 1928 and 1959; 1929 and
         1960; 1931; Lyle, 1931; 2 views of Ship Rock, 1931);
         bookplate for Dan, n.d.

14-6     Drawings
        indigenious architecture; historic buildings; DRW

     See also 57-3

14-7     Dallas Little Theatre 1928, 1929, 1932
        clippings; program & magazine [photoreproductions];
         flat elevation drawing; engraving
        also partial program from Oak Cliff Little Theatre

14-8     Personal
        articles about DRW; certificates (Dallas Art Associa-
         tion Allied Arts Exhibition, 1932); family: drawing by
         Dave (nephew ?); reprint of editorial by Dan; wallet

14-9     Friends
        clippings; programs; catalogs mentioning Harrison
         Stevens, Jerry Bywater, John Douglass and Lynn Ford

14-10 Organizations (have some connection with DRW)
        Terpsichorean Club Dance programs and announcements;
         Dallas Shakespeare Club Program, 1930-1931; catalog
         for American Bookmaking exhibition (including title
         from Book Club of Texas), 1932

I. Personal Papers C. Other 4. Dallas (1924-1932) b. Other

14-11 Architecture material
        competition announcement with DRW marginalia; The
         Mentor, v. 15, # 12 (January, 1928); Southwestern
         Arts, v. 1, # 1 (August, 1932)

14-12 Architecture material
        Shelter, v. 2, # 4 (May, 1932) inscribed by Buckminster
         Fuller; typed notes from article in Shelter, November,
    [Buckminster Fuller]

14-13 Texas and Louisiana - description and travel
        includes articles on Nacogdoches, Panua Maria, Castro-
         ville; booklet on Louisiana flood of May-June, 1927

14-14 Miscellaneous
        concert or recital programs
        classification schedule, U.S. Shipping Board, 8/1925
        patent for advertising device issued to Harry L.
         Shafer, 9/8/1925
        Aneas Africames, text
        "Report of Messers Murdaugh and French Based on
         Observations and Information Collected on Western
         Trip," 1928

I. Personal Papers C. Other 5. FERA (1933-1936)
                a. Biographical

14-15 Financial Records (1934-1935, n.d.)
        receipts; bills; insurance policies

14-16 Articles about (1933-1934)
        includes articles on wedding to Lyle Givens; Bywaters,
         Jerry. "More about Southwestern Architecture,"
         Southwestern Review, n.d., pp. 235-264 +, photostat

     See also 57-1

14-17 Articles about FERA work (1934-1935)
        includes accounts of DRW's indigeneous architecture map

14-18 Miscellaneous
        includes: invitations (to wedding of John Lomax);
         lists of items loaned by DRW to museum of East
         Texas Teachers College; clipping on Grace Stewart

I. Personal Papers C. Other 5. FERA (1933-1936) b. Other

14-19 The Arts
        material on 1933 Allied Arts Exhibition of Dallas
        articles: Calahan, Lawrence Fox. "A Brief History of
         Furniture Periods," (1933) 9 p; Ellis, Grace McIlrath,
         "American Table Glass Has Ancestors," American Home
         (January, 1935), pp. 73-75; Contemporary Arts of the
         South and Southwest, 1-2/1933; 3-5/1933; Southwestern,
         v. 1, # 1 (Summer, 1935) (without cover)

14-20 Politics
        Common Sense, v. 2, # 4 (October 1933); Thomas, Norman,
         "Socialist Looks at the New Deal,"(1933) 19 p.; Beard,
         Charles A. "Hitlerism and Our Liberties," address,
         4/10/1934, 4 p.; Witt, Edgar, remarks at Jefferson Day
         Dinner, 4/13/1934, typescript (recalled from memory);
         typescript of clipping on speech; Ten Years I.R.I.:
         Report of the International Industrial Relations
         Institute, (1935); press release about speech by F.A.
         Silcox, Chief of Forest Service, 10/24/1934; Wallace,
         Henry A. "Toward a Unified Land Policy," address

14-21 Texas - description and travel
        article on Kennedy County

14-22 Material on design for 1939 New York World's Fair
        includes items by Edgar Chambless of the Brookings
         Institute and a proposal submitted by City Club

14-23 Radio script concerning models for City of the Future,
     inscribed to DRW by Frank Lloyd Wright

14-24 Miscellaneous speeches:
        Buck, Kate, "Progress in Healing, "10/8/1934
        "Petting," n.d.

I. Personal Papers C. Other 6. NYA (1936-1941) a. Biographical

15-1     Financial records
        miscellaneous bills, receipts, tax receipts (1936-1941)

15-2     Personnel records (1940-1941)
        job reclassification; travel vouchers; Personnel
         Information Sheet; list of jobs held 1898-1907

15-3     Writings (unpublished)
        reminiscences, ca 1936; vita

15-4     Biographical articles
        certificates (National Youth Aviation Corps, 8/13/1939)

     See also 57-1; 57-2

15-5     Miscellaneous
        Family: obituary for W. R. Tilson
                Christmas card lists: 1937, 1939
        membership cards
        material from Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
        filing index for personal papers in 1940

     See also 57-2; 59-14

15-6     Material related to Caribbean Cruise, 1/1938

15-7     Democratic Party
        functions: tickets, programs, invitations, etc., 1936-          1939; brochures; anti-FDR materials

15-8     Washington, D.C.
        tickets; passes; building dedication programs

15-9     Friends
        material on friends: Jerry Bywaters; Gutzon Borglum
         (articles); O'Neil Ford (clipping, article from Pencil
         Point); Maury Maverick (speech, 1940)
        poems by friends: Dick Brown; Carmela Hibben (note that
         published in Washington Post); Benjamin T. Montgomery;

I. Personal Papers C. Other 6. NYA (1936-1941) b. Other

15-10 National Peace Conference
        various publications 1937-1938

15-11 Politics
        Colvin, H. Milton,"President Roosevelt's Policy of 'The
         Good Neighbor' in Latin American Relationships," 1934
        cover letter to DRW, 1939; copy of letter from FDR,1934

15-12 Politics
        pamphlets of speeches by Nicholas Murry Butler; Donald
         C. Blaisdell; Herbert Hoover; clippings about war-
         preparedness (mainly pro in 1940); newsletter of
         Congressman Thomas R. Amlie, 1937 (Farm Tenancy);
         article: Atwater, Elton "Organized Efforts in the
         United States Toward Peace," (1936)

15-13 Government
        "I Was a Share Cropper," Report of Farm Security
         Administration in Texas and Oklahoma, n.d. - presented
         to DRW by Marjorie Sheffield
        report on houses built of earth by Resettlement
         Administration near Birmingham, 1937, typescript
        clipping on U. S. Folk Music collection at Library of
         Congress, 1940
        Rennie, Leonard C. and Will Burtin, "Federal Works
Agency Exhibit,: The Architectural Forum, July, 1940

15-14 Texas
        material on centennial including maps of grounds
        two completed forms on historic buildings in Texas
        program for 27th annual meeting of Texas Folk-Lore
        Writer's Project of WPA, Old Villita (San Antonio,

     See also 16-18 and Map Case 18-4

15-15 Louisiana
        miscellaneous materials on state scandals: clipping;
         handwritten poem
        Kniffen, Fred B., "Louisiana House Types," reprint from
         Annals of the Association of American Association of
         American Geographers, v. 26, # 4 (12/1936), 179-193
        account of "The Cottage," home of the Butler Family,
         West Feliciana Parish

15-16 Government publications
        Indians at Work, v. 4, # 22 (July 1, 1937)
        National Resources Committee. Our Cities - Their Role
         in the National Economy, Washington: GPO, 1937
        Bentlett, Lasier, "Carved Ornamentation of the
         California Mission Period," Southern California Index
         of American Design, # 1 (Los Angeles, 1940)

15-17 L'Illustration, partie 2
        4/8/1939, No. 5014; Berthet, Jean; "Les Vacances
        6/10/1939, No. 5023; Feyret-Chappuis, Charles de; "Feu
                        Monsieur Pic"
        6/17/1939, No. 5024; Amiel, Denys "La Maison Monestier"
        6/24/1939, No. 5025; Daimant-Berger, Maurice;
                        "Baignoire 'B'"

15-18 Same
        7/22/1939, No. 5029; Socorri, Claude; "Gabienne"
        8/5/1939, No. 5031; Louwyck, J. H.; "Danse Pour Ton
                        Ombre!" (Part 2)
        8/12/1939, No. 5032; Louwyck, J. H.; "Danse Pour Ton
                         Ombre!: (Part 3)
        8/19/1939, No. 5033; Roillet, Marius; "La Bete"
        9/2/1939, No. 5035; Jouglet, Rene; "La Nuit Magique"

15-19 Karsten, Karl,"The Doggett Plan of Job-Protection," 23 p.,
     mimeograph, ca. 1938

16-1     DRW interests
        material on photographs; material on aviation

16-2     NYA
        clipping; The Annals of the American Academy of
         Political and Social Science, November, 1937 (contains
         article by Aubrey Williams)
        dedication of Lufton (Texas) Community Center, 10/1939

16-3     Material on Leopold Stokowski (and All American Youth

     See also Map Case 20-4

16-4     Material on proposal for Jefferson Memorial
        typescript of speech (?) by Frank Lloyd Wright

16-5     Material on architecture and art
        includes Texas Architects Registration Law; Supplement
         to American Art Project Manual

16-6     Miscellaneous on politics
        articles about National Emergency Council report on the
        "Song of Security" by Rose Wies Shain
        McNutt, Paul V., "The Meaning of Modern Liberalism,"
         speech, 8/11/1939

16-7     Miscellaneous
        "How to Live on $15.00 a Week," typescript (humor)
        "Japanese Home Life in the Changing World," n.d., type-
        prospectus for investment in British Columbia gold mine
        "Car Cards Ready to Flash in Busses," (advertising
         ploy) Literary Digest, 9/5/1936
        guide to Third Annual Summer Festival, New York, 1937
        The Tech Review, Spring, 1939
        Teall Gardner, "A Revival of Interest in the Book-
         Plate," from International Studio, n.d., p. 71-76

     See also 59-15

I. Personal Papers C. Other 7. Defense Housing (1941-1943)
            a. Biographical

16-8     Financial materials (very scattered)

16-9     Personnel
        travel vouchers, memorandum, authorization requests,

16-10 Personnel
        travel schedules (handwritten by DRW); carrier receipts
         (very few)

16-11 Personnel
        receipts from hotels (7/1941 - 6/1942)

16-12 Personnel
        changes in employment status; application form, 12/1942

16-13 Personal
        clippings: Elbert Williams house
                 Lyle and Alexandria Little Theatre
        article: Brink, Wellington, "David Reichard Williams
                 Advance-Guard Architect," Holland's, v. 61,
                 # 4 (April, 1942) p. 4, 31
        material on consultation work:
                Index to Modern Living
                Channel Heights Project (Los Angeles housing)
                Week-end house for Henry L. Beck

     See also 16-16 and 57-7

16-14 Articles on housing work
        Architectural Forum, v. 76, # 5 (May, 1942)
        "Wartime Housing," The Bulletin of the Museum of
         Modern Art, v. 9, # 4 (May, 1942)
        "Low-Cost Houses," Architectural Forum, October, 1941

16-15 Clippings on housing projects (1941)

16-16 Material on Greenbelt Home Owners' Cooperation (1940)
        includes "Cooperative Housing in the District of
         Columbia," n.d.
            cooperative run by Karl Karsten; DRW and Richard
             Neutra consulting architects

I. Personal Papers C. Other 7. Defense Housing (1941-1943)
    b. Other

16-17 Goodwillie, Arthur. The Rehabilitation of Southwest
     Washington as a War Housing Measure, n.d.

16-18 Texas
        Writers' Program of the WPA, American Guide Series:
         Along the San Antonio River. (San Antonio, 1941)

     See also 15-14

16-19 Miscellaneous

I. Personal Papers     C. Other
8. Latin America (1943-1945; 1947-1948; other) a. Biographical

16-20 Financial materials, 1943-1945

16-21 Financial materials, 1947-1948

16-22 Personnel records
        daybook, 1/1943-2/1944; schedule, 11/1947
        pages from DRW's fieldbook, 1947-1948

16-23 Legal papers, 1944, 1947-1948

16-24 Writings
        Ingenieria y Arquitectura, v. 1, # 1 (2/1944);
         v. 1, # 4 (8/1944) DRW article

16-25 Clippings
        DRW's work, 1944, 1947-1948

16-26 Miscellaneous
        narrative, re: map of Nicaragua
        outline (typed) for program on Middle America problems
        humerous poem about field engineer and Washington
         office (typed - carbon)
        calling cards

16-27 Family: miscellaneous
        clippings            drawing of Lyle Givens Williams
        certificates        notes of LGW (Red Cross citations)
        DRW sketches

16-28 Notes on Latin America
        essays, bibliographies (prepared for class), Lyle's

16-29 Notes on Latin America
        DRW - miscellaneous

I. Personal Papers     C. Other
8. Latin America (1943-1945; 1947-1948; other)     b. Other

17-1     Housing
        Program for conference, Caracas 12/1947
        El Banco de Urbanizacion Y Rehabilitacion, Ciudad de
         Panama. Programa Para un Evaluacion de la Vivienda de
         la Ciudad de Panama," American Public Health
         Association, 1947

17-2     Pan American Union publications
        "Education in Latin America" - A Partial Bibliography;
        D'Araujo, Ignez Baretta Correia, Two Brazilians, 1949
        Instituto Interamericano de Estadistica, Documentation
         Estadistica Sobre el Analfabetismo y La Educacion en
         America, (9/1949)
        Carvallo, Sergio, Rural Electrification Cooperatives
         in Chile. Pan American Union, February, 1950
        Cuba, rev. ed., 1949
        Nannetti, Guillermo, UNESCO and the OAS in Latin
         America, May, 1950

17-3     Pan American Union - Division of Education Publications
        publications stemming from education conference in
         Montevideo, 1950
        Tejada, Carmela "El Seminario Interamericano de
         Alfabetizacion y Educacion de Adultos de Rio de
         Janeiro y El Programa Educativo de la Organizacion de
         los Estados Americanos," 1950

17-4     Miscellaneous materials on education
        pamphlets from Pan American Union:
            "Notes on Education in Latin America"
            "Some References on Latin America for Students"
            "Activities and Services in Latin America"
        Circular from Ecuadorian Institute of Anthropology and
        pamphlets: San Miguel de Allende Instituto (1960s)
                 Universitat Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
        typed notes on primary education in various countries
         (in Spanish); statistics (1940s)
        Conferencias del Dr. Diego Montana Cueller, Universitat
         Nactional Bogata, 1944

17-5     Miscellaneous material on Red Cross work in Latin America
        resolutions adopted by 7th regional conference, 1947
         (typed); regional report, 1950; Cruz Roja Juvenil
         Venezolana, v. 1 (10/1950)

17-6     Miscellaneous speeches
        by John C. McClintock; Jose Figueres; Olin E. Teague;
         John E. Grinnell; Fernando Chaves Nunez; Graham S.

17-7     Miscellaneous clippings and articles
        politics (mainly)

     See also 59-7

17-8     Americas, v. 4, #2 (March, 1952)

17-9     Description and travel
        Cusco, Lima, Colombia, Chile     miscellaneous maps

     See also Map Case 23-4

17-10 Magazines on Venezuela
        El Agricultor Venezolano, v. 12, # 129 (12/1947)
        Venezuela Up-To-Date, v. 6, # 12 (4/1956)
        FAO Mision a Venezuela Oleaginoses, (10/1949)

17-11 Jimenez, Marcos Perez. Venezuela Bajo el Nuevo Ideal
     Nacional, (1956); note from Marcos and Enrique Garcia to

17-12 Miscellaneous
        Institute of Inter-American Affiars
            "Food Supply Division Monthly Report," 7/14/1945
            "Confidential News Bulletin, # 37 (coup in

17-13 New Pencil Points, v. 24, # 8 (August 1943)

17-14 Techniques et Architecture, v. 7, # 1-2 (1947) inscribed
     by giver to DRW

     See also 59-12

I. Personal Papers C. Other 9. UNRRA (1945-1947)

18-1     Personnel forms, evaluations, and certificate: 1945-1947

18-2     Miscellaneous (personal)
        projection of DRW's economic life by Karl Karsten,
        drawings by Davida, etc.; floor plan for house by DRW
        poems, "UNRRA-Inspired Verse" by Richard Rolland Brown
         (inscribed by author); others

18-3     Account of trip to Europe and North Africa, August -
     September, 1945
        mimeographed; no author given

18-4     Army Service Forces Manual, Civil Affairs Handbook, KOREA,
     Sec. 7: Agriculture, (10/1944)

18-5     FAO publications on food production: 1946

18-6     Writings on UNRRA and its projects, especially the Yellow
     River dam

18-7     Miscellaneous
            testimonial dinner programs
            performance programs (Alexandria Little Theatre;
             Kabuki Drama at the Tokyo Educational Center; and
             a violin recital at the International Student
            Crane, Jacob. "International Cooperation in Hous-
             ing" from Department of State Bulletin
            New Republic, v. 115, # 24 (12/16/1946) catalog
             for Dallas Museum of Fine Arts exhibit
            clippings: politics: Aubrey Williams
                     deaths: Hitler; Harry Hopkins
                     Live Oak Society, revival (1/21/1945)

I. Personal Papers     C. Other
    10. Public Health Service (Hospitals) and Housing and Home
         Finance Agency (1949-1951)
        a. Biographical

18-8 Miscellaneous financial papers

18-9     Miscellaneous personnel materials (DRW and LGW)
        personnel actions; travel authorizations; membership
         cards; certificate; clipping; list of career options

18-10 Diary: 8/18/1950 - 11/14/1951 (not complete)
        tear sheets from desk-top calendar

18-11 AIA material
membership application; convention programs; Bulletin
         of the American Institute of Architects, v. 4, # 6
         (ll/1950); brochure on the Octagon House; AIA,
         Washington-Metropolitan Chapter, Of Plans and People:
         A Study of the Plan of Washington. (Washington, 1950)

18-12 Texas Society of Architects and Texas Board of
     Architectural Examiners material
        miscellaneous: includes list of Registered Architects
         in state

18-13 DRW: miscellaneous
        address books (bound and unbound); notes; photocopies
         of items inscribed by Frank Lloyd Wright; drawings;
         lost camera report; poem by Howard (Bell?)

18-14 LGW: miscellaneous
        Alexandria AAU booklets; Christmas card and guest
         lists; etc.

18-15 Davida: miscellaneous
        drawings; programs: school, camp, piano; school
         newsletter (scattered, 1947-1948, 2 issues only); etc.

     See also 57-10

I. Personal Papers C. Other 10. PHS and HFA (1949-1951)
    b. Other

18-16 Miscellaneous writings on architecture
        includes article about Ford's work at Trinity

18-17 Eastern Area Reporter (Red Cross), v. 3, # 7 - v. 4, #12
         (July-August, 1949 - December, 1950) [LGW editor]

18-18 Material on Alexandria, Virginia
        Little Theatre programs; bicentennial booklet; clipping

18-19 Material on Lafayette, Louisiana
        Quota Club Charity Ball program; Little Theatre program

19-1 Texas
        article on Conrad Hilton with note by DRW explaining
         personal relationship
        The Library Chronicle of the University of Texas, v. 4,
         # 1 (Fall, 1950) (uses DRW's 1916 Cactus drawing of
         library as illustration)

19-2     Miscellaneous material on education and culture
        articles on education in South and Latin America; Red
         Cross; Library of Congress catalogs

19-3     Miscellaneous writings
        includes poem by Howard Bell

19-4     Miscellaneous material on politics
        pamphlets or speeches on Marshall Plan and Point 4

19-5     Miscellaneous
        includes information on Bureau of Land Management
         "Small Tracts" program
        "Save Our South" (proposal from American Cotton
         Committee, [1948])

I. Personal Papers C. Other 11. Governmental Service

19-6     List of government held jobs
        note; response to 1977 records request

I. Personal Papers C. Other 12. Retirement a. Biographical

19-7     Miscellaneous financial records, 1952 - 1954

19-8     Miscellaneous financial records, 1955 - 1962

19-9     Miscellaneous financial records
        1952 Mexican trip including customs declaration

19-10 Vita forms; resumes

     See also 57-1

19-11 Trip logs; daily logs; calendars with activities noted
     (very scattered)
        includes 1953 Mexico trip

19-12 Writings
        Texas Architect, 3/1960 (reprint of 1928 Southwest
         Review article "An Indigeneous Architecture")
        unpublished poems (many written before 1950s)
            mounted pictures included
        "What is Design?" (many versions)

19-13 Reminiscences (many prepared for Arch Swank, probably in
     connection with FAIA nomination) also Ralph Bryan; U. S.
     Grant III
        includes: early Texas; Mexico; Europe; Dallas private
         practice; La Villita; Saint Augustine; All-American
         Youth Orchestra; historic preservation

19-14 Vignettes
        story suggestions (for tape recording)

19-15 Miscellaneous
        accident forms (Dallas, 1952; Dallas, n.d.)
        list of questions for physician

19-16 Miscellaneous notes
        lists (some of which predate 1952)
            addresses; Christmas card list; telephone numbers;
             people to whom to send articles on DRW; people in
             AIA who would write to support DRW's nomination
             to Fellowship

19-17 Clippings and articles, 1952-1961

     See also 57-1

20-1     Miscellaneous: personal
        cards: membership; business (DRW and others);

20-2     Tampiqueno Club, 1959-1961
        bulletins; annual meeting announcement; membership

20-3     Materials on Allied Art Week, 1959, 1960
        report to Lafayette Planning Commission on expansion of
         arts in community, n.d.

20-4     Miscellaneous notes, DRW (handwritten) some probably
     predate 1952
        daily reminders; purchase lists; details about display

20-5     Drawings
        Bayou House; play programs; Sullivan rose window;
     See also 59-8 and Map Case 18-2

20-6     Obituaries

20-7     Memory book (includes some obituaries); floral tribute

20-8     LGW miscellaneous
        material related to Geography courses at LSU, 1953
         (includes photographs) clippings; etc.
        material on Geography 100 class at SLI which Lyle,
         evidently, taught, ca. 1953

     See also 57-2

20-9     Davida, miscellaneous
        Lafayette Little Theatre; Mardi Gras Balls; high school
         programs; wedding clippings

20-10 Davida - artwork, n.d.
        2 drawings by Christian Wagner, n.d.

     See also 57-10 and Map Case 18-3

I. Personal Papers C. Other 12. Retirement a. Biographical
    1. Architecture

20-11 AIA: convention material: 1954 (Boston); 1957
     (Washington, D.C.); 1958 (Cleveland); 1959 (New Orleans)
        includes booklets on architecture in New Orleans

20-12 AIA: convention material: 1960 (San Francisco) 1962

     See also 57-2

21-1     AIA: membership information; membership cards; etc.

21-2     AIA: material on Fellowships
        news releases; investiture program for 1960 convention

21-3     AIA: membership lists 1956-1957; 1960

21-4     AIA: miscellaneous publications
        brochure; Board's Annual Report, 4/1957; "National
         Community Fallout Shelter Design Competition Awards,"
         1964; Pettengill, George E., "Books at Your Service,"
         Services of the A.I.A., Report No. 1: The Library,
         May, 1953

21-5     AIA: miscellaneous
        stamps; catalog of Louis Sullivan library (1959)
         Gutheim, Frederick. One Hundred Years Of Architecture
         In America 1857-1957; Octagon House; congressional

21-6     AIA: serials
        Library Accession List: 3 (3/1/1954); 6 (1/15/1955)
         19 (4/5/1959); 21 (9/1/1959); 23 (2/1/1960)
        Memo: A Newsletter: 84 (10/5/1953); 89 (1/18/1954);
         90 (2/1/1954); 157 (2/11/1957); 158 (2/25/1957);
         159 (3/11/1957); 160 (3/25/1957); 171 (9/9/1957);
         183 (4/7/1958); 199 (2/2/1959); 201 (3/2/1959);
         203 (4/6/1959); 215 (11/23/1959); 223 (4/11/1960);
         257 (2/26/1962)

21-7     AIA: Gulf State Region material
        programs: 1953 (marginalia by DRW); 1958; list of AIA
         chapters in region, n.d.

21-8     AIA: Dallas Chapter, miscellaneous material
        Bulletin, 1955-1961 (Very Scattered); memos to
         membership (2); dues notice (1)

21-9     AIA: Dallas Chapter, membership directories or roster of
     participation 1953, 1957, 1960, 1962

21-10 AIA: Baton Rouge Chapter, Lafayette District: minutes of
     meeting, 1960: March, 18

21-11 Texas Society of Architects, 1953-1961
        mainly material on conventions; membership cards

21-12 Texas Board of Architectural Examiners, 1953-1962
        miscellaneous forms; roster: 1953, 1958, 1959

21-13 University of Texas School of Architecture newsletter,

22-1     Architects: materials on Frank Lloyd Wright
        clippings; obituaries; articles (especially on
         Guggenheim Museum)

22-2     Architects: materials on: Richard Neutra (writing);
     O'Neil Ford (clippings); Marshall Shaffer (article);
     Antonio Raymond (article); Sam B. Zisman (statement of
     professional experience); Roscoe P. DeWitt (clipping,
     information submitted with FAIA nomination)

22-3     Architects: Association for Applied Solar Energy
        material related to 1957 architectural competition

22-4     Architecture: materials on architectural history and
     international architecture
        included Heck, Robert W. "Building Traditions in the
         Acadian Parishes"

22-5     Architecture: contempory
        clippings; speeches; articles

22-6     Architecture: architect-client relationships

22-7     American Planning and Civic Association
        materials from conventions: 1953; 1954; 1955; 1957-1959         dues receipts, 1959

22-8     APCA publications
        Planning and Civic Comment: June, 1955, September, 1958
        American Planning and Civic Annual, 1952

22-9     Planning: miscellaneous
        speeches; articles; institute program

22-10 Planning
        The Master Plan for New Orleans, Chapter 4, Major
         Streets (1951)

22-11 Notes taken 1953 for study of adobe houses on Old Spanish
     Trail between Natochitoches, Texas and Sallillo,
     Coahuila, Mexico
        3" x 5" cards

I. Personal Papers C. Other 12. Retirement a. Biographical
                2. Family and Friends

22-12 Clippings, obituaries, etc. on friends
        obituaries: Mrs. A. B. Denbo; Weeks Hall; Lucile
                 Harris; Thomas E. Hibben; Lynn Handrum;
                 Maury Maverick; W. L. Moody, Jr.;
        articles: Mary Bowman; Helen Creighton; U.S. Grant,
                 III; Randolph Leigh; Mario Mamalakis; Paula
                 Ritter and James S. Phelps; Patsy Swank;
                 Adrian and Mrs. Walser; Morrison B. Williams
                 (son of Aubrey)

22-13 Family: miscellaneous - Williams family
        funeral service for C.S. Williams, Sr., 1951; clippings
         (Sally Bell Tilson, Raworth Williams and polo); David
         Raworth Williams, "New Shopping Centers on the
         Surburban Fringe," n.d.

22-14 Family: miscellaneous - Givens family
        clippings: Anna Hopkins Givens (Boo); Anna Hopkins
         Givens - court petition, Nueces County, Texas, 1955
         (Givens' were defendants)

I. Personal Papers C. Other 12. Retirement b. Other
                1. Lafayette and Louisiana

22-15 Planning, Lafayette
        clippings: river improvement; zoning ordinance and
         chart; street improvement map

22-16 Planning, Louisiana
        "Youngsville - A Sociological Self-Survey of Community
         Life," Made by the People of Youngsville with the
         Assistance of Sociology Students of Southwestern
         Louisiana Institute, Spring, 1953
        Dobbs, Harrison A., "Louisiana and the Detention Home
         Problem," LA Youth Commission, 1957

22-17 Description and travel, Lafayette and Acadiana
        material on Shadows-on-the-Teche
        clippings including some on historic buildings
        Love, Frances and John, Allons a L'Acadie: Landmarks of
         Louisiana's Acadian Bayouland (1957)

22-18 Material on Acadian Bicentennial
        clippings; programs

22-19 Description and travel, Louisiana
        clippings (mainly)

23-1     Lafayette Museum
        clippings; DRW photograph (half-tone)

23-2     Miscellaneous Lafayette organizations
        announcements; programs; Mardi Gras invitations; church
        L'Heure d'Amitie: Follies of '53 program

23-3     Memorare. ("Immaculate Seminary Graduation Issue,") 5/1954

23-4     Lafayette, miscellaneous
        clippings (mainly)

23-5     Lafayette Little Theatre
        programs; 1 photograph; clipping

     See also 18-19; 25-7

23-6     Louisiana Organizations
        Louisiana Folklore Society - miscellaneous publications
        Louisiana Academy of Sciences - annual meeting program,

23-7     Mamalakis articles, 1954 - 1960
     See also 18-19; 20-3; 59-11; Map Case 18-5

I. Personal Papers C. Other 12. Retirement b. Other 2. Texas

23-8     Description and travel
        includes programs for 1954 Exposition and Power Show at
         University of Texas; 1968 articles

23-9     Material on the Great Southwest Corporation
        Ford, Swank and Zisman land planners and architects

23-10 Material on art, mainly in Dallas

23-11 Material on folklore
        several items by or about J. Frank Dobie - one item

23-12 Material on historic preservation
        several items by August Watkins Harris on Austin and
         Historical Survey Committee (1953)

23-13 State Observer, v. 45, # 26 (10/19/1953)
Texas Observer, v. 46, # 52 - v. 47, # 24 (4/11/1955 -
     10/5/1955) not complete

23-14 Texas Observer, v. 51, # 12 - v. 54, # 25 (6/27/1959 -
        Ronnie Dugger, husband of DRW's niece, editor

     See also 59-9, 59-10 and Map Case 18-4

I. Personal Papers C. Other 12. Retirement b. Other 3. South

23-15 South - description and travel, miscellaneous
        mainly Virginia (including autographed article on
        tourist brochures; clippings

I. Personal Papers C. Other 12. Retirement b. Other

24-1     Democratic Party
        Speeches of Adlai Stevenson, 1952; "New Frontiers,"
         v. 1, # 1 (9/10/1960)

24-2     Democratic Party
        material connected with dismissal of Lawrence Westbrook
         as Assistant Chairman of the Democratic National
         Committee, 1953
            material on testimonial dinner for Frank E.
             McKinney, 1953

24-3     Conservative (right wing) publications
        includes The Citizens' Council, v. 2, # 9 (6/1957)

24-4     Miscellaneous

I. Personal Papers C. Other 12. Retirement b. Other
                5. Miscellaneous

24-5     Pamphlets
        "Henry Carr, Portrait Painter," n.d. (card to Lyle from
        Durham, C. J. S. "Washington's Potowmack Canal Project
         at Great Falls," 1957 (inscribed by author)
        "A Survey: 50 Years of the Newark Museum," 1959
         (inscribed by Jake and Mildred Baker)
        "The American Red Cross: A Brief Story," 1951
        McCullough, Rex, "Pardon My Left Hand: A Handy Guide
         to Big Business," 1953 (inscribed)

24-6     Theatre Programs

24-7     Miscellaneous
        includes: National Citizens Commission for the Public
         Schools, "How Can We help Get Better Schools?" (1952);
         Conservation Report, 1957-1959 (3 items); Harper,
         Hazel, "The Ancient Art of Marbling," Washington Star
         Pictorial Magazine, 5/18/1952; Williams, Aubrey, "The
         South Is Playing with Fire," 1957

24-8     Miscellaneous - foreign
        includes money from (occupied) Japan

I. Personal Papers C. Other 13. Lyle, 1962- a. Biographical

24-9     Personal: miscellaneous
        clippings; certificates, etc.

24-10 Family and friends: miscellaneous
        mainly clippings (both Givens and Williams families);
         includes material on Bub Merrick, Sarah Gardiner, Dan
         Williams (obituary), Raworth Williams (obituary),
         Thomas B. Hopkins (obituary), Marie Tibbetts

24-11 Sterling Street house
        includes material to Mattie G. Belle concerning
         Sterling Grove Historic District

24-12 DRW Award
        material on USL David R. Williams Students Award for
         Excellence in Design, 1963-
        clippings; correspondence; financial statements; lists;
        Lyle's talk at 1983 presentation

24-13 DRW architecture
        articles on work, 1962-
        material on particular work and on place in regionalism

24-14 DRW architecture, 1984
        material on Texas Society of Architects' nomination of
         20 influential buildings and subsequent exhibit
         (Elbert Willliams' house included)

24-15 DRW
        material related to McCarthy book: publicity, reviews,
        several items related to autography party in Lafayette,

24-16 LGW writings on local history
        "The Industrial Growth of Lafayette," 5/1953
        "Spanish Moss Gathering at Pierre Port," 5/1953
        "Street, Transportation and Public Utilities," for
         Know Your Town Government, 5/1953 (for League of
         Wommen Voters)
        "Acadian Settlement in Lafayette Parish from 1765 to
         1857," (1971) with map
        "The Lafayette Town House: A History," 1975

25-1     LGW notes on local history
        cards: old houses in Lafayette; notes from books;
         development; folk medicine

25-2     LGW notes on local history
        includes: name Carencrow; land ownership

25-3     AAUW: Louisiana Division and National publications, 1966
     - 1975

25-4     AAUW: Louisiana Division
        records, 1971 - 1976 (LGW president 1971-1972)

25-5     AAUW: Lafayette Branch
        miscellaneous: clippings (3 items); by-laws, 6/1980

25-6     League of Women Voters
        miscellaneous publications, clipping, 1965-1966

25-7     Lafayette Little Theatre, 1966-1975
        membership lists; programs; clippings; etc.

     See also 18-19; 23-5

25-8     Lafayette Community Theatre, 1984-1985

25-9     Friends of the U. S. L. Library: records of Board of
     Directors, 1982-1984

25-10 Lafayette Centennial Honorary Committee, 1982-1985
        miscellaneous records: includes accounts of
         Reminiscence Session 1 and 2; minutes of VIP
         subcommittee, January, 1984

25-11 Mayor's Downtown Advisory Committee - Downtown Development
     Authority, 1983
        miscellaneous records: memos, agenda, committee
         reports; laws

25-12 Mayor's Downtown Advisory Committee - subcommittees
        Organizational Subcommittee: records - agenda, minutes,
         memos; February-October, 1983

25-13 Downtown Lafayette Unlimited: records, 1983
        legal documents; memoranda; brochure; serial

25-14 Cultural organizations in which LGW involved: clippings
        Les Vingt Quatre Club; Lafayette Museum

25-15 Krew of Attakapas materials, 1972-1975

25-16 Mardi Gras materials, 1963, 1978 -
        mainly Krewe of Troubadors; Krewe of Oberon

26-1     Miscellaneous material on land owned by LGW (Lafayette,

I. Personal Papers C. Other 13. Lyle, 1962- b. Other

26-2     Lafayette history: Anders, Quintilla Morgan, "Early
     Non-Denominational Private Schools in Vermillonville
(Lafayette) Louisiana, 1867-1905," (1968)

26-3     Lafayette History: clippings, etc., 1966 -
        includes some Mamalakis articles; "Coat of Arms of
         Bishop Jeanmard," 1 page, n.d.; City Hall dedication
         program, March 20, 1980

     Map Case 18-6

26-4     Lafayette Culture, miscellaneous (5 items)
        clippings; programs; invitations; promotional booklet

26-5     Texas: Texas Observer, November, 1965 - July, 1966 (not

26-6     Texas: miscellaneous
        clippings; catalog for retrospective exhibition of
         Jerry Bywaters paintings; obituaries of Frank Tolbert;
         Byrd, James W."Traveling Ancedotes in Black and White"
         (about folktales, some Texan)

26-7     Texas: articles and clippings on O'Neil Ford, 1973 -
     1982; architectural sketches, n.d.

     See also 59-9; Map Case 18-4

26-8     Miscellaneous: architectural journals (addressed to DRW
     after his death)

26-9     Faulkner, William, "Miss Zilphia Gant," typescript,
     carbon, 23 pp, (incomplete?); material on New College
     Conference on Medieval-Renaissance Studies, 1978

I. Personal Papers C. Other 14. General a. Families

26-10 Raworth Family
        legal papers, 1847 - 1875
        includes obituary of William H. Reichard

26-11 Raworth Family
        legal papers, 1880-1890

     See also 57-1

26-12 Raworth Family: Memories of Dorothy E. Caffrey Hunter,
     grand-daughter of Mary Barker Raworth and George Raworth,
        handwritten, carbon, 15 pages

26-13 Williams Family: editorials, stories, etc. written by Dan
     Williams, n.d.

26-14 Hawkins, Laura Campbell and Emma Campbell DeVries,
Barlow And Allied Families, not published, 1930

26-15 Torian - Givens family: miscellaneous material
        includes short essay by LGW on Torian Family in region;
         letter (1980)

26-16 Miscellaneous
        handwritten poem attributed to Mr. Crawford in honor of
         "Aunt Beckie"
        notes on house title search

I. Personal Papers C. Other 14. General b. Books

26-17 List of contents of DRW collection
        1927 list (incomplete) divided by language
        3" x 5" cards (prepared c. 1940)

26-18 Title page information; assessed valuation of books given
     to Dupré Library (not rare books), 1982; list of rare
     books with prices, n.d. (taken from B.P.I.)

27-1     List of books loaned to Highland Park Art Gallery,
     February 12, 1928

27-2     Material on 1955 display
        clippings; letter; identification cards

27-3     Material on donation of architectural books, 1982
        clippings; also clippings on subsequent display

27-4     Miscellaneous on books

II. Professional Papers
    A. Private Architectural Practice (1923-1932)

27-5     Lists of jobs done, 8/1923 - 1926
        some entries indicate payment received for job
     List for 1927
     List for 1924-1927 (arranged by place)
     Fees for Waggoner job (on back of envelope)
     Lists of payments, n.d. (on back of check)

27-6     Specifications for Elbert Williams' house and contractor
     bid instructions, 1932

27-7     Description of library in Drane house (probably written in

27-8     Plans, drawings, and/or sketches
        Elbert Williams house: elevations and floor plans

27-9     Same
        Stroube House: drawings
        Bentley House: drawings; floor plan
        Buchanan Lodge: drawings

27-10 Same
        Bigger house: drawings
        Lynch house: drawings; floor plan
        Childress School: drawings
        Trout house: elevation; floor plan

27-11 Same
        Wells house: drawing
        Wardlaw house: floor plan
        Gardiner house: floor plan
        228 Lynhaven Drive, Alexandria, Virginia

27-12 Same

27-13 Same
        furniture; details in decoration; etc.
            some probably designed for Williams house

     See also 57-5; 57-6; Map Case 18-1, 18-2, 19-3 thru 19-6

     See 40-1 thru 41-6 for photographs

II. Professional Papers
    B. Rehabilitation and Resettlement (1933-1937)

     See also personal correspondence

27-14 Policy statements, DRW in 1934
        DRW, "Thoughts on Housing," 3/1934
        DRW, "New Declaration on Independence," 3/1934

27-15 Policy statements and reports, 1934-1936
        DRW and Karl Karsten, "Declaration," 1935, 7 pages
        "Introduction," typed, 2 pages, n.d.
        DRW, "Native American Architecture Can Be Adapted to
         the Building of Communities as the People Move Back to
         the Land," n.d., handwritten, 8 pages (introduction of
         FERA map)
        Westbrook, Lawrence, "Objectives and Suggested
         Procedure for Rural Rehabilitation," June 27, 1934
        Westbrook, Lawrence, "Rural-Industrial Communities for
         Stranded Families," n.d.
        DRW, "Report on Rural Rehabilitation Program for
         American Civic Association," 3/1935, recopied
         1/27/1938, typed, 2 pages
        outline of program plans, n.d., typed, 3 pages
        DRW, Karsten, and Fred Sevier, "History of Rural
         Rehabilitation," 7/1936
        Burrows, M. D., "Population," typed

27-16 Same:
        FERA, Division of Rural Rehabilitation."Organized Rural
         Communities - Suggested Procedure for the Forming and
         the Setting Up of Organized Rural Communities by State
         Emergency Relief Administrations," n.d.

27-17 Same:
        "Reports Prepared by Conference of Regional Advisers
         and Coordinators," 8/1934

27-18 Same:
        DRW and Karl Karsten, "The Rural Rehabilitation Program
         of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration,"
         Summer, 1935

27-19 Same:
        "Estimate of Rural Rehabilitation Program of the
         Federal Emergency Relief Administration," Summer, 1935

     See also 58-3 and 58-4

27-20 Same:
        Memos to State Relief administrations from Hopkins or
         Westbrook, 1934-1935

27-21 Internal memos, 1935 (4 items)

27-22 Material on agriculture (4 items)
        includes: University of Missouri Agricultural Extension
         Bulletin; memorandum to Dr. Bressman, re: southern
         agriculture, 1934

27-23 Miscellaneous
        includes: speeches by Westbrook; articles (unpub-
         lished): "Houses Built of Earth," "Organizing and
         Operating Small Local Marketing Groups," "A Construc-
         tive Housing Program for a City of 500,000 Population"
        bibliographies: handicrafts; co-operatives
        list of guests invited to Subsistence Homesteads
         Conference, 1935
        page 2 of estimated cost summary for unidentified

28 v.1 Proceedings of the Dearborn Conference of Agriculture,
     Industry and Science, May 7 and 8, 1935

28 v.2 Same, for Second Dearborn Conference, May, 1936

28-1     Sketches for houses on FERA indigeneous architecture map

     See also 58-2

28-2     Comparative material on communities
        includes: Rural Rehabilitation, v. 1, # 1 (11/15/1934);
         list of official projects approved, 5/27/1935

     See also 58-11

28-3     Material on communities (with which DRW not directly
        Georgia: Georgia Emergency Relief Administration
            reports on: Irwinville Farms; Brier Patch Farms,
             Putnam Conty; Wolf Creek Farms, Grady County

28-4     Same:
        Arkansas: Mississippi County Colonization Project
         # 1, 1 page (typed), 12/23/1934
        Michigan: "Westacres," The Architectural Record,
         10/1939, pages 253-274
        Tennessee: clipping on Norris
        Texas: Texas A & M Extension Bulletin on "Rural Work
         Centers," 1934; seal of Texas Rural Communities
         (designed by DRW?)

     See also 58-10

28 v.3 Maryland: United States Department of the Interior,
     Division of Subsistence Homesteads, Presenting Summary
     And Brief Outlining Objectives, Purposes Expenditures,
     Supervision, Methods Of Construction And Accounting
     Pertinent To A Model Demonstration Of Subsistence
     Homestead Gardening (Beltsville, Maryland)

28-5     Material about colonies with which DRW involved: Woodlake:
     "Application to the Texas Rural Communities for a Farm
     Community Project of One Hundred Units to be Established
     at Woodlake in Trinity County, Texas" 12/28/1933
        narrative: estimated expenditures and settlers' costs;
         schemes and floor plans for houses
        site plans: house schemes and floor plans

29-1     Same: Woodlake: news release; report, 12/25/1934

     See also 58-1

29-2     Same: Cherry Lake Florida: miscellaneous records
        memos from DRW to Westbrook re: expense of project
         11/21/1935; 2/14/1936

29-3     Same: Cherry Lake, Florida: miscellaneous
        Cherry Lake Pioneer, 6/19/1935; brochure; clipping;
         material on dedication of auditorium; etc.

29-4     Same: Duval County, Florida: Park-Living Housing Project
     (1939: Neutra architect; DRW and Karsten Planning
     Consultants - developed by Cherry Lake Farms, Inc. under
     direction of Lawrence Westbrook Associates)
        statements about project

29-5     Same: Red House, West Virginia: daily progress reports:
     July 6 - October 25, 1934; Februrary 26 - March 5, 1935;
     April 12 - April 23, 1935

29-6     Same: Red House, West Virginia: floor plans and sketches
     of houses and administration building
        Meanor & Handloser, Architects

29-7     Same: Red House, West Virginia: miscellaneous
        includes clippings and report (12/20/1934)

29-8     Same: Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia: reports
        Gay B. Shepperson, 12/1934
        DRW, n.d.
        Georgia Emergency Relief Administration, Pine Mountain
         Valley, Harris County, Georgia (1935) (notation that
         prepared by DRW)

29-9     Same: Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia: miscellaneous
        includes: format for statistical overview, 10/1934 (not
         complete); DRW memo to Westbrook, 6/1/1937; budget (ca
         7/1/1936); clippings

29-10 Same: Pine Mountain Valley,Georgia: floor plans (houses
     and community buildings); site map

     See also 58-4 and Map Case 19-1

29-11 Same: Matanuska: reports
        chronology of genesis of project (handwritten) 3 pages
         (8/1934 - 3/1935)
        "The Matanuska Valley Colony with a Description of the
         Agricultural Conditions and Resources of Alaska," n.d.
         (1936) government publication # 8631

29-12 Same: Matanuska: reports
        Harry Hopkins to U. S. Senate, 6/24/1935
        S. R. Fuller, Jr. to Harry Hopkins, 8/2/1935
        DRW, "Methods and Procedures of Rural Industrial
         Community Development as was Planned to be Applied to
         the Matanuska Valley Project," 8/23/1935
        (earlier draft: to Fuller, 8/19/1935)

29-13 Same: Matanuska: reports
        Goodman, A. M. "Report of Present, and Estimate of
         Future, Agriculture of the Matanuska Valley of
         Alaska," 1935 (2 copies)

29-14 Same: Matanuska: promotional material
        DRW, "Matanuska Valley: The Latest Frontier,"(10/1935),
         typed, 16 pages
        drafts of program for Matanuska broadcast, NBC radio,
         3/3/1936, 4 versions
        text of radio interview of Colonel Westbrook, 9/1/1936
        play about eviction and moving to government rural
         community (generic)

29-15 Same: Matanuska: material on replacement families,
     October - December, 1936

29-16 Same: Matanuska: miscellaneous
        includes: cost summary, n.d.; map

     See also 58-6, and 58-9, and Map Case 19-2

29-17 Same: Matanuska: clippings and articles: through June,

29-18 Same: Matanuska: same: July-August, 1935

29-19 Same: Matanuska: same: November, 1935; n.d.
        includes articles by Edward Doherty

29-20 Same: Matanuska: same: 1936-1937

30-1     Same: Matanuska: same: 1938-1939
        includes: Die Woche, Berlin, June 8, 1938

30-2     Same: Matanuska: same: 1940-
        includes account of trip to Matanuska by Lyle Williams,
         July, 1980

30-3 Same: Matanuska: Matanuska Valley Pioneer, v. 1, # 1
     (8/22/1935) - v. 1, # 10 (10/24/1935) msg: v. 1, # 8

30-4 Same: Matanuska: Matanuska Valley Pioneer, v. 1, # 11
     (10/31/1935) - v. 1, # 17 (12/12/1935)

30-5 Same: Matanuska: Matanuska Valley Pioneer, v.1, # 21
     (1/9/1936); # 23 (1/23/1936) - # 26 (2/13/1936)

30-6 Same: Matanuska: Matanuska Valley Pioneer, v. 1, # 30
     (3/12/1936); # 33 (4/2/1936) - # 35 (4/16/1936); # 50

30-7 Same: Matanuska: Matanuska Valley Pioneer, v. 2, # 1
     (10/26/1936); # 3 (11/12/1936)

30-8 Same: Matanuska: miscellaneous
        includes: Bingle, B. J. "The First Three Years: An
         Historical Presentation on the Church and Colony and
         Interesting Sidelights in the Matanuska Valley," n.p.,
         1938, inscribed to DRW; public relations material from
         Alaska Railroad (with map)

     See 45-6 thru 48-4; 58-6 thru 58-8 for photographs of FERA

II. Professional Papers C. NYA (1936-1941)

     See also personal correspondence

30-9     Miscellaneous material on WPA, 1934-1936
        includes: clippings; radio scripts; booklet; memo re:
         Westbrook's resignation

30-10 NYA: 1935
        "Proceedings of Regional Conference, National Youth
         Administration, Region V, Hotel Utah, Salt Lake City,
         Utah, December 7, 1935"

30-11 NYA: 1936
        miscellaneous records
            includes: travel notes; job description (hand-
             written); material on O'Neil Ford's employment;
             internal memos (many of DRW's handwritten
             drafts), especially October and November; list of
             architecture exhibits at [Texas Centennial]; Karl
             Karsten and Arthur Williams, "American Youth
             Hostel Association and the NYA"

30-12 NYA: 1936
        material on Construction and Conservation program
            (drafts written by DRW) Circular # 9

30-13 NYA: 1936

30-14 NYA: 1937
        memos or drafts of correspondence, handwritten

30-15 NYA: 1937
        DRW drafted policy statements
            "Two Basic and Fundamental Problems"
            "The Community Work and Guidance Center"

30-16 NYA: 1937
        material on Construction and Conservation Program
            includes: "The Role of the NYA in Soil
             Conservation," July

30-17 NYA: 1937
        work at state level
            several trip accounts; information on projects in
             Ohio, Michigan, etc.

30-18 NYA: 1937
        reports of projects at state level, March-June
        material for meeting of state directors, September

30-19 NYA: 1937
        miscellaneous: includes resume of J. Palmer Boggs

30-20 NYA: 1937
        "Report of the National Conference on the Problems of
         the Negro and Negro Youth," January (lots of NYA

31-1 NYA: 1937
        miscellaneous publications
            flood control resolution; social problems of
             migrants; labor migration between states; Melvin,
             Bruce L. "Rural Youth on Relief," Research
             Monograph XI, Works Progress Administration,
             Division of Social Research

31-2 NYA: 1938
            "Manual of Procedure for Certification to NYA of
             Louisiana," February
            "Report on the NYA," (excerpted from WPA annual
            The Ebb-Tide, v. 1 (October, 13)

31-3 NYA: 1938
            clipping; report on state project (West Virginia);
             report on conference to discuss resident
             projects; agenda for meeting on national defense
             training; etc.

31-4 NYA: 1938
        WPA miscellaneous
            clippings; budget resolution

31-5 NYA: 1938
        "Aids to Teachers of Literary, Naturalization and
         Elementary Subjects for Adults," WPA Technical Series
         Education Circular No. 5, January

31-6 NYA: 1938
        Melvin, Bruce L. and Elna N. Smith, "Rural Youth: Their
         Situation and Prospects," Research Monograph XV, WPA,
         Division of Social Research

31-7 NYA: 1939
        memoranda; reports; etc.: internal
            includes fair amount of statistical information

31-8 NYA: 1939
        Karl Jensen's report on Division of Work Projects

31-9 NYA: 1939
        "The Program of the National Youth Administration"
         prepared by DRW and Karl Jensen, rev. October 10

31-10 NYA: 1939
        clippings and press releases

31-11 NYA: 1939
        DRW writings:
            "NYA Student Aid Research Projects," reprint from
             The Educational Record, January
            draft statement on vocational education, April 10
            "Seaplane Bases Building," reprint from National
             Aeronautics, May
            "NYA Aids Aviation," reprint from National
             Aeronautics, September

     See also 58-15

31-12 NYA: 1939
        calendar (desk appointment sheets with some notations
         on activities): April - October

31-13 NYA: 1939
        Southern Accent on Youth (NYA in Florida), April

31-14 NYA: 1939
        The Quoddy Egale, v. 4, no. 10 (June 24)

31-15 NYA: 1939
            includes list of state youth administrators

32-1 NYA: 1939
        material on La Villita
            sketch by Maury Maverick; clipping; description

32-2 NYA: 1939
        material on La Villita
            "The Villita Ordinance" (English and Spanish

32-3 NYA: 1940
        speeches by NYA officials or given at NYA functions
            DRW, address to National Aeronautics Association
             Convention, January 11
            Williams, Aubrey, "Work, Wages, and Education"
             February 14
            Williams, Aubrey, speech at NYA Conference,
            June 15
            Haien, John, speech at NYA Conference, June 15

32-4 NYA: 1940-1941
        internal memoranda; policy statements; etc.
            includes: material on Exposition of the Americas;
             list of NYA exhitits available to states; agree-
             ment about division of function between NYA and
             Office of Education; staff directory, 11/1941

32-5 NYA: 1940-1941
        clippings; press releases

32-6 NYA: 1940
        NYA Architecture: Design and Standards, August, 2
         copies; miscellaneous pages

     See 2-12 for correspondence about this report

32-7 NYA: 1940
        state publications
            "Tung Oil Production in Mississippi: An Industrial
             Study," May
            "Youth - Democracy - NYA and the Program
             Objectives for Ohio," June
                with cover letter

32-8 NYA: 1940
        material on La Villita

32-9 NYA: n.d.
            Jensen, Karl E. "The National Youth Administration
             - Outline of the Works Program"

32-10 NYA: n.d.
        report on industrial arts
            working draft, no attributed author

32-11 NYA: n.d.
        miscellaneous statements about various NYA projects

32-12 NYA: n.d.
            Berman, Lionel, "Letters to the President - A Film
            NYA of Louisiana, "Wood Working: Instruction Units
             for Hand Tools - Their Use and Care"

32-13 NYA: n.d.
            Youth Centers: narrative descriptions (various
             locations); drawing (Maryland); floor plan for
             unidentified structures in unspecified location;
     See also 58-13; 58-14; Map Case 20-1 thru 20-4

33-1 NYA: n.d.
        miscellaneous management material
            outline of divisions: Research-Planning and
             Operations; Work Projects
            internal memos
            material on Byrnes Bill including testimony of
             Col. Harrington

33-2 NYA: n.d.
        clippings (includes Ernie Pyle on Quoddy Village)

33-3 NYA: n.d.
        miscellaneous handwritten notes (DRW)
            includes: schedule for southern trip; notes about
             observations of NYA projects

33-4 NYA: scrapbook, 1933-1938 (focused on DRW)
        mainly excerpts from letters; some clippings

33-5 NYA: same, 1939-1940

33-6 WPA: publications
        Hudson, Arthur Palmer. "Folk Tunes from Mississippi,"
         (WPA, Federal Theatre Project), July, 1937

33-7 WPA: publications
        "Tales of Old Cincinnati," (1940)
        "Spanish-American Singing Games of New Mexico," (rev.,

     See also 58-12

     See 48-5 thru 48-11 for photographs of NYA projects,
     including Le Villita

II. Professional Papers D. Defense Housing (1941-1942)

     See also personal correspondence

33-8 Defense Housing
        "Summary of Standards for Defense Housing," 1/1941
        "Standards for the Design of Management and Maintenance
         Facilities, Indoor Community Spaces, and Outdoor
         Recreation areas in Defense Housing Projects," 11/1941

33-9 Defense Housing: Federal Works Agency, Central Procurement
     and Planning Section
        "Housing Program Specifications for _______" 12/31/1941
            for furnaces, space heaters, water heaters

33-10 Defense Housing: Federal Works Agency, Central Procurement
     and Planning Section
        "Housing Program Specifications for _______" 12/31/1941
            for ranges, refrigerators, bathtubs, lavoratories
             and other bathroom fixtures

33-11 Defense Housing: Central Housing Committee on Research
     Design and Construction
        Technical Bulletin, no. 1 (8/1941)

33-12 Defense Housing: Sub-Committee on Prefabrication of
     Central Housing Committee on Research, Design and
        "Manufacturers of Prefabricated Houses and Systems of
         Prefabrication," 2/3/1942

33-13 Defense Housing: Subcommittee on Fire Resistance
     Classifications of Central Housing Committee on Research,
     Design, and Construction
        "Fire Resistance Classifications of Building
         Constructions," 2/1941

33-14 Defense Housing: National Housing Agency, Federal Public
     Housing Authority
        "Standard Plans Digest," 12/1942 (rev.)

33-15 Defense Housing: Federal Public Housing Authority.
     Technical Division
        "Critical Material Breakdowns for Standard Housing
         Types," 12/1942

33-16 Defense Housing: miscellaneous material from Sub-
     Committee on Prefabrication
        minutes from meetings; secretary's recommendations;
         lists of companies involved

34-1 Defense Housing: miscellaneous USHA material
        Mayer, Albert, "Memo on Architectural Design"; results
         of meeting between USHA administrator and Advisory
         Architectural Committee (6/3/1941); notes on design
         manual; recommendations to improve USHA standards
     See also 59-6

34-2 Defense Housing: general and internal memos, 1941-1943
        (most involved DRW's work in Technical Division)

34-3 Defense Housing: miscellaneous
        "Details for Modular Layout of Field Fabrication by Jig
         Assembly," FPHA
        "Defense Housing Critical List," 9/19/1941
        Wiener, Minnie and Myron C. Baum, "'Lanham Act' as
         Amended," FWA, 1/1942
        "Questions Relating to Standards," 1/8/1942
        DRW, "FPHA Housing: Post-War Use Possibilities,"
         11/7/1942, 1 p.
        "World War II Housing Experience," n.d.
        notes and sketches

34-4 Defense Housing: projects - comparative information
        costs statistics per square foot (preliminary estimates
         for 3 projects) 11/1/1941; floor area comparisons,
         n.d.; Defense Housing Construction Bulletin, # 58
         (1/16/1942) and # 65 (3/6/1942)

34-5 Defense Housing: contracts (blank, n.d.)
        Indenture of Lease between FPHA and _______ Mutual
         Housing Corporation
        Resolution Establishing Policies and Standards to
         Govern the Administration, Management and Operation
         of the __________ Mutual Ownership Housing Corporation

34-6 Defense Housing
        DRW, "Specification for Construction The Four Unit
         Minimax House" (draft)
        DRW, "Specification for Construction The Four Unit
         Multimax House" (refinement of minimax draft)
     See also 59-1 and 59-2

34-7 Defense Housing: Multimax material
        DRW floor plans (multimas type units): 5/15/1940;
         11/10/1941; 12/3/1941
        sheet for Minimal House design (same sheet: # 9, # 14)
        "Information Relating to Priorities for a Minimum
         House," n.d.
        miscellaneous drawings
     See also Map Case 21-1 thru 21-3

34-8 Defense Housing: miscellaneous
        mutual ownership material including paper by Marvin M.
         Miniard; articles; rules and regulations of National
         Mutual Housing Association; several drawings, blue
         prints, and notes
     See also Map Case 22-1

34-9 Defense Housing: Avion Village
        Avion Village Sentinel, 4/26/1941 - 5/27/1941, #1 - #10
     See also Map Case 21-5

34-10 Defense Housing: Beaumont Project
        drawings (2 sets) - Multimax

34-11 Defense Housing: Beaumont Project - miscellaneous
        daily progress reports: 3/17/1941 - 5/2/1941
         (incomplete); notes
     See also 59-4; Map Case 21-4

34-12 Defense Housing: South Bend Project
        Specifications for Construction, 8/1941 (2 copies)

34-13 Defense Housing: South Bend Project - miscellaneous
     See also 59-3; Map Case 22-2

34-14 Defense Housing: MODH Project - Amity Village, Compton
        blue prints of details - Richard J. Neutra, architect

34-15 Defense Housing
        Raymond, Antonio, "Report on Experimental Housing
         Project, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 10/20/1941

     See 48-12 thru 49-4 for photographs, especially of Avion
     Village and Beaumont Project

II. Professional Papers
E. Latin America (1943-1944: Office of the Co-Ordinator of
     Inter-American Affairs; 1947-1948: Instituto Techico de
     Immigracion Y Colonizacion)

     See also personal correspondence

35-1 Nicaragua: Report:
        "Gold Mines (of) Nicaragua C.A." 7/1943 (2 drafts)
            folded map removed from draft 1 and placed in Map
             Case 23-1

35-2 Nicaragua: memos: 1942-1943
        mainly reports on DRW travels, observations, and
            includes "Reconnaissance: Coco River - Cabezas
             Road," 5/18-23/1943, traced from field notes
     See Map Case 23-1

35-3 Panama
        DRW "Recommendaciones Que Se Hacken Al Gobierno de la
         Republica de Panama," 5/1944
        Outline for talk to Sociedad Panemena de Ingenieros Y
         Arquitectos on "La Vivienda Popular y el Urbanismo"
     See Map Case 23-2

35-4 Venezuela, 1947-1948
        general project statements, accounts, etc.
            includes: "ITIC Programa para la construcion de
             Vivienlas Rurales," 7/1948

35-5 Venezuela, 1947-1948
        material on particular projects:
            El Cafe (sketches; narratives)
            Carabobo (financial)
            Guanare (financial)
            Puerto Humbold (financial; sketch)
            Fiacca (financial, narrative)
            Turiamo (financial, narrative, map)

35-6 Venezuela, 1947-1948: miscellaneous
        includes: notes, floor plans
     See Map Case 23-3

35-7 Report of the International Meeting of Experts on Tropical
     Housing, Caracas, 12/1947

     See also 43-11 thru 43-13 for photographs

II. Professional Papers
    F. UNRRA (1945-1947), Public Health Service (1949-1950),
        and Housing and Home Finance Agency (1950-1951)

     See also personal correspondence

35-8 UNRRA
            DRW statement on fisheries before US appropriation
             hearings; staff directories

35-9 UNRRA
        cables (mainly about Yellow River Project; also other

35-10 UNRRA
        internal memos (5 items)

35-11 Pamphlets issued by PHS or journal articles reprinted by
     Division of Hospital Facilities

35-12 Federal Security Agency, USPHS, Division of Hospital
        manuals, studies, etc. (mimeographed)

35-13 Same: Office of Technical Services and Technical Guide
     Material (mimeographed)

35-14 Material related to PL 725 (Hospital Construction Act)

36-1 USPHS, Division of Hospital Facilities
            mimeographed; some statistical material

36-2 USPHS
        material on institutes and conferences
            programs; lists of attendees; DRW's notes from
             unidentified meeting

36-3 USPHS
        publications on hospitals
            reprints of articles: 1943 - 1948
                New York State Joint Hospital Survey and
                 Planning Commission, Handbook - Hospital
                 Construction, July, 1948
            supplier's catalog: Winter Issue, 1950

36-4 Housing and Home Finance Agency: internal memoranda

36-5 Same: projects
        reviews and descriptions
     See Map Case 23-6

36-6 Same: material on project in Liberia
     See Map Case 23-5

36-7 Same: material on project at Tuskegee, Alabama

36-8 Same: material on projects in Caribbean area and Tropics
        includes: memo by DRW on work in Venezuela; DRW notes;
         drawings and floor plans by Shire Construction Company

36-9 Same: miscellaneous material on projects on Guam

36-10 Same: miscellaneous
        DRW notes
            (including information on prefabrication)
        ideas for "Standard for Federal Personnel Housing"
        note about city planning and building in Israel
        activity diary, 10/29/1950-11/4/1950

36-11 Same: publications
        includes information on Housing Act of 1949

36-12 Miscellaneous publications on architecture and planning
        includes Westbrook, Lawrence (as told to George Creel)
         "No Down Payment," (on mutual ownership housing),
         Colliers 2/8/1946

III. Miscellaneous A. Michael Wade Material

36-13 Correspondence soliciting information on DRW: 8/1977 -
        includes letter from R. Buckminster Fuller

36-14 Photocopied material
        from Texas Collection, Baylor University (DRW, Thoughts
         on Housing; Native Rural Architecture of the United
         States); National Archives (FERA Records); unknown

36-15 Notes on interview with John Givens and Lyle G. Williams
     concerning Matanuska, conducted by Michael Wade,

36-16 Prospectus for dissertation

III. Miscellaneous B. Art Work

36-17 Artwork
        includes: sketches (people and scenes); lithographs;
         photograph of Carmel by John J. Hader; woodcuts by
         Clairise Black
     See also 59-13 and Map Case 18-3

III. Miscellaneous C. Other

37-1 Photocopies of miscellaneous items in DRW Papers
        all duplicates: many for display of 11/1959

IV. Photographs A. DRW and Family

37-2 DRW - individual: 1906 - c.1924

37-3 DRW - individual: 1925 - 1950 (dated)

     See also 57-4

37-4 DRW - individual: 1925 - 1949 (undated)

37-5 DRW - individual: 1950 - 1962 (dated and undated)

37-6 Group: with Lyle and/or Davida
        includes: (Toni and Justin Castillo); (A. D. Walser &
         family); (Fred A. Fischer); (Bill Kittrell & wife)
     See also 50-1

37-7 Group: with family (some negatives)
        Dan                         Raworth
        Jeannie Williams Dugger         Mickey
        Anne H. Givens'sons-in-law     Ronnie Dugger
        unidentified people in Childress Dan, Raworth, Rebecca
        Dan, Raworth, Ed              Katie (Givens)

37-8 Group: to 1933
        includes: shots of Williams house in Childress with
         some unidentified people
        Al Powers            Ed Price
        at Tampico        with Hob Ford and unidentified
        studio group

37-9 Group: 1933 - 1950 (identified and unidentified)
        Frank Bliss             Marie Tibbetts
        Jess Killam            Henry Shotwell
        A. J. Sarre

     See also Map Case 20-4

37-10 Group: retirement - 1962 (identified and unidentified)

37-11 TSA activities: costume balls; banquets; groups (O'Neil
     Ford in one); individuals

38-1 Lyle: individual, 1933 -

     See Collection 8 for earlier photographs of Lyle

38-2 Lyle: group; family (identified and unidentified)
        Mary Church Parker                Jordon & Ruth Lowler
        Agnes Givens                    Julia Hubbell
        John & Mathilde Hader            Louise Givens Clegg
        Harry Shaw, Mario Mamalakis,        Red Cross
         Mary Broussard                Charlie Pritchard

38-3 Davida: individual, 1939 - 1960

38-4 Davida and Lyle: 1939 - 1940s

38-5 Davida or Davida and Lyle with Givens family or Williams
        Anna Hopkins Givens        Louise Givens Clegg
        Louise Blue Givens        Tilson Ranch
        Bub Merrick            Ophelia and Percy Merrick
        Warren Tilson

38-6 Davida or Davida & Lyle and others (identified and
        Mathilda Hader                Doris Rall
        Elizabeth Harding            Daniel Harding
        Mary Lou Chambers            Enriquez Garcia

38-7 Texas ranch: Davida: Sumner Williams, Jr.'s children and

38-8 Mardi Gras (probably Town House ball in which Davida is a

38-9 Family animals

     See 11-20, 11-22, 11-23 for other family photographs

38-10 Family: Dan Williams and family
        (Dan, World War I?)         Jean; Jeannie; Dave

38-11 Ophelia Williams and family
        Bub Merrick (and carvings)
        Maurine Merrick Shoemaker
        David Shoemaker & Glenda Shoemaker

38-12 Raworth Williams

38-13 Ed, Sallie, and Sumner (and offspring)

38-14 Williams Family - general
        Childress house                 unidentified
        negatives of composite pictures

38-15 Williams Family - ancestors and others
        Mary Williams                     Norma Williams
        Catherine B. Barlow             Mickey Williams
        negatives of family - may include some with Dave

39-1 Givens Family:
        Martha Lee Williams Parrott Ackal     Carolyn Givens
        Agnes Givens, Ed Givens             Louise Blue Givens
        Agnes Givens Gercke Gardiner
        John, Inez, Johnnie Givens

39-2 Raworth Family: tintypes

39-3 Raworth Family (identified)

39-4 Raworth Family (unidentified individuals)

39-5 Raworth Family (unidentified groups)

IV. Photographs B. Friends

39-6 Friends: A - B
        Angel, Jimmy                Boggs, James Parker
        Asch, Nathan                Bowman, Mary
        Bell, Howard M.; Howard        Briggs, "Sandy"
         and Frankie                Broussard, Mrs. Otto
        Blackwell, Miss            Brown, Richard Roland

39-7 Friends: C - F
        Capt, J. C. Capt        Dillon, Zamilda and Charles
        Clift, Bill            Dodson, Ann and George
        Cloninger, Marjorie        Durham, Nancy
        Corcoran, Bill            Earle, Elden and family
        Dabney, Crystal        Ellington children    
        Dabney, Lewis            Farlow-King, Denys
        Davidson, Jimmie        Foley, Hannah
        de Castro, Carman        Foley, Joe
        de Castro, Hazel        Ford, O'Neil

39-8 Friends: G - H
        Garcia, Enrique            Hearn, Michael Clark
        Hader, John and Mathilda        Hillyer, Bob
        Hall, Ralph                 Houston, William
        Harrington, F. G.            Houpt, Myrtle and Don
     See 57-4 for Jim Harrison

39-9 Friends: K - M
        Jensen, Karl                 Marcus, Stanley, children
        Kittrell, Bill [in group]    Mayer, Joy Elena
        Lassiter, Orrin            Mays, Don Antonio
        McGill, Margaret             Middlemas, Robert
        McKelvey, Thelma

39-10 Friends: N - P
        Neutra family [Richard,     Parker, Mary Church
        Dione, Raymond, Frank]        Pentz, Lundy Hurd
        Nolan, Paul family            Peter, Hannah
        Obey, Edmay                Peterson, Pete
        Olias, Marie Vitches de        Powers, Al

39-11 Friends: R
        Rall, Udo, Waldo and        Roosevelt, Franklin and
         Wilfred                  Eleanor [at Pine
        Rand, Sally                 Mountain Valley, GA]
        Rojas, Sr.                Ross, Camellia and sons

39-12 Friends: S - V
        Shiller, Mary Hillyar     Suarez, Lillian
        Sloan, Blanding        Tibbetts, Marie
        Stanley, Tom             Vanderschmidt, Margaret McKee
        Stewart, Grace and         Venable, Grady

39-13 Friends: W
        Walser Children            Wilkerson, Jerrie
        Welborn, Samuel Gatewood        Williams, Aubrey
        Westbrook, Lawrence            Wortley, Bob W.

39-14 Groups
        Dichmann, Mary; Lottie Montegot Ziegler; Margo Shaw;
         Zerilda Ross Dillon and Crystal Ross Dabney
        Ellingson, Mary and Julia McCrary
        Drasponaches, Charlie and Marujade Olias
        identified with Hannah Foley
        Olias, Marie and C. Valiente
        Roosevelt, Franklin and Eleanor and Dianna Hopkins
        Stevens, Harrison and John Williams Rogers
        Sheffield, Marjorie and J.C. Capt
        miscellaneous AIA photographs (from conventions)
        Tampico groups including: Tom Stanley; Ed Price;
         Al Powers; Wortley; Harry Leonard
        PMV: Milton Colvin, "Tap" Bennett, and Gene Carr

39-15 Mardi Gras Parades (Lafayette): McCulloughs

39-16 First name only
        Daniel, Don                Helene
        Eduardo, Don                Oly and Justi
        "Fern"                    "Vera"

39-17 Workers: no last name

39-18 Unknown individuals
        male; female                 some Tampico

39-19 Unknown groups

IV. Photographs C. Subject
1. Texas [includes DRW architecture and indigenous]

39-20 Texas (early days)
        negatives: University of Texas buildings and scenes
         (including football); Austin environs; unidentified
         individuals (on original container, "Wat, Sister, et

39-21 Texas: miscellaneous
        Dallas Little Theatre set (probably "Roam Though I
         May"); Austin: Newman Club; "Studio" - interior

39-22 Texas: scenes

40-1 Greenway Park fence and entrances

     See also 57-9

40-2 DRW houses
        Biggers (1931)            Martin in Corsicana
        Brown in Longview, n.d.    Maxson House (1924)
        Browning                Pierce in Dallas
        Bywaters in Dallas        Waggener in Dallas
        Edwards in Denton         Wichita Falls houses: prints,
        Herrick portico         negatives
        Kahn, Stephen             House on Beverly Drive

     See also 7-9; 57-8

40-3 DRW structures
        Chapel-in-the-Woods, Denton
        Episcopal Church, Denton
        School, Childress (1933)

40-4 Drane House (1926): exterior

40-5 Drane House (1925-1927): courtyard and interior
        includes: A. B. Drane in dining room, 1970

40-6 Drane House (1926): negatives

40-7 Stroube House (1927): exterior: DRW notes on house

40-8 Stroube House (1927): interior
        (includes Peter Mansbendle's newel post)

40-9 Stroube House (1927): negatives

40-10 McKie House (Corsicana) (1929 or 1927-1928)

40-11 Warner Clark House (1927-1928 or 1930): exterior
        DRW comments on house

40-12 Warner Clark House (same) : interior

40-13 Warner Clark House (same) : negatives

41-1 Elbert Williams House (1932): exterior

41-2 Elbert Williams House (1932): interior and chairs

41-3 Elbert Williams House (1932): negatives: exterior

41-4 Elbert Williams House (1932): negatives: interior

41-5 Combinations
        prints mounted by Messina Studios (Drane; Stroube)
        photocopy of contact strips

41-6 Unknown: prints and negatives
        includes cabins in Colorado

     See also 57-8 and 57-9

Indigeneous Architecture (many taken by NYA-Texas or during 1953

41-7 Castroville

41-8 Same

41-9 Same

41-10 Fredericksburg

41-11 Same: Knopp House restoration

41-12 Same: Pioneer Museum

41-13 New Braunfels

42-1 Goliad and Gonzales

42-2 Quihi

42-3 San Antonio

42-4 Bandera

42-5 Comfort; Austin; Boerna; Corpus Christi

42-6 Near Cherry Spring; Helena; Navasota; Polycarpo's Church;
     Round Rock; Houston (including Bayou Bend, Ima Hogg's
     house); Jefferson

42-7 Rio Medina; Salado; Samposas; San Angelo; Saspanico;
     Sequin and Gonzales; between Medina and Bandera; near
     Floresville; Camp Verde; Grapetown

42-8 Indigeneous architecture: unidentified (probably Texas)

42-9 Louisiana: indigeneous architecture
        Cane River; Natchitoches; Herzog

42-10 Same: Amite; Baton Rouge; Clinton; Crowley; Melrose;
     Oaklawn Plantation; Prudhomme Plantation; Shadows-on-the-
     Teche; St. Landry Parish (Chretien Point, Thistlethwaite
     House); St. Martinville (Evangeline Park Plantation)

42-11 Same: unidentified

42-12 Indigeneous architecture: miscellaneous
        Mississippi; named buildings but no location; negatives

42-13 O'Neil Ford work
        several projects including Murchison House Hob Ford

IV. Photographs C. Subject
    2. Latin America [includes Tampico and Mexico; Nicaragua;
         Honduras; Colombia; and Venezuela]

42-14 Tampico: city, waterfront

42-15 Tampico: oil activities in area: fields; camps; pipe
     running; etc.

42-16 Mexico: natives

43-1 Mexico: scenery

43-2 Mexico: cities and villages; buildings (mainly churches)
        not Mexico City or Tampico

43-3 Mexico: after battle (Mexican Revolution) - Panuco

43-4 Mexico: monuments; graves of prominent people

43-5 Tampico: DRW buildings

43-6 Mexico City

43-7 Chapultepec Park, Mexico City

43-8 Yochomilco, Mexico City

43-9 Mexico and Tampico: miscellaneous; negatives

43-10 Caribbean Cruise: 1938
        35 mm contact strips and prints: includes shots of DRW
         and LGW

43-11 Nicaragua, Honduras: 1943-1944

43-12 Central America: 1943-1944
        mounted contact strip-size photographs; clippings in
         back; includes family

43-13 Venezuela: 1947-1948
     See also 11-22; 11-23; 12-4

43-14 Venezuela: 1947-1948

44-1 Mexico (1944, 1953); Chile: unidentified

44-2 Latin America: unidentified: contact strips; negatives

IV. Photographs C. Subject 3. Europe

44-3 Unidentified: 1922-1923

44-4 Unidentified: group 9 - 12: seems to be England, France,
     Netherlands: shows some war damage

44-5 Post cards: French cathedrals and churches

44-6 Post cards: France: Paris

44-7 Post cards: France: Chateau de Bloise, Chateau de
     Chambord, Chateau de Chateaudun

44-8 Post cards: France: Chateaus D'Azay-le-Bideau,
     Langleais, Chaumont sur Loire, Cheverny, Chenonceaux,

44-9 Post cards: France: Cartres; Meaux (cathedral); Tours;
     Rouen (cathedral sculpture); Orleans (cathedral); Reims
     (cathedral); Vendome

44-10 Unidentified: group 28; recognize: France; shipboard;

44-11 Italy: group 3, 14 and recognized

45-1 Italy: same

45-2 Italy: group 13

45-3 Post cards: booklet on Florence; Barcelona; Milan

45-4 Negatives: Europe; some of Mexico

45-5 Same

IV. Photographs C. Subject 4. FERA

45-6 FERA projects: agriculture, general, scenic

45-7 FERA projects: lumbering

45-8 FERA projects: construction and housing

45-9 Woodlake Community: prints and negative
        construction; houses

45-10 Red House, West Virginia: September-October, 1934, n.d.
        prints; half-tones

45-11 Pine Mountain Valley: 1935

45-12 Pine Mountain Valley: agriculture (official photographs)

45-13 Pine Mountain Valley: homes, buildings, events (official

[46-1 thru 48-4 are ARRC photos]

46-1 Matanuska: chronology of migration: April 23-May 7, 1935

46-2 Matanuska: chronology of migration: May 10-May 28, 1935

46-3 Matanuska: chronicle: June - September, 1935

46-4 Matanuska: "Colonists' Life": June - August, 1935

46-5 Matanuska: same: September - October, 1935

46-6 Matanuska: personnel

46-7 Matanuska: construction: May, 1935

46-8 Matanuska: construction: June, 1935

46-9 Matanuska: construction: July, 1935

47-1 Matanuska: construction: August - September, 1935

47-2 Matanuska: construction: October, 1935; n.d.

47-3 Matanuska: log cabins

47-4 Matanuska: frame houses: # 1 - 99

47-5 Matanuska: frame houses: (cottages) # 100 -

47-6 Matanuska: agriculture

47-7 Matanuska: agriculture

47-8 Matanuska: livestock

47-9 Matanuska: equipment

47-10 Matanuska: well operations

47-11 Matanuska: logging and saw mills

48-1 Matanuska: media (covering colony)

48-2 Matanuska: climate

48-3 Matanuska: views (general)

48-4 Matanuska: views (general)

     See also 58-6 thru 58-8

IV. Photographs C. Subject
    5. National Youth Administration-NYA (and WPA)

48-5 WPA exhibits: New York City, 5/1936; Philadelphia, 6/1936

48-6 Model of building sponsored by NYA (project # 2191)
Panel jigs from prefabrication shops

48-7 NYA buildings: Arizona; Arkansas; California;
     Connecticut; Florida; Georgia; Indiana; Kansas; (Kansas
     or Nebraska); Maine; Maryland; Michigan; Montana

48-8 NYA (or WPA) buildings: Nebraska; New Jersey; New Mexico;
     North Carolina; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Tennessee;
     Texas; West Virginia; Wyoming

48-9 NYA (or WPA) buildings: unidentified locations

48-10 La Villita (NYA of Texas photos)

48-11 La Villita: items made in workshops (NYA of Texas photos)

IV. Photographs C. Subject 6. Defense Housing and UNRRA

48-12 Avion Village (September, 1941)

48-13 Beaumont - Multimax: exterior (February-March, 1942)
        photographs by Artcraft Studio, Beaumont

49-1 Beaumont - Multimax: exterior (February-March, 1942)
        photographs by Bob Bailey; Paralta Studios
            includes note to Arch Swank
                aerial view

49-2 Beaumont - Multimax: exterior (Spring, 1942)
        photographs by DRW
            with text about system of construction
                (illustrated by photographs)

49-3 Beaumont - Multimax: interior (living room; bedroom;
     kitchen; bathroom)
        photos by Bob Bailey or Paralta Studios
            3 negatives

49-4 Aspen Way Houses: exterior

See also 11-9

49-5 UNRRA: fishing boats for China; Yellow River work

IV. Photographs C. Subject 7. Places

49-6 Lafayette: Givens (Williams) House, 324 N. Sterling
        (exterior and interior)

49-7 Lafayette: houses: mainly on Sterling Street

49-8 Lafayette: USL including 1957 Commencement

49-9 Louisiana: miscellaneous
        Shadows-on-the-Teche; St. Martinville; 1927 flood
         damage; landscape; Breaux Bridge restaurant; oil well;

49-10 Crowley: Gardiner House:
        interior: with family members and notes by DRW on
        exterior: some like above; some showing flood of 1940

     See also 11-7

49-11 Ocean Springs, Mississippi: Sullivan related structures:
     Episcopal Church; houses

49-12 Virginia: Natural Bridge; Cavern of Lunay (ca. 1880s)

49-13 Identified places:
        Africa (photos by Karl Jensen); Morocco
        Alaska; China (Peking - post card); Georgia: Atlanta;
         New Mexico; New York City; South Carolina: Charleston;
         Sweden: Stockholm; Tennessee: Chattanooga; Virginia:
         Shenendoah River, Williamsburg; Habusham

49-14 Unidentified places

49-15 Negatives: unidentified places [probably Louisiana, East
     Coast and Mid-West (buildings)]

IV. Photographs C. Subject 8. Miscellaneous

49-16 DRW display on architectural and professional work (1959)

49-17 Miscellaneous

IV. Photographs D. 35 mm Contact Prints and Negatives

[at least some in sleeve pertain to given subject]

50-1 Family and friends

     See also 37-6

50-2 Places: (mainly Lafayette)
        Lafayette: parades; plays; Williams-Givens House
        Louisiana: including Gardiner House in Crowley
        Other: including Lincoln Memorial; 120 mm negatives of

50-3 Indigeneous architecture (almost all Texas - probably from
     1953 trip)

50-4 Latin America

50-5 Miscellaneous: DRW houses
                 DRW Exhibit

Remainder in Box 50 are unidentified and are not in folders

V. Magnetic Tapes

Box 51

Tape 1
Side a: History of the Family and Pioneer Country - Childress
Aunt Sally; Ophelia; Cousin Dorothy; Dave Williams
Side b: Dave Williams and Cousin Dorothy - history of the
families: Raworth; Holmes; Barker; Williams; Barlow - USA;
England; Ireland; Wales; Scotland - Democratic Convention of
1956; Truman and Kefaufer
Tape 2
Side a: Family history and stories with Dave Williams and
Cousin Dorothy
Side b: Same
Tape 3
Side a: Reminiscences: Tampico; J. Frank Dobie on Sam
Houston; University of Texas; 1910- 1920
Side b: Country-western and cajun music
Tape 4
Side a: Predictions for 1955; news; New Year's Eve (20th wed-
ding anniversary party); reminiscences ("I'm an Old Cowpoke")
- country music - Williams in Latin America - kaleidoscope of
Side b: Dreams of 1920s - The Mombo Age - country and western
music - World War II synopsis - Atomic Bomb
Tape 5
Side a: New Year's Day, 1956: news; predictions - atomic
energy - miscellaneous - country music
Side b: Paul Harvey broadcast about Marksville, Louisiana -
DRW sings
Tape 6
Side a: Wayward wind (1956) - quotations from "Castroville"
in "Towards a Southwest Architecture" - music from Rock
Island Line - mountain climbers - Hawaii - Texas songs -
FDR's Oath of Office and New Deal speeches (quotations) - DRW
and Cousin Dorothy talk about families: Holmes, Barker,
Raworth, Williams, Barlow
Side b: Dave and Dan - Gary Dugger (Jeanie's little boy) -
reminiscing about days at University of Texas - DRW and
Watkins Harris reminiscing - cajun music
Tape 7
Side a: Frank Lloyd Wright on his death - controversy over
selling a house in England - Queen Elizabeth II visits U. S.
- pioneer project news (1959) - news (1958): satellites;
Kentucky Derby - Ted Malone gives tribute to his Mother
Side b: Queen Elizabeth makes the Duke a Prince - life of
Will Rogers - news: satellites - interview with DRW about
work as an architect
Tape 8
Side a: Easter story - Easter music - Handel's Messiah
Side b: Country & western music - Williams' tea party, 1955 -
"Dangerous Dan," SLI radio workshop - tea party for SLI
professors - election of Queen of Briar Patch - DRW talks
about cowboy days
Tape 9
Side a: Miscellaneous TV recordings
Side b: Cal Callan - trip to Mexico City, 1916: train blows
up, jail in Monterey, Christmas Eve, Enrique McCloud, train
to Vera Cruz
Tape 10
Side a: Architecture - theatre - sound transmissions: radio,
TV - the arts - music: country KIOS - news
Side b: News - football games review - news - kaleidoscope of
1956 - culture predictions for 1957 - rock and roll message -
science, arts, theatre
Tape 11
Side a: Paratrooper story - politics: 1956 election - music
- politics - Eisenhower - Eisenhower in Key West, Florida -
TV commercials - New Year
Side b: Kaleidoscope of 1955 - last week of 1955 - Christmas,
New Year's - London and Times Square - Man- of-the-Year: Ike
- story of the year: cure of polio - FDR: March of Dimes -
Ike's press conference
Tape 12
Side a: Slim Whitman, "Indian Love Song" - from KWKH -
Eisenhower - Gen. George Marshall - Zigfield - Jim Farley -
Ike talks about recent Geneva Conference - Monitor talks to
Moscow - duck call camp - Col. Coon and Dan Boone
Side b: How Lone Ranger got Silver (fable) - P.T. Barnum new
talking machine (ca. 1890) - Harry Truman on VJ Day - Admiral
Nimitz on VJ Day - Ike comes home, 1945 - Paul Robeson -
Eleanor Roosevelt - Stalin in 1944 - Beatrice Lilly, 1944:
sings - William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech
Tape 13
Side a: New Year's anniversary party, 1956 - news - explosion
of the Hindenburg - Pearl Harbor follow up - Truman inaugura-
tion - first U. N. meeting - Knute Rockne - Thomas Edison me-
morial - economic outlook for 1956 - Orange Bowl (OU vs. U of
Md.) and Rose Bowl (MSU vs. UCLA) - Dave spins the radio dial
Side b: Dave spins the dial - Paul Harvey - Ted Malone story
of Sidney Lanier - tribute to Lylita - trip to Hiattasi -
Queen Elizabeth and Duke in Portugal - story of "Dixie" -
Thomas Edison story - Edison's last invention: rubber
Tape 14
Side a: Kaleidoscope of end of 1955 and beginning of 1956 -
"People are Funny" TV show - Ken Banghast news - Ottawa fire
- Lindburg flight - rock and roll, 1950s - news in Cajun
french - last baby born in Lafayette Parish, 1955
Side b: DRW talks on the Japanese - Democratic convention,
1956 - miscellaneous - news broadcasts - radio soaps -
Tape 15
Side a: Tribute to Will Robers - kaleidescope of 1957 - news,
1/3/1957 - Paul Harvey news - predictions for 1957 - Ted
Malone story, Judge's Last Days - Paul Harvey news - Ethyl
Merman - Ben Bernie - Ted Malone, poem and story for Mother's
Day - Mother's Day songs - Deem's Taylors Circus Day
Side b: Fort Worth vs Dallas - Byron - Lou Gehrig's farewell
speech - Walt Disney - news, 6/4/1956 - Violinist, Mehuoin -
news - music (classical) - Paul Harvey - top news, 1956 -
Grace Kelly in Monaco - President Eisenhower's State-of-the-
Union address, 1957

Box 52

Tape 16
Side a: Music - news, 1958 - Queen Elizabeth arrives in
Washington - story of George M. Culhan
Side b: News, 1958: satellites; communism; nuclear weapons;
Tape 17
Side a: Dallas in 1924 - Ball at Oriental Hall after Texas-
Oklahoma game - Great Booze Arts Ball and Brawl, 1926-1927
Side b: Morgan City news - July 4, 1956 - Moby Dick - concert
and country music - John Givens' Cajun stories and music - Ed
Singleton story - cajun music - Music in the Plaza - Tampico
- Eisenhower's State-of-the-Union address - country music
Tape 18
Side a: Battle of Britan - short biography of Thomas Edison -
1944 summary - Dallas engineer discusses 20" pipeline - news,
1957 - miscellaneous
Side b: Alabama: Mobile festival; Paul Harvey; Ted Malone;
Bellengrath House and Gardens - Louisiana: commentary by Alex
Dryer - Texas: commentary by Alex Dryer
Tape 19
Side a: Margaret Truman and Clifton Daniels wedding - news of
the world - interview with Frank Lloyd Wright
Side b: Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier wedding - Paul Harvey
Tape 20
Side a: Nuclear waste problems - Truman backs Stevenson in
1956 convention - Babe Dickerson - tribute to Alvin Barkley -
world news - Frank Lloyd Wright speaks on future of children
- miscellaneous radio broadcasts - Middle East troubles -
world news - Jack Kennedy nominated for Vice-President -
Eisenhower's arrival for 1956 Republican Convention
Side b: The family and Christmas: UCS Christmas Bureau -
John Givens speaks of humanistic ideals and morals
Tape 21
Side a: Dr. Mark Metcalf, Louisiana writer, 1954 - world
affairs: USSR satellites; Turkey-Syria tensions; NATO
formation and talks
Side b: DRW talks about his childhood on his birthday - music
(Old Curiosity Shop records) - world news - DRW remembers Sam
Tape 22
Side a: Commentaries on German (in 1920s) - dreams of 1920s:
Pearl Street Studio - Bill the Hoptoad at Helen and Jim's
house in Galvestion - ribbon cutting ceremony for Jefferson
Street underpass
Side b: Edward Sonnier tells a story - a maid talks about
Sonnier - Mamee tells a story - TV news - charity auction in
Lafayette - Williams' 24th anniversary: guests speak on tape
- space news
Tape 23
Side a: Republican Convention, 1956 - radio recordings
Side b: DRW talks about past: architecture; friends and
artists; Studio on Pearl St.
Tape 24
Side a: DRW dreams - DRW reviews last year - predictions for
1956 - biographies in sound of Heywood Broun and F. LaGuardia
Side b: LaGuardia biography (cont.) - satellites - 1957 World
Series - arms race and space issues
Tape 25
Side a: Thanksgiving Day, 1954 at Gehrke's - entertainers
singing: Amos & Andy; Maurice Chavillier - Frank Lloyd Wright
speaks on architecture - solar energy, interview with Dave
Beach - designer and artist Vageos
Side b: Weekday radio broadcast - Ted Malone broadcasts -
Will Rogers and the Zigfield Follies (with Fanny Brice) -
Midland, Texas disaster, 5/1957 - Paul Harvey - Monitor's 1st
anniversary party
Tape 26
Side a: News in French - The All Star Jubilee Radio Show -
The Lone Ranger - country, cajun music - Paul Harvey -
Christmas morning, 1956
Side b: Paul Harvey (visit to Lafayette) - cajun music -
blood drive auction - Midland, Texas disaster, 5/1957
Tape 27
Side a: FDR: speaks to French in native tongue; speaks on 4
Freedoms - Petain speaks to occupied France - Nazi storm
troopers, 1940 - election of 1940 - Diamond Jim Brady -
entertainers: Harpo Marx, Bing Crosby; Will Rogers -
Cultural Arts Festival in Boston - Prince of Wales speaks on
Armistace Day - Johnny Appleseed story - cowboy songs
Side b: World news - satellites: USSR and USA - Top 12 songs
of 1955
Tape 28
Side a: Blues and gospel music - religious service - Uncle
Frank Hopkins' 99th birthday party - Rex and Hilda
McCullough's 20th anniversary party; Hildita's 15th birthday:
Dave, Hildita and Squnk - DRW tells story of trip through the
southern states
Side b: DRW's story (cont.) - Acadian Folk Festival in St.
Martinville for 200th anniversary - Adalai Stevenson
announces candidacy
Tape 29
Side a: Republican Convention, 1956 - Radio Broadcasts:
Winston Churchill, etc. - world news - Eisenhower's re-
election speeches and ideas - Grover Cleveland's speech
(1892) - Easter music, stories and parade (Judy Garland) -
Georgia history and facts - New Year's Eve, 1955 - Paul
Side b: Cajun and jazz music - Democratic Convention, 1956 -
tribute to Toscanini; to Humphrey Bogart - Ike's State-of-
the-Union address
Tape 30
Side a: Radio broadcasts of 1956: Paul Harvey; Mary Garden;
Bell Baker; Donald Coleman - miscellaneous entertainers - DRW
talks about education - DRW's Dallas illustrations - cajun
Side b: DRW on the economy - songs - miscellaneous radio

Box 53

Tape 31
Side a: Solar energy talks - Thanksgiving dinner Sis'(1955) -
Texas - Texas A & M football game, Thanksgiving, 1955 -
dedication of Jefferson Street underpass - satellite news -
Paul Harvey
Side b: Paul Harvey news - Marshall Foch concerto - various
radio broadcasts - Democratic Convention, 1956 - Ted Malone
stories - world news
Tape 32
Side a: DRW reads letters of Fuller to Hopkins - reminis-
cences: Matanuska; Stoky's youth orchestra; St. Augustine and
Panama Canal projects - "The Backally Opera" - talking fish
in South America - country music - Music at half-time of
TCU-UT game - sound biography of Frank Lloyd Wright
Side b: FLW biography (cont.) - New Iberia Sugar Cane
Festival, 1956 - Paul Harvey at Sugar Cane Festival
Tape 33
Side a: radio broadcast recordings of entertainers and
historic events
Side b: radio broadcasts of historic and current events
- music
        [For detailed inventory see box]
Tape 34
Side a: radio broadcasts of historic and current events - Ted
Malone stories and readings - DRW talks about Will Rogers and
his death
Side b: Cajun music - atomic energy talks - Lyle's birthday
party - Acadian festival at St. Martinville, 200th anniver-
sary - Democratic convention
Tape 35
Side a: Radio broadcasts of historic and current events -
music - Louis-Schmelling fight
Side b: radio broadcasts of historic and current events
        [For detailed inventory see box]
Tape 36
Side a: current news
Side b: Mary [Bowman] talks with DRW - music (including
Cajun) - Williams' 20th anniversary - DRW reminiscences
        [For detailed inventory see box]

VI. Artifacts

53-1 Artifacts
        name plate from NYA; wax seal; Algiers Centennial
         doubloons; pearls; bookmark; feather pictures

VII. Books

Box 54 v. 1    University of Texas scrapbook
                mainly photographs, many from Cactus
                 preparation; social invitations

Box 55 v. 1    International Correspondence Schools Reference
             Library v. 156: Mathematics, Wiring and Bellwork,
             Architectural Engineering (1909)

     v. 2    International Correspondence Schools Reference
             Library v. 159: Building Stone, Brickwork,
             Lighting Fixtures, Architectural Design (1909)

     v. 3    Cactus, 1913 (fire damaged)

     v. 4    Cactus, 1914

     v. 5    Cactus, 1915

     v. 6    Cactus, 1915

     v. 7    Cactus, 1915

     v. 8    Cactus, 1916

Box 56 v. 1    Cactus, 1917

     v. 2    Cactus, 1944

     v. 3    The Locust, 1934 (East Texas State Teachers

     v. 4    Armitage, Merle. So Called Abstract Art, New
             York, 1939
                note about acquisition by DRW

VIII. Oversize

57-1 Biographical
        marriage certificate of John Caffrey and Delilah A.
         Raworth, 1880
        photostat of portion of display ca. 1938
        enlarged photostat of Marquis Publications information
         form ca. 1960; scrapbook of articles about or by DRW;
         magazine articles about DRW, 1935-1962

57-2 Certificates 1940-1973
        includes FAIA; LGW's honorary New Orleans citizenship

57-3 Drawings, prints, wood cuts, etc.
        bookplates; book illustrations; stage set
        Europe; Mississippi (Sullivan Church); Providence,
         Rhode Island
        indigeneous architecture; DRW house

57-4 Photographs
        DRW; Jim Harrison; TSA meeting

57-5 Architectural work: drawings and sketches of Bentley House

57-6 Architectural work: drawings and sketches of Childress
     School; Fitzhugh Hurley residence; McKenna house; Lynch
     house; unknown

57-7 Consulting projects
        includes Neutra's Channel Heights in Los Angeles

57-8 Mounted photographs of DRW designed houses: Clark; Drane;
     McKee; Stroube; Williams

57-9 Photographs of DRW designed gates in Dallas

57-10 Davida sketchbook

58-1 FERA: Woodlake Community

58-2 FERA: indigeneous rural house map

58-3 FERA: general information on community

58-4 FERA: book on Rural Industrial Communities - mainly on
     Pine Mountain Valley

58-5 FERA: Matanuska - poster type sheet; scrapbook of half-
     tone photographs and building floor plans

58-6 FERA: Matanuska photographs - establishing settlement

58-7 FERA: Matanuska photographs - agriculture; land clearing

58-8 FERA: Matanuska photographs - construction; living

58-9 FERA: Matanuska - building diagrams; miscellaneous
     administrative records

58-10 FERA: Dyess Colony - drawings of buildings

58-11 Exhibits accompanying brief presenting a program for rural
     homes in connection with the decentralization of
     population and industry

58-12 WPA
        reports on works program: 3/16/1936; 8/15/1936

58-13 U. S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
     Report and Recommendations - Inexpensive Overnight
     Accommodations for Recreational Use (1935)

58-14 NYA
        miscellaneous plans, blue prints and drawings

58-15 Civil Aeronautics Authority
        plans for hangers 1939

59-1 Defense Housing: FWA, Mutual Ownership Defense Housing
        Multimax drawings, diagrams, and sheets

59-2 Defense Housing: revised drawings for Multimax 1950

59-3 Defense Housing: Mutual Ownership Defense Housing Project
     at South Bend, Indiana
        drawings; floor plans

59-4 Defense Housing: material on Texas people, plans, and

59-5 Defense Housing: material on other projects: New Jersey
     (Audubon; Bellmawr; Union County); Dayton, Ohio;
     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Blount Co., Tennessee

59-6 Defense Housing - miscellaneous blueprints, sketches,
     floor plans, etc.

59-7 Latin America - Venezuela newspaper clippings, 1947-1948

59-8 Retirement
        plans for apartment complex at 311 11th Street,

59-9 Texas
        includes: August Watkins Harris map of historic Austin
                 Hunter, J. Marvin. 100 Years in Bandera,

59-10 Childress Reporter, 7/17/1958

59-11 Louisiana - miscellaneous

59-12 Latin America
        maps; book on cyclone and flood damage at Tampico, 1955

59-13 Artwork
        pencil drawings of rural scenes in Texas; small paint-
         ing by Harrison Stevens; paintings by Gentily of San
         Antonio, 1847; from Maury Maverick to DRW (2); others

59-14 Miscellaneous
        program for luncheon of Dallas Architectural Club, 1924
         (signed by attendees?)
        pages from McCalls issue on youth conferences (galleys)

59-15 Newspapers
        Washington Evening Star, 1/20/1937 - Inaugural Souvenir
        Washington Herald, 1/21/1937
        Washington Times-Herald, 9/3/1934 (front page)
        New Orleans Item, 3/4/1953, Stalin's Death

59-16 Miscellaneous publications


18-1 Architectural work: drawings
        Stroube house; Residence for Dr. J.H. Christler; Maxson
         House; Country Club, Waxehachie; Denton Presbyterian
         Church; proposed Tourist Hotel-Resort at White Rock

18-2 Architectural work - blueprints and floor plans
        Guy Gardiner House; H. R. Wardlow House; Tex Tilson's
         Broadview Ranch; Southwest Louisiana and Gulf Coast
         Indigeneous Architecture; Great Dallas Youth Center
         Sunday School Building for Fundamentalist Baptist
         Church, Dallas (Walter C. Sharp, Architect); apartment
         complex at 311 South 11th Street, Lafayette

18-3 Personal drawings
        DRW: Cactus drawing ?; Christmas woodcuts
        Davida: examples of work as child and formal art class
        Louis Hibbens: paintings

18-4 Texas - maps and drawings
        "Historical Homes and Buildings throughout Texas," n.d.
         - several maps of Austin including A. W. Harris,
         Historic Austin," # 1 of 100 - Starr County - Jim Hogg
         County - HABS survey of Alamo (17 sheets) - Site Plan
         for Great Southwest Corporation (1950s) - Frank Lloyd
         Wright scheme (newspaper article)

18-5 Miscellaneous architectural drawings
        unidentified and miscellaneous floor plans and
         blue-prints - model house blueprints by Crawford
         Corporation, Baton Rouge

18-6 Louisiana
        bicentennial poster, Lafayette

19-1 Pine mountain Valley
        drawings: site plan; floor plans; views - photographs
         - promotional display

19-2 Matanuska
        map of Alaska, 1929; land survey

19-3     Architectural practice
        architectural drawings: F.N. Drane residence

19-4 Architectural practice
        architectural drawings: Transcontinental Petroleum
         Club, Tampico

19-5     Architectural practice
        architectural drawings: W.W. Lynch residence

19-6     Architectural practice
        architectural drawings: Elbert Williams residence

20-1 NYA
        NYA Architecture: Drawings and Details (prefabrication
         plans bound together)

20-2 NYA - generic blueprints
        details for trussed buildings, Resident Work Center for
         200 boys
        preliminary study for a small prefabricated garden
         home, 9/30/1939
        dormitory unit for 60 boys, 8/9/1939
        (plan for 72 person unit) 7 sheets (2 sets)
        boiler, heating and cooling systems blueprints
            Union Iron Works, Erie, PA; Hoffman Combustion
             Engineering Co., Detroit; Worthington Pump and
             Machinery Co., Buffalo; Henry Weis Manufacturing
             Co., Elkhart, Ind.

20-3 NYA - specific blueprints and drawings
        Texas State Fair: 4-H dormitories and youth work,
         Health and Recreation Center
        Opportunity Center, West Monroe, Louisiana
        Cannery for Kingston, North Carolina - by A. Mitchell
        Work and Recreation Center and Day Nursery, Louisiana

20-4 NYA - miscellaneous
        publicity: All-American Youth Orchestra
        photographs: NYA work in Indiana
                 National Aviation Forum, 2/20/1939

21-1 Defense Housing: Minimal or minimax housing - sheets

21-1 Defense Housing: Multimax: sheets; floor plans; details

21-3 Defense Housing: other drawings (probably DRW's)

21-4 Beaumont, Texas project - site plan; building blueprints

21-5 Avion Village - site plans; unit blueprints; detail
     blueprints; photographs

22-1 Defense Housing - generic blueprints
        prefabrication models; floor plans for unspecified
         sites; Structural Lattice Code designed by Corwin
         Willson - "Perma-Bilt": L. Morgan Yost design for
         prefabricated demountable houses - drawing for
         convertable war to peace-time housing (DRW)

22-2 Defense Housing - blueprints, specific
        unknown site plan - site plan for project Ohio 33051-X
         - Willow Run, Michigan (both DRW and Saarinen &
         Swenson work) - South Bend, Indiana

23-1 Latin America - Nicaragua, 1943
        maps; blueprints for buildings sponsored by Inter-
         American Institute

23-2 Latin America - Panama, 1944
        city planning, Curunda Valley - engineering maps -

23-3 Latin America - Venezuela, 1947 - 1948
        ITIC: floor plans for houses in various locations
         (prefabricated) - site plans, pier shed bleuprint at
         Turiamo - site plan for Puerto Humboldt - map of

23-4 Latin America - miscellaneous
        poster: Caravana Artistica de Mexico, n.d. - map:
         shows Pan American flights, n.d.

23-5 HHFA - Liberia, 1950
        blueprints for barracks at Camp Johnson

23-6 HHFA - miscellaneous
        floor pans for Artic-Tropic house


The Science History of the Universe. New York: The Current
    Literature Publishing Company, 1910, v. 3, 4, 5, 7, (of 10) discarded

The Sixties Ended It. Elmore M. Morgan, Sr. (architectural photo-
    graphs, Louisiana)

Several folders of drawings and paintings by NYA girls in New
     Jersey, 1 folder retained

Kidder, Frank E. and Thomas Nolan. The Architect's and Builder's
    Pocket Book, 1916, 16th edition

Un Informe Sabie el Estado de al Geografia en Los Estados Unidos,
    1950-1952, par Edwin J. Foscue

The Progressive, v. 20, # 6 (August, 1966)

The Daily Californian, v. 193, # 45 (December 1, 1966)
v. 193, # 46 (December 2, 1966)

Annual Report of the Louisiana State University Agricultural
    Experiment Stations, 1920

Massachusetts Investors Trust 43rd Annual Report, 1966

Central Louisiana Electric Company Annual Report, 1966

Pepsico, Inc., Interim Report, 3/25/1967

National Geographic Society. "Classical Lands of the Mediterra-
    nean." 1940 map

Smith, Edward A. "The Topographical Evolution of the City of
     Paris," House and Garden, v. 6, # 3 (August, 1904)

AIA Membership Directory, 1950-1951

A Guide to the History of the U.S. Frigate Constitution. (Worces-
    ter, MA, 1932)

Photographs: 1953 Iris banquet and show, 3 items

Maps of Lafayette: 1961, pre-1961
????, Vermilion plat
1951, Lafayette electrical system

British Information Service. Poster of India, 48" x 20"

Fisk, H. N. Geological Map of Rapides and Western Avoyelles
    Parishes, 1940, 45" x 60"

U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. National Forests,
    State Forests, National Parks and Indian Reservations, 1936, 36" x 20"

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service. Gener-
    alized Map of Soil Errosion in the United States
, July 1948, 22" x 18"

U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey. United
    States Base Map, 1936-, 76" x 51 1/2"

The Cub Flier, v. 4, # 1 (1940)

The First Covenant of the Church of Christ (Shakers) in New
    Lebanon, New York, 1795. Privately printed for Edward D. Andrews, 1935

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