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Textbook Clearinghouse

The Textbook Clearinghouse contains information about textbooks and other materials required or optional in courses offered at UL Lafayette. Note: the library is in the process of changing platforms. More information coming soon. For remote access, please type in your CLID when prompted.

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What information is included in the Textbook Clearinghouse?

The grid has an opening page and departmental pages (one per department). The opening page contains a list of departmental abbreviations and corresponding names, as well as a list of abbreviations and corresponding descriptions used on the departmental pages. The departmental pages are constructed in table format with each row containing several fields of information for a single textbook. A header near the top of the page marks the various fields: department, course, section, author, title, edition, year of publication, publisher, international standard book number (ISBN), estimated enrollment, required/optional, date last modified, and notes.

Are textbooks listed by course number and professor?

Textbooks are listed by course number and section number when available. If the section number is unavailable, textbooks are listed by course number only.

Is a password needed to view the workbook?

No.  If a Password dialog box is encountered, left-click the "Read Only" button to view the workbook.


What is the procedure for adding, deleting, or updating information on the grid?

The procedure may vary from department to department. In many cases, it will be appropriate for faculty members to download a textbook template, complete the fields (by computer or by hand), and submit the completed template by email to the department head. Completed templates may be sent as electronic mail attachments to

Is it possible to include special notations about a textbook?

Yes, the last column of the grid is for notes. Any information that did not fit in previous columns may be included here.

Please contact Andrea Flockton, Head of Collection Development (482-6677), for more information on submitting textbook titles.


What are the prices for each textbook?

As prices vary according to vendor, they are not listed on the grid. Check local vendors such as the University Bookstore, TRI and online sources.

Should I purchase textbooks before the first day of classes?

Students may obtain books at any time, however changes may occur between the time that students procure books and the first day of classes. Students are encouraged to attend the first day of classes and obtain books as outlined in course syllabus.

Is it better to purchase a new or used textbook?

Used textbooks usually cost less, but might have distracting marks from a previous owner (e.g., text underlined in pen or pencil, or text highlighted with marker). Another concern with used textbooks is that a previous owner might fail to include software that was originally packaged with a book. New textbooks usually cost more but are unlikely to have these issues.

Is it possible to distinguish between required and optional textbooks?

Yes, look for the column labeled R/O, then look for the presence of an R (Required), an O (Optional), or a blank (not specified) where the column intersects the row of a book.