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Study Carrels

Due to lack of use, library study carrels are no longer for the exclusive use of University of Louisiana at Lafayette faculty and graduate students. As previously assigned carrels are given up, they will be added to the pool of general use study carrels. A waitlist for study carrels is no longer available.

Individual study carrels are available for use by all University of Louisiana at Lafayette students, faculty, and staff. To use a study carrel, inquire at the Circulation Desk to obtain a key. Carrels are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. A two-hour time limit will be enforced as demand requires.

*** More information about group study rooms and individual study cubicles that are available to the students of the University ***

Previously Assigned Study Carrels

Faculty must renew their carrel at the end of each spring semester, whereas graduate students must renew on a semester-to-semester basis. Carrel occupants will be contacted via email during their renewal period. If the carrel occupant does not renew the carrel, their deposit is forfeited, and the carrel will be added to the pool of general use carrels. Exceptions to this policy are made by the Dean of University Libraries only.

Current study carrel occupants with questions may email All other inquiries should be directed to the Circulation Desk.

Rules & Regulations (Previously Assigned Carrels Only)

When a carrel is loaned, the occupant must review the following list of rules. A failure to abide by these rules can result in confiscation of the carrel, forfeiture of the key deposit, and fines for damage to library property.

  • Graduate students may reserve a carrel on a semester to semester basis; faculty may reserve carrels yearly. The carrels may be renewed at the end of the reservation term. Each owner must submit an electronic renewal form before the term expires or they will be charged for key replacement and the carrel will be added to the pool of general use carrels.
  • Carrels are not completely enclosed and are, therefore, not secure. Dupré Library is not responsible for items left in carrels. This includes library books.
  • Library books left in carrel must be checked out to the carrel's occupant. Library personnel will check carrels periodically and books left in carrels that are not checked out will be returned to the shelf.
  • Be courteous. Keep noise to a minimum. Always use headphones when listening to laptops, tablets, phones, etc.
  • At the end of the carrel reservation term, or if leaving the University, the carrel key must be returned to the library or Physical Plant in Parker Hall.


Renewal Form (Previously Assigned Carrels Only)

To renew your study carrel, complete a Renewal Form. You must be a current faculty member or a full-time student to use the carrel. If you no longer need your carrel, return the key for a refund of your deposit. Renewal forms or the carrel key by the end of your renewal period, or you will be charged for the key replacement, and your carrel will be added to the pool of general use study carrels.

[ Last Revised on May 7, 2020 ]