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Library Instruction or Tour Request

Library Instruction

Research assignments are vital to effective library instruction. Research suggests that the best way to improve research and information literacy skills is at the point of need. Retention is optimized when learners have an immediate information need and can practice using library resources to meet those needs. Classes coming to the library for an instructional session are encouraged to have an assignment or project to work on.

Instructional Services is willing and able to work with instructors to develop and tailor both online and in-person instruction specific to their students' research needs, class, and assignments. Sessions range from general overviews of library services to how to find the discipline-specific resources you would like them to use. Library instruction can be synchronous or asynchronous, depending on your student learning objectives and the time available in your syllabus this semester.

Complete a Library Instruction Request to start the library instruction scheduling and design process. After receiving your request, the Instructional Services team will work with you to plan a session and identify potential learning outcomes revolving around the research assignment or project.

We ask that instructors give at least a two weeks' notice when booking instructional sessions to allow time for planning, but don't hesitate to ask if you have a library instruction emergency.

Online Instruction Available

Online instruction can include synchronous instruction in the form of live Zoom workshops on key research topics. Professors can encourage students to attend one or more sessions outside class time. Certificates of Attendance can be requested at the end of each workshop and posted in Moodle as proof of completion for "attend at least one library workshop" assignments.

A virtual library visit that is highly effective and universally supportive of almost all library and research-related learning objectives is using the reference chat. Assign class-related research to your students and have them use the chat on the library home page to ask a librarian for help finding a particular type of source (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, newspaper articles, or images). After their chat, instruct the students to choose the envelope icon on the window to have the chat transcript emailed to them. This transcript can be posted in Moodle as proof of completion of the library chat assignment. Note that part of this type of assignment will be for students to ask their research questions during chat reference hours when the chat is staffed.

Asynchronous library learning resources in the form of videos, illustrated text instructions, and research guides are also available for instructors to assign to students. From introductions to key library services to in-depth online research skill building using library databases, government documents, and archives, these asynchronous instruction resources can be assigned in combinations that reflect your student's learning objectives. Proof of completion that can be posted on Moodle to indicate the fulfillment of a library assignment is available to students who complete related knowledge checks.

Complete a Library Instruction Request to work with the team to develop the best solution for your class.

Want a Library Tour?

General and specialized library tours can be scheduled in advance for University classes as well as off-campus groups. Non-university groups such as high schools are encouraged to schedule tours during intersessions.

Contact to schedule a library tour.


Jennifer Hamilton | Assistant Professor and Head of Instructional Services
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Reese Benoit | Visting Instructor
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Andrea Broussard | Visiting Instructor
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