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Hannie Family Collection

Collection 162

Hannie Family. Collection, 1902-1985, n.d.

2.5 in.

The Hannie family was among several Lebanese families who settled in the Lafayette area around the turn of the twentieth century.

These are materials collected by Evelyn Theresa Hannie in the preparation of her book, The Hannie-Saloom-Reslan Family Book (Lafayette, n.d.). The collection contains some family documents and photographs.

The collection was donated by Evelyn Theresa Hannie in 1986.


I. Documents 1-01 and 1-02; 1-06 and 1-07
II. Photographs 1-03 through 1-05


I. Documents
1-01 Documents, 1902-1915
Naturalization Certificate of George J. Hannie, 18 Nov. 1902
Woodmen of the World Commission, J. G. Hannie, 23 Sept. 1912
Mason Certificate, Joseph G. Hannie, 20 Nov. 1913
Marriage Certificate between Joseph George Hannie and Saida Racheed Saloom, 15 Oct. 1915
1-02 Documents, 1940-1993, n.d.
Certificate affiliating the United Syrian American Club of Lafayette, Louisiana with the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanon American Clubs, 25 July 1940
Letter from Earl K. Long to Joseph G. Hannie (sic), 18 Jan. 1949
Material related to Memorial Dinner honoring Joseph G. Hannie Sponsored by The Cedars Club of Lafayette, Inc., 2 Nov. 1985
Remarks of J. G. Hannie introducing speakers at meetings of the United Syrian American Club or the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanon American Club, n.d. (2)
Material related to Hannie Family reunion, 11 Aug. 1985 (photocopies)
Clipping: Golden Wedding anniversary of Dr. and Mrs. George Hannie, 18 Feb. 1993
Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Joseph from Bill Clinton, 3 Nov. 1993 [laminated]
1-06 Letter from Bechara Hannie to Joseph Hannie, 27 Sept. 1921 [in French] with translation by Fr. Donald Hebert
letter from Beatrice Marzalik to Evelyn Hannie, 6 June 1995
photocopy of photograph
1-07 Memorial scrapbook for Barbara Tanery Flowers, d. 1993
II. Photographs
[Note: page numbers refer to The Hannie-Saloom-Reslan Family Book by Evelyn Theresa Hannie]
1-03 Photographs
1. Hannie Family, 1919 (p. 14)
2. Hannie Family, 1930 (p. 14)
3. Hannie Family, 1935 (p. 15)
4. Hannie Family, 1947 (p. 15)
5. Joseph G. and Saida Saloom Hannie (p. 17, p. 23)
6. Joseph G. Hannie (p. 18, p. 23)
7. George Joseph and Joseph George Hannie (p. 18)
8. Joseph George Hannie (p. 19)
1-04 Photographs
9. Hannie's store, 1916 (p. 24)
10. Richard Saloom's Store (p. 24)
11. Hannie's Department Store, 529 St. John Street
12. Racheed Saloom (p. 118)
13. Mrs. Racheed Saloom (p. 118)
14. Racheed Saloom (p. 123)
15. Mr. and Mrs. Racheed Saloom (p. 123)
16. Ferida Racheed Saloom and Saida Racheed Saloom (p. 123)
17. Saida Saloom and Ferida Saloom, 1905 (p. 123)
18. Ferida Saloom Boustany, Emile Khaled Jamail, Saida Saloom Hannie (p. 125)
19. George Joseph Hannie (p. 9)
1-05 Photographs
20. Saida Hannie, George Hannie, Matile Hannie Antoine, and Marguret Hannie Haik
21. Interior of Hannie Store: Mrs. Racheed Saloom, Racheed Saloom, Effie Hathook
22. Saida Saloom Hannie, ca. 1915
23. Joseph George Hannie
24. Saida Saloom Hannie
25. Joseph and Saida Hannie
26. Saida Saloom Hannie
27. Racheed Saloom with group of men on porch of Chestnut Cottage, Hot Springs, Arkansas
28. Men in wedding party: Kaliste Saloom, Joe Joseph, Alfred Boustany, Ed. M. (?) Azur, Carmeil Joseph Saloom, Joseph George Hannie
29. Mt. Carmel School students, ca. 1900