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Fortnightly Club, New Iberia, Louisiana

Collection 70

Fortnightly Club. New Iberia, Louisiana. Records, 1924-1974

5 in., 5 vols.

The Fortnightly Club was organized in 1924 in New Iberia, Louisiana for literary study with a membership not to exceed twenty. All club activities were to stay within the vicinity of New Iberia.

This collection includes very scattered records covering club activities 1924-1974. It contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, financial records, minutes, yearbooks, and scrapbooks.


A. Records 1-01 through 2-01
B. Yearbooks 2-02
C. Notes on topics, book reviews 2-03 through 2-06
D. Miscellaneous 3-01
E. Scrapbooks 3-02 through 4-02


A. Records
1-01 Records: constitution and by-laws [galley pages from 1941- 42 yearbook], n.d.
1-02 Minutes: loose sheets, 1931/32; notebooks: 1937/38 to 1941/42; 1942/43 to 1944/45; 1945/46 to 1947/48
1-03 Record book [bound] , 1947/48 - 1952/53
    minutes, membership lists, treasurer records, attendance
1-04 Record book, 1953/54 - 1957/58
1-05 Record book, 1958/59 - Nov., 1960 [spiral notebook]
  Record book, Nov, 1960 - Aug., 1961 [spiral notebook]
1-06 Record book, 1965/66 - 1969/70
1-07 Financial records: 1936-38, 1958-1960
    bank statements, receipts, a few treasurer's reports
1-08 Membership records: very scattered, 1940s
1-09 Material about books, 1940s
    books reviewed at meeting, 1940, 1942; list of books sent  to soldiers, 1940; lists of books owned or to buy, [1940s]
2-01 Correspondence, 1932 [1941-1947] - 1961, n.d.
    invitations, acceptances, resignations, much on service activities during WWII
B. Yearbooks
2-02 Yearbooks: 1930-1931, 1933-1934, 1937-1938, 1939-1940, 1941-1942, 1944-1945, 1947-1948, 1952-1953, 1965-1966, 1967-1968, 1968-1969
C. Notes on topics, book reviews
2-03 Topics [delivered at meetings?] n.d.  handwritten
    Aviation topics
“Hilaire Belloc”
"Life and Character of Robert F. Broussard"
"Dutch and English on the Hudson"
"Fort Livingston"
North Dakota
2-04 Papers, n.d.
    "American Realists" (Thomas Eakins and Winslow Homer)
notes on Battle of Trafalgar
Louisiana natural resources [incomplete]
19th century English authors       
"Spanish Borderlands"
"Arturo Toscanini"
"Booth Tarkington"
2-05 Papers, n.d.
    John James Audubon
"Julies Gaius Caesar"
"Life of Cervantes"
"Crusaders of New France"
"Mr. Ben Lilly and his Work"
"The Life and Work of Vincent Van Gogh"
2-06 Book Reviews
    Cobb, Irwin S. Exit Laughing
Gallico, William. The Snow Goose
Hansen, Harry. The Chicago River
Heggen, Thomas. Mister Roberts
Strode, Husdon. South by Thunderbird
Varè, Daniel. The Last Empress
D. Miscellaneous
3-01 Obituary, William Voorhies, Sr., 1893
[list of monetary donations to servicemen's clubs] [See also: 2-01]
Dedication of Iberia Parish Hospital, 11 Sept. 1960
Vita of Mrs. A. C. Bernard [nominated by Fortnightly Club for New Iberia Chamber of Commerce Civic Service Award, 1966]
history of the Duperier family
heraldic description of Barrow
Dorothy Dix column (approved by New Iberia Parent-Teacher Association), n.d.
E. Scrapbooks
3-02 Scrapbook, v.1: newspaper clippings, programs, yearbooks, etc., 1924-1949
3-03 Scrapbook, v.4: newspaper clippings, programs, yearbooks, etc., 1963/1964 - 1966/1967
3-04 Scrapbook, v.5:  photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc.,1962-1967
Box 4
vol. 1 Scrapbook, v. 2: newspaper clippings, programs, yearbooks, etc., 1949-1958
vol. 2 Scrapbook, v. 3: newspaper clippings, programs, yearbooks, etc., 1958-1963