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Emile LeBrenton Collection

Collection 473

LeBrenton, Emile ( - ). Collection, n.d.

2.5 inches

This collection consists of poetry by Emile LeBrenton, New Orleans, Louisiana. Typed material.


A. Written Poetry Box 1


Box 1
1-01 A-B-C plus X-Y-Z (2 copies)
A Case of Tan
A Memory
A Picture in One Scene (2 copies)
A Picture in Two Scenes (2 copies)
A Picture in Three Scenes
A Poet He Would Be (2 copies)
A Travesty of Life (2 copies)
1-02 Disillusionment (2 copies)
Etiquette (2 copies)
For Deeds Heroic
Her Chapeau
His Ailmant
His Ancestry (2 copies)
If I Were One
Indeed He Is
1-03 Mrs. Thane Wakes Up
Next Spring
O Yeah! (2 copies)
Picnicking (2 copies)
1-04 Rube in Town
She Came – He Saw – She Conquered
She Wrote and Wrote (2 copies)
Some People Too (2 copies)
Speaking of Poets
Swinging It Along
1-05 Temptation
That Ends It (2 copies)
The Cataract (2 copies)
The Eskizanbian
The Jesse K. Bell
The John D. Grace
The Unfinished Task
The Youth
Those Walkers
To a Tie (2 copies)
To Those MSS
1-06 Versifying
What’s To Be Done? (2 copies)
While Waiting
1-07 Incomplete
A Change of Clothes (page 2 not available)
The Fashion Plate (page 1 not available)
Apparition (page 2 not available)
Destiny (page 2 not available)
Indeed He Is (page 2 not available)
Some Folds Too (page 2 not available)