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John B. Breaux Memorabilia Collection

Collection 292

Breaux, John B. (1944- ). Memorabilia Collection, 1961-2004, n.d.

6 feet, 2.5 inches

John Berlinger Breaux was born in Crowley on March 1, 1944 to Ezra Honaré Breaux, Jr. and Katie Berlinger Breaux. He graduated from University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) with a B.A. in 1964, and from Louisiana State University, Paul M. Herbert Law Center with a LL.B. in 1967.

In 1972, Breaux was elected to the House of Representatives at the age of 28. At the time of his election, he was the youngest member of Congress. He represented the seventh district of Louisiana for fourteen years before being elected to the Senate in 1986. He served on several committee’s throughout his career. He retired from the Senate in 2005 and joined the Legal Counsel Firm of Squire Patton Boggs located in Washington D.C.

This collection contains framed photographs, plaques, certificates, and awards. There is also a CD containing an NPR interview Senator Breaux gave regarding his impending retirement from the Senate.


A. Framed Photographs Box 1 through 2
B. Art Box 2
C. Framed Certificates Box 3
D. Plaques Box 4 through 5
E. Awards Box 6
F. Miscellaneous Box 6
G. Oversize
H. Audiovisual Box 7


Box 1
A. Framed Photographs
#1 Senator Breaux hugging unidentified man
#2 Senator Breaux with Senator Fritz Hollings S. Carolina
#16 Senator Breaux with Politicians
#29 Senator Breaux at age 17, 1961
# 31 Senator Kul- Arizona on left, Senator Snowe- Maine and President Bush shaking Senator Breaux’s hand
#39 LA Congressional Delegation 1980’s Buddy Roemer was serving as Governor at the time of the photo
#45 Senator Breaux and President Clinton
#46 Walter Comeaux with Senator Breaux June 3, 1996
#49 Senator Breaux with Politicians
#50 Senator Breaux with President Clinton
#74 Senator Breaux with President Clinton
#76 Senator Gordon Smith - Oregon, Senator Breaux, Senator Trent Lott - Mississippi, Senator Fred Thompson - Tennessee
#81 Senator Breaux with President Clinton
#85 Senator Breaux with President Clinton and three unidentified men
#86 Senator Breaux with President Clinton and unidentified man
Box 2
#88 1989 inauguration of President George H. Bush
#94 Senator Breaux with President Clinton and three unidentified men
#2113/1 House Blue Dogs
#2159/2 Politicians in Congress
Signed photograph of Senator Breaux and Don G? from NASA
Senator Mary Landrieu Rally, Port of Lake Charles Dec. 6, 2002
Breaux’s “Party Animals” - The Teacher Interns
Two - “It’s Your Business” Sept. 8, 1989 & June 27, 1991
B. Art
#17 Print of Jackson Square, New Orleans signed by Archbishop Schulte
#30 Cover of Medical Economics June 27, 1994 Political cartoon of the Senate Finance Committee
Box 3
C. Framed Certificates
1993 Dollar bill signed by Lloyd Bentsen with Department of the Treasury certificate
The International Game Fish Association: Elwood K. Harry Fellow Senator John B. Breaux, January 1994
Flight Certificate to certify that John Breaux has flown aboard Marine One as a guest of Bill Clinton, President of the United States of America, n.d.
Congressional Record: Vol. 148 No. 135 Washington, Wed. Oct. 16, 20002 “Senate Tribute to Senator John Breaux”
Afro/Hispanic-American Academy for Arts & Sciences: Certificate of Proclamation for achievement within the international community through Leadership support in protecting the Constitutional Rights of U.S. Minorities, March 3, 1988
Louisiana Rural Water Association: Appreciation of continued support and interest in rural water systems throughout the State of Louisiana, 1978
Farmers Union Award: in recognition of 100% voting record favoring family FARM SYSTEM of AGRICULTURE, June 21, 1989
United States Department of Commerce U.S. Census Bureau: Recognition in appreciation of your valuable contributions to the success of CENSUS 2000
Gambit Weekly: Voted Best Friend Louisiana has in Washington, 2002
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States: Loyalty Day Award, 1973
Estuarine Research Federation: Many contributions made in the protection of the Nation’s coastal environments, Oct. 26, 1987
Friends in Support of the Hatchery (F.I.S.H.): Honorary Membership, Feb. 25, 2002
MetroVision Board of Directors and the MetroVision International Trade Coordination Council, Aug. 26, 1994
Congressional Youth Leadership Council: In recognition of commitment to education today’s young leaders, n.d.
Box 4
D. Plaques
LaTESOL Service Award, 1989
1989 Teacher Interns - Appreciation award
NFFE, March 1992 - Don’t forget you friends, The Federal Government Labor Force
American Ambulance - Legislative Recognition, May 7, 2002
USA Rice Federation - Recognition of many years of distinguished service, Feb. 2, 2004
USS Louisiana SSBN 743, March 28, 1996
1st Teacher Interns - Thank You: Plaque with photograph attached, 1988
Breaux Fellows - With much gratitude, 2000
Tenth Year Teacher-Interns - With sincere appreciation, 1997
Box 5
Space Shuttle Super Lightweight External Tank and America’s Space Program - In recognition: Plaque made from aluminum lithium orthogrid panel used in the development tests for the first Super Lightweight External Tank, n.d.
Bestowed the Honorary title of Yankee by the Fisheries Management Council - Recognition, June 13, 1985
Year of the Ocean - Presented aboard NOAA Ship Researcher, March 1984-85
Habitat for Humanity International - Congratulation for the Senates leadership in the program, Jan. 27, 2003
National Marine Manufacturers Association - Recognition, May 5, 2003
Encased memorabilia - Rivet from the former New York World Trade Center Twin Towers, in commemoration of all the terrorist victims of Sept. 11, 2001
Box 6
E. Awards
Union of Greek Ship owners visit to the United States of America: In a velvet box, May 1987
Norville Prosser Lifetime Achievement Award- American Sport fishing Association: In a velvet box, June 8, 2004
US Oncology Medal of Honor Award, 2000
Louisiana Partnership for Technology and Innovation: Founder, 1989
LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Order of Achievement, n.d.
Bio, Legislator of the Year, 1999-2000
Louisiana Association of Broadcasters - Appreciation, 1992
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) - Guardian of Small Business, 96th Congress
Creole People’s Award - Creole Heritage Center, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Oct. 2003
Defender of Individual Rights - NRA Institute for Legislative Action, 1978
F. Miscellaneous
Flag - Breaux U.S. Senate
G. Oversize
National Marine Manufacturers Association award - Outstanding leadership to repeal the Federal Luxury Tax, Feb. 1994
Framed Photograph - House of Congress or Senate, n.d.
Framed Certificate - Excellence and commitment in encouraging public and private support for health professions education, health-related research and health care: Given by the Board of Directors on behalf of the Association of Academic Health Centers, March 26, 2001
Framed Certificate - Champion of Affordable Housing: Given by the National Council of State Housing Agencies, 2004
Framed Certificate - In honor of 30 years of dedicated service in the U.S. Congress on behalf of the Citizens of Louisiana, Oct. 10, 2002
Framed invitation and NOAA Fisheries National Habitat Plan, Jan. 24, 1997
Framed the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report cover and article - “Deal Maker U.S. Sen. John Breaux, n.d.
Poster: Louisianans for John Breaux: Paid for by Kevin Reilly, Sr. P.R. Director, art by: Bernie Mason, 1985
American Planning Association Louisiana Chapter (APA): Distinguished Leadership Award, 1994
Briefcase - U.S. Senator John Breaux
Box 7
H. Audiovisual
CD: Senator John Breaux NPR Interview, November 2004