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Roy Raoul Theriot Collection

Collection 227

Theriot, Roy Raoul (1914-1973). Collection, 1743-1992, n.d.

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Theriot, Roy, attorney, politician. Born, Erath, Louisiana June 26, 1914; son of Lastie Theriot and Emerite Barras. Education: Erath public schools; University of Southwestern Louisiana; Tulane University. Began law practice 7 June 1939; served as mayor of Abbeville, 1954-1960. Organized Abbeville Dairy Festival, September 1949; elected state comptroller, 1960; served until death. Married, 7 June 1947, Helen Roberts. Children: Barbara Ellen, (b. 1949), Roy R. Jr. (b. 1952), Samuel (b. 1954). Organized Acadian Boucherie Breakfast, January 1960, to preserve Acadian culture. Died, April 19, 1973; interred St. Mary Magdalen Mausoleum, Abbeville, Louisiana.

[Biography taken from "A Dictionary of Louisiana Biography", v.2]


A. Artifacts 1-01
B. Articles 1-02
C. Certificates and Awards 1-03 thru 1-04
D. Correspondence 1-05
E. Photographs 1-06
F. Publications 1-07
G. Reports 1-08


Box 1
1-01 Artifacts
1. License plate: Danny’s Speed & Custom, Lafayette, LA., [1 item]
2. Banner: Rotary Club, Slidell, Louisiana, U.S.A., [2 items]
1-02 Articles: “Golden Meadow Memorial”, by Michael H. Kabel, Dixie, 14 January 1973
1-03 Certificates and Awards: Theriot, Roy R., 1953-1972
[See control file for itemized list]
1-04 Certificates and Awards: Theriot, Roy R., n.d.
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1-05 Correspondence: 1954, n.d [3 items]
1-06 Photographs: 1964, unidentified
1-07 Publications
The American Legion for God and Country, February 1992
Columbia, Knights of Columbus Magazine, special pro-life issue, January 1992
Selected Information Relative to the Minimum Foundation Program, by John Myers, for the 1992 Issues
Conference for the La. House of Representatives, 21-22 January 1992
State Legislatures, February 1992
1-08 Report: Report of the Task Force on Job Training Aspects of Economic Development, 1991
Box 2
Certificates and Awards: Theriot, Roy R., 1940-1978
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Photograph: Roy R. Theriot receiving award, n.d.
Publication: VIOLA, Vermilion Oil Industry Land Agriculture, 1st Annual Edition, 1981
Newspaper: Louisiana Enterprise, 16 May 1963
Maps: 8 items
1. Lafourche & Terrebonne Landmark Society, n.d.
2. A Tourist Map of Louisiana, n.d. [in color]
3. Parish Map: Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, 1965
4. Golphe du Mexique - artie de la Coste de la Louisianae et de Lafloride, 1744
5. Colton’s Map of the State of Louisiana and Eastern Part of Texas, 1871
6. Louisiana Nature’s Cornucopia [in color]
7. Carte de la louisiane cours de mississippi et Pais voisins, 1744
8. Carte de L’Amerique Septentrionale, 1743