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City of Lafayette Photographs

Collection 111A

Lafayette, City of. Photographs

10 inches

This is an open-end collection of photographs of Lafayette and other locations in Lafayette Parish. Photographs are arranged in a classification scheme that orders the images by location, then by subject.


A. Photographs
1. Broussard 1-01
2. Carencro 1-02
3. Lafayette 1-03 through 2-02
4. Youngsville 2-03
5. Individuals 2-04 through 2-07
6. Lafayette Parish Groups 2-08
7. Lafayette Groups 2-09 through 2-11
8. Lafayette Parish 2-12 through 2-14


Box 1
1-01 Broussard: A1a28/2/-:
Billeaud Sugar Refinery
1-02 Carencro: A1a28/3/-:
Recreation: Evangeline Downs Race Track
1-03 Lafayette: A1a28/5-: Residences and Residential Districts
Residences, Ala28/5/1
Bendel Carriage House
Bereaud House Lee Avenue and Barry
Chargois, Richard
Dunreath Street: house on
Girard, M. Eloi
Graser, John
Hernandez, Paul House
Hernandez, Paul
Jeanmard, Lionel House
Kraus, Paul
Mouton, Alexandre
Ile Copel
Lafayette Street
Roy house
Sterling Street: house on
Village Two Apartments
1-04 Lafayette: A1a28/5/1a: Residential Districts
Buchanan Street
Dunreath Street
Johnston Street
Southwestern Louisiana Institute
Lafayette Street
1-05 Lafayette: A1a28/5/2: Businesses and Commercial Districts
Masters-Olivier Building
Automobile dealerships:
Dan Chevrolet Company
Hub City Ford
Lafayette Motors
First National Bank [See also: composite]
First National Bank Towers
Edwards, Edwin
Bowen, Denneth
First National Bank Branches
Camellia Boulevard Branch
Four Corners Branch
Northgate Branch
Oil Center Branch
Simcoe Street Branch
Southside Branch
Guarantee bank
Home Building and Loan
Lafayette Building Association
1-06 Lafayette: A1a28/5/2: Businesses and Commercial Districts:
Barber shops
(Fernand Stude’s Grocery, Bar, Barbershop)
Buckhorn Bar
(Fernand) Stute’s Grocery, Bar, Barbershop)
Sans Souci Bookstore
Lightning Cleaners
Feed Store
Beadle’s Feed-Seed Store
R.H. McFaddin Staple and Fancy Groceries
(Fernand) Stute’s Grocery, Bar, Barbershop
United Hardware
Azalea Court
Evangeline Hotel
Gordon Hotel [See also: composite]
Kraus Jewelry
Lafayette Lumber
Boustany’s Store
Heymann’s Store
Condoor Joseph Store
Montgomery Ward
J. H. Town Store
1-07 Lafayette: A1a28/5/2: Businesses and Commercial Districts:
City Pharmacy
Real Estate
Mike Donlon Real Estate Office
The Brown News
Chag’s Country Club
Dubernard Meat Market and Restaurant
Dixie Autoleck
Voorhies, Lucy Ruth
Dixie Electric
Hilton Refrigeration
Jefferson Theatre [See also: composite]
John Graser and Sons
Jefferson Opera House
Gordon Hotel
First National Bank
1-08 Commercial Districts: A1a28/5/2a
Jefferson Street
Moss Pharmacy
First National Bank
Lafayette Building Association
Gordon Hotel
De Luxe Café
City Hotel
Long, Huey
Evangeline Hotel
Montgomery Ward
Royal Theater
Future Farmers of America
City Pharmacy
LAGCOE (Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition)
Vermilion Street
Vic’s Service Station
Jack’s Coffee Shop
Vine Street
Evangeline Hotel
Bus Station
1-09 Lafayette: Churches: A1a28/5/3
Baptist: First Baptist Church
Catholic: St. John’s
St. John’s Cathedral
Aerial view
Cathedral School
Lafayette High School [old]
Lafayette Diocese Chancery Offices
St. John Oak
Live Oaks
St. Paul’s
Carmelite Monastery
Most Holy Sacrament
Composite: St. Mary’s Orphans’ Home
Girls’ Pavilion
Boys’ Pavilion
Bishop House
Methodist: First (United) Methodist
Presbyterian: Buchanan St.
1-10 Lafayette: Schools: A1a28/5/4
Lafayette Primary School
Lafayette High School [old]
Lafayette Middle School
Aerial view
Fire (new)
Southside School
Parade of Mt. Carmel students
Southwest Louisiana Industrial Institute, n.d.
1-11 Lafayette: Industries: A1a28/5/6
Attakapas Iron Works
Cotton Seed Oil Mill and Ice Factory
Gerac Cotton Gin
Lafayette Broom Factory
Lafayette Sash
Lafayette Sugar Refinery
People’s Ice Factory and Cotton Oil Mill
Ironworks (3rd St. and Railroad Ave.)
1-12 Lafayette: Organizations: A1a28/5/7
Masonic Temple
Good Hope Home
1-13 Lafayette: Public Buildings: A1a28/5/8
Lafayette City Hall
Time capsule
Lafayette Municipal Bus Terminal
Lafayette Public Library
Arceneaux, Lucille; Guidry; Montgomery, Sam
Lafayette Public Swimming Pool
Lafayette Parish Animal control Shelter
Lafayette Parish Court House
Lafayette parish Public Library
Lafayette Parish Tourist Information Center
United States Post Office
1-14 Lafayette: bridges: A1a28/5/9
Pinhook Bridge
Louisiana History – Civil War, 1861-1865
Southern Pacific Bridge
1-15 Lafayette: transportation: A1a28/5/12
Airplanes: Lafayette Flying Service
Lafayette Municipal Airport
Railroads: Southern Pacific Depot
Southern Pacific Office Building
Brown News Restaurant
Aerial view
Railroad yards
Ships: Vermilion Queen
1-16 Lafayette: Hospitals: A1a28/5/13
Charity Hospital
Dalferes, A.W.
Daily, O.J.
Guilbeau, Eric
Aerial view
Lafayette General Hospital
Lafayette Sanitarium
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
Aerial view
St. John Hospital
Southwest Louisiana Rehabilitation Center
1-17 Lafayette: miscellaneous: A1a28/5/14
Chargois Park and Swimming Pool
Girard Park
Race Track
Southern Pacific Golf Course
Statue: Alfred Mouton
1-18 Lafayette: aerial (arranged geographically): A1a28/5/aerial
Johnston Street. (c. 1925)
Southwestern Louisiana Institute [c. 1925]
Cajun Field (1973)
Lee Avenue [n.d.], [1960]
Jefferson Street [n.d.]; [1960]
Southside School [n.d.]
Lafayette Parish Court House [n.d.]; [1960]; [1973]
Federal Building [1960]
St. John’s Cathedral [1973]
Buchanan Street [1960]; [1973]
First National Bank Tower [1973]
Oil Center
College St. [1955]; [1972]
St. Mary Blvd. [1955]; [1972]
Bendel Garden [1955]; [1972]
Lafayette General Hospital [1972]
Lafayette Municipal Auditorium [1973]
Pinhook Road [1972]
Southpark Industrial Park
Bendel Garden (n.d.)
Congress St. [1973)]
Westwood Theater
Four Corners Area (n.d.)
Cameron Street
Johnston Street and South College [1965]
South College Shopping Center
Winnwood Plaza
1-19 Lafayette: Centennial: A1a/28/-/14
Parish Centennial, 1923
Box 2
2-01 Lafayette: Geographic Feature not associated with streets: Ala/28/-/14
Vermilion River (or Bayou)
2-02 Lafayette: Geographic Feature not associated with streets: Ala/28/-/14
FFA Parade
Mardi Gras
Fairs and Festivals
Southwest Louisiana Fair Association
2-03 Youngsville: A1a28/13/-
Youngsville: residences: Ala28/13/1
Overton Cade House
Youngsville School: A1a28/13/4
Youngsville: government: A1a28/13/8
Youngsville, centennial celebrations
E. C. Guillot
O.C. (Dan) Guillot
Mrs. Nedra Delatte
2-04 Individuals: A2a
A – C
Abdalla, Ed
Adamson, Bob
Sister Agnes
Andrus, Dwight, Sr.
Angers, Robert, Jr.
Berry, Don “Red”
Begnaud, Alfred E.
Begnaud, L. Paul
Bendel, Henri
Bertrand, Richard
Billeaud, Mr., Jr.
Blanc, Alexis
Blanc, Ernest
Blanchet, Mayo
Blanchet, Paul
Broussard, A.P.
Broussard, Manning “Pete”
Burdin, J. J.
Cailler, Leo
Casteel, Robbie
Chappuis, Richard
Chargois, Louise
Chatelain, E.J.
Chenier, Clifton
Clark, L. O.
Commeaux, Walter S., Jr.
2-05 Individuals: A2a
D – H
Dalferes, A. Wilmot
Daly, O. P.
Davis, Paul
Davis, Mrs. Paul
DeBlanc, Bertrand
Delhomme, Rene
Denbo, Anna Margaret
Derbest, Genevieve Salles
Dunhon, Gilbert
Elliott, Ralph
Evans, T. L.
Fournet, J. J.
Frey, Bishop Gerald
Gardner, Frank
Gaudet, Mrs. H. M. (Norma Morris)
Girard, M. Elio
Girouard, Lloyd
Gomez, Ron
Gondron, Lee Roy
Guilbeau, Nina
Hamilton, C. E.
Hebert, Gaston
Hebert, Jay
Heymann, Maurice
Heymann, Mrs. Maurice
Huval, Joe
2-06 Individuals: A2a
I – P
Jeanmard, Bishop Lionel
Judice, Alcide
Judice, Leo
Lalanne, Cleone R.
Lalanne, Edna M.
Landry, Eugene
Landry, Warren
Lange, Gordon
Latour, John
LeBlanc, A.J.
LeBlanc, Dudley
LeBlanc, Lulu
McNaspy, Clement J.
Mann, Louis
Martin, George Armand “Bedot”
Menard, Mitzi J.
Menard, Overton
Michot, Louis J.
Montet, Frank
Montgomery, C. Thad
Montgomery, Elisabeth [Mrs. C. Thad]
Montgomery, William A.
Mouton, Alexandre
Mouton, Alfred
Mouton, John S.
Mouton, Marc
Mouton, Robert
Mouton, Sidney
Mouton, Mrs. Sidney
Parkerson, James H.
2-07 Individuals: A2a
R – Z
Roy, Maxim
Salles, Heloise [Mrs. H. C. Salles]
Saloom, Kaliste, Sr.
Saloom, Kaliste, Jr.
Sanders, Perry
Schexnayder, Bishop Maurice
Schroeder, Walter
Shenaut, John
Teurlings, Father
Trahan, Gaboon
Voorhies, Albert
Voorhies, Cornelius, Sr.
Voorhies, Dan
Voorhies, Edward Gregory
Voorhies, Felix
Voorhies, Howard
Voorhies, P.J., Sr.
Voorhies, Sidney L.
Young, D.S. “Shine”
2-08 Lafayette Parish groups: identified
Lafayette Daily Advertiser staff
Bradshaw, Jim
Louis Armstrong Dance Band
Armstrong, Louis
Alfred Begnaud and Robert Kennon
Begnaud, Alfred
Kennon, Robert
Kenneth Bowen family
Bowen, Kenny
A. Wilmot Dalfres and others
Dalferes, A. Wilmot
Huval, Joe
LeBlanc, Oliver
Montgomery, William A.
Callahan, Tom
Frazar, Lether
DeBaillon Family
Mike Donlon and F. Xavier Mouton
Donlon, Mike
Mouton, F. Xavier
Hebert Brothers
Hebert, Jay
Hebert, Lionel
Rex McCullough and Bill Huff
Huff, Bill
McCullough, Rex
Joe Huval with Minnie Pearl
Huval, Joe
Pearl, Minnie
Kennedy visit
Boustany, Frem
Domengeaux, Jerome
Kennedy, Jacqueline
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
Bill Landry Orchestra
Lafayette Water Department
Bajat, Charles
Love, Jim
Minstrel Show
Foreman, J. Y.
Ory, Sid
Patin, George
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Nehrbas
Nehrbas, Frederick
Nehrbas, Mrs. Frederick
New Orleans Boosters [20 March 1930]
Louviere, Larry
Pears, Tom
Sontag’s Band
Chandler, Richard
Landry, Walter
United Confederate Veterans Reunion, Oct., 1929
Young Brothers
Young, Roy
Young, Johnny
Young, Rudolph
2-09 Lafayette groups
Lafayette Arts Council
Ardoin, James
Brown, Mrs. Herman
Dobie, Walter
Moore, Troy
Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
Andrus, Dwight, Jr.
Cox, Lee Bob
Davis, Shelby
Fincks, Edward C.
Hebert, Henry
Hutchison, John
McGleason, Ed
Monies, Martin
Oliver, James
Pears, Tom
Syfan, Frank
Lafayette Community Chest
Boustany, Frem
Davis, William
Salmon, Granville
Sterling, Alex
Lafayette Kiwanis Club
Couvillon, Murray
Frey, Gerard
Sanders, Perry
Lafayette Parish School Board
Guillot, O. D. (Dan)
Bonnet, Stewart
Bourque, Jerome
Broussard, Jesse
Dupuis, George
Lastrapes, Dudley
Rotary Boys Band
Lafayette Boosters Farmers’ Dairy Tour
2-10 Lafayette: Groups: unidentified: A3b
Cavalcade of America
Hub City Ford
Lafayette Service club (unidentified)
Dalferes, A. Wilmot
Louisiana Girls Going to Democratic Convention, 1928
2-11 Lafayette: Groups: subject: A3c
Abdalla Christmas parade
Abdalla, Harold
Decour, Bob
Gros, Leo
Rickenbacker, Eddie
Lafayette City Government
Bowen, Kenny
Cloninger, Marilyn
Gimbrede, Margaret
Guilbeau, Thomas
Hyde, John
Saloom, Kaliste, Jr.
Last hanging in Lafayette Parish
LeBlanc, Dudley and HADACOL
Hoover, Herbert
LeBlanc, Dudley
Pearl, Minnie
Romero, Caesar
Vallee, Rudy
Begnaud, P. Lee
Durand, John
Melancon, Clebert
Melancon, Cyprien
Ransanet, Leonce
Ancelet, Barry
Doucet, Michael
McDonald, Bruce
Richard, Kenneth
Mental Health
Brierre, Ted
Covington, Shirley
Lowe, Jewel
Yongue, Ernest
Group Honoring M. L. “Tigue” Moore
Authement, Ray P.
Bowen, Kenneth
Foreman, J.Y.
Moore, M. L. “Tigue”
2-12 Lafayette parish: subjects: A4
Engine 474
Engine “Sabine”
2-13 Lafayette Parish: subjects: A4
Pinhook Bridge
Landry’s Po-Boy Riverside Inn
Breaux Bridge Highway
Billeaud Sugar Mill
Albert Street
2-14 Lafayette Parish: Subjects: A4
Mardi Gras
Parade: Abdalla Christmas Parade