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Ronald J. “Ron” Gomez, Sr. Papers

Collection 275

Gomez, Ronald J. “Ron”, Sr. (1934 - ). Papers, 1971-1993, n.d.

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Ronald James Gomez, Sr., known as Ron, was born on October 18, 1934 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He graduated from Baton Rouge High School in 1952 and attended Louisiana State University for one year before enlisting in the United States Air Force. Thereafter, he enrolled for a single semester at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). For many years, he was a print and broadcast journalist, author, and businessman in Lafayette, Louisiana. Gomez then served in the Louisiana House of Representatives (1980-1989) and was Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources under Governor Buddy Roemer (1990-1992). In 1992, Gomez ran a strong, but unsuccessful campaign for mayor of Lafayette.

This collection reflects the career of Ron Gomez. It contains political documents, newspaper clippings, and typed and recorded interviews that reflect his leadership throughout his career. It also contains banners, posters, and stickers for voting purposes when he was running for mayor of Lafayette against Kenny Bowen.

Ron Gomez donated the collection.


A. Tapes Box 1
B. Correspondence 2-01 through 2-02
C. Speeches and Interviews 2-03 through 2-04
D. Publicity 2-05 through 3-02
E. General Records 3-03
F. Other 3-04 through 3-16
Oversize Material


A. Tapes
Box 1:
Look up Louisiana, May 9, 1985
Includes full vocal: 60; Assets; 60; Loves a winner: 30; Precious Resource Pride: 30; Job for all: 30.
Committee Programs, May 1992
Includes: Bad times: 60; Vindichive: 60; ADL/USL: 60.
Leadership, March 1992
Includes: 30.
Finances, March 1992
Includes: Second version of Remember when Finances: 30. TV.
Ron Gomez, March 1992
Includes Comparison Past: 60; Comparison Future: 60; No New Taxes: 60.
Ron Gomez, April 1992
Includes Change: 60.
Ron Gomez, Mayor, n.d.
California Sound and 5 a capellas
Look up Louisiana
Includes Instrumental: 60.
Carlton James
Ron Gomez Logo
Hospital Committee Report, August 1981
Includes Assembly LNTR (Cajundome); Ground Breaking
Cutaways, November 22, 1991
Forward Camera, November 22, 1991
Remember When TV, March 1992
Includes: 30.
Ron Gomez, February 1992
Includes He’s Back: 60; It’s a Shame: 60. Panic Attack: 60.
Completed Master #2, January 18, 1971
Gomez, March 31, 1992
Includes Finances...remember when Bowen: 30.
Gomez, March 31, 1992
Includes Tomorrow/Decision: 60. Bottom Line: 30.
Gomez, March 31, 1992
Includes Finances: 30; Second version of Remember when.
Gomez, March 23, 1992
Includes Remember when: 30.
Erik P.M. Magazine
Includes Richie in Concert.
Gomez, n.d.
Includes Decision/Tomorrow: 60. Bottom Line: 30.
Louisiana - The State We’re In.
Gomez, March 31, 1992
Includes Finances (remember when Bowen: 30.
Includes Tomorrow: 60; Bottom Line: 30.
Ron Gomez - Mayor
Ron Gomez for Mayor
Includes June 11, 1991 News Conference
Bowen Allen - AOL May 1991
Includes Carol Rossellin
Ron Gomez - Mayor, December 10, 1991
Includes: Proven Leader: 30; Do the Right Thing: 30. Remember When: 30.
Let’s Talk, January 28, 1992
Let’s Talk, January 21, 1992
Includes Clear Cook: 30.
Gomez Campaign
Includes: Raw Footage/Beta “Clear Look”.
Election KATC TV3 Coverage
Gomez Campaign, 1991-1992
TV3 News
B. Correspondence
2-01 1980s which includes incoming and outgoing
2-02 1990s which includes incoming and outgoing
C. Speeches and Interviews
2-03 typescripts and handwritten, n.d.
2-04 interviews: 1976, 1994
D. Publicity
2-05 Media Print, 1992, n.d.
Includes flyers, pamphlets, typescript material, etc.
2-05.1 Media Print, 1992
2-05.2 Media Print, Bowen and Ashworth material
2-06 News Clippings, 1982
2-07 News Clippings, 1983
2-08 News Clippings, 1985
2-09 News Clippings, 1986: January - June
2-10 News Clippings, 1986: July- December
2-11 News Clippings, 1987
2-12 News Clippings, 1988
2-13 News Clippings, 1988
2-14 News Clippings, 1989
2-15 News Clippings, 1989
2-16 News Clippings, 1991
2-17 News Clippings, 1991
2-18 News Clippings, 1992
2-19 News Clippings, 1992
2-20 News Clippings, 1993
2-21 Publications, general - C’s
1991 Supplement PAR Citizen’s Guide to 1988 Louisiana Legislature
The Constitution of U.S. of America, Washington, D.C. 1976
House Document No.94-508, 94th Cong., 2d Sess.
The Greatest Show on Earth, 29th Annual Capitol Correspondents’ Association Gridiron Show
2-22 Publications, general - G’s
PAR Guide to the 1996 Louisiana Legislature
2-23 Publications, general - L’s
Legislature State of Louisiana, 1989
Louisiana Legislative Division, 2000
LABI Report, v.15, #2, December 1989
The Louisiana Legislature, 1983-84
2-24 Publications, general - R’s
Roster and Standing Committees of the Senate. April 1990
Roster and Standing Committees of the House of Representatives, 1988
Roster and Standing Committees of the House of Representatives, 1990
Roster, 11th Legislature State of Louisiana, 1985 with committees
2-25 Publications, general - T’s
True Believer Magazine, March 20, 1960
3-01 Publications - Ron Gomez
My Name is Ron and I’m a Recovering Legislator: Memoirs of a Louisiana State Representative, 2000. Draft, 1/7/00
Publications - Ron Gomez
My Name is Ron and I’m a Recovering Legislator: Memoirs of a Louisiana State Representative.
E. General Records
3-03 General Records: directory listing, cancelled checks, etc. 1992
F. Other
3-04 City Police Project, n.d.
3-05 State Projects - Construction Problems, 1981, n.d.
3-06 Department of Natural Resources, including correspondence, policy material, 1990
3-07 Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, transcript 3-13-85
3-08 Department of Transportation and Development, 8-11-82
3-09 Policy Department materials, transcript, 1976, n.d.
3-10 Tort Reform, which includes clippings, handwritten notes, transcripts. 1986, n.d.
3-11 Fiscal Reform, which includes correspondence, clippings, handwritten material, 1989, n.d.
3-12 House Resolution, No.22, Regular Session, 1981
3-13 Election Statistics, 1979, 1981, n.d.
3-14 The Cajundome, A Six Year History, November 1985-September 1991
3-15 Cassettes:
Bowen/Adison/Ashworth/Gomez, KJCB/LaFXZ Weekend before election
Gomez and Bowen, 3/29/92
Ron Gomez - Mayor. Comparison Past, Future, No New Taxes, Tax and Spending, March 1992
3-16 Large Media Print Board. John K. Hill, Jr. “We’re Supporting Ron”, April 6, 1992.; When Bowen was Mayor Violent Crime increased 40% in Lafayette Here’s Why. September 1976.
Ron Gomez - Media Print material, flyer, etc.